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Guide to Jack McCaine NASA papers, 1963-1994, bulk dates 1964-1979 MS 045

creator McCaine, Jack, 1923-
Title: Jack McCaine NASA papers
Dates: 1963-1994, bulk dates 1964-1979
Abstract: Photographs, correspondence, maps, charts, and memorabilia collected by McCaine while employed at Project Manager for the Army Corps of Engineers during the construction of the Manned Space Center (Johnson Space Center), 1962-1964 and while working with NASA, 1964-1979.
Identification: MS 045
Quantity: 7.0 cubic ft. (13 boxes, with box 9a off-site)
Repository: Woodson Research Center, Rice University, Houston, Texas

Biographical Note

Jack McCaine was born in 1923 in Houston. He attended Texas A&M College prior to WWII and graduated in 1950 from the University of Houston with a Bachelor of Science degree in Architecture.

He joined the Spacecraft Center Area Office, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in 1962. From August 1962 - January 1966, Jack McCaine was employed as project manager for the design and construction of the Mission Control Center, Buildings 30 and 48, and an addition to the Central Heating and Cooling Plant, Building 24 at the Manned Spacecraft Center. This project had an extremely tight schedule, being tied to the space program in progress. This was a first--no one had built a Mission Control Center before. He was project manager for design of Project Engineering Facility, Building 45, which is a seven-story office building. He was also manager for design of Test Operations Support Facility, Building 32A. This was an addition to the large vacuum chamber building.

In addition to the above, he handled specification-writing chores for the Area Office, plus various small projects.

From January 1966 to June 1975, he was an architect, with the Engineering Division, Manned Spacecraft Center, which became the Johnson Space Center in 1973.

Some of the projects that he was responsible for include the design of Engineering Building 17, which is a two-story office building, the design of Systems Integration and Mockup Facility, Building 9a. This is the facility (a large, air conditioned hanger) that contained the full-scale mockup of the Shuttle which visitors were allowed to visit. The West end of the facility contained a large air-bearing floor that was a first-of-its-kind.

Jack McCaine was also Project Manager for various projects such as a proposed addition to Emergency Power Building 48. While in his position, he was responsible for facility preparations for Presidential visits, astronaut returns and other events.

He also handled facility modifications for various exhibits, the museum area of Building 2 and updated and maintained construction guide specifications for JSC.

From June 1975 to December 1979, he served as a General Engineer in the Engineering Division, Nasa, Johnson Space Center. In this capacity, he was Manager of the Construction Services Contract. This contract provided day-to-day, on-site services for modifications to buildings and facilities. This included a work order system handling all types of construction tasks and employing 40 to 60 craftsmen plus superintendents, estimating and accounting support. This effort provided construction services for a wide range of tasks and normally had 200+ tasks in the system at one time.

Scope and Contents

The Jack McCaine Collection consists of approximately 6.75 cubic feet of newspapers, books, magazines, brochures, posters, photographs, certificates, charts, memorabilia, awards and recognitions. There is also approximately .25 cubic feet in the vault.

Since most of the material covers the decade of the sixties, when the Space Center was called the Manned Spacecraft Center (the name changing to the Johnson Space Center in 1973), the early name will be used throughout the collection.


This material is arranged in the following series:
Series I: Publications, 1968-1994; 2.25 cu. ft. Boxes 1 - 4-a
Series II: Public Affairs, 1965-1974; 0.5 cu. ft. Box 5
Series III: General Photographs, 1963-1969; 0.75 cu. ft. Box 6
Series IV: Construction of the Manned Spacecraft Center, 1963-1982; 0.5 cu. ft. Box 7
Series V: Awards and Presentations, 1969-1979; 0 .75 cu. ft. Box 8 and Vault
Series VI: Memorabilia, 1969-1979; 0 .25 cu. ft. Box 9 and Vault
Series VII: Oversize, n. d.; 1.75 cu. ft. Box 10 and Drawer 34


Access Restrictions

This collection is open for research.

Use Restrictions

Permission to publish from the Jack McCaine Nasa Papers must be obtained from the Woodson Research Center, Fondren Library.

Index Terms

United States. National Aeronautics and Space Administration
charts (graphic documents)
clippings (information artifacts)

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Jack McCaine NASA papers, 1963-1994, MS 45, Woodson Research Center, Fondren Library, Rice University.

Acqusistion Information

The collection was a gift from Jack McCaine to the Woodson Research Center at Rice University on October 15, 1991 with addendums received in 1999, 2000, and 2001.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Series I: Publications, 1968-1994

Scope and Contents note
This series consists of newspapers, newsletters, books, and magazines.
The Roundup, later known as the Space News Roundup and the Personnel Newsletter are newspapers; published for the personnel at the Manned Spacecraft Center. Nasa Activities consist of monthly Nasa highlights and is distributed to all Nasa personnel.
The Publications series is organized first according to subject and then chronologically.
Box Folder
1 1 Roundup, 1968-1974
2 Roundup, 1975-1977
3 Roundup, 1978-1980
Box Folder
2 1 Space News Roundup, 1981
2 Space News Roundup, 1982
3 Space News Roundup, 1983
4 Space News Roundup, 1984
5 Space News Roundup, 1985
6 Space News Roundup, 1986
Box Folder
3 1 Space News Roundup, 1987
2 Space News Roundup, 1988
3 Space News Roundup, 1989
4 Space News Roundup, 1990
5 Space News Roundup, 1991
6 Space News Roundup, 1992
7 Space News Roundup, 1993 (Jan-June)
8 Space News Roundup, 1993 (July-December)
9 Space News Roundup, 1994
10 Rockwell Intenational News, n. d.
Box Folder
4 1 Nasa Activities, 1970-1975
2 Nasa Activities, 1976-1978
3 Nasa Activities, 1979, 1989, 1990
4 Personnel Newsletter, 1983-1987
5 Inner View, 1993
6 Various Titles, 1973-1974, 1992
Books and Magazines
Box Folder
4A 1 Space: The New Frontier, 1967
2 Earth Resources Program, 1970
3 Apollo II Mission Report, 1971
4 Apollo 17, at Taurus Littrow, 1973
5 Space Shuttle, 1976
6 Final Frontier, 1989
7 The First Lunar Landing, n. d.

Series II: Public Affairs, 1965-1974

Scope and Contents note
Public Affairs has an assortment of interesting material used generally for publicity purposes such as the Presentation Packets, and autographed photographs of the Original Seven Astronauts. The Fact Sheets consist of pertinent information on individual Gemini and Apollo flights.
Publicity Material
Box Folder
5 1 Brochures
2 Fact Sheets (Apollo), 1965
3 Fact Sheet (Apollo 7 Spacecraft), n. d.
4 Fact Sheets (Gemini), 1965-66
5 Presentation Material
6 Press Packets - Various Contractors
7 Posters
8 Program - Apollo 11 Extravaganza, 1969
9 Publicity Photos, Spacecrafts and Views from Space, 1965-1966, 1968-1969, 1973, n. d.
10 Publicity Photos, Astronauts, 1972, 1974, n. d.
11 Autographed Photos of Astronauts, n. d.
12 NASA Facts, n. d.
13 JIPC Forms

Series III: General Photographs, 1963-1969

Scope and Contents note
Both color and black and white photographs can be found in the General Photographs series. Some of the more interesting photographs are ones taken of the exterior and interior, before and after renovation of the Lunar Planetary building, (originally the Jim West mansion,) which is adjacent to the Johnson Spacecraft Center.
Also located in this series is a photograph album containing serial photos taken of the Manned Spacecraft Center during different phases of construction. The photos have been removed from the album and placed in acid free sleeves.
MSC Personnel and Buildings
Box Folder
6 1 Autographed Photos of "Seven Original Astronauts," n. d.
2 Lunar and Planetary Building (Exterior), n. d.
3 Lunar and Planetary Building (Interior, before Renovation), n. d.
4 Lunar and Planetary Building (Interior, after Renovation), n. d.
5 Aerial View of Manned Space Center JSC, 1963-1964
6 Construction Bldg. #8, 1964
7 Construction Bldg. #9A, n. d.
8 Construction Bldg. #13, 1964
9 Construction Bldg. #24, 1964
10 Construction Bldg. #30, 1963
11 Construction Bldg. #222, n. d.
12 Construction Bldg. #223, 1965
13 Construction of Tank, n. d.
14 Apollo 7 Liftoff and Earth/Sky View, 1968
15 Apollo 8 Earth/Moon View, 1968-69
16 Apollo 9 LM Viewed from CSM, 1969
17 Apollo 10 View of Moon, 1969
18 Miscellaneous
19 Negatives
Photo Album (transferred to acid free sleeves)
Box Folder
6A 1 Manned Spacecraft Center
General note
See Boxes 5 and 10 for Additional Photos

Series IV: Construction of Manned Spacecraft Center, 1963-1982

Scope and Contents note
An inventory list of the financial costs for construction of various buildings at the manned Spacecraft Center and a list of Corps of Engineer Contracts can be found in this series.
General Information
Box Folder
7 1 Manned Spacecraft Center Inventory Detail List, 1971
2 Corps of Engineers Contracts, n. d.
3 Photograph and Drawing of Mock-up and Integration Laboratory, 1972-1973
4 Summary Information on MSC, n. d.
5 Basis for Design for Additions to Building No. 48, 1963
6 Contract for Technical Services Facility, 1964
7 Assembly and Dismantling Instructions Horn and Shroud Assembly Contract, 1965
8 Architectural Drawing, Bldg. 17, 1982
9 Architectural Drawing, Temporary Facilities for Mobile Quarantine Facility (MQF) Reception, 1969
10 Designs (various) of Building 9A, 1972-1973
General note
See Boxes 6, 6A and Box 10 for Photos of MSC

Series V: Awards and Presentations, 1969-1979

Scope and Contents note
Some of the most interesting material in the collection can be found in the Awards and Recognition series. Jack McCaine received many awards and recognitions during his years of working on the constriction of the Manned Spacecraft Center. Among the more interesting ones are the letters received from President Richard Nixon and Frank Borman, thanking him for his contributions to the space program.
A piece of the heat shield from "Auora Seven" (the Mercury flight of Scott Carpenter in May of 1962), along with some interesting medallions and group achievement awards can also be found in this series.
Correspondence, Certificates, Medallions, Jewelry and Plaque
Box Folder
8 1 Jack McCaine from Frank Borman, 1969
2 Jack McCaine from Red Cavaney, 1974
3 Jack McCaine from President Nixon, (see Archivist for Original) 1974
4 Mrs. Jack McCaine from Robert R. Gilruth (with Memento of Lunar Landing), 1969
5 ASTP Award with Apollo 11 Medallion, 1975
5 ALT Award
5 Group Achievement Award, Lunar Landing Team, 1973
5 Group Achievement Award, Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center, 1974
6 Apollo Achievement Award, 1969
6 Group Achievement Award, Administration Directorate, 1969
6 Group Achievement Award, Manned Spacecraft Center, 1969
7 Skylab Achievement Award, 1974
8 Skylab Operations Support Team Award, 1973
9 Skylab Award, with Medallion, 1973
10 Apollo 8 Plaque, with Medallion
11 Apollo 11 Commemorative Certificate, 1979
12 Heat Shield from "Aurora Seven"
12 In Vault:
12 Cuff Links, Tie Tacs and Pins
General note
(see Archivist)
12 Medallion from "First Lunar Landing"
General note
(see Archivist)

Series VI: Memorabilia, 1969-1979

Scope and Contents note
Items collected by Jack McCaine during the years of his association with the Manned Spacecraft Center can be found in his series. An assortment of flags representing various countries, along with a collection of patches commemorating different flights, are among the interesting items in this series.
Paper and Realia
Box Folder
9 1 Telephone Directories (MSC), 1969-1979
2 Dedication of the LBJ Space Center, 1973
3 Miscellaneous
4 Miscellaneous
5 Ashtray, 1969
Box Folder
9a - Realia:
Flags (Foreign)
Patches (Commemorative)
Pins, White House and Apollo II

Series VII: Oversize, n. d.

Scope and Contents note
The material in this series is a mixture of various items found in some of the other series, but which will not fit into the standard size boxes.
There is also an interesting assortment of charts, such as an Apollo Earth Orbit charts, and Atlas of Mars and Skylab 4 Mission chart.
Although there is a General Photograph series, photos that were generated for publicity purposes can be found in the Public Affairs series. The Oversize series was formed to hold material that will not fit into standard size archival boxes. Additional photos and memorabilia can be found in the Oversize series.
Some of the oversize items have been placed in Map Case Drawer 34. These items have been listed within the appropriate series.
Series & Sub Series Summary
The collection is divided into seven series, with sub-series as necessary.
Loose Photographs, Posters and Brochures
Box Folder
10 1 Publicity Photographs
2 Brochure, Space Shuttle, The Journey Continues
3 Posters, Skylab (2)
4 Poster, Shuttle ( NASA Facts)
In Map Case Drawer 34:
Box Folder
10 4 Photos of Moon Surface (2)
Construction Material
Box Folder
10 5 Specifications Binder - Building 9A (Systems Integration and Mockup Laboratory), March 1973
6 Architectural Drawings (One Half Size) - Building 9A
7 Architectural Drawings (One Half Size) - Building 17
7 In Map Case Drawer 34:
7 Rendering - Space Propulsion Facility, Plumb Brook Station Matted Rendering (copy): Manned Spacecraft Center-Integrated Mission Control Center
8 Box of slides
General note
Bldg 1, 30, 45 & ??? MSC of Central Plant & Water Tower, Unidentified
Charts and Maps
Box Folder
11 1 Atlas of Mars
2 Gemini Mission 9, April 1966
3 Apollo Mission 8
3 AEO (Apollo Earth Orbit Chart), December 1968
3 ALO (Apollo Lunar Orbit Chart), December 1968
4 Apollo Mission 9
4 AEO, January 1969
5 Apollo Mission 10
5 AEO, May 1969
5 ALO, May 18, 1969
5 ALO, May 23, 1969
6 Apollo Mission 11
6 AEO, July 1969
7 Apollo 14
7 AEO, January 1971
7 ALO, January 1971
8 Apollo 15
8 Lunar Orbital Science Flight Chart, July 1971
8 Lunar Orbital Science Contingency Flight Chart, July 1971
8 CSM/LM Orbit Monitor, July 1971
9 Skylab Mission Chart
9 SL1/SL 3, May and July 1973
9 SL4, November 1973
9 In Map Case Drawer 34:
9 Translunar/Transearth Trajectory Plotting Charts for:
9 Apollo 11, July 1969
9 Apollo 14, January 1971
9 Apollo 15, July, 1971
9 Apollo 16, April 1972
9 Matted Illustration of Moon Location of Sites