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Guide to the Rice University "R" Association records, 1919-1995 UA 089

creator Rice University. "R" Association
Title: Rice University "R" Association records
Dates: 1919-1995
Abstract: This material serves as a visual record of the “R” Assocation’s member athletes and coaches, official activities, and general Rice sports events. Formats include photographs, slides, negatives and beta format videotapes, as well as some written biographical information, awards, and ephemera such as a basketball jersey. The bulk covers men's sports, football and track in particular.
Identification: UA 089
Quantity: 33 Linear Feet (33 boxes)
Language: English
Repository: Woodson Research Center, Rice University, Houston, Texas

Organizational Sketch

Formed in 1913 as Rice's first alumni-based support group for Rice Athletics, the "R" Association consists primarily of Rice men’s and women’s letterwinners. (Merit-based honorary memberships may on occasion be considered by the "R" Association board.) Former letterwinners are invited to volunteer with the "R" Association by assisting with annual events, including Hall of Fame inductions, a golf tournament, Scholar Athlete Banquet, and All Sports Banquet. The "R" Association board also offers opportunities for volunteer participation.

The organization has historically provided financial assistance to Rice Athletics within the parameters of the NCAA and has provided scholarships to graduating senior athletes. The "R" Association has consistently sponsored various fund-raising events, athletic awards programs and scholastic banquets on behalf of Rice Athletics.

In Fall 1970 the “R” Assocation established the Rice Sports Hall of Fame, recognizing individual accomplishments in all intercollegiate sports by athletes who have been out of school at least 15 years. Additions are made each year by the “R” Association’s selection committee.

This association was incorporated on June 12, 1981 as a non-profit Texas corporation and is currently the only entity not under the accounting and financial control of Rice University which generates revenue on behalf of Rice.

Scope and Contents

This material serves as a visual record of the “R” Assocation’s member athletes and coaches, official activities, and general Rice sports events. Formats include photographs, slides, negatives and beta format videotapes, as well as some written biographical information, awards, and ephemera such as a basketball jersey. The bulk covers men's sports, football and track in particular. Other sports include baseball, golf, tennis, and swimming.

Arrangement note

Missing Title
Series I: 8x10 and smaller photographs by sport (Boxes 1-5)
Series II: 11x15 and smaller photographs by sport, 1919-1990s (Boxes 6-8)
Series III: 16x20 photographs various sports, ca.1920-1990s (Box 9)
Series IV: 20x24 and smaller photographs and newsclippings various sports, ca.1920-1990s (Box 10-11)
Series V: Hall of Fame photographs (Box 12-13)
Series VI: "R" Awards & Ephemera (Boxes 14-15)
Series VII: Football Film and Video (Boxes 15-18)


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This material is open for research.

Use Restrictions

Permission to publish materials from the "R" Assocation records must be obtained from the Woodson Research Center, Fondren Library, Rice University.

Index Terms

College sports
Rice University. "R" Association

Related Materials

Information files for: “R” Association newspaper clippings; “R” Association programs and ephemera; and “R” Book.

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Rice University "R" Association records, Woodson Research Center, Fondren Library, Rice University.

Acquisition Information

This material was donated by Don Knodel, 2002-2003.


Additional materials may be added to this collection in the future.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Series I: 8x10 and smaller photographs by sport (Boxes 1-5)

Box Folder
1 1 Teams / individuals, 1960s-1980s, 2001, undated
Men’s Basketball
Box Folder
1 2 Coaches, 1950s, 1960s, undated
3 Teams / individuals, 1940s
4 Individuals, 1950s
5 Teams / groups, 1950s
6 Individuals, 1960s
7 Teams / groups, 1960s
8 Teams / individuals, 1970s
9 Individuals, 1980s
10 Teams / groups, 1980s (includes slides)
11 Teams / groups, misc. dates
Women’s Basketball
Box Folder
1 12 Teams / individuals, 1980s
Box Folder
2 1 Coaches, 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, undated
2 Teams / individuals, 1930s
3 Individuals, 1940s
4 Teams / groups, 1940s
5-6 Individuals, 1950s
7 Teams / groups, 1950s
Box Folder
3 1 Individuals, 1960s
2 Teams / groups, 1960s
3 Individuals, 1970s
4 Teams / groups, 1970s
5 Individuals, 1980s
6 Teams / groups, 1980s
Box Folder
4 1 Coaches - Named, undated
2 Football Players - Named, Groups, undated
3 Football Hall of Fame, undated
4-6 Football Players - Named, Individuals, undated
Box Folder
5 1 Golf
2 Tennis
Track & Field
Box Folder
5 3 Coaches, 1970s
4 Team, 1919
5 Relay, teams, 1920s
6 Relay, teams, 1930s
7 Individuals, 1940s
8 Relay, teams, 1940s
9 Individuals, 1950s
10 Relay, meets, teams, 1950s
11 Individuals, 1960s
12 Relay, meets, teams, 1960s
13 Individuals, 1970s
14 Relay, meets, teams, 1970s
15 Individuals, 1980s
16 Individuals and teams, 1990s
17 Individuals and Teams, misc. dates
18 Negatives - Individuals, undated
19 Check presentation for "R" room, Bucky Allshouse, George Miner, and W.C. Tr. (sp?), undated
20 Medical Staff, undated

Series II: 11x15 and smaller photographs by sport, 1919-1990s (Boxes 6-8)

Scope and Contents note
Many are mounted on board and feature individual portraits of award winning athletes.
Box Folder
6 1 Baseball
Named Athletes
Mike Pettit, All SWC Pitcher, 1972 Sheldon Kaufman, All SWC Shortstop, 1972 Palmer "Peg" Melton, All SWC Pitcher, 1922-23 Eddie Dyer, All SWC Pitcher, 1919-20, 21 Joel Tigett, ALL SWC Outfield, 1963 Billy Costa, ALL SWC Shortstop, 1970
2 Basketball
Named Athletes
Van Brown, All SWC Basketball, 1919 Don Lance, All SWC Basketball, 1953-54 Pat Krieger, Basketball, 1981 Murray Mendenhall, ALL SWC Basketball, 1945 Jake Hess, Basketball, 1932 Julian Dormant, SWC Basketball Tommy Suitts, Head Basketball Coach, 1981 Ricky Pierce, Rice Athletic Hall of Fame, SWC Player of the Year, 1982 Unidentified Players
3 Golf
Named Athletes
Barton Goodwin, All America, 1976 The National Collegiate Athletic Association, plaque, 1954 Unidentified players
4 Football, Groups
5 Football
Named Athletes
Shirley Brick, All SWC End, 1919 Eddie Dyer, All SWC Back, 1920 Bob Brumley, Houston Post Most Valuable Back, 1940 Billy Burkhalter, All SWC Back, 1951 Johnny Burrell, All SWC End, 1960-61 Gary Butler, All SWC End, 1971 Dale Callahan, All SWC End, 1964 Jay Collins, All SWC End, 1967 Picture of football player Cox Bill Crockett, All SWC Tackle, 1952 Buddy Dial, All SWC End, 1957-58, All America, 1958 Dick Dwelle, All SWC Back, 1942 Paul Giroski, All SWC Tackle, 1950 Arthur Goforth, All SWC Guard, 1941 Moose Hartman, All SWC Tackle, 1940 Lou Hassell, All SWC Tackle, 1931 Bruce Henley, All SWC Back, 1972-73 King Hill, All America, 1957 Bill Howton, All America, 1951, All SWC End, 1951
Box Folder
7 1-2 Football
Named Athletes
Roger Roitsch, All SWC Guard, 1969-70 Tobin Rote, All Star Game, 1950 Leo Rucka, All SWC Center, 1953 Carl Russ, All SWC Back, 1946 J.D. Smith, All SWC Tackle, 1956 Leche Sylvester, All SWC End, 1934-35 Jim Vining, All SWC Tackle, 1965 Ron Waedemon, All SWC Tackle, 1970 Malcolm Walker, All SWC Center, 1963-64, All America, 1964 Bill Wallace, ALL SWC Back, 1934, All America, 1934 George Walmsley, All SWC Back, 1944 Joe Watson, All America, 1949 Larry Whitmire, All SWC Tackle, 1957 Stahle Vincent, All SWC Back, 1971 Ricky Pierce, SWC Player of the Year, 1982, All SWC, 1980-82 John Hudson, All America, 1953 Roland Jackson, All SWC Back, 1961 Kosse Johnson, All America, 1953, All SWC Back, 1953 Bob Johnston, All SWC Tackle, 1951 Huey Keeney, All SWC Back, 1946 Steve Kidd, All America, Punter, 1985 Mike Landrum, All SWC Punter, 1973, 75 Chuck Latourette, All SWC Back, 1966 Dickie Maegle, All SWC Back, 1953-54, All America, 1954 J.W. Magee, All SWC Guard, 1947 Bill Morgan, All SWC Guard, 1930 Bob Nemir, All SWC Back, 1945 H.J. Nichols, All SWC Guard, 1944, All America, 1944 Johnny Nichols, All SWC Guard, 1968 Kenny Paul, All SWC Guard, 1953-54 Gene Raesz, ALl SWC End, 1962 Don Rhoden, All SWC Linebacker, 1952 Froggie Williams, All America, 1949, All SWC End, 1948-49 Jess Neely Buddy Dial Weldon Humble Johnny Burrell Pictures of Groups, unidentified players, etc. Earl Cooper, 1979 Tommy Kramer, All America, 1976 Kenneth Roy, All SWC Tight End, 1976
3 Swimming
Named Athletes
Bethanie Breisacher, All America swimming, 1979 Kathy Batho, All America swimming, 1981-82 Suzy Deetz, All America swimming, 1981 Kathy Benzick, All America swimming, 1983 Barbara Demorotski, All America swimming, 1982-83 Gina Gaskin, All America swimming, 1980-82 Kathy Jenkins, All America swimming, 1983-86 Lisa Pena, All America swimming, 1976 Jane Picker, All America swimming, 1982 Sherry Page, All America swimming, 1979-80 Wendy Young, All America swimming, 1979-81 Kay Snell, All America swimming, 1980-82 Various certificates, awards
Box Folder
8 1 Tennis
Named Athletes
Harold Solomon, All America, 1971 Mike Estep, SWC Champion Singles and Doubles, All America, 1969-71 Wendy Wood, All America, 1985-86 Zan Guerrry, SWC Champion Tennis Doubles, All America, 1969-71 Tico Carrer, SWC Champion Tennis Singles, 1969 Bobby Curtis, All America, 1948 Sue Rudd, All America, 1982 Kathryn Pearson Keating, All America, 1934 Tracie Blumentritt, All America, 1982 Jim Parker, All America, 1964 Frank Guernsey, All America, SWC Champion Tennis Doubles, 1939 Wilbur Hess, All America, 1935 John Pickens, All America, 1965-66 Fritz Schunck, All America, 1962 Sam Match, All America, 1948
2-3 Track & Field
Named Athletes
Jimmy Wilkerson, SWC Champion 120 yd Hurdles, 1967 Jodi Radziewiez, All America, 1981 Disa Lewis, All America, 1982 Susan Conte, All America, 1981 Catherine Baker, All America, 1981 Anne Macmaster, All America, 1981 Laura Wright, Cecilia Nunez, Tammy Welch, Tanya McIntosh, Monique Millar, Katrice Harris, 400 Meter Relay/Outdoor, 1600 Meter Relay/Indoor, 1985 Regina Cavanaugh, All America, 1984-87 Gawain Guy, All America, 1985-86 Maureen Stewart, Tammy Welch, Tannya McIntosh, Robyn Bryant, 1600 Meter Relay/Indoor, 1987 Katrice Harris, Tammy Welch, Monique Millar, Laura Wright, 1600 Meter Relay/Indoor, 1984 Maureen Stewart, Pam Klassen, Michelle Barz, Kirsten Aure, 3200 Meter Relay/Indoor, 1986 Elliston Stinson, Terry Jones, Steven Hall, Patrick Gordon, 4x100 Meter Relay, 1985 Fred Hansen, All America, 1962 Gwen Johnson Samora, 1986 Sherman Hall, Elliston Sherman, Terry Jones, Vince Courville, 4x100 relay, 1982 Bill Christopher, All America, 1943 Elliston Stinson, All America, 1984 Alecia Abraham, All America Track, 1982 Penny Goff, All America Track, 1982 Ken Stadel, All America, 1972-1973 Denny Dicke, All America, 1970 Bill Cummins, All America, 1942 Fred J. Stancliff, Rice Athletic Hall of Fame, 1926 Jeff Wells, Rice Athletic Hall of Fame, 1976 Rickie Jacobs, SWC Champion Javelin, 1966-67 Others, unidentified/undated Mike Novelli, All America, 1977-78 Marty Froelick, All America, 1981 Jeff AWells, All America, 1974-76 Fred Wolcott, SWC CHampion 120 and 220 yd Hurdles, All America, 1938-40 Dale Bernauer, SWC Champion 100 yard, All America, 1967, 69 Steve Montoya, SWC Champion Three Mile, 1967 Vern McGrew, All America, 1948 Laura Wright Shoppa, All America, 1981-82 Darryl "Doc" King, 110 Meter Hurdles, All America, 1979 Rickie Jacobs, All America, 1967 Bill Askey, All America, 1969-70 Steve Straub, All America, 1969-70 Conley Brown, All America, 1967, 69 Jess Petty, All America, 1935 Tom Cox, All America, 1949 Jack Patterson, All America, 1938 Paul Brattlof, All America, 1981, 83 Claude Bracey, All America, 1927, SWC Champion 120 and 220, 1928-30 Chip Grandjean, All America, 1970 Dave Roberts, All America, 1971-73 SWC Cross Country Champions 1970s Roy Thompson, SWC CHampion 220 yd Hurdles, 1956-57

Series III: 16x20 photographs various sports, ca.1920-1990s (Box 9)

Box Folder
9 - 16x20 photographs of individual athletes and groups, mounted on boards, some unidentified
Named Athletes
King Hill, All America, 1957 John Hudson, All American Guard, 1953 Richard Champan, All American Tackle, 1953 Don Rhoden, All SWC Linebacker, 1952 Fred Walcat, 1940 Malcolm Walker, All America, 1964 Buddy Dial, All America, 1958 John McCauley, All SWC Back, 1934-35 Tommy Kramer, All America, 1976 Chuck LaTourette, All SWC Back, 1966 others, unidentified
Box Folder
9a - 16x20 photographs of individual athletes, mounted on boards
Named Athletes
Weldon Humble, 1946 Bil Howton, 1951 H.J. Nichols, Jr. B.King Whitmire Joe Watson, 1949 Kosse Johnson, 1953 James "Froggie" Williams, 1949 Dick Maegle, 1954

Series IV: 20x24 and smaller photographs and newsclippings, ca.1920-1990s (Boxes 10-11)

Box Folder
10 1 Football Yearbook Pictures of Teams 1950s
2 Football Team Pictures, Great Moments, pictures mounted on boards, commemorative memorabilia
3 Football Coaches, mounted pictures, misc.
Box Folder
11 1 Proclamations, Awards, Newspaper clippings
2 Basketball Commemorative Memorabilia, pictures mounted on boards
3 Track and Field Commemorative Memorabilia, pictures mounted on boards

Series V: Hall of Fame photographs (Boxes 12-13)

Scope and Contents note
16x20 photographs in alphabetical order by name of athlete inducted into R Association Hall of Fame, mounted on board with background information on the athlete.
Box Folder
12 - Athletes A-L
Named Athletes
Philip H. Arbuckle, 1912-23 Percy Arthur, 1935 Calvin Bell, 1930s Tony Bell, 1919 Dr. Dale Bernauer, Conley Brown, Steve Straub, Bill Askey, 1969 Dr. Jack G. Brannon, UT, 1933 Warren Brattlof, 1962-65 Louis H. "Smoky" Brothers, 1936 W. Edward "Mick" Brown, 1917 Emmett Brunson, 1929 Johnny Burrell, 1961 Gary Butler, 1972 Frank Carswell, 1941 Regina Cavanaugh-Murphy, 1987 Dr. Richard A. Chapman, 1954 Norm Charlton, Jr., 1986 Bill Tom Closs, 1943 Henry G. "Hank" Coffman, 1948 Leslie Coleman, 1923 Quinn Connelley, 1929-54 Tom Cox, 1950 W.M. Cummins, 1948 Robert W. "Bobby" Curtis, 1948 Joe W. Davis, 1940-67 Edwin W. DePrato, 1922 Buddy Dial, 1959 Eddie Dyer, 1922 R.T. Eaton, 1936 Mike Estep, 1971 Jim Fox, 1962 Barton Goodwin, 1978 Matt Gorges, 1957-58 Joe Greenwood, 1930 Cecil B. Grigg, 1940-66 Frank Guernsey, Jr., 1941 W.R. "Mike" Hale, 1933 Moose Hartman, 1941 Lou Hassell, 1933 Bruce Henley, 1974 Lou Hertenberger, St. Edwards, 1930 Jake Hess, 1932 Wilbur Hess, 1935 Bill Howton, 1952 John Hudson, 1954 Weldon Humble, 1947 Roland Jackson, 1963 David "Kosse" Johnson, 1954 Dr. Gaylord Johnson, 1921 Robert E. Johnston, 1962 E.F. "Tiny" Kalb, 1916 Kathryn Pearson Keating, 1936 Darryl "Doc" King, 1979 Rufus King, 1961 Lawrence M. Kingsland, 1919 Chester F. Klaerner, 1933 Tommy Kramer, 1976 Richard Kristinik, 1961 Dr. Charles LaTourette, 1967 Preacher Lindsey, 1922 Dick Maegle, 1955 Charles Malmberg, 1947 Sam Match, 1947
Box Folder
13 - Athletes M-Z
Named Athletes
Bobby May, 1965 John McCauley, 1936 Vern McGrew, 1950 H. Palmer "Peg" Melton, 1924 Ralph Murphy, 1949 Jess C. Neely, 1940-1966 Hamilton J. Nichols, Jr., 1947 John Nichols, 1963 Catherine Baker Nicholson, 1981 Mike Novelli, 1979 Jack Patterson, 1939 Kenny Paul, 1955 Allan Ramirez, 1979 Dr. Walter E. (Ed) Red, 1965 Kendall Rhine, 1964 Don Rhoden, 1953 Dr. Dave Roberts, 1976 Tom Robitaille, 1959 Roger Roitsch, 1971 Carl F. "Buddy" Russ, 1947 Frank Ryan, 1958 Jerry Sims, 1958 Dr. Ed T. Smith, UT, 1929-1977 Harold Solomon, 1974 Ken Stadel, 1974 James Sykes, 1976 John "Leche" Sylvester, 1936 Henry D. "Tim" Timmons A.M. Tomforde, 1917 John Underwood, 1922 Wash Underwood, 1927 Griff D. Vance, 1920 Malcolm E. Walker, Jr., 1965 Bill Wallace, 1936 George Walmsley, 1948 Joe L. Watson, 1950 John B. "Buddy" Weaver, 1952 Bill Whitmore, Texas, 1942 Froggie Williams, 1950 Jesse Willis, 1930 Harry Witt, 1936 Fred Wolcott, 1940 George A. "Grandpa" Wood, 1925

Series VI: "R" Awards & Ephemera (Boxes 14-15)

Box Folder
14 - B/W photographs of “Distinguished R Man” with biographical information included.
Named Athletes
Dr. G. Walter MC Reynolds, 1965 Weldon Humble, 1947 Kathryn Pearson Keating, 1936 J. Fred Duckett, 1955 John Coffee, 1934 Dr. Alan Chapman, 1945 Dr. James A. Castaneda, 1963 Dr. Jack G. Brannon, UT, 1933 Bill Whitmore, UT, 1950 Theodore N. Law, 1960 Dr. Ed T. Smith, UT, 1962 Milton McGinty, 1927 Fred Stancliff, 1926 Lyle L. Payne, 1930 Ralph Noble, 1948 W.C. "Speedy" Moore, 1940 George Miner, 1950 W.L. "Dutch" McKinnon, 1929 Joe A. McDermott, 1951 Malcolm Lovett, 1921 Robert F. Loughride, 1928 Wendel D. Ley, 1932 Gilbert L. Leach, 1930 Lou Hassell, 1933 Joyce Pounds Hardy, 1945 Larry Hamilton, 1929 Dr. James Greenwood, Jr., 1927 Howard D. Fulwer, 1917 W.E. "Billy Ed" Daniels, 1953 Richard Chapman, 1954 James V. Carroll, Jr., 1930 Vincent Buckley, 1947 Emmett Brunson, 1929 Tony Bell, 1919 A.M. "Red" Bale, 1936 Herbert Allen, 1929 W.C. Treadway, 1954 Harry Fouke, 1935 James K. Nance, 1938
- Photographs of All Sports Award Luncheon and other related photographs, 1970s
- R Varsity Framed Awards
Named Athletes
Christopher L. Mullen: Tennis, 1975, 76, 77, 78 Robert James Susen: Football, 1975, 76
Box Folder
15 - Coca Cola Rice Owl Club Player of the Game Award plaque, 1982
Named Athletes
USL: Everett Todd Tulane: Melvin Robinson LSU: Everett Todd Texas: Alvin Rettic TCU: Brian Mica Texas Tech: Doug Johnson A&M: Melvin Robinson Arkansas: Wayne Harpold SMU: Clenzie Pierson Baylor: Joel Baxter Houston: Kevin Trigg
- Basketball jersey, # 52 “Nanney”

Series VII: Football Film and Video, 1954-1980s (Boxes 15-18)

Box Folder
15 - Cotton Bowl, 1954 (Rice 28 / Alabama 6) 16mm film
Box Folder
16-18 - Rice football, 1980s, Beta format videotapes

Series VIII: Photocopied scrapbooks of newsclippings (Boxes 19-33)

Subseries A: Large size scrapbooks, photocopied
Box Folder
19 1-13 September 1951-December 1952 clippings album
14-17 1953-1954 clippings album
Box Folder
20 10-25 September 1954-February 1957 clippings album
Box Folder
21 14-21 1957-1958 clippings album
Box Folder
22 1-13 September 1958 - September 1961 clippings album
14-19 1963-1966 clippings album
Box Folder
23 10-17 1968-1970 clippings album
Box Folder
24 5-14 1970-1972 clippings album
Box Folder
25 5 Additional magazine and newspaper articles, 1947-1983
Subseries B: Medium size scrapbooks, photocopied
26 Photocopied pages from scrapbook 1917-1949
27 Photocopied pages from scrapbook 1939-1950
28 Photocopied pages from scrapbook 1952-1959
29 Photocopied pages from scrapbook 1958-1962
30 Photocopied pages from scrapbook 1963-1969
31 Photocopied pages from scrapbook 1970-1982
32 Photocopied pages from scrapbook 1970-1979
33 Photocopied pages from scrapbook 1977-1979; 1980-1985; and baseball only 1953-1955