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Woodson Research Center, Rice University

Guide to the Neal Lane papers, 1964-2011 Part 4 of 4: Series V: Baker Institute for Public Policy, outside boards, 2000-2011 (Boxes 90-91), Series VI: Science & Technology Conference, 2003 (Boxes 91-92), Series VII: Presentation and lectures, 1993-2010 (Boxes 92-103) MS 502 Part 4 of 4

creatorLane, Neal F.
Title: Neal Lane papers (part 4 of 4)
Dates: circa 1964-2011
Abstract:Professional papers of Dr. Neal Lane from Lane’s time as a professor and administrator at Rice University, as well as his time as Director of the National Science Foundation. Also included are papers from Lane’s time in the White House working as the director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy.
Identification: MS 502 Part 4 of 4
Quantity: 145 Linear Feet
Quantity: Boxes 90 - 103 out of 103
Language: English
Repository: Woodson Research Center, Rice University, Houston, Texas

Biographical Sketch

Neal F. Lane is Senior Fellow in Science and Technology Policy at the James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy, and is the Malcolm Gillis University Professor at Rice University and professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy. Among his many honors, Dr. Lane received the 2013 Vannevar Bush Award from the National Science Board for his service to the nation in science, technology, and public policy. Lane served in the federal government as assistant to the president for science and technology and director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP), from August 1998 to January 2001, and as director of the National Science Foundation (NSF) and member (ex officio) of the National Science Board, from October 1993 to August 1998. Before his post with NSF, Lane was provost and professor of physics at Rice University in Houston, a position he had held since 1986. He first came to Rice in 1966, when he joined the department of physics as an assistant professor. In 1972, he became professor of physics and space physics and astronomy. He left Rice from mid-1984 to 1986 to serve as chancellor of the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. In addition, from 1979 to 1980, while on leave from Rice, he worked at the NSF as director of the Division of Physics. Lane received his PhD, MS, and BS in physics from the University of Oklahoma.

Scope and Contents

This collection consists of news clips, agendas, notes, memos, reports, Rice University course lecture notes and grade books, research notes etc from Lane’s work at Rice University, the National Science Foundation, and the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy.


This collection is arranged in the following series:
Series V: Baker Institute for Public Policy, work on outside boards, 2000-2011, (Boxes 90-91)
Series VI: Science and Technology Conference, 2003 (Boxes 91-92)
Series VII: Presentations and lectures, 1993-2010 (Boxes 92-103)


Conditions Governing Access

This material is restrcited due to privacy concerns, until 2037. For questions, please contact the director of the Woodson Research Center.

Restrictions on Use

Permission to publish from the Neal Lane papers, circa 1964-2011 must be obtained from the Woodson Research Center, Fondren Library, Rice University.

Index Terms

clippings (information artifacts)
agendas (administrative records)
Bienenstock, Arthur
Bierbaum, Rosina M.
Gwin, Holly
James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy
Moore, Duncan
Lane, Neal F.
National Science Foundation (U.S.)
National Science Board (U.S.)
United States. Office of Science and Technology Policy
Smith, Jeff

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Neal Lane papers, 1964 - 2011, MS 502, Woodson Research Center, Fondren Library, Rice University

Acquisition information

Materials were donated by Neal Lane in 2003, 2004, and 2012.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Series V: Baker Institute for Public Policy, work on outside boards 2000-2011

901CRDF: Retreat 2003 - 2005
2Efficiency & Renewables Advisory Committee (ERAC) 2010 - 2011
3Federation of American Scientists (FAS) 2007 - 2009
4Federation of American Scientists (FAS) 2010
5Federation of American Scientists (FAS) 2010 - 2011
6Federation of American Scientists (FAS): Public Interest report 2010 - 2011
7Fermi Lab: Director search 2004
8Fermi Research Alliance (FRA) 2007 - 2008
9Fermi Research Alliance (FRA) 2009
10Fermi Research Alliance (FRA) 2010
11Harrington Board 2005 - 2007
12Innovations 2006
13Institute of Molecular Medicine (IMM): Scientific Advisory Board (UT-Health Science Center at Houston) 2004
14Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics (KITP) 2004
15Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics (KITP) 2005
16Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics (KITP) 2006
17Los Alamos National Laboratory Theoretical Division 2001 - 2003
18Los Alamos National Laboratory Theoretical Division May 2003
19Los Alamos National Laboratory Theoretical Division 2005 - 2006
20Los Alamos National Laboratory UT Austin proposal 2004 - 2005
21National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) 2002
22National Science Foundation (NSF): National Academy of Public Administration (NAPA) 2000 - 2003
23National Science Foundation (NSF): NAPA Panel 2001 - 2003
911President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST) STEM - Higher education study 2011
2PCAST STEM - Undergraduate education 2011
3STEM Education - background 2010 - 2011
4Sci Fi Visions 2006 - 2007
5Sigma Xi Postdoc Survey 2002
6Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) 2002 - 2003
7Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) - Scientific Integrity Articles 2003 - 2004
8University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) 2004
9University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) 2005 - 2006
10University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) February 2007
11University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) May 2007
12University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) publications 2007
13Woodrow Wilson Center project 2010 - 2011
14Images, powerpoints, documents (CDs) 2002 - 2004

Series V: Addendum

The National Academies: National Research Council Committees
Committee for the Transportation of Radioactive Waste (CTRW)
91a1Transportation of Hazardous Waste Study 1969
2Transportation of Hazardous Waste Study 1983
3Association of American Railroads: Reports on Transporting Nuclear Waste 1998
4Committee Brochures undated
5Department of Energy Transportation Reports 2002
6Yucca Mountain Project 5/2003
7Meeting 5/2003
8Meeting, Agenda Book 5/16-17/2003
9Meeting, Agenda Book 5/16-17/2003
10Meeting 7/24-26/2003
11Meeting Notes 7/25/2003
12Meeting 8/20/2003
13Meetings 10/2003
14Meeting 3 Talking Points 10/28/2003
15Meeting 3 10/30-31/2003
16Materials and Correspondence 2003
17Chicago 2/2-4/2004
18Chicago 2/2-4/2004
19Chicago, Omnibus Questions 2/3/2004
20Chicago, Risk Perception / Communication 2/3/2004
21Chicago 2/3/2004
22Chicago Trip 2/3-4/2004
23DC Meeting 5/5-6/2004
91b1Meeting, DC 5/5/2004-5/6/2004
2Meeting, DC 5/5/2004-5/6/2004
3Meeting, DC 5/5/2004-5/6/2004
4Meeting, DC 5/5/2004-5/6/2004
5ALB Meeting, Handouts 7/21/2004-7/23/2004
6DC Meeting 11/3/2004-5/20/2004
7Transportation of Radioactive Waste, Principal Findings and Recommendations 2004
8Transportation of Radioactive Waste, Principal Findings and Recommendations 2004
9Meeting: Albuquerque to DC 2004-2005
10DC (Last Meeting) 7/18/2005-7/20/2005
11Keck Center of the National Academes 12/1/2004
Elementary Particle Physics (EPP)
91b12Stanford Linear Accelerator Center 1/31/2005-2/1/2005
13Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory 5/16/2005-5/17/2005
14Shapiro Committee, Meeting 1 11/30-12/1/2005
15Shapiro Committee, Meeting 1 11/30-12/1/2005
16Conference Calls and Final Meeting 2006
Earth Service and Applications from Space
91b17Earth Service and Applications from Space Meeting 1/5-6/2005
18Earth Service and Applications from Space 2005-2007
19Earth Service and Applications from Space 2005-2007
Data Integrity Committee
91b201st Meeting 4/16-17/2007
21Background Book 2/2007
22Meeting 9/17-18/2007
23Data Integrity Committee 2007-2008
24Data Integrity Committee 2007-2008
91c1Data Integrity Committee 2007-2008
Keck Foundation
91c2Keck Five Year Review Panel, Panel Conference Call 2007/7/23
3Keck Futures: Five Year Review Panel Reports (Draft) 2008/2
4Keck Foundation Review 2010/2
5Keck Foundation: Program Evaluation (Supplemental Materials) 2008
6Keck Foundation: Program Evaluation 2010/6/29
National Weather Service Review
91c8National Weather Service Review 2012
7National Weather Service Review 2012
Policy and Global Affairs Division (PGA)
91c9PGA Committee 2005
10PGA Review 2013
11PGA Review 2013
12PGA Triennial Reports 2013/11
PGA: Committee on Science, Engineering, and Public Policy
91c16Committee on Science and Technology in the National Interest: Meeting 2008/4/21
13Federal S & T Committee Appointments 2003
14S & T Committee Appointments 2003
15COSEPUP Unit Review 2006/3
American Academy of Arts and Science
Council and Executive Committee for the Council
91c17Fellows Reception 9/16/2013
18Inducion 10/2004
19Induction 10/2004
20Bulletin: Annual Report 2004
21Rules in Space Workshop 3/4/2005
22Press Clippings 6/2004-4/11/2005
23Celebration 225th Anniversary, Lane's Speech 4/21/2005
24Induction 2005
25Unnamed File 2005
26Council and CISS 2006
91d1Press Clippings 10/2006-4/2007
2Meetings and Correspondence 3/2007-4/2007
3Executive Committee of the Council Teleconference Meeting 8/14/2007
4Induction 10/2007
5Committee for International Security Studies 2007
6Induction 10/11-12/2008
7Induction 0/11-12/2008
8Fellowship Programs 2009
9Selected Media Coverage 4/2009-10/2009
10 Induction 10/2009
11Highlights 10/2009
12Induction 10/2009
13Global Nuclear Future Policy Briefing 10/10/2009
14Humanities Planning Group 11/19/2009-11/20/2009
15Executive Committee Meeting 2/5/2010
16Council Meeting 4/2010
17Meeting Talking Points 2010
18Supplemental Committee Reports 4/16/2010
19Meeting of Trust 4/16/2010
20Council and Trust Joint Meeting 4/16/2010
21Interim Executive Committee 4/16/2010
22Studies and Publications Committees 9/8/2010
23Introducing the Humanities Indicators 2010
24Celebrating the Arts and the Humanities 10/8/2010
25Induction Programs 10/8/2010-10/10/2010
26Meeting Executive Board Committee 10/9/2010
27Meetings- Induction Celebration Undated
28Meeting of the Committee Officers and Directors 1/31/2011
29Executive Committee Meeting 3/16/2011
30Council Meeting 4/2011
31Fellows 4/2011
32Overview of Programs and Publications 4/2011
33Financial Highlights Undated
34Joint Meeting Council and Trust 4/15/2011
35Trust Meeting 4/15/2011
36Executive Board Meeting 6/2011
37Press Clippings 4/1/2011-9/7/2011
38Executive Committee 9/30/2011
39Council Meeting 9/30/2011
40Trust Meeting 9/30/2011
41Joint Meeting of Council and Trust 9/30/2011
42Celebrating the Arts 9/30/2011
43Induction Programs 10/2011
44Council Meeting 4/14/2011-4/15/2011
45Induction Programs 2011
46Induction, Council, Etc. 2011-2012
47Executive Committee Meeting 1/18/2012
48Executive Committee 2/14/2012
49Council Meeting 4/12/2012
50Joint Meeting, Council and Trust 4/13/2012
51Trust Meeting 4/13/2012
91e1Induction 10/2012
2Board and Orientation Induction 10/2012
3Meeting of the Executive 10/6/2012
4Executive Committee 11/2012-12/2012
5Executive Meeting 1/15/2016
6Publications and Studies Committee Meeting 1/24/2013
7Council, etc. 4/2013
8Induction 10/2013
9Executive Committee 4/12/2014
Committee for International Security Studies
91e10Committee on International Security Studies 2001
11Committee on International Security Studies 8/2001
12Committee on International Security Studies 8/9/2001-8/10/2001
13Committee on International Security Studies 2/2002
14Committee on International Security Studies 4/11/2003
15Committee on International Security Studies 2002-2005
16Committee on International Security Studies: Space Policy 2002-2004
17Committee on International Security Studies 4/30/2004
91e18ARISE I 2007
19ARISE Call 9/28/2010
20ARISE Committee 3/4/2011
21ARISE II Committee 3/18/2011
22ARISE II DC Meeting 3/24/2011
23ARISE II Lounsbery 10/2011
24ARISE II Edits 2012
25ARISE II Meeting Materials Undated
Initiative for Science, Technology, and Engineering: Oversight Committee
91e26Initiative for Science and Technology, "Vest Committee" 2006
27Initiative for Sci, Tech, Engin 7/3/2008
28Initiative for Sci + Tech, "Vest Committee" 2012
Federal Research and Development Funding Materials
91f1Federal R+D Funding Materials 2000-2001
2Federal R+D Funding Materials 2001-2002
3Federal R+D Budgets FY 2002-2002
4NSF Current Plan FY 2002
5Federal R+D Funding Pre-2003
6Federal R+D Budgets FY 2003-2004
7S&T Workforce- Science and Engineering Higher Education 2003-2004
8Federal R+D Budget FY 2004
9Federal R+D Budgets FY 2005
10Federal R+D Request FY 2006
11Budget FY 2006
12R&D Request to Congress FY 2007
13AAAS, R+D Budgetsm FY 2008
Indigent Care Task Force (ICTF) Texas
91f14"Solving DFW's Biggest Problem" 2004
15Access to Healthcare in Texas- Index of Reference 2005
16"Changes in Economic Conditions and Health Insurance Coverage 2005
17Materials 2005
18Reports on Medicaid and Public Health 2005
19Events 4/13/2006-4/17/2006
20"Code Red" Annotated 4/2006
21"Code Red" Workshop, Austin 8/25/2006
22"Code Red" Final Report 9/7/2006
23"Code Red" Final Report Undated
24"Code Red" Summary Undated
25Greater San Antonio Chamber of Commerce Healthcare Summit 9/7/2006
26Dallas 11/16/2007-11/17/2007
91g1Workers' Cooperative, Inc. 2007
2Texas Medical Association, Healthy Vision 2010
3"Code Red" Task Force Austin 2/14/2012
Science and Technology Advisory Group, Taiwan
91g423rd Board Meeting, Reference Materials 12/2-6/2002
5STAG Presentations 11/2002
6Science Materials 2002
7STAG Taiwan 12/2002
8STAG Taiwan 12/2002
9STAG Taiwan 4/2006
10STAG Taiwan 2007
11STAG Board, Taiwan 11/16-20/2008
12STAG Board, Taiwan 11/2-6/2009
13Taiwan NCK University Undated
Union of Concerned Scientist, Scientific Integrity
91g14UCS, Science Integrity Undated
15AAAS, UCS, Bush Science, Recent Federal Policy 4/2004
16AAAS, UCS, Bush Science 2004
17AAAS, UCS, Bush Science, 2004
18AAAS, UCS, Bush Science, Waxman Report 2003
Kavli Foundation
91g19Report to the Kavli Foundation Board 2007
20Ten Year Review, Committee Meeting 7/20-22/2011
21Ten Year Review, Committee Meeting 7/20-22/2011
Academy of Medicine Engineering and Science of Texas
91g22Academy of Medicine, Engineering and Science of Texas, Conference 2009
91h1Conference 1/5-6/2006
Toyota Technological Institute and Chicago
91h2Materials 2006-2012
3Spring Board Meeting 4/22/2013
Program of US-China Cooperation in Science Policy, Research, and Education
91h4Materials 2006-2007
5Renewable Energy 2008
China Foundation for Promotion of Education and Culture, Taiwan 2007-2011
91h6Taiwan 2007-2011
Department of Energy: Efficiency and Renewables Advisory Committee (ERAC)
91h7Advisory Committee undated

Series VI: Science & Technology (S & T) Conference 2003

9115S & T Conference programs 2003
16S & T Conference A List Invitations 2003
17S & T Conference A List Invitations rsvp 2003
18S & T Conference B List Invitations 2003
19S & T Conference budget 2003
20S & T Conference correspondence 2003
921S & T Conference emails 2003
2S & T Conference final days (last 2 weeks) 2003
3S & T Conference students 2003
4S & T Conference letters: A list, B list, NL students 2003
5S & T Conference letters: Seestrom 2003
6S & T Conference logistics 2003
7S & T Conference: Jack Marburger 2003
8S & T Conference meeting information 2003
9S & T Conference program (draft) 2003
10S & T Conference publication: "Bridging the Gap between Science and Society" 2003
11S & T Conference web page 2003

Series VII: Presentations and lectures 1993 - 2010

9212Symposium honoring the inauguration of Malcolm Gillis 1993
13NAS Workshop: "Scientific Communication and National Security" 2000
14Baker Institute: "Climate Change and its Impact" September 6, 2000
15URA Council Meeting: "URA Council of Presidents" January 31, 2001
16Society of Rice University Women: "Science on Penmsylvania Avenue" February 11, 2001
17AAAS Meeting: "Grand Challenges of Nanotechnology" February 16, 2001
18AAAS: Nanotechnology February 16, 2001
19Baker Institute Nuclear Conference: "Micro-Nuclear Reactors" March 19, 2001
20Ohio Statewide Trustees March 21, 2001
21Ohio Statewide Trustees March 21, 2001
22General Audiences: "Science on Pennsylvania Avenue" March 2001
23Branscomb Lecture: "Science on Pennsylvania Avenue" March 22, 2001
24AIP History of Physics luncheon March 27, 2001
25Environmental Lunch Group: "Climate Change- Science, Policy, Politics" March 28, 2001
26Council on Competitiveness Summit, UCSD April 5-6, 2001
27Ron Sass class: "Climate Change- Science, Policy, Politics" April 10, 2001
28Indo-US luncheon: Dronamraju April 17, 2001
29IBM Almaden Institute: "The Grand Challenges of Nanotechnology" April 23-24, 2001
30Jim Tour class: Science and Technology Policy April 26, 2001
931Chemistry graduate student career seminar April 27, 2001
2OSTP 25th Anniversary Symposium: MIT May 1, 2001
3AAAS Carey Lecture: "Talking turkey: Science, the economy, and the community" May 3, 2001
4Cornell Hartmanis Colloquium: regrets May 5, 2001
5CSSP: "Science inthe White House" May 7, 2001
6Global Air and Space International Business Forum May 7-9, 2001
7Rice Society of Petroleum Engineers May 10, 2001
8AMS, APS, AAS Award May 16, 2001
9North Carolina State University honorary degree May 19, 2001
10Los Alamos National Laboratory T-Division Review Committee May 20-22, 2001
11ICPEAC 2001 Conference: "International Space Policy and Atomic Collision Science" July 18, 2001
12NRC Climate Workshop August 12-13, 2001
13Rice Global Forum: "Role of Federal Science and Technology Policy in U.S. Competitiveness (Part I) September 4, 2001
14Rice Global Forum: "Role of Federal Science and Technology Policy in U.S. Competitiveness (Part II) September 4, 2001
15Physics Policy Committee Meeting agenda September 6, 2001
16Faculty Women's Club: "Science, Education, and Science Policy" September 12, 2001
17Bechtel Chief Engineers Conference: "21st Century Challenges" September 13, 2001
18International University of Bremen: Dialogue with Neal Lane and Winnaker September 20, 2001
19River Oaks Breakfast Club: "Science on Pennsylvania Avenue" September 27, 2001
20Texas Christian University: "Science on Pennsylvania Avenue" October 7, 2001
21Romeo Club: "Science on Pennsylvania Avenue" October 12, 2001
22Houston Museum of Natural Science: "Some Views on Science, Policy, and the Public" October 16, 2001
23APS Laser Science DivisionAnnual Meeting: "Entrepreneurship in Science Policy" October 16, 2001
24Baker Institute Round Table DInner: "A View from Rice after Seven Years" October 18, 2001
25Tapia dinner: Remarks October 19, 2001
26Notes for Allia's class October 29, 2001
27Brito-Curl-Lane Faculty Lunch at CIPP, Baker Institute of Public Policy November 6, 2001
941Asia Society Luncheon: "21st Century Challenges in Science, Engineering, and Technology" November 23, 2001
2Hong Kong Confernce: The New Golden Wealth triangle November 23, 2001
3Chinese Academy of Sciences: "Issues in U. S. Science and Technology Policy" (Part I) November 27, 2001
4Chinese Academy of Sciences: "Issues in U. S. Science and Technology Policy" (Part II) November 27, 2001
5Nanotechnology and Environment Workshop: "Implications of Nanotechnology" December 10, 2001
6Letter of Recommendation for Dr. D. Allan Bromley December 12, 2001
7Alumni Dinner at John and Ginger Sall home December 15, 2001
8Brentwater Yacht and Country Club: "TheScience, Policy, and Politics of Climate Change" January 16, 2002
9Tokyo: "U.S. System of Support for Science and Technology R & D" - Cancelled January 29, 2002
10Writing Across the Curriculum Conference: "What Leadership, Goals, and Policies Can Ensure that Students Communicate Well" February 23, 2002
11University of Tulsa: "Science in Global Political Climate Change" February 27, 2002
12University of Oklahoma: "A Three-Body Problem" March 1, 2002
13Iowa State: "Science and Society Dialogue" March 4, 2002
14Rice University Graduate Student Lecture: "A Three-Body Problem" March 18, 2002
15Nanotechnology Forum: Remarks to Nanotechnology Luncheon March 21, 2002
16Air Force Association: "Science on Pennsylvania Avenue" March 24, 2002
17Center for the Study of Cultures: " The Two Cultures - Plus One" April 2, 2002
18Rice Environmental Conference: Energy Deregulation Panel Discussion April 6, 2002
19Tokyo, KEK: "U.S. System of Support for Science and Technology R & D" (Part I) April 11, 2002
20Tokyo, KEK: "U.S. System of Support for Science and Technology R & D" (Part II) April 11, 2002
21University of California, Berkeley: "Science, Policy, and Politics- A Global Three - Body Problem" April 18, 2002
22Shell Lecture, Baker Institute for Public Policy - Introductory Remarks April 25, 2002
23Shell Lecture, Baker Institute for Public Policy: "Societal Response to Climate Change" (Part I) April 25, 2002
24Shell Lecture, Baker Institute for Public Policy: "Societal Response to Climate Change" (Part II) April 25, 2002
951Rice School of Continuing Studies: "How much of our tax money should the federal government spend on research?" May 2, 2002
2Rice University Space Policy Workshop: "Introduction to Science and Engineering Education" May 5-7, 2002
3Rice - TMC Sigma Xi Awards Banquet: "Science, Policy, and Politics - A Harder Three - Body Problem" May 9, 2002
4SUNY Albany Graduate Commencement: "Responsibilities in a Post 9/11 World" May 18, 2002
5NNI Regional Workshop: Remarks May 23, 2002
6Rice Board of Trustees: Remarks to Nanotechnology Session May 23, 2002
7Remarks to Lord David Sainsbury at Rice June 12, 2002
8Japan Society for the Promotion of Science: External Review (Part I) June 16 - 17, 2002
9Japan Society for the Promotion of Science: External Review (Part II) June 16 - 17, 2002
10Japan Society for the Promotion of Science: External Review (Part III) June 16 - 17, 2002
11Japan Society for the Promotion of Science: Science and Technology Basic Plan June 2002
12Japan Society for the Promotion of Science: Round Table (Part I) June 2002
13Japan Society for the Promotion of Science: Round Table (Part II) June 2002
14Japan Society for the Promotion of Science: Exerpts from the JSPS Round Table July 2002
15Japan Society for the Promotion of Science: Correspondence, Notes July 2002
16Japan Society for the Promotion of Science: External Review report (final) 2002
17Japan Society for the Promotion of Science: NSF - Tokyo regional office materials 2002
18REU Rice Summer Students Luncheon: "Presentation to REU" July 10 , 2002
19Alliances for Graduate Education and Professionalism: "U.S. National Science Policies" July 19, 2002
20Medical Technology Leadership Forum: "Breaking Down the Barriers" July 21 - 22, 2002
21Baker Institute: "Introduction of Congressman Ralph Hall" August 26, 2002
22NSF Portrait Unveiling: "Comments at Portrait Unveiling" September 9, 2002
24U.T. Austin Deans Scholars Program: "Science on Pennsylvania Avenue" September 24 - 25, 2002
23Rice Alumni Leaders 2002 Conference: "The Two Cultures - Plus One" September 20, 2002
961Rice University Nanodays: "Welcoming Remarks" October 14 - 15, 2002
2Earth Science Graduate Student Seminar: "Some Views on Science, Policy, and Politics" October 19, 2002
3U. K. Trade Mission at Rice: "Remarks to the U.K. Trade Mission" October 21, 2002
4Kansas State University: "Science in the White House" and "Physics Through Different Lenses" October 24, 2002
5University of Michigan: "The Disconnect in Washington" November 7, 2002
6Sloan Seminar: "Perspective on the U. S. Distributed System of Science and Technology" November 11, 2002
7Rice Chemistry Graduate Students: "Perspective on the U. S. Distributed System of Science and Technology" November 13, 2002
8Georgia State University: "Science, Policy, and Politics: A Complicated Three - Body Problem" November 19, 2002
9Sigma Xi Forum: "Introductory Remarks" November 14, 2002
10Science and Technology Advisory Group: "A Perspective on the U. S. Distributed System of Science and Technology" December 2, 2002
11The National Nanotechnology Initiative: "From the Atomic to the Nanoscale" Conference December 13, 2002
12American Physical Society: "A Perspective on the National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI)" December 13 - 14, 2002
13CBEN - Rice Alliance: "The Politics of Space Exploration" January 24, 2003
14National Academies Committee on Science, Engineering, and Public Policy: "Statement" February 2003
15Columbia Disaster February 1, 2003
16Nobel Exhibit Opening Dinner: "Comments at Nobel Exhibit" February 3, 2003
17Rice Curl/Brito Class: "Remarks" February 11, 2003
18Rice University Scholars Program Seminar: "Lord Snow's 'Two Cultures' " February 18. 2003
19Nano Ventures 2003: "A Policy Perspective on Nanotechnology" February 28, 2003
20Iowa State University: "Fifty Years after Snow's "Two Cultures" " March 4, 2003
21Physics Policy Committee (PPC) : Meeting Minutes March 8, 2003
22Euroscience/ESOF 2004 Discussion: "A U. S. Perspective on Nanotechnology" March 19, 2003
23Texas Higher Education Summit: Meeting Information March 25 - 26, 2003
24Fondren Dinner: "Comments" April 2, 2003
25Rice University/ Monterrey Tech Explorations: "Rice Perspectives" April 2, 2003
26Rice University: "Achieving Societal Benefits from Science and Engineering Discoveries" April 7, 2003
27American Physical Society: " The Founding Father of Civic Science" April 7, 2003
28Anthropology 298: " Discussion of Technology and Public Policy" April 9, 2003
29Houston Museum of Natural Science: "The Noble Challenge" April 15, 2003
30Electrical Engineering 391: "Lecture" April 16, 2003
31Scientia: Business Meeting April 17, 2003
32Gershon Sher visit April 18, 2003
33Medical Technology Leadership Forum: Panel April 28, 2003
971RIce - BIPP Nano-Energy Conference: "Dean Kamen Introduction" May 2 - 4, 2003
2Rice Space Institute: "Introduction of Chris Kirchhoff" May 7, 2003
3American Meteorological Society: "Amateur's Perspective of Science, Policy, and Politics" June 9, 2003
4U.S. - Mexico (Rice/Monterrey Tech) Conference: "Comments" June 26 - 27, 2003
5Texas Common Sense: "Organizational Workshop Information" August 20, 2003
6Packard Fellows Colloquium: "Bridging the Gap" September 6, 2003
7BIPP - American Academy of Arts & Sciences Space Policy Workshop: "Commercial Perspectives on Space Development" Sepember 17 -18, 2003
8Rice University Nano Days Conference: "A Personal View of Nanotechnology" October 12, 2003
9Meeting with the House Science Committee notes October 20, 2003
10APS/PPC meeting information October 21, 2003
11American Chemical Society: "Symposium Overview" October 26 - 28, 2003
12Fondren Library/Woodson Research Center: "Benjamin Franklin - The Founding Father of Civic Science" November 6, 2003
13Smalley - Curl - CNST Celebration Innovation: "Celebration Script" November 13, 2003
14SE Regional Meeting, American Chemical Society: "Some problems with Federal Science and Technology Policy" November 14, 2003
15First Presbyterian Church study group: "Fifty Years after Snow's 'Two Cultures' " November 23, 2003
16BIPP - Space Policy panel: "Introductory Remarks" December 11, 2003
17McCain Senate Space Committee: "Oral Statement" January 27 - 28, 2004
18U. S. Senate: "NASA Presentation" January 28, 2004
19Scientia Talk: "Things that go 'Click' in the Night" February 17, 2004
20Jefferson Davis Society meeting: "Comments" February 18, 2004
21National Academies meeting with the Business Council: "Remarks" February 19, 2004
22Rice University Alumni Course: "Albert Einstein: Lost in Space-Time" March 12, 2004
23Case Media Fellowship: "Societal Implications of Nanotechnology" March 16, 2004
24Rice University: "Fifty Years after Snow's 'Two Cultures' " March 16, 2004
25American Physical Society meeting: "Freedom, Openness, and International Cooperation" March 22 - 26, 2004
26Fotofest: "State of Water in the World" April 2, 2004
27Baker Institute Student Forum: "Civic Science - National Imperative" April, 7, 2004
28U. T. Health Science Center: "Why should society invest in research?" April 14, 2004
981Rice School of Continuing Studies: "The Politics of Space Exploration" April 26, 2004
2Sante Fe Institute: "Searching for Order in Science Policy" May 8, 2004
3AAAS Science and Technology Policy: " A Few Words about Energy" May 13, 2004
4Symposium in Honor of John Holdren: "Thoughts on Science, Policy, and Politics" May 22, 2004
5DAMOP Banquet: "AMO Physics and the Facts of Life" May 27, 2004
6Aspen Institute: "Report" June 23, 2004
7Alliance for Graduate Education and the Professoriate: "Bridging the Gap between Science and Society" July 30, 2004
8Aspen Conference: three panel discussions (Part I) August 8-11, 2004
9Aspen Conference: three panel discussions (Part II) August 8-11, 2004
10Los Alamos National Laboratory: "Bridging the Gap between Science and Society" August 12, 2004
11Euroscience Forum: "The Birth of the U.S. National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI)" August 26, 2004
12Faculty Women's Club: "Integrity in Science" September 8, 2004
13Shell Center for Sustainability: "Remarks" September 14, 2004
14Panel - Lord Julian Hunt: "Comments following Julian Hunt" October 4, 2004
15AAAS Induction Ceremony Meeting Information October 9, 2004
16Rice School of Continuing Studies: "The Birth of the U.S. NNI" October 13, 2004
17BIPP Nano-Energy Tech notes October 15-17, 2004
18Society of Environmental Journalists: "Science and Politics" October 20-24, 2004
19CBEN External Advisory Board: "Letter Report of First Meeting of CBEN EAB" October 29, 2004
20Jim Tours Honors Organic Chemistry class: "Comments on U.S. Science, Policy, and Politics" November 12, 2004
21BIPP/Stem Cell Conference: "Morality vs. Mortality" (Part I) November 20-21, 2004
22BIPP/Stem Cell Conference: "Morality vs. Mortality" (Part II) Novemerb 20-21, 2004
23Hong Kong University of Science and Technology: "Introduction" and "The Birth of the U.S. NNI" December 3, 2004
24Symposium for Jim Krumhansl: "Jim Krumhansl- Model Civic Scientist" January 12, 2005
25Coastal Cities Conference: "Welcome Remarks" February 9, 2005
26Houston Chronicle Briefing February 14, 2005
27Rice/Pew Center on Global Climate Change: "U.S. Energy Scenarios for the 21st Century" February 16, 2005
28AAAS Annual Meeting, Washington, DC: "Physics in the National Interest" February 20, 2005
991University of Colorado at Colorado Springs: "One Perspective on U.S. Science & Technology Policy" February 24, 2005
2BIPP Student Forum/Mock Senate Hearing February 28, 2005
3Rice Sloan Masters Seminar: "One Person's Perspective on U.S. Science & Technology" March 21, 2005
4Rice Undergraduate Scholars Program (RUSP) Seminar: "One Person's Perspective on U.S. Science & Technology" March 22, 2005
5University of Oklahoma: "Perspective on American Science & Technology Policy" March 24, 2005
6University of South Carolina: "Origins of Nanotech Policy: Inside Story" March 31, 2005
7University of Chicago Colloquium: "One Perspective on American Science - Some Trouble Ahead" April 14-15, 2005
8U.T. Board of Regents: " On Los Alamos National Laboratory" April 28, 2005
9Our Common Future Ron Sass Symposium: "Commitment of a Civic Scientist" May 9, 2005
10Baker Institute/Rice Space Science Institute Talk: "Introduction of David McKay and Everett Gibson" May 10, 2005
11GPI- Advocacy Conference: "Remarks" June 11, 2005
12U.S. Civilian Research and Development Foundation: "International Science & Technology Collaborations can Advance U.S. Government Policy" June 14-16, 2005
13Kirtland AFB: "U.S. Science & Technology: The View from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue" June 21, 2005
14Aspen Institute: "Threats to the Future of U.S. Science & Technology" July 11-13, 2005
15University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB): "Trends in Science Policy - Some Storm Clouds on the Horizon" July 15, 2005
16Rice AGEP Colleagues: "Trends in Science Policy- Some Storm Clouds on the Horizon" July 29, 2005
17BIPP Student Forum Reception: "Comments" September 8, 2005
20Rice University Department of Physics and Astronomy: "Threats to the Future of U.S. Science & Technology" September 21, 2005
18Djerejian/Fellows meeting September 19, 2005
19ENST 133: "Water Policy in the U.S." September 20, 2005
21Rice School of Continuing Studies: " Albert Einstein- Lost in Space-Time" September 27, 2005
22University of Colorado-Boulder: "Threats to the Future of U.S. Science & Technology" October 5, 2005
23Associated Nanotechnology Congress: " NNI-Vision, Promise, and Responsibility" October 10, 2005
24Innovations Journal Advisory Board Conference Call October 11, 2005
25U.S. Civilian Research & Development Foundation: "Presentation of George Brown Award" October 18, 2005
26Texas Section of the APS/AAPT: "Some Concerns about Our Science Future" October 21, 2005
27BIPP: "Women in Science" and "Sally Ride" November 7, 2005
28President's Circle- Palo Alto: "Federal Funding of Research- the End of an Era" November 8, 2005
29Cornell University: "The Future of U.S. Science" November 13-15, 2005
30Bromley Symposium: " Allan Bromley: Civic Scientist" December 8, 2005
31Washington University, St. Louis: "Compton & Science Policy" December 12, 2005
32Lockheed Martin: "NNI - A Little History" January 13, 2006
33Democratic Science & Technology Caucus: "Importance of Research to Innovation" January 18-19, 2006
34Pepperdine University: "America's Future in Science & Technology - Some Storm Clouds on the Horizon" January 24, 2006
35Houston Museum of Natural Science: "Welcome Remarks - Professor Chris Rapley" January 30, 2006
36Nuclear and Radiation Studies Board: "Opening Remarks" February 9, 2006
37NYC Social Science Conference: "Politics and Science" February 9, 2006
38BIPP U.S.-U.K. Stem Cell Workshop: "Introductions and Welcome Remarks" March 6, 2006
39Mark Little's class: "Environmental Science and Policy" March 8, 2006
1001Wiess College: "From Rice to the White House and Back" March 8, 2006
2Rice University: "Remarks to Rice Young Democrats" March 9, 2006
3US-RF Non-Proliferation Workshop March 10, 2006
4HEDLA Panel at Rice: "Remarks" March 11, 2006
5RUSP Seminar: "Some Current Issues in Science Policy March 21, 2006
6Richard Smalley Memorial: "Remarks" March 21, 2006
7Vienna University of Technology: "Future of Science in the U.S." March 26, 2006
8Chris Kelty Class: "Remarks" April 17, 2006
9FERMI National Accelerator Laboratory: "Future of American Science" May 24, 2006
10Crawfordsville High School: "Global Warming, Climate Change, Anarctica" May 24, 2006
11Texas Freedom Network: "Introduction of Chris Mooney" June 22, 2006
12Rice REU Seminar: "The Future of American Science" June 29, 2006
13Aspen Institute: "Introduction" and "A New Era for Science?" (Part 1) July 8, 2006
14Aspen Institute: "Introduction" and "A New Era for Science?" July 8, 2006
15AMO (Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Science) Conference Call August 29, 2006
16Sci-Fi Channel: "Visions for Tomorrow" September 1, 2006
17Jesse Jones Leadership Center: "Congress and the Federal Budget" September 2, 2006
18Baker Institute Student Forum Open House: "Remarks" September 5, 2006
19Brookhaven National Laboratory: "Confessions of a President's Science Advisor" September 11, 2006
20Rice University: "Scientific Theory" September 20, 2006
21BCM Genetics Conference: "Genetics Policy Symposium" September 26, 2006
22Carnegie Institute of Washington Stem Cell Workshop: "Opening Statement" October 17, 2006
23Rorschach Lecture (MIT): " Introduction of Dr. Charles Vest" October 9, 2006
24U.S.-China Forum on Science and Technology Policy: "A Time of Unprecedented Opportunity" October 16-17, 2006
25Houston Museum of Natural Science: "Benjamin Franklin -The First Civic Scientist" October 31, 2006
26Baker Institute: "Arden Bement - Civic Scientist" November 2006
27University of Washington Student Forum: "Next Two Decades in American Science" November 2, 2006
28University of North Texas: "Thoughts About the Future of U.S. Science" November 6-8, 2006
29Bio Ireland Conference: "Investing in Public Research" November 13, 2006
30John Young: "Congratulations Note" November 13, 2006
31Tenneco Lecture - University of Houston: "Glorious Past, Uncertain Future" November 28, 2006
32Helen Worden Memorial - RMC Chapel: "Remarks" November 29, 2006
33American Psychological Association: "Thoughts About the Future of U.S. Science" December 1, 2006
34Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars: "Nanotechnology's Potential..." December 5, 2006
35Honors Organic Chemistry: "Comments on the Future of U.S. Science" December 8, 2006
36University of Tulsa: "Commencement" December 15-16, 2006
37Braeburn Country Club: "Remarks to the Bellaire Rotary Club" February 1, 2007
38RUSP: "Science and Society Dialogue - 50 Years After Snow's Two Cultures" February 6, 2007
39Trinity Leadership Roundtable: "Saving Lives or Crossing Lines" February 13, 2007
40CBEN Graduate Student Seminar: "Threats to the Future of US Science and Technology" 100.40
41House Committee on Science and Technology Hearing: Congressional Testimony March 13, 2007
42China-Rice Leadership Forum: "The US Federal Government's Role in Research and Higher Education" March 20, 2007
43RURS: "One View on the Future of US Science" April 16, 2007
44Global Health Conference: "Comments" April 17, 2007
45Waynick Public Lecture - Penn State: "Confessions of a President's Science Advisor" April 19-21, 2007
1011Wadham Sustainability Forum, Oxford: Panel Remarks (Part 1) May 1, 2007
2Wadham Sustainability Forum, Oxford: Panel Remarks (Part 2) May 1, 2007
3Friends of Fondren Dinner: "Comments on VP Search May 22, 2007
4Nonie Harcombe's Retirement Party: Remarks May 24, 2007
5ISSCR Conference, Australia: Conference Notes June 14-22, 2007
6Science and Media Summit, Aspen: Comments July 1, 2007
7Warren Washington Symposium: "A Model Scientist for Global Change" August 9, 2007
8Rice Entering Freshmen: "Global Warming and Climate Change" August 20, 2007
9Grand Challenges in Nanomedicine Retreat: Meeting Notes August 27, 2007
10Rice Professional Master's Seminar: "Global Warming and Climate Change August 29, 2007
11Keck Future Initiatives: Meeting Notes September 5, 2007
12Rice Secular Students: "Scientific Theory" September 18-21, 2007
13Code Red Texas Healthcare Workshop: "Critical Condition of Health in Texas" October 2007
14Keck Center Conference: Talk October 11, 2007
15TAMEST Conference: Welcome Address October 13, 2007
16Houston Endowment Fund: "Immigration" Obtober 16, 2007
17Houston Endowment Board: "Presentation to the Houston Endowment Board" October 16, 2007
18Meeting with President Kalam (India): Talking Points October 8, 2007
19Texas Climate Higher Education Conference: "Texas and Two 'Gathering Storms'" November 8, 2007
20BIPP Workshop on Current Nuclear Proliferation: Moderating November 9-11, 2007
21Rice Baker Institute: "Introduction of Shirley Ann Jackson" November 13, 2007
22University of Houston, Clear Lake: "On Life Support: Future of Science" November 17, 2007
23Sputnik Event: Talking Points November 19, 2007
24Professor Frank Steglich Meeting: Meeting Info November 20, 2007
25BIPP Taping: "American Competitiveness" December 6, 2007
26Anarctica: "Dedication of South Pole Research Facility" January 7-13, 2007
27CO2 Forum Program: "Can USA Take Leadership Role?" January 31, 2007
28Metropolitan Association of Teachers of Science: "The Future of U.S. Science - Lead or Follow" February 2, 2008
29U of H Climate Change Conference: "Civic Scientist Comments" February 6, 2008
30BIPP/IEEJ Meeting: Meeting Agenda/Notes February 8, 2008
31Beyond Science Conference: Welcome February 9, 2008
32BIPP: "Campaign 2008 Beyond Science" February 9, 2008
33AAAS Annual Meeting, Boston: Meeting Notes February 14-16, 2008
34BIPP - Patenting Science: Comments February 21, 2008
35Norman Hackerman Memorial Symposium: "Comments on Hackerman's Public Service" February 28, 2008
36Jim Tour's Honors Class: "Future of U.S. Science" March 14, 2008
37OSTP Project: "OSTP Info" March 17, 2008
38Foresight Panel on Environmental Effects: Meeting Notes April 8, 2008
39Creekmore Symposium: Comments April 29, 2008
40Global CAUSE and Drexel Workshop: Meeting Notes May 12-15, 2008
41International Space Medicine Summit II, Panel IV: Intro Comments May 19, 2008
42American Academy: "Talking Points for 'Arise'" June 2-3, 2008
1021Greater Houston Area Grant-Makers Forum: Comments June 4, 2008
2Coronado Club: "Comments at Reasoning Mind Luncheon" June 5, 2008
3AMS Summer Policy Colloquium: "Amateur's Perspective on Science, Policy" June 8, 2008
4Rollout of "Science Progress": Keynote June 13, 2008
5BIPP Qatar Foundation: Video Conference June 23, 2008
6Rice AGEP Colleagues: "The Future of U.S. Science" June 27, 2008
7UK Ambassador: "Baker S&T Policy Program Activities" July 7, 2008
8UCCS: Kathy Griffith Retirement" August 7, 2008
9Alex Dalgarno Symposium: "Dinner Remarks" September 11, 2008
10Florida State University: "Why Science Matters" October 5-7, 2008
11Rice University Rorschach Lecture: "Introduction of Norman Augustine" October 8, 2008
12Rice-Lockhead Martin Seminar: Seminar Information October 14, 2008
13China Trip: China Trip Information October 2008
14Rice University School of Continuing Studies: "Albert Einstein: Lost in Space-Time" October 29, 2008
15Global Cause Foundation Trip to China: Meeting Information Part 1 October 20-November 3, 2008
16Global Cause Foundation Trip to China: Meeting Information Part 2 October 20-November 3, 2008
17Symposium on Climate Change, Rice University: "Intro for Urs Ziswiler" October 30, 2008
18Sigma Pi Sigma: "The Civic Scientist Era" November 8-9, 2008
19Reception for Dean Kathy Matthews: "Comments at Reception" November 12, 2008
20LBJ Symposium: "Comments as Discussant" December 5, 2008
21BIPP Conference: Talk December 15, 2008
22Stem Cell Short Course: "U.S. Science Policy" January 5, 2009
23COMP 514 - Sustainability, Energy, and IT: "The Civic Scientist Era" January 6, 2009
24Scientia: "Scientist Speaking Out" January 13, 2009
25Francis Collins: Dialogue January 21, 2009
26Baker Institute: "The New Consensus" February 6, 2009
27Bruce Alberts - Civic Scientist Lecture: Introduction February 9, 2009
28ILO Institute: "Remarks to ILO Executives" February 9, 2009
29AAAS - Chicago, IL: "Progressive Science Agenda" Part 1 February 13, 2009
30AAAS - Chicago, IL: "Progressive Science Agenda" Part 2 February 13, 2009
31Jim Tour's CHEM 210: "The Civic Scientist Era" February 27, 2009
32Nanotechnology Event: Welcome Remarks March 9, 2009
33Qatar Stem Cell Workshop: "Panel Speaker Introductions" Part 1 March 15, 2009
34Qatar Stem Cell Workshop: "Panel Speaker Introductions" Part 2 March 15, 2009
35University of Wisconsin - Chemistry: "Science in the Obama Era" March 27, 2009
36Hanszen and Martel Colleges: "One Perspective on a Career in Science" April 1, 2009
37Rice Undergrad Research Symposium: "One Perspective on a Career in Science" April 8, 2009
38Guadalupe SWCNT Workshop: "The Civic Scientist Era" April 17, 2009
39NAS Award Ceremony: Comments April 26, 2009
40Science Collaborations Across Borders: Comments Part 1 April 27-28, 2009
41Science Collaborations Across Borders: Comments Part 2 April 27-28, 2009
1031Science Collaborations Across Borders: Comments Part 3 April 27-28, 2009
2APS Panel, Denver: "Science Policy" and "Compton Medal" May 2-4, 2009
3Rice Awards Ceremony: Remarks May 9, 2009
4Global GreenPrint Solutions Summit, Aspen: Meeting Information June 25-29, 2009
5Congressional Briefing: "U.S. Space Policy: Challenges" July 29-30, 2009
6CHEM 235/HIST 237: "NNI - History and Prospects" September 10, 2009
7US-UK Stem Cell Event: "Stem Cells in the Obama Age" September 14, 2009
8UT Dallas: "Science in the Obama Era" September 23, 2009
9Briefing for Senator Mark Warner: Comments September 29, 2009
10House Committee on Science and Technology: Oral Presentation Part 1 October 8, 2009
11House Committee on Science and Technology: Oral Presentation Part 2 October 8, 2009
12Rorschach Lecture: "Intro of Ralph Cicerone" October 20, 2009
13K-12 Classroom: "Notes for Visit to K-12 Classroom" October 2009
14Albert Chao Symposium: "Houston on the Molecular Frontier" November 12, 2009
15Sigma Xi Conference: Conference Information November 14, 2009
16Nanyang Technological University, Singapore: "Science for Knowledge and Innovation" January 28, 2010
17Chris Mooney Event: Notes February 5, 2010
18Baker Institute: Introduction of Sam Ting" February 16, 2010
19COSEPUP Meeting: Remarks February 18, 2010
20AAAS Annual Meeting: "Three-Legged Stool" and "Future of Science" Part 1 February 2010
21AAAS Annual Meeting: "Three-Legged Stool" and "Future of Science" Part 2 February 2010
22Baker Institute with British Consulate General: "Challenges of Communicating Climate Change" March 4, 2010
23Physics Colloquium - UT Austin: "21st Century American Science" March 31, 2010
24Science vs Religion Book Event: "Introduction of Elaine Howard Ecklund" April 7, 2010
25Scope Lecture: "Science Challenges" and "Uncertain World" April 10, 2010
26Baker Institute: "Introduction of Minister Jin-Fu Chang: May 5, 2010
27Gene Levy's Retirement as Provost: Comments May 17, 2010
28Baker Institute - International Space Medicine Summit: Meeting Information May 20-23, 2010
29JSPS: Remarks June 15, 2010
30Memorial for Bill Gordon: "Comments for Bill Gordon" June 26, 2010
31National Academies' NRC Review Panel: Comments July 27, 2010
32AGEP Banquet: AGEP Banquet Remarks August 5, 2010
33Ecklund Class: "Article Discussion" August 26, 2010
34Oklahoma University Physics Banquet: "Reminiscenes" September 2010
35Aspen Science Center - Education Summit: Notes September 16-17, 2010
36University of Colorado: "21st Century American Science" September 23, 2010
37Baker Institute - International Stem Cell Policy Program: "Fate of Embryonic Stem Cell Research" October 4, 2010
38Smalley Institute: "Civic Scientist - Curl and Kroto" October 13, 2010
39COSEPUP Committee on Science, Technology, and Law: Meeting Information Part 1 October 25, 2010
40COSEPUP Committee on Science, Technology, and Law: Meeting Information Part 2 October 25, 2010
41Rice RCEL Student Session: Meeting Information November 5, 2010
42Voice for America: Interview November 22, 2010
42NNI Anniversary - D.C.: Comments December 9, 2010

Series VII: Addendum

Course Presentations
1041UNIV 594 Talk 11/28/2012
2NSCI 511 Class Talk 1/18/2013
3Biochem Class- Human Genome Talk 1/23/2013
4BISF Lunch 1/25/2013
5RUSP HONS 470 Talk 2/5/2013
6Post 201 (BIPP) Research Talk 2/12/2013
7UT HSC Grad Seminar Talk 3/20/2013
8Chem 533 Talk 4/3/2013
9Baker-Chao Seminar 11/4/2013
10BISF Presentation 11/6/2013
11UNIV 594 Research Talk 12/4/2013
12NSCI 511 Talk 1/24/2014
13Biochem Class Talk 1/28/2014
14Post 201 (BIPP) Talk 2/6/2014
15Rice Univ 594 Talk 11/19/2014
16Rice Chem 533 Talk 3/11/2015
17Woodlands H.S. Talk 4/20/2015
Talks at Rice
10418US-China Science-Technology Policy Forum (1) 10/16-17/2006
19US-China Science-Technology Policy Forum (1) 10/16-17/2006
20Rice Centennial Regalia 10/12/2012
21Rice Empower Panel 10/29/2012
22Trans-Atlantic Science 11/12-16/2012
23BIPP Space Policy Panel 1/24/2013
24BIPP Scientist Lecture, Sylvia Earle 2/12/2013
25Civic Scientist Colwell 3/7/2013
26RCEL Chuck Vest Remarks 3/21/2014
27Rice King Walters Memorial 3/27/2014
28Rice Smalley - CURL Celebration 6/6/2013
29RUBPW Talk 10/8/2013
30NSF Site Visit 10/23/2013
31BIPP Civic Scientists Panel 4/1/2014
32Rice 50th Space Alumni 4/11-12/2014
33Civic Scientists: Jones 4/23/2014
34Regional Material Genome, Rice 4/29/2014
35Rice BIPP, MDA Breakfast Talk 5/6/2014
36Rice Teachers Education Panel 7/4/2014
37Rice, Pre-Delange Panel 9/23/2014
38CICIR BIPP, China Delegation 9/29/2014
39Climate Skepticism, Dessler 10/1/2014
40Rice, De-Lange Conference 10/13-14/2014
41Rice, BIPP, Srivastava Undated
42BIPP MDA-HPV Breakfast 12/3/2014
43MSNE Rice Panel 12/9/2013
44Rice RCQM Symposium 12/15-16/2014
45Rice CENHS Nuclear Session 4/17/2015
46Civic Scientist: Augustine/Chu 4/30/2015
47Curt-Michael Reception, Rice 5/3/2015
48Rice 360 Symposium 5/5/2015
Talks, Conferences, and Summits
10449Toyota Economic Summit 8/30/2012
50Bordogna Retirement 5/1/2012
51TcSUH 25th Anniversary 11/19/2012
52AAU Talk 10/22/2013
53Rhodes/Marshalls Mock Interviews 11/7/2012
54AWIS Meeting 11/8/2012
55Philosophical Society of Texas Summit 2/1/2013
56Oklahoma U. Physics 2/8/2013
57Societal Convergence Report 3/20/2013
58UIUC Physics Colloquium 3/27/2013
59K21 Bill Press Intro 4/4/2013
60Rorschach Memorial 4/15/2013
61LEOH Talk 4/25/2013
62NSF - NSB Dinner/Award 5/9/2013
1051Harte-HMNS Luncheon Talk 5/9/2013
2Rosalind Franklin- Society Board Meeting 12/19/2013
3ISMS Space Summit 5/17/2013
4Climate Change Houston Tomorrow 10/24/2013
5TAMU Climate: Dessler 4/10/2014
6ISMS Space Talk 6/6/2014
7Venky Bidav Symposium 9/19-20/2014
8"Restoring Foundation" Report Undated
9Faulkner-Shakhashiri Dinner 10/26/2014
10Chao Symposium (BRC) 10/27-28/2014
11Nei Meeting, National Graduate Institute for Political Studies- Japan 12/5/2014
12AMS/MAA Panel 1/12/2015
13Bienenstock Birthday 3/20/2015
14Oklahoma U. Commencement 5/8/2015

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