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Guide to the Frank Harrison Hill London Daily News papers, 1870-1876 MS 313

Title: Frank Harrison Hill London Daily News papers
Dates: 1870-1886
Abstract: Liberal political writer Frank Harrison Hill served as Editor-in-Chief of the London Daily News from 1870-1886; this collection is comprised of two folders of correspondence, mainly original signed letters sent to Mr. Hill in his capacity as Editor-in-Chief.
Identification: MS 313
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Language: English
Repository: Woodson Research Center, Rice University, Houston, Texas

Biographical Note

Frank Harrison Hill was born in Boston, Lincolnshire in England in 1830. After graduating from London University in 1851, he was called to the bar before moving to Ireland in 1860 to become editor of the Northern Whig. Hill remained in this post until 1866 when he returned to London to work for the liberal journal the London Daily News. By 1870 Hill had risen to become the editor-in-chief of that publication, a position he was to occupy until his resignation in 1886.

During the course of his career in journalism, Mr. Hill also found time to write two books. the Political Portraits (1873) and a work entitled George Canning (1887). Hill also contributed to the Question for a Reformed Parliament (1867). Mr. Hill was an ardent Gladstonian and throughout his long career as editor of the Daily News consistently combined clarity of political statement with journalistic excellence in the service of the principles of advanced liberalism. By the time of Hill's resignation from the Daily News in 1886, that journal had long been recognised as the pre-eminent liberal organ and mouthpiece of nineteenth-century Britain.

Following a disagreement with the proprietors of the Daily News in 1886, Mr. Hill was forced to resign his position. He retired to private life and died in 1910.

Scope and Contents

This collection is comprised of 2 folders of correspondence, mainly original signed letters sent to Mr. Hill in his capacity as Editor-in-Chief of the London Daily News, 1870-1886. The letters are arranged in chronological order in folder 1 and the remaining undated letters are grouped in folder 2.


Missing Title
Series I: Correspondence, 1870-1886 (1 folder)
Series II: Correspondence, undated (1 folder)


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Subjects (Persons)
Morris, Lewis
Newton, Charles, Sir
Lucy, Henry W. (Henry William) , Sir
Rawlinson, Henry, Sir
Sinclair, John, Sir
Playfair, Lyon Playfair, Baron
Priestly, William
Earl of Derby
Fawcett, Millicent Garrett, Dame
Avebury, John Lubbock, Sir
Earl of Cork
James, Henry
Lockyer, Joseph Norman, Sir
Gladstone, Herbert
Maine, Henry Sumner, Sir
Hill, Frank Harrison
Wickland, Henry F.
West, Algernon, Sir
Journalism -- England
Great Britain

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Frank Harrison Hill London Daily News papers, 1870-1886, MS 313, Woodson Research Center, Fondren Library, Rice University.

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Purchased from Myers & Co., 1955.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Series I: Correspondence 1870-1886

Scope and Contents note
Arranged in chronological order.
"ALS" identifies letters as being handwritten, signed letters.
1 Letter 1
ALS Philip Harwood to F.H.Hill. Sending in a review of a book. March 22, 1870
Letter 2
Sir George Morgan to F. H. Hill, May 31, 1872
Letter 3
ALS N. Osborne to F.H.Hill. Referring to arrangements made for a visit to India. March 20, 1875
Letter 5
ALS D.R.P. Rathmore to F.H. Hill. Asking to set up a meeting with Hill. December 15, 1876
Letter 4
ALS Earl of Carnaervon to F.H.Hill A note expressing thanks to Mr. Hill. January 9, 1876
Letter 6
Stafford Harry Northcote, viscount St. Cyres to F. H. Hill, January 26, 1877
Letter 7
ALS Arthur Tooth F.H. Hill Asking for the enclosed letter to appear in the Daily News. January 26, 1877
Letter 8
ALS William Hepworth Dixon ? to F.H.Hill. A note of thanks for his, 'first adventure in romantic literature.' February 1, 1877
Letter 9
ALS Robert Main to F.H.Hill. Asking if the Daily News, would care for an article on the recently published naval engineer's report. March 16, 1877
Letter 10
ALS Sir John Sinclair to F.H. Hill Thanking Hill for including his letter in the Daily News. July 12, 1877
Letter 11
ALS William Minto to F.H.Hill. Commenting upon Mr Hill's suggestion for an address of sympathy for M. Gambetta and allowing his name to be used in endorsement of it. September 6, 1877
Letter 12
ALS Francis Conder to F.H.Hill. Asserting to his knowledge/Access to to information on the business conduct of the railways, and professing his willingness to write an article for payment. September 15, 1877
Letter 13
ALS Benjamin Moran to F.H.Hill. A letter of introduction for Mr Jeremiah Curtin - the ex-Secretary of the U.S. Legation in St. Petersburg, Russia. October 5, 1877
Letter 14
ALS Francis Hueffer to F.H.Hill. Informing Hill that he is going to edit the New Quarterly magazine, and asks Hill for his assisstance in providing articles. November 26, 1877
Letter 16
ALS Julian Hawthorne to F.H.Hill. Submitting an old street ballad from the era of the Peninsular war as an example of prophesy of the present day. February 12, 1878
Letter 17
ALS Sir James Knowles to F.H.Hill. Inviting Mr Hill to meet Mr Gladstone. April 3, 1878
Letter 18
ALS Earl of Derby to F.H.Hill. Asking Hill to call on him if possible relating to an undisclosed matter. April 20, 1878
Letter 19
Francis Knollys Caversham to F. H. Hill, November 22, 1878
Letter 20
Henry F. Wickland to F. H. Hill, ALS Henry F. Wickland F.H. Hill Bringing a judgement of the Privy Council to Hill's attention. December 3, 1878
Letter 21
ALS M. ? Hobart to F.H.Hill. Asking for a letter of his to be printed in the Daily News. December 21, 1878
Letter 15
ALS Robert Hutchinson to F.H.Hill. Replying to letters from Mr. Hill. December 30, 1877
Letter 22
ALS George Holyoake to F.H.Hill. Thanking him for using his letter and the accompanting article. January 2, 1879
Letter 23
ALS Viscount Esher to F.H.Hill. Claiming that a letter in the Times (from the New York Herald correspondent) is false, and that Hill should make this widely known. January 7, 1879
Letter 24
ALS Humphrey Sandwhith to F.H. Hill, Asking Hill to peruse two enclosures and asking him if, in his judgement, his letter to the Daily News needs correcting. January 14, 1879
Letter 25
ALS Samuel Carlingford to F.H.Hill. An appreciation of Hill's sympathy expressed earlier. August 20, 1879
Letter 26
Newton Walop Portsmouth (Lymington?) to F. H. Hill, February 21, 1880
Letter 27
ALS Percy Barrington Barrington to F.H.Hill. Relating to the contents of a dictionary of antonyms and synonyms. March 22, 1880
Letter 28
ALS Joe Chamberlain to F.H.Hill. Hoping that they can meet soon to discuss the problem of what information an editor can get from the Government, before writing in support or opposition to its policies. November 18, 1880
Letter 29
ALS Henry James to F.H.Hill. Asking for 'the enclosed' to be brought to public attention. December 7, 1880
Letter 30
ALS Richard Grosvenor to F.H.Hill. Thanking Hill for the letter and the 'information about the document'. which further elucidates a matter concerning McLucy and O'Donnell. March 2, 1881
Letter 31
ALS Sir Charles Trevelyan F.H. Hill Giving assistance in 'breaking the ice' on the subject of the Transvaal. March 4, 1881
Letter 32
ALS Sir Charles W. Dilke to F.H.Hill. Saying that nothing yet had been heard from the French and stating that it looked as though they (the French) meant to offer one half of the concessions Britain asked for. Relates to tariff negotiations. January 15, 1882
Letter 33
ALS Benjamin Hall Kennedy to F.H.Hill. Enclosing a letter for publication. December 4, 1883
Letter 34
ALS Frederic Harrison to F.H.Hill. Explaining why he didn't send Hill a manuscript when he said he would. December 31, 1883
Letter 35
ALS Henry Drummond ? to F.H.Hill. Asking if Hill can include an article on M. Bernier. March 25, 1884
Letter 36
ALS A.P.P. Rosebery to F.H. Hill. Thankfully declining an offer to write something for the Daily News. April 26, 1884
Letter 37
ALS Herbert Gladstone to F.H.Hill. 'Can you kindly find a corner for the enclosed? I know that the allegation it contains is well founded'. May 15, 1884
Letter 38
ALS W.R.S. Ralston to F.H. Hill. Letter to the same effect as the above. 'The conduct of the proprietors is to me quite incomprehensible.' January 9, 1885
Letter 39
ALS Samuel Plimsoll to F.H.Hill. Asking if Hill can help him find someone who, 'counted the questions put to the ministers over a long period of time some months ago.' January 24, 1885
Letter 40
ALS Ernest Hart to F.H.Hill. Asking Hill if he knows someone who can do some work for him. February 11, 1885
Letter 41
ALS Sir Algernon West to F.H. Hill. Enclosing a report relating to national finances. July 22, 1885
Letter 42
F. C. Barnard? to F. H. Hill, January 6, 1886
Letter 43
ALS George Henry Boughton to F.H.Hill. Expressing regret at Hill's retirement, and hopes that, 'the ground beneath our feet is not so unstable after all as your "flitting" would have us believe'. January 8, 1886
Letter 44
ALS Sir John Lubbock Avebury to F.H.Hill. Expressing regret that Hill was giving up the editorship of the Daily News. He regrets that the D.N. has taken up 'Home Rule'. 9 January 1886
Letter 45
Edmund Yates to F. H. Hill, January 9, 1886
Letter 46
ALS Lyon Playfair to F.H.Hill. Expressing the great loss to the Liberal Party of Hill's retirement from his post. January 10, 1886
Letter 47
Sir William Priestley to F. H. Hill, January 10, 1886
Letter 48
ALS Lord Wharncliffe to F.H. Hill. A letter criticising Hill on a printed statement referring to partisan journalism. January 10, 1886
Letter 49
ALS Sir Richard Quain to F.H. Hill. Expressing regret at Mr. Hill's 'retirement' and admiration of his contribution to 'advanced liberal politics.' January 11, 1886
Letter 50
E. H. B. Strafford? (Sinfield) to F. H. Hill, January 11, 1886
Letter 51
ALS John Tyndall F.H. Hill 'I do not agree with you in politics. Nevertheless, the last paragraph of your clear and dignified statement touches me to the quick.' Probably relating to Hill's leaving the Daily News. January 11, 1886
Letter 52
ALS Sir Lewis Morris to F.H.Hill. Expressing his great displeasure upon hearing of Hill's departure as editor of the Daily News. January 13, 1886
Letter 53
ALS Sir Charles Newton to F.H.Hill. Expressing sorrow at the news of Hill's retiremnet. January 15, 1886
Letter 54
ALS Sir Henry Maine to F.H.Hill. Asking Hill not to print a letter written to him, or Mr. Maine's name. January 21, 1886

Series II: Correspondence undated.

Scope and Contents note
"ALS" identifies letters as being handwritten, signed letters.
2 Letter 1
ALS George Russell to F.H. Hill. Says he is sorry for anything causing Hill annoyance, and he hopes he will be able to find suitable employment in the cause of the liberal party. January 9, ??
Letter 2
ALS R.W. Buchanan to F.H.Hill. Complaining at how the Daily News has misrepresented him and hoping the editor will give him an explanation. January 18, ??
Letter 3
ALS John Collins to F.H.Hill. Submitting an article regretting the shameful condition of the graves of great men buried in London's graveyards. Note saying that the article will be used. January 28, ??
Letter 4
ALS Dame Millicent Fawcett to F.H.Hill. Expressing thanks to Mr and Mrs Hill for their kindness on Henry's Death? Stating that she could write an article on the women's industrial exhibition and suggesting other subjects on which she could write. (Letter was written during the height of the 'Egyptian muddle'). February 18, ??
Letter 5
ALS Henry Fawcett to F.H.Hill. Informing Hill that he will be back at work in the House (of Commons) soon, butto mention in the Daily News that his health will not permit him to attend late sittings. March 3, ??
Letter 6
ALS William Black to F.H.Hill. A note to keep in touch, and to keep Hill informed of his travel plans. March 7, ??
Letter 7
ALS Earl of Cork to F.H.Hill. Refuting a denial by the Conservatives that an advertisement seen by Cork and recounted by him to Hill, had been issued, explaining where it was seen and its form. Further instructing Hill what may be printed under Cork's name in the Daily News. March 31, ??
Letter 8
ALS Eustace Murray to F.H.Hill. Enclosing the notices of a new play claiming these are the only ones to have done justice to the efforts of the French dramatist to explain the motives of the Republican leaders. April 6, ??
Letter 9
ALS H. Campbell-Bannerman to F.H.Hill. A letter vindicating a certain deed committed by, or an opinion held by, Campbell-Bannerman for his colleagues, contrary to that of the Daily News. April 7, ??
Letter 10
Guillaume Guizot to unknown (madame), May 3, ??
Letter 11
L Sir Henry Rawlinson to F.H. Hill. Letter referring to what he knows of the expeditions of Dr. Livingston and Mr. Stanley. (potentially incomplete) May 3, ??
Letter 12
ALS Earl of Dundonald to F.H.Hill. Asking to keep his brother's name out of any published report of some trouble he was involved in. May 28, ??
Letter 13
ALS George Holyoake to F.H.Hill. Saying that Hill can use anything written under Holyoake's name. June 20, ??
Letter 14
ALS Lord Cavendish to F.H.Hill. Requesting, on Mr. Gladstone's behalf, that, 'a small mistake that has crept into the Daily News', be rectified in an informal manner. August 27, 187?
Letter 15
ALS Frederic Harrison to F.H.Hill. Telling Hill that he will be going to France to cover the elections in several provincial citie and asking him for introductions. October 5, ??
Letter 16
F. A. R. Russell to F. H. Hill, October 15, ??
Letter 17
ALS Earl of Cork F.H.Hill Complementing the Daily News on its treatment of a pamphlet produced by him. November 5, ??
Letter 18
ALS Abraham Hayward to F.H.Hill. Enclosing a memo which he hopes will be useful to Mr Hill. November 27, ??
Letter 19
ALS W.H. Smith to F.H. Hill Saying he was unaware of the honours bestowed and he has forwarded Hill's note to all the Prime Minister's secretaries. November 29, ??
Letter 20
ALS George Goschen to F.H.Hill. Congratulating the Daily News for its article pointing out the dangers of the Government's policy on Indian silver. December 1, ??
Letter 21
ALS Sir Henry Lucy to F.H.Hill. Letter referring to some previous difference between the two men now resolved. December 4, ??
Letter 22
ALS Sir Joseph Lockyer to F.H.Hill. Thanking Hill for the favourable comments on his work. December 15, ??
Letter 23
ALS Grant Allen F.H.Hill Enclosing a descriptive article on the routes taken by British troops to the North Western Frontier; Asks if the Daily News could print a two column piece on 'Rectifications of Frontier in the Past'. n.d.
Letter 24
ALS Percy Fitzgerald to F.H.Hill. Stating that he would not like to sign the letter for fear of making enemies. n.d.
Letter 25
ALS Sir William Harcourt to F.H.Hill. Asking him to find room for an analysis of a parliamentary division by 'Liberal M.P.' n.d.
Letter 26
ALS Noyes ? to F.H.Hill. Sending an enclosure for inclusion in the Daily News. n.d.
Letter 27
ALS Richard A. Proctor to F.H.Hill. Hoping Hill can find room in the Daily News for this, 'Amusing notion thrown out at the astronomical society by the painter Brett'. n.d.
Letter 28
ALS Henry Reeve to F.H. Hill. Saying he enjoyed and agreed with his article 'Mr. Gladstone and the Liberal Party.' n.d.
Letter 29
ALS W.E. Tenter F.H. Hill Wishing to see Hill about a question he has about the Bulgarian atrocities. n.d.
Letter 30
ALS Unidentified to F.H. Hill An art critic of the 'Art Journall' asking if a few articles on an exhibition in Munich would be published in the Daily News. n.d.