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Guide to the Norman Hackerman personal & professional papers, 1956-1986

Descriptive Summary

Creator Hackerman, Norman
Title Norman Hackerman personal & professional papers
Dates: 1956-1986
Abstract: Professional and personal papers of chemist Dr. Norman Hackerman, the fourth president of Rice University (1970 - 1985), including correspondence, notes for speaking engagements, etc., mainly concerning his membership in the National Science Foundation, National Science Board, and trips to Antarctica.
ID MS 407
Extent 3 lin. ft. (6 boxes)
Language Materials are in English.
Repository: Woodson Research Center, Fondren Library, Rice University, Houston, TX

Biographical Note

Norman Hackerman served as Rice Univerity's fourth President from 1970 - 1985, after serving 25 years at the University of Texas. Immediately preceeding Hackerman was Acting President Frank Vandiver (1969-1970), who succeeded Kenneth Sanborn Pitzer.

During his tenure at Rice, the university launched the Jeese H. Jones Graduate School of Administration, and the Shepherd School of Music, as well as establishing separate engineering and social sciences schools, and new biochemistry, linguistics, and computer science departments. The endowment was significantly increased by his fundraising efforts, and the residential college system went co-ed under his approval.

Controversy touched his presidency in the early 1980s, when Rice hired Watson Brown as head football coach at a high salary, bringing many complaints from academic-oriented students and faculty. Hackerman reportedly considered the criticism a "commentary on society, not on [himself]".

Hackerman, a chemist, was born in Baltimore, MD in 1912, and graduated with bachelor's (1932) and doctoral (1935) degrees from Johns Hopkins University. He joined the University of Texas faculty as an assistant professor in 1945, and worked his way up through the academic ladder to become President in 1967.

Scope and Contents

Professional and personal papers of chemist Dr. Norman Hackerman, the fourth president of Rice University (1970 - 1985), including correspondence, notes for speaking engagements, etc., mainly concerning his membership in the National Science Foundation, National Science Board, and trips to Antarctica.

NOTE: Appointment books and itineraries, which contain a mixture of Rice-related and non-Rice-related entries, have been transfered to the Hackerman Presidential Papers (Boxes 125-128).



This material remains in the original order created and maintained by Dr. Hackerman. The files are arranged alphabetically and include correspondence, notes, and travel information.


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This material is open for research.

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Permission to publish materials from this collection must be obtained from the Woodson Research Center, Fondren Library, Rice University.

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National Science Foundation -- coorespondence
National Science Board -- correspondence
College and university presidents -- archives.
Colleges and Universities -- Texas -- History.
Chemists -- Texas.

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Norman Hackerman personal & professional papers, 1956-1986 , MS 407, Woodson Research Center, Fondren Library, Rice University.

Acquisition Information

Transferred from Dr. Norman Hackerman and Information Services, 1985 and 1986.

Detailed Description of the Collection


Series I: Alphabetical files A-L

box folder
1 1 A--General correspondence (Aug. 1977-Apr. 1983)
2 Achievement Rewards for College Scientists (Mar. 1983- Feb. 1984)
3 American Chemical Society (Mar. 1956-May 1985)
4 American Chemical Society. College Chemistry Consultant Service (Oct. 1982-July 1984)
5 American Chemical Society. Committee on Chemistry and Public Affairs (Jan. 1979-Apr. 1983)
6 American Chemical Society. Task Force: Industrial- Academic Cooperation (Aug. 1979-Jan. 1980)
7 American Chemical Society. Task Force: Study of Chemical Education (Apr. 1983-Oct. 1984)
8 American Chemical Society. ACS Award Nominations (June 1967-Oct. 1968)
9 American Institute of Chemists (Sept.-Oct. 1982)
10 American Philosophical Society (Jan. 1981-Sept. 1982)
11 B--General correspondence (May 1974-Feb. 1985)
12 Bipartisan Budget Appeal (Dec. 1982-Feb. 1984)
13 C--General correspondence (July 1977-June 1984)
14 D--General correspondence (Aug. 1977-Oct. 1984)
15 E--General correspondence (July 1977-June 1984)
16 Electric Power Research Institute (July 1980-Jan. 1981)
17 Energy Research Advisory Board. University Program Panel--Correspondence (Apr. 1983-Feb. 1984)
18 Energy Research and Development Administration. CO2 Study Group (Dec. 1976-Dec. 1979)
box folder
2 1 F--General correspondence (Apr. 1977-June 1984)
2 Federation for the Advancement of Freedom in Growing Older (July-Aug. 1984)
3 G--General correspondence (Jan. 1978-Apr. 1984)
4 Gordon Research Conference (May-Nov. 1978)
5 H--General correspondence (Aug. 1977-Dec. 1984)
6 Houston Museum of Natural Science (Oct. 1980-Mar. 1981)
7 International Insurance Seminars (Aug.-Dec. 1984)
8 J--General correspondence (Sept. 1977-Sept. 1984)
9 K--General correspondence (July 1977-Dec. 1983)
10 L--General correspondence (Aug. 1977-July 1984)
11 Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory (Aug. 1977-Nov. 1978)


Series II: Alphabetical Files M-Z

box folder
2 12 M--General correspondence (Jan. 1977-Mar. 1984)
13 Massachusetts Institute of Technology. MIT Corporation Visiting Committee for the Department of Chemistry (July 1981-July 1984)
14 N--General correspondence (Sept. 1978-June 1983)
15 National Academy of Sciences (Mar. 1981-Jan. 1985)
16 National Academy of Sciences. Committee on Government and Higher Education (Jan.-May 1981)
17 National Academy of Sciences. Committee on Scholarly Communication with the People's Republic of China (Mar. 1976-July 1983)
18 National Academy of Sciences. Frank Press Luncheon (Dec. 1984-Mar. 1985)
19 National Academy of Sciences. Regional Meeting (Mar. 1983-Jan. 1984)
20 National Research Council (Jan. 1980-Feb. 1982)
21 National Research Council. Committee on NASA Program Changes (Aug. 1981-Aug. 1982)
22 National Research Council. Committee on NASA Scientific and Technological Program Reviews (Nov. 1982-Jan. 1985)
23 National Research Council. Panel To Review NASA's Numerical Aerodynamics Simulation Program (Aug. 1983-Jan. 1984)
box folder
3 1 National Science Board (Feb. 1970-Dec. 1973)
2 National Science Board (Feb. 1970-Dec. 1973)
3 National Science Board (Jan.-Dec. 1975)
4 National Science Board (Jan. 1976-June 1981)
5 National Science Board. Alan T. Waterman Award (Dec. 1975-Dec. 1979)
6 National Science Board. Annual Report (Aug. 1976-Feb. 1980)
7 National Science Board. Antarctic Expedition (Jan. 1975-Feb. 1980)
8 National Science Board--Board Organization (June 1968- Mar. 1977)
9 National Science Board--Board Report 5 (Sept. 1971- Aug. 1976)
10 National Science Board--Board Report 6 (Aug. 1974)
11 National Science Board--Board Report 7 (July 1975-July 1976)
12 National Science Board--Board Report 8 (Feb. 1974-June 1975)
13 National Science Board--Board Report 9 (Apr. 1976-Mar. 1977)
14 National Science Board--Forums (Aug. 1976-Nov. 1979)
15 National Science Board--Hackerman--Reappointment (May 1974-Feb. 1980)
16 National Science Board--Hackerman--Termination (July 1974-May 1980)
17 National Science Board--International Science Activities (July-Nov. 1976)
box folder
4 1 National Science Board--O-Tolidine (Aug. 1977)
2 National Science Board--President of U.S. (Feb. 1972- June 1979)
3 National Science Board--Speeches and Congressional Testimony (Feb. 1975-Jan. 1980)
4 National Science Board--Twenty-fifth Anniversary (Oct. 1974-May 1975)
5 National Science Board. Basic Research Committee (Sept. 1975-Apr. 1977)
6 National Science Board. Budget Committee (Feb. 1977- Aug. 1979)
7 National Science Board. Deep Sea and Ocean Margin Drilling Programs Committee (Dec. 1978-Oct. 1979)
8 National Science Board. Executive Committee (May 1979)
9 National Science Board. House Peer Review Committee (Sept. 1975-Aug. 1977)
10 National Science Board. Minorities and Women Committee (May 1977-Dec. 1978)
11 National Science Board. Planning and Policy Committee (Mar. 1977-Feb. 1980)
12 National Science Board. Programs Committee-- Miscellaneous (Jan. 1971-Sept. 1973)
13 National Science Board. Programs Committee--Rann projects (Feb. 1972-Jan. 1974)
14 National Science Foundation (Mar. 1962-May 1981)
15 National Science Foundation. Office of Polar Programs (July-Aug. 1975)
16 National Science Foundation. Science Indicators, 1978 (Dec. 1976-Oct. 1979)
box folder
5 1 O--General correspondence (Oct. 1977-May 1984)
2 P--General correspondence (June 1977-Mar. 1985)
3 Philosophical Society of Texas (Dec. 1979-Oct. 1980)
4 Philosophical Society of Texas--December 1984 Program (Apr.-Dec. 1984)
5 R--General correspondence (Sept. 1977-Oct. 1984)
6 S--General correspondence (June 1977-Mar. 1985)
7 Solar Energy Research Institute (Apr. 1978-Apr. 1985)
8 Speaking Engagements--Calendar (Aug. 1970-Apr. 1986)
9 Speaking Engagements--Notes (Jan. 1958-Dec. 1969)
10 Speaking Engagements--Notes (Jan. 1970-Dec. 1979)
box folder
6 1 T--General correspondence (June 1977-Nov. 1984)
2 Texas Energy and Natural Resources Advisory Commission. Advisory Committee on Solar Energy (Oct. 1979-Sept. 1983)
3 Texas Aerospace and National Defense Technology Development Council (Nov. 1981-Aug. 1982)
4 Travel Schedules (Sept. 1962-Jan. 1981)
5 U--General correspondence (Feb. 1978-May 1982)
6 United States. Antarctic Research Program (June 1975- Jan. 1980)
7 University of Texas at Austin (Oct. 1970-Feb. 1971)
8 University of Texas at Dallas. Chemistry Advisory Panel (Feb. 1983-Apr. 1984)
9 V--General correspondence (July 1977-Feb. 1982)
10 W--General correspondence (Sept. 1977-Mar. 1985)
11 White House Conference on Science and Technology-- Proposal (June 1978)