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Guide to the Hutcheson and allied families papers, 1836-1997; bulk 1920-1949

Descriptive Summary

Title Hutcheson and allied families papers
Dates: 1836-1997; bulk 1920-1949
Abstract: The Hutcheson and allied families papers consist of letters, photographs, printed matter, genealogy records, and personal family materials. The bulk includes correspondence between family members dating to the 1840s and continuing into the 1990s. The genealogy of the Hutcheson family is very detailed and there is much family history on collateral lines. The Hutcheson family includes prominent Houston, Texas attorneys, judges, and statesmen. Allied families such as the Weeden, Pye, Carrington, Codrington, and Barker families also figure prominently in Texas history.
ID MS 496
Extent 19.25 linear feet (38 boxes)
Language Materials are in English.
Repository: Woodson Research Center, Fondren Library, Rice University, Houston, TX

Biographical Note

Captain Joseph Chappell Hutcheson, Sr. Captain Hutcheson was born in Mecklenburg County, Virginia on May 18, 1842 to Charles Sterling and Mary Hutcheson. In 1861 he graduated from Randolph-Macon College in Boydton, Virginia and immediately enlisted in Co. C of the Twenty-First Virginia Infantry, CSA; he served under General T.J. “Stonewall” Jackson in the Shenandoah Valley campaign of 1862. In July of 1862 he obtained a substitute, John Kohlup, who subsequently deserted. J.C. Hutcheson, Sr. reenlisted in October 1864 and was elected 2nd Lieutentant and subsequently 1st Lieutentant of Company E of the 14th Virginia Infantry Regiment. At the Battle of Dinwiddie Courthouse, March 31, 1865, he was promoted to Captain of Company E. The recording of that promotion has been lost. After the war he entered the University of Virginia and graduated with a law degree and came to Grimes County, Texas, in 1867 to begin his law practice with brother, John William Hutcheson.

Hutcheson relocated to Houston in 1872 and remained for 52 years. His law practice thrived and he was elected to the Seventeenth Texas Legislature in 1880. He drafted the act establishing the University of Texas, was a father for the development of the Houston ship channel and played a leading role in the expansion of trade and commerce of Houston. He served in 1890 as chairman of the State Democratic Convention and was elected twice to the House of Representatives. Hutcheson married Mildred Carrington in 1867 and with her had eight children, five surviving infancy: Elise (Mrs. E.Y. Chapin), Mary, Stella (Mrs. L.M. Dabney), Mildred (Mrs. P.C. Clymer), Katherine, J.C. Hutcheson, Jr., Charles Sterling Hutcheson, Allen Carrington Hutcheson. Mildred C. Hutcheson died in 1883 and Capt. Hutcheson married Elizabeth Palmer Milby in 1886. Their children were Palmer Hutcheson and Rosalie Hutcheson (Mrs. L. Bosworth). He died on May 25, 1924 at his summer home on Signal Mountain near Chattanooga, TN.

Joseph Chappell Hutcheson, Jr. Son of Mildred Carrington and Capt. J.C. Hutcheson, J.C. Hutcheson, Jr. was born in Houston on Oct. 19, 1879. He attended school at Bethel (VA) Military Academy, the University of Virginia, and graduated with a law degree from the University of Texas in 1900. He practiced law in Houston with his father from 1900 to 1918, became chief legal advisor to the City of Houston in 1913 and its mayor in 1917. President Wilson appointed him U.S. District Judge for the Southern District of Texas in 1918 until 1931. He was federal appeals judge for the Fifth Circuit until 1948 when he became chief judge. In 1959 he stepped down and continued on the bench until 1964. President Truman named Hutcheson co-chairman of the Anglo-American Committee of Inquiry on Problems of Jews in Europe and Palestine in 1945. In 1905 he married Ann Elizabeth Weeden and they had two children, Mary Pye Hutcheson (Mrs. E.R. Seale) and Joseph Chappell Hutcheson, III. He died in Houston on Jan. 18, 1973.

Allen Carrington Hutcheson Allen C. Hutcheson was born to Mildred Carrington and Capt. J.C. Hutcheson, Sr. on Jan. 23, 1882 in Houston. He graduated from the University of Virginia and also from Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons with a Doctor of Medicine degree. As a medical missionary in Nanking, China for 20 years under the auspices of the Southern Presbyterian Church, he was editor of a Chinese medical journal and an administrator and surgeon of Nanking University Hospital. After his return from China, he became Houston’s Health Officer and was instrumental in drawing plans for Jefferson Davis Hospital. In the 1930s he served as school physician for the Houston Independent School District. A.C. Hutcheson married Strausie McCaslin in 1908 and had four children, Mildred Hutcheson (Mrs. Rouse), Henrietta Hutcheson (Mrs. A.K. Schwartz), Allen C. Hutcheson Jr., and J. Sterling Hutcheson. He died in Houston on Nov. 24, 1974.

Scope and Contents

The Hutcheson and Allied Families Papers, 1840s-1997, consist of letters, photographs, printed matter, genealogy records, and personal family materials. The most substantial amount of materials is the correspondence between family members dating to the 1840s and continuing into the 1990s. The genealogy of the Hutcheson family is very detailed and there is much family history on collateral lines. Photographs are mainly of family members, but Allen C. Hutcheson’s mission in China is well documented through numerous photographs and scrapbooks. The printed matter is extensive with many publications by J. C. Hutcheson, Jr.


Series I: Correspondence, 1836-1997
Series II: Genealogies
Series III: Photographs, 1872-1990
Series IV: Printed materials, 1860-1991
Series V: Family-related personal materials, 1895-1930


Access Restriction

This material is open for research.

Use Restrictions

Permission to publish materials from the Hutcheson and Allied Families Papers must be obtained from the Woodson Research Center, Fondren Library, Rice University.

Index Terms

Subjects (Persons)
Barker, Eugene C.
Hutcheson, Allen C. (Allen Carrington), 1882-1974
Hutcheson, Capt. J.C., 1842-1924
Hutcheson, J.C., Jr. (Judge), 1879-1973
Hutcheson, J.C. III
Hutcheson, Palmer
Hutcheson, Sterling
Seale, Everett Richardson -- correspondence
Hutcheson, Mildred Carrington -- correspondence
Hutcheson, Strausie McCaslin -- correspondence
Hutcheson, Henrietta -- correspondence
Hutcheson, Rosalie -- correspondence
Weeden, Elizabeth Pye -- correspondence
Weeden, Edith Pye -- correspondence
Barker, Matilda "Tilly" Weeden -- correspondence
Johnston, Mary LeGrand -- correspondence
Hutcheson, Queene Cameron
Wilson, Joanne Seale
Moon, Elise Chapin
Hutcheson, Laura Baker "Wille"
Subjects (Organizations)
Confederate Medical Service
Rio Bravo Oil Co.
Houston Ship Channel -- history
Nanking University Hospital
Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals
Anglo-American Committee
University of Texas, Austin, TX
Southern Presbyterian Missions - China
Subjects (Places)
Houston (Tex.)--families
Signal Mountain, TN -- families
Mecklenburg County, VA -- families

Related Material

See also John William Hutcheson Papers ( MS 37), Woodson Research Center.

Additional Hutcheson family materials are located at the Fred Parks Law Library, South Texas College of Law.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Hutcheson and Allied Families Papers, 1837-1997, MS 496, Woodson Research Center, Fondren Library, Rice University

Acquisition Information

The collection was donated by Joanne Seale Wilson in January and February, 2004.

Detailed Description of the Collection


Series I: Correspondence, 1836-1997

Early family letters, 1853-1927
box folder
1 1 Col. Charles Hutcheson from John William Hutcheson, 1853
2 To Mildred C. Hutcheson from J.C. Hutcheson, 1860s-1870s
Oct. 3, 1868
Oct. 8, 1868
Dec. 11, 1873
Jan. 7, 1874
Feb. 29, 1874
March 8, 1874
March 12, 1874
April 12, 1874
May 10, 1874
May 17, 1874
May 31, 1874
box folder
1 3 Hutchesons, 1860s-1880s
MLC to parents of JCH, Feb. 1, 1871 (photocopy of letter from Tarlton Law Library holdings)
CSH to parents of JCH and MLC, Nov. 3, 1873
Poem entitled "For You", undated, unsigned, handwritten
To "Friend" from [illegible], April 13, 1864
To MLC from "Friend", April 31, 1874
To MLC from M. Nash, April 9, 1874
Sketch of plots belong to Hills, Allens, Grimes and others, To JCH, circa June 1885
To JCH from E.V. Carrington, Sept. 29, [year unknown]
To MLC from [illegible - M. Nash?], July 25, [year unknown]
To JCH from E.V. Carrington, Oct. 28, 1868
To JCH from [illegible], Dec. 15, 1866 or 1868
To JCH from W.R. Baker, June 18, 1885
box folder
1 4 To J.C. Hutcheson from Mildred C. Hutcheson, c. 1870s
Oct. 28, 1868
Dec. 18, 1868
Dec. 24, [year unknown]
box folder
1 5 Hutcheson family, 1870s-1900s
To CSH from JCH, Jan 11, 1875
To CSH from JCH, June 23, 1875
To CSH from JCH, Dec. 12, 1878
To CSH from JCH, June 27, 1879
To CSH from JCH, July 10, 1879
To CSH from JCH, Dec. 20, 1880
To Elise from Mildred, 1883 or 1884
To Mary M. Hutcheson from JCH, May 11, 1891 (one typed page only - following page(s) not included)
To Elise from Allen C. Hutcheson, 1892 or 1893 (one typed page only - following page(s) not included)
To ACH from JCH, Oct. 5, 1893
To ACH from JCH, Oct. 9, 1893
To ACH from JCH, Oct. 29, 1893
To ACH from JCH, April 10, 1894
To ACH from JCH, July 31, 1894
To ACH and Joe H. from JCH, Sept. 8, 1894
To ACH and Joe H. from JCH, Sept. 23 and 24, 1894
To ACH and Joe H. from JCH, Oct. 9, 1894
To ACH and Joe H. from JCH, Oct. 17, 1894
To Joe H. from JCH, Nov. 26, 1894
To ACH and Joe H. from JCH, 1894 or 1895?
To ACH and Joe H. from JCH, Dec. 18, 1894
To ACH and Joe H. from JCH, March 23, 1895
To ACH and Joe H. from JCH, May 7, 1895
To Elise from ACH, Sept. or Oct., 1894
To Elise from ACH, 1894?
To Mr. Chapin from ACH, Oct. 1894
To ACH and Joe H. from JCH, [month?] 17, 1895
To Elise from ACH, March, 1902
To JCH from Stella Dabney, March, 1903
To JCH from ACH, 1904?
To Elise from ACH, Jan. 1, 1906
To Elise from ACH, March 21, 1897
To Elise from Sterling Hutcheson, undated
To Aunt Adele from Stella, Aug. 3, [year unknown]
To JCH from CSH, June 21, 1874
box folder
1 6 Transcripts, 1870s-1900s
7 Photocopies, 1880s-1890s
8 Capt. & Mrs. J.C. Hutcheson, 1907-1927
9 Envelopes
A.C. Hutcheson, 1903-1930
box folder
2 1 A.C. Hutcheson, 1903, 1908-1909
2 To family, 1908-1917 (China)
3 Family (from China), 1911-1927
4 A.C. Hutcheson-Capt. J.C. Hutcheson, 1915-1924
5 A.C. Hutcheson, 1926-1929
6 A.C. Hutcheson, travel related, 1927
7 Mission correspondence, post-1927
8 Sterling Hutcheson/family-friends, 1927, 1930
9 J.C. Hutcheson to Mildred, 1927
10 Notes on Hutcheson letters from China
box folder
3 1-2 Photocopies of China letters
James Hutcheson, 1910-1960s
box folder
3 3 James Hutcheson, 1910-1920s
4 Mr. & Mrs. James Hutcheson, 1920s-1930s
5 Mr. & Mrs. James Hutcheson-violin maker, 1919-1927
6 Mrs. James Hutcheson, 1930s, 1960s
7 James Hutcheson: Texas Salt Co., 1920s, 1932
8 James Sterling Hutcheson citizenship corresp.
9 Allen Hutcheson at Rice, 1928-1929
10 Mr. and Mrs. A.C. Hutcheson, 1930s-1940s
Henrietta Hutcheson, 1927-1980s
box folder
4 1 Henrietta Hutcheson at Oberlin College, 1927-1928
2-3 Henrietta Hutcheson at Oberlin College, 1927-1930
4 Henrietta Hutcheson at Wellesley College, 1929-1931
5 Henrietta Hutcheson at Wellesley College, 1930
box folder
5 1 Mother to Henrietta, 1928
2 Letters from Mother, 1929
3 Letters from Mother, 1930
4 Henrietta/Mildred Hutcheson, 1970s-1980s
5 Henrietta/Mildred, 1920s-1930s
Mildred Hutcheson, 1920-1931
box folder
5 6 Mildred Hutcheson, 1920s
7 Mildred Hutcheson, 1928, 1930
8 Mildred Hutcheson, 1929-1930
9 Mildred Hutcheson and family, 1931
Strausie Hutcheson, 1908-1971
box folder
6 1 Strausie Hutcheson to Rosalie Hutcheson, 1908-
2 Strausie Hutcheson, 1926-1927
3 Strausie Hutcheson, 1927
4 Strausie Hutcheson re: family history, 1929, 1937, 1939 [1975]
5 Corresp. on death of Strausie Hutcheson, 1971
Joe Hutcheson Jr. / JC Hutcheson Jr., 1913-1960s
box folder
6 6 Joe Hutcheson, Jr., 1917, 1922, 1941, 1950, 1960
7 Joe Hutcheson, Jr. from Allen C. Hutcheson, 1920s
8 J.C. Hutcheson, Jr., Eliz. Weeden Hutcheson, Elise H. Chapin, 1950s
9 J.C. Hutcheson, Jr., 1950s-1960s
10 Mr. & Mrs. J.C. Hutcheson, Jr.
11 J.C. Hutcheson, Jr. from Eliz. Weeden Hutcheson, 1901, 1908-10, 1913
JC Hutcheson III, 1942-1946
box folder
7 1 J.C. Hutcheson, III to M/M G.D. Jacob, 1942
2 Mary Catherine Hutcheson (Mrs. JCHIII) to M/M G.D. Jacob (parents), 1942-43
3 J.C. Hutcheson, III to Judge & Mrs. J.C. Hutcheson, Jr. (parents), 1942-45
4 J.C. Hutcheson, III to Mary Catherine Hutcheson (wife), 1942-45
5 Catherine Hutcheson to Judge & Mrs. J.C. Hutcheson, Jr. 1942-46
Sterling Hutcheson, 1960-1997
box folder
8 1 Sterling Hutcheson, 1960s-90s
2 Sterling Hutcheson/Virginia Hutcheson Davis, 1985, 1987, 1990-92
3 Sterling Hutcheson/Beverly Conolly, 1990-91
4 Sterling Hutcheson-Joanne Seale Lawson, with photographs, 1997
box folder
9 1 Elizabeth Hutcheson & Clare Wilkerson from Edie, 1940, 1949-52
2 Anne Hutcheson from Matilda “Tilly” Weeden Barker, 1910s, 1930s-50s
3 Elise Hutcheson Chapin, 1893, 1897, 1918, 1946, 1964, 1967
4 Eugene C. Barker, 1907, 1918, 1920s-50s
Weeden Family, 1906-1950s
box folder
10 1 Weeden-Hutcheson-Croxall, 1908-13, 1920s-30s
2 Elizabeth Pye Weeden to family, 1920s, 1930, 1940s
3 Edith Pye Weeden from Margaret Hodge, 1925
4 Elizabeth Weeden Hutcheson from Edith Pye Weeden, n.d.
box folder
11 1 Elizabeth Weeden Hutcheson from Edith Pye Weeden, 1906-1911
2 Elizabeth Weeden Hutcheson from Edith Pye Weeden, 1912-1915
3 Elizabeth Weeden Hutcheson from Edith Pye Weeden, 1917
4 Elizabeth Weeden Hutcheson from Edith Pye Weeden, 1918
5 Elizabeth Weeden Hutcheson from Edith Pye Weeden, 1920s
6 Elizabeth Weeden Hutcheson from Edith Pye Weeden, 1930s-1940s
box folder
12 1 Elizabeth Weeden Hutcheson from Matilda “Tilly” Weeden Barker, 1920s
2 Elizabeth Weeden Hutcheson from Matilda “Tilly” Weeden Barker, 1930s
3 Elizabeth Weeden Hutcheson from Matilda “Tilly” Weeden Barker, 1942-43
4 Elizabeth Weeden Hutcheson from Matilda “Tilly” Weeden Barker, 1944-49
5 Elizabeth Weeden Hutcheson from Matilda “Tilly” Weeden Barker, 1950s
6 Elizabeth Weeden Hutcheson from Matilda “Tilly” Weeden Barker, nd
box folder
13 1 Carrington family, 1860s-1890s
Pye-LeGrand Family, 1836-1950s
box folder
13 2-3 “Pye-LeGrand Family Letters, 1836-1973; arranged and published by Eugene C. Barker, Austin, Texas, 1941” [transcripts]
box folder
14 1 Mary LeGrand Johnston to Matilda, 1840s-1850s
2 Matilda LeGrand to E.A. Pye to 1848
3 Pye-LeGrand to 1853
4 Pye, 1850s-1860s
5 Pye, 1860s
6 Julia LeGrand, 1860s
7 Julia LeGrand to Neddie and others, 1860s
8 Letters from the Confederate Medical Service in Texas, 1863-1865 by E.A. Pye (photocopy)
9 Aunt Ginny, Aunt Julia, c. 1875
10 Pye, 1880s-1890s [“the only letters from cousin Pye to Matilda”]
11 Re: Pye family history [1870s-1890s], 1900s
12 Pye, 1940s-1950s
13 Pye family, with supporting materials
box folder
15 1 Hutcheson and Schwartz families, general subjects, 1907-1966
2-3 Friends, 1930s-60s
4 Margaret Thompson, 1929
5 Prominent Houstonians (corresp., cards, invitations)
6 Holiday cards from Texas Governors James Allred and Price Daniel, 1950s
7 U.S. Presidential correspondence [photocopies, carbons and originals between J.C. Hutcheson Jr., Presidents Hoover and Truman(or office staff of the President), 1930s-1940s]


Series II: Genealogy

box folder
16 1 Family trees
2 Hutcheson Bible records
3 The Hutcheson Family of Mecklenburg County, Virginia (photocopy)
4 Mecklenburg County, Virginia, records-Hutchesons
5 “Hutcheson Family of Mecklenburg County, Virginia, and Some of Their Descendants,” by Herbert F. Hutcheson, Jr.
6 Early Virginia Hutcheson records
7 Hutcheson Family Antecedents and Descendants (2 copies)
8 Published family research, unidentified (photocopy)
box folder
17 1 The World Book of Hutchesons
2 Debrett Ancestry Research on Hutchesons
3 The Ancestry of William Hutcheson (Debrett, 1985, 2 copies)
4 The Origins of William Hutcheson (Debrett, 1986, 1987)
5 The Origins of John Hutcheson (Debrett, 1991)
6 The Hutcheson Family of Virginia (Debrett, 1990)
7 The Name and Family of Hutcheson (Media Research Bureau)
8 J. William Hutcheson family history records
9 Tidewater Virginia Families: A Social History by Virginia Lee Hutcheson Davis
box folder
18 1 Branaman-Wells family history
2 Carrington family history
3 Codrington family history
4 Coles family history and Mildendo plantation
5 “Mostly Croxall notes”
6 Edelin family history
7 “Green Family Record; copies from a book and paper belonging to Major General Jesse Green,…”; notes
8 Hammond family history
9 McCaslin-Shrewsbury family history
box folder
19 1 Neblett family history
2 Pye family record (photocopy)
3 Pye family history
4 Read/Reade family history
5 “History of the Seale Family in America,” by Allan B. Seale
6 Wheeler family history
7 Family lineage charts and notes
8 Allen C. Hutcheson’s family history notes
9-11 Sterling Hutcheson’s family history notes


Series III: Photographs, 1872-1990

box folder
20 1 Mr. & Mrs. Charles Sterling Hutcheson, c. 1872
2 J.C. Hutcheson & Mildred Carrington Hutcheson
3 Capt. J.C. Hutcheson
4 Capt. J.C. Hutcheson family [see also Box 26]
5 Allen C. Hutcheson
6 Mr. & Mrs. Allen C. Hutcheson [see also Box 26]
7 Allen C. Hutcheson family in China
8 A.C. Hutcheson with hospital/university staff in Nanking, China
9 China groups
10 China scenes
11-13 China negatives
box folder
21 1-2 Photo album pages of Nanking, China, 1908
3 Photo album pages of China and travel
4 Postcards from album
5 Photos and materials from disbound album
6 Hutcheson travel photo album/scrapbook
7 Album pages photocopies
8 Mildred C. Hutcheson’s album, notes, negatives, 1920s
9 Joan Hutcheson/Kenneth Thompson wedding album, 1968
10 Mr. & Mrs. Allen C. Hutcheson album [to oversize Box 26]
box folder
22 1 Henrietta Hutcheson at Oberlin College
2 Mary Mitchell Hutcheson
3 Pauline Mugge
4 E.Y. & Elise Hutcheson Chapin [see also Box 26]
5 Elizabeth Weeden Hutcheson [see also Box 26]
6 James Hutcheson
7 Printing block image of James Hutcheson
8 Queene & James Hutcheson, 1930s
9 James & Queene Hutcheson, Rio Bravo Oil Co.
10 Queene Cameron Hutcheson (& others)
11 J.C. Hutcheson, Jr. [see also Box 26]
12 J.C. Hutcheson Jr. with others
13 Mr. & Mrs. J.C. Hutcheson, Jr. 50th wedding anniversary
14 Mr. & Mrs. J.C. Hutcheson, Jr. 50th wedding anniversary & negatives
box folder
23 1 Branaman family
2 Branaman-McCaslin family
3-4 McCaslin family
5 Sterling Hutcheson
6 Sterling Hutcheson family
7 Mildred Carrington Hutcheson
box folder
24 1 J.C. Hutcheson, III [see also Box 26]
2 J.C. Hutcheson, III with others
3 Mary Pye Hutcheson Seale [see Box 26]
4 Elizabeth Pye Weeden [see Box 26]
5 Family individuals, unidentified
6 Family groups, unidentified
7 Family children, unidentified
8 Family individuals, unidentified
9 Family groups, unidentified
10 Negatives, unidentified
box folder
25 1 Stella Hutcheson Dabney & Lewis Dabney, Elizabeth Dabney [see also Box 26]
2 Barker family
3 Everett Richardson Seale
4 Seale family
5 Joanne Seale
6 Richardson-Seale houses
7 Capt. J.C. Hutcheson summer house, Signal Mt., TN
8 Houses, exteriors
9 Houses, interiors
10 Silver service; picnic
11 Family photo captions
26 Oversize Photographs
Mr. & Mrs. Allen C. Hutcheson photo album
Capt. J.C. Hutcheson family (3)
Capt. J.C. Hutcheson bier at McKinney St. (Houston, TX) house
Adeline Moon (Mrs. John Hersey), 1947
Moon-Hersey wedding clipping
J.C. Hutcheson, Jr. (26)
Mr. & Mrs. J.C. Hutcheson, Jr. (2)
J.C. Hutcheson, Jr. family groups (2)
Allen C. Hutcheson
Strausie McCaslin Hutcheson
Signal Mt. house & outbuildings (3 pages from album)
J.C. Hutcheson, Jr. groups (4)
Elizabeth Weeden Hutcheson (3)
Hutcheson house, McKinney St., interiors (4)
Mary Pye Hutcheson Seale (4)
Mary Catherine Jacob Hutcheson (2)
Stella Hutcheson Dabney
Stella Hutcheson & Lewis Dabney
Elise Hutcheson Chapin
J.C. Hutcheson III Senior Law Class, UT, 1931
J.C. Hutcheson III class, Phillips Academy, Andover, MA, 1924
Elizabeth Pye Weeden (framed)
J.C. Hutcheson, Jr. honorary doctorate, Tulane University, 1950
J.C. Hutcheson, Jr. award, Southwestern Legal Foundation, 1937


Series IV: Printed materials, 1860-1991

box folder
27 1 J.C. Hutcheson, Jr. award, Southwestern Legal Foundation, 1937
2 Henrietta Hutcheson Schwartz memoirs transcriptions, 1920s
3 Henrietta Hutcheson’s diary; copies and transcriptions, 1910
4 Mildred Hutcheson diary, 1926
5 [A.C.?] Hutcheson diary photocopy
6 Mildred Hutcheson’s account of voyage alone, 1926, “My Ocean Voyage”
7 Mrs. J.C. Hutcheson, Jr. daybook, 1927
8-9 McCaslin [?] scrapbook
box folder
28 - Capt. J.C. Hutcheson daybook
box folder
29 1 Newsclips-Capt. J.C. Hutcheson
2 Newsclips-A.C. Hutcheson
3 Newsclips-J.C. Hutcheson, Jr.
4 Newsclips-Palmer Hutcheson, Sr.
5 Newsclips-Mary Hutcheson Seale
6 Newsclips-Elise Chapin Moon
7 Newsclips-China-related, c. 1903-1933
8 Newsclips-China-related, 1927
9 Newsclips-Hutcheson/allied families
10 Family obituaries, memorials
11 Laura Baker "Wille" Hutcheson deed, 1914
12 J.C. Hutcheson, Jr. piano contract, 1913
13 Brazoria County, TX abstracts, c. 1909
14 Family professional/social memberships
15 J.C. Hutcheson, Jr. honorary doctorate, Tulane University, 1950, Southwestern Legal Foundation award, 1937 [see also Box 26]
16 Edith Pye, teaching certificates
17 Birth records (photocopies)
18 DAR membership application/materials
19 DAR membership application/materials
box folder
30 - Ulster County Gazette, Jan. 4, 1800 (2 copies, encapsulated) “An Ordinance to dissolve the union between the states of Texas and the other states united under the compact styled “The Constitution of the United States of America,” 1861
box folder
31 - Publications, 1860-1991:
Campin’ (1926 original belonging to Dr. A.C. Hutcheson, and copy)
Physical Beauty, How to Develop and Preserve It, 1922
My Soul’s Boast, 1991
University of Nanking Bulletin, University Hospital Annual Report, 1925
Monthly Bulletin Published by the Southern Presbyterian Missions in China, May-June 1909
By Way of a Furrow and Jinnie’s Middle Name, 1927
The Great Detective, 1946
The Flyleaf, April 1971
Synchronized Musico Historical Charts, by Laura Baker "Wille" Hutcheson
Synchronized Musico Historical Charts, by Laura Baker "Wille" Hutcheson
The South Alone Should Govern the South and African Slavery Should be Controlled by Those only Who are Friendly to It, 1860
An Address Delivered by Hon. D.W. Voorhees…1860
Mary Hutcheson Seale printed materials from Rice Institute and Oxford University
box folder
32 - Publications, cont.:
Opening and closing addresses for the U.S.A. by Robert H. Jackson
Rice Institute Pamphlet, 1920
The Houston Review, 1989 (2 copies)
“The Judgment Intuitive,” by J.C. Hutcheson, Jr. in Houston Bar Journal, 1931
State Bar of California Proceedings of the Nineteenth Annual Meeting, 1946
University of Notre Dame Natural Law Institute Proceedings, 1950 (2 copies)
“In Praise of Lawyers and Lawing,” Tennessee Law Review, J.C. Hutcheson, Jr.
Texas Law Review: “The Common Law of the Constitution,” J.C. Hutcheson, Jr., 1937
Texas Law Review: “Louis Dembitz Brandeis,” J.C. Hutcheson, Jr., 1941
Texas Law Review: “Judging as Administration, Administration as Judging,” J.C. Hutcheson, Jr., 1942
Texas Law Review: “Law and Fact in Insurance Cases,” J.C. Hutcheson, Jr., 1944
Texas Law Review: J.C. Hutcheson, Jr. dedication, 1959
Texas Law Review: “The Judicial Power of the United States: A Sober Approach to an Intoxicating Theme,” J.C. Hutcheson, Jr., 1959
The Alcade, 1959
Insurance Counsel Journal, 1954
The Houston Lawyer, 2002
Texas Bar Journal, 1952
Texas Bar Journal, 1961 (3 copies)
Texas Bar Journal, 1965 (2 copies)
American Bar Association Journal, 1949
box folder
33 - Publications cont.:
Judgment Intuitive by J.C. Hutcheson, Jr.
Anglo-American Committee of Inquiry, 1946
“Foreward,” J.C. Hutcheson, Jr.
“A Symposium on Federal Jurisdiction and Proceedings,” 1954 J.C. Hutcheson, Jr.” (2 copies)
Law as Liberator, J.C. Hutcheson, Jr.
A Review of ”Law as Liberator” Founder’s Day Dinner program, 1950
“There Is a Spirit in Man,” J.C. Hutcheson, Jr. (2 copies)
”Judging as Administration,” J.C. Hutcheson, Jr.
“New Instruments of Public Power,” J.C. Hutcheson, Jr.
“The Natural Law and the Right to Property,” J.C. Hutcheson, Jr.
“Louis Dembitz Brandeis,” J.C. Hutcheson, Jr.
“Law and Liberty Reconciled: The Principles of Our Free Society, The Spirit of Its Laws,” J.C. Hutcheson, Jr.
“Restraint, the Price of Freedom,” J.C. Hutcheson, Jr.
We March But We Remember, J.C. Hutcheson, Jr. (2 copies)
The John Randolph Tucker Lectures delivered before the School of Law, Of Washington and Lee University “Boast of America!” by Judge Hutcheson
“Quench Not the Spirit,” 1951 Commencement address, UH


Series V: Family-related personal materials, 1895-1930

box folder
34 1 Capt. J.C. Hutcheson biographical notes
2 A.C. Hutcheson essay, “The Mormon,” Jan. 27,1900
3 Allen C. Hutcheson China recollections
4 Allen C. Hutcheson citizenship
5 Mildred Hutcheson, Henrietta Hutcheson, Joanne Lawson recollections
6 James Hutcheson-Rio Bravo Oil Co.
7 James Hutcheson-Houston Kennel Club
8 Mrs. James “Queene” Hutcheson household, hobby
9 Mrs. James “Queene” Hutcheson music, lessons
10 Mrs. James “Queene” Hutcheson artwork
11 J.C. Hutcheson, Jr. school
12 J.C. Hutcheson, Jr. biographical
13 J.C. Hutcheson, Jr. Anglo-American Committee, 1946
14 J.C. Hutcheson, Jr. stock
15 J.C. Hutcheson, III – Duchesne Academy
box folder
35 1 Henrietta McCaslin Hutcheson file on Nanking Hospital, China
2 Henrietta McCaslin Hutcheson file on Horace Mann School, 1922- 1923
3 Henrietta McCaslin Hutcheson school writings, 1927-1929
4 Allen C. Hutcheson-Strausie McCaslin wedding, 1908
5 Strausie Hutcheson research on Chinese symbolism
6 Mrs. Colin Hill McCaslin memoirs of European trip, 1908
7 Family invitations, cards
8 Mildred Hutcheson school materials, 1926-29
9 Mildred Hutcheson Rouse materials
10 Trust agreement, Elizabeth W. Hutcheson & J.C. Hutcheson III
11 Eugene Barker portrait presentation, 1942
12 Hutcheson inventions
13 J.C. Hutcheson III insurance
14 A.C. Hutcheson, Jr. school materials
15 Family art, writing
Elizabeth Weeden Hutcheson materials
box folder
36 1 Stock inventory
2 Stock purchase/sales
3 Garden Club of Houston
4 French Legation, Austin
5 Social organizations
6 Institute of American Genealogy
7 National Society of Colonial Dames of America-Bylaws, organization, history, presentations, newsletters
8 National Society of Colonial Dames of America-statements, annual meetings
box folder
37 1 A.C. Hutcheson death: corresp., memorials, funeral memorial book, 1974
2 A.C. Hutcheson, Jr. memorials
3 A.C. Hutcheson, Jr. estate materials
4 Strausie McCaslin Hutcheson funeral memorial book, 1971
5 Strausie M. Hutcheson estate tax return, 1971
6 Strausie M. Hutcheson estate inheritance tax return, 1971
7 J.C. Hutcheson, III death certificates, 1997
8 Houston Cemetery Co. property information
box folder
38 1 Strausie Hutcheson address/telephone books
2 James Hutcheson Knights of Pythias medal, calling card case, Mrs. James Hutcheson travel itinerary and exit card
3 James Hutcheson wallet, 1930s
4 A.C. Hutcheson family passport, 1927
5 Confederate currency
6 Clothing items/hair
7 Dance lists for Mildred, 1926
8 Receipts
9 Royal Flemish “Mount Washington” pattern glass vase, c. 1895 (presented to Elise Hutcheson Chapin by William Marsh Rice) [in vault]