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Houston Academy of Medicine-Texas Medical Center Library, John P. McGovern Historical Collections and Research Center

Guide to the R. Lee Clark Papers

Manuscript Collection No. 70 Part 1: Series I-III

Overview of the Collection

Creator:Randolph Lee Clark
Title:R. Lee Clark Papers
Abstract:The R. Lee Clark manuscript collection consists of Dr. Clark’s papers, both personal and professional, collected over a 30-year period. Much of the collection centers around University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, where Dr. Clark was Director and Chief of Staff, President, and finally President Emeritus. There is an historical series within the collection relating to the formation of the early M.D. Anderson Hospital and the Texas Medical Center. The collection includes information on other cancer institutes and organizations, both national and international.
Identification:MS 70
Quantity:838 boxes, 7 oversize items, 451.5 linear feet
Language: The records are in English.
Repository:Houston Academy of Medicine-Texas Medical Center Library, John P. McGovern Historical Collections and Research Center 1133 John Freeman Blvd. Houston, Texas 77030

Biographical Note

Randolph Lee Clark was born July 2, 1906 to Randolph Lee Clark, Sr., teacher and president of several Texas colleges including Texas Christian University, and Leni Leoti Sypert, musician and teacher. As the son and grandson of college presidents, he lived with role models whose optimistic outlook and ideals nurtured his untiring ability to work toward the goal of containing and possibly curing cancer. After his father’s death, he preferred to be known as R. Lee Clark.

Dr. Clark’s early medical career as Chief Resident at the American Hospital in Paris and as a Fellow at Mayo Clinic in Minnesota laid the foundation for concepts that became the cornerstone of the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas. His military service enabled him to meet surgeons and physicians from throughout the United States and to exchange ideas and plans for postwar institutions. He was appointed Director of Surgical Research for the U.S. Army (Air) Medical Corps as well as Consultant to the Air Surgeon General. Clark’s successes were recognized by the Regents of the University of Texas and in 1946 he was asked to develop what would become the nation’s first cancer hospital within a university system.

In Houston, he started work with 22 employees in the house and stables cum carriage-house of a donated family estate. The stables housed research laboratories for biochemistry and biology. Dr. Clark located surplus Army barracks, had them moved to the estate grounds, and converted them to a clinic. During this time, employees, including some ex-military associates, were recruited to expand M.D. Anderson Hospital. A story then circulating told of one employee asking another if he had noticed how ‘vague’ Dr. Clark was when discussing salaries, benefits, laboratory space, and other necessities. The second employee replied, “Oh, no, ‘vague’ is much too precise a word.”

Lee Clark had vision, energy, and the ability to inspire the generosity of major businessmen in Houston and citizens throughout Texas. The M.D. Anderson Foundation was also a benefactor. At that time, the Texas Medical Center was expanding and M.D. Anderson Hospital became one of its cornerstones. Dr. Clark collaborated with city, state, and eventually national and international leaders in medicine whose intent was to consider the problem of “incurable” cancer patients and to find a solution.

Clark married Bertha Margaret Davis, MD, an anesthesiologist from Asheville, North Carolina, on June 11, 1932. They had two children, Randolph Lee and Rabia Lynn. Lee Clark died May 3, 1994.

For more information, please consult:

Cancer Bulletin 31, no.2 (1979) : special edition.

“Contemporaries: Randolph Lee Clark, M.D.” Modern Medicine Publications, 30 Oct. 1972, 35-37.

The First Twenty Years, of the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Hospital and Tumor Institute. Houston, TX: U.T. M.D. Anderson Hosptial and Tumor Institute, 1964.

LeMaistre, Charles A, MD. “R. Lee Clark in memoriam.” Cancer, 74, no. 4 (1994) : 1513-15.

Macon, N. Don. Clark and the Anderson: a personal profile. Houston, TX: Texas Medical Center, 1976.

“M.D. Anderson’s R. Lee Clark.” Mayo Alumnus, April 1969, 14-15.

Scope and Contents

Lee Clark’s personal papers, Series I, contain financial documents, family correspondence from relatives throughout Texas, lists of purchases including various cars, information on houses and repairs, ideas for his ranch and considerations about other land purchases.

Lee Clark received his M.D. from the Medical School of Virginia. He served as Chief Resident at the American Hospital in Paris, France and was a Fellow at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

Before coming to M.D. Anderson, Dr. Clark was Director of Surgical Research within the United States Air Force at Randolph Field, San Antonio, Texas. Drafts of Clark’s Surgical History of the Army Air Forces are located in Series II.

Dr. R. Lee Clark collected papers from many sources, envisioning the historical importance, not only of his personal papers, but of items related to University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, the Texas Medical Center, various University of Texas medical schools, and many national and international cancer organizations. A series of historical papers, in addition to folders labeled “Inactive”, “to 1956”, or “to 1959”, provide witness to the early growth of M.D. Anderson Hospital and Houston’s medical community. Dr. Clark also kept the minutes of many meetings of the University of Texas Board of Regents, as he was dependent on funding from the state to furnish resources necessary for M.D. Anderson Hospital. Newspaper clippings document Clark’s leadership at M.D. Anderson and the growth of cancer treatment and care, both within the state of Texas and throughout the world. He was Directing Medical Editor of the Medical Arts Publishing Foundation that published The Heart Bulletin, The Cancer Bulletin, The Psychiatric Bulletin, and Medical Record and Annals, as well as co-editor of The Book of Health and The Year Book of Cancer.

Dr. Clark held positions of authority in a number of national and international organizations. Correspondence and meeting minutes show that he was a dynamic force in the formation of several branches of the Union International Contre le Cancer, notably the Committee for International Collaborative Activities and the Association of American Cancer Institutes. UICC was a world-wide effort to more successfully track and treat the causes of cancer. The American Cancer Society also benefited from Clark’s vision and energy, as did the Cancer Committee of the American College of Surgeons. Meeting minutes from several committees document activities within those organizations. He served on the boards of directors of the Damon Runyon/Walter Winchell and Hogg Foundations. After retirement from M.D. Anderson, he served as a consultant for Robert Douglass Associates, assisting with site visits and forward planning for cancer hospitals.

Photographs of M.D. Anderson Hospital buildings, colleagues, and many organizational meetings are held in Series XIII, as well as in other parts of the collection.

Memorabilia and realia, as well as a series on professional travel, attest to the scope of Dr. Clark’s career.



The Clark papers were received in mixed order. Dr. Clark’s office relocated several times and the resulting order, in each instance, was rearranged by the receiving personnel. After Dr. Clark’s retirement, the papers were stored in several different locations. In most cases, the order remains mixed, as it was received by the Historical Research Center. Artificial order has been imposed in some instances. Titles of folders were handled similarly. Some folders have original titles and other folders have titles assigned, appropriate to the content. The contents were cleaned and rehoused in archivally stable folders and placed, for the most part, in half-sized cubic foot boxes. Oversized archival boxes contain large photographs, plaques, diplomas, and certificates.
Series I: Personal Papers (51 Boxes)
Series II: Pre-war and military (17 Boxes)
Series III: Professional Papers (115 Boxes)
Series IV: American College of Surgeons, American Cancer Society (18 Boxes)
Series V: Union Internationale Contre le Cancer (78 Boxes)
Series VI: Manuscripts, Speeches, Remarks, Reprints (28 Boxes)
Series VII: Professional Travel (21 Boxes)
Series VIII, Boxes 1-200: M.D. Anderson Hospital (200 Boxes)
Series VIII, Boxes 201-412: M.D. Anderson Hospital (212 Boxes)
Series IX: Medical Arts Publishing Foundation (3 Boxes)
Series X: Historical Information relatted to M.D. Anderson Hospital and the Texas Medical Center (54 Boxes)
Series XI: Cancer Organizations (5 Boxes)
Series XII: Memorabilia and Realia (6 Flat Boxes)
Series XIII: Oversize Boxes (34 Boxes)
Series XIV: Extra Large Items (4 linear feet)


Restrictions on Access

Materials in this collection do not circulate. Some documents may be restricted for patient confidentiality. Please contact Associate Director or Archivist for further information:

Index Terms

American Hospital, Paris, France
Anderson, Munroe Dunaway
Army Air Forces
Bates, William
Bertner, Ernst W.
Blood donation(s)
Board of Regents, University of Texas
Board of Visitors, University Cancer Foundation
Buescher Science Park
Bush, George H.
Camp Swift [renamed Buescher Science Park?]
Clark, Bertha Davis
Clark, Joseph Addison
Clark, R. Lee
Clark, Randolph Lee (R. Lee Clark, RLC)
Copeland, E. Murray
Common Research Computing Facility (CRCF)
Elliot, Frederick C.
Ford, Betty - First Lady
Freeman, John
Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences (GSBS) [was Post Graduate School of Medicine]
Hilkemeyer, Renilda
Historical Resources Project
Houston Academy of Medicine-Texas Medical Center Library
International Cancer Patient Data Exchange System (ICPDES)
International Cancer Research Data Bank (ICRDB), UICC
Johnson, Lyndon B.
Landers, Ann
MacDonald, Eleanor J.
Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research, Rochester, Minnesota
M.D. Anderson Cancer Center (MDACC)
M.D. Anderson Hospital and Tumor Institute
Medical Arts Publishing Foundation
Medical Branch, Galveston
Medical College of Virginia
Medical University of South Carolina
Methodist Hospital, Houston, Texas
Midwestern State University, Wichita Falls, Texas
Mississippi Baptist Hospital, Jackson, Mississippi
Mr. South Texas, Laredo, Texas
Moreton, Robert
Nixon, Richard Milhouse
Physicians Referral Service (PRS)
Post Graduate School of Medicine (became GSBS)
Prudential Building
Ricker College, Houlton, Maine
St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital, Houston, Texas
Science Park [see also Buescher Science Park]
Shands Clinic, Jackson, Mississippi
Tarleton College, Stephenville, Texas
Taylor, H. Grant
Texas Children's Hospital, Houston, Texas (TCH)
Texas Christian University (TCU)
Texas Medical Center (TMC)
Union College, Barbourville, Kentucky
United States Army Air Forces
University of Minnesota Graduate School of Medicine
University of South Carolina
University of Texas (UT)
University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
University of Texas Medical Branch Galveston
University of Texas Health Science Center Houston
Univerity of Texas School of Public Health
University of Texas Science Park
University of Texas System Cancer Center (UTSCC)
West Texas State University
Albert Lasker Award
American Cancer Society (ACS)
American College of Surgeons (ACS)
American Society of Clinical Oncology
American Society of Contemporary Medicine and Surgery
Association of American Cancer Institutes (AACI, part of CICA)
Committee for International Collaborative Activities (CICA, part of UICC)
Comprehensive Cancer Centers
Damon Runyon/Walter Winchell Foundation
Harris County Medical Society
Hogg Foundation for Mental Health
International Union Against Cancer (UICC)
James Ewing Society
National Cancer Institute
National Institutes of Health
Osler Society
President's Commission on Cancer
Robert Douglass Associates (RDA)
Surgeons Travel Club
Tenth [Xth] International Cancer Congress, UICC
Texas Medical Association (TMA)
Union Internationale Contre le Cancer (UICC)
Xth [Tenth] International Cancer Congress
Yarborough Panel of Consultants

Separated Material

Other papers of importance appeared within the Clark collection and these were moved to appropriate locations:

  • Bertner documents were moved to Bertner Papers #2
  • Elliot documents were moved to Elliot Papers #71
  • Copeland documents were moved to Copeland Papers #114

Clark books were relocated as follows:

  • Older books withdrawn from Clark collection were moved to the Rare Book Room of the McGovern Collections at HAM-TMC Library.
  • Newer books were withdrawn from the Clark collection and moved to the HAM-TMC Library bookstacks.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

John P. McGovern Historical Collections and Research Center, Houston Academy of Medicine-Texas Medical Center Library

Acquisition Information

This collection was donated by R. Lee Clark, MD to the HAM-TMC Library by Deed of Gift, Dec. 13, 1987.

Processing Information

The first part of the collection was received in 1988. The papers were stored in several locations, as well as rearranged by several administrative assistants at different times, accounting for the mixed order of the final collection. Parts of the collection were received at different times during 1988-89. Processing completed 2005.

Detailed Description of the Collection


Series I - Personal, 51 boxes, 25.5 linear feet

Clark's personal papers contain financial documents including those of Bertha Davis Clark, family correspondence from relatives throughout Texas, lists of purchases including various cars, information on houses and repairs, ideas for his ranch and considerations about other land purchases.
1Income tax returns - 1939 joint return, 1940 R.L.C., 1940 Bertha D-C, 1942 - 1944 R.L.C.
Letter suggesting employment in the Veterans Administration Hospitals, July 22, 1946.
Bank statements - R.L.C. 1944, 1945.
Bank statements - 1939.
Bank statements - Bert D-C, 1943-1945
Duplicate deposit tickets - 1943-1945 Bertha D-C, 1945-1946 R.L.C.
Checks for deductible expense - 1940, income tax returns for U.S., Minnesota, and Mississippi -1938 R.L. and B.D-C, 1939 R.L. and B.D-C, 1941 B.D-C, R.L.C.
Deed of trust 1939, income tax return for U.S., Mississippi - B.D-C 1942, 1943, 1945; R.L.C 1945.
Letter to Miss Criss 1946 re income tax and Shands, Letter to R.L.C. undated, tax digest publication, brief on partnership tax.
Checkbook labeled Dr. Bert Davis (Jackson, Mississippi) stubs dated 1943-1946.
Checkbook - stubs dated 1940.
Checks - cancelled - 1940, 1941.
Checks - cancelled - 1940, 1942, check stubs - 1939.
Check stubs - 1937, 1938.
Check stubs - 1940, Bank statements - 1943.
2 Income Tax 1984 and investments.
Income Tax 1983 and investments.
Income Tax 1982 and investments.
Income Tax 1981 and investments.
Income Tax 1980 and investments.
Income Tax 1979 and investments.
Proposed Fly professorships - letters of request - confidential.
Bank account Jackson Mississippi. [RLC had a severe stroke. The people working to put his estate in order tried to locate this bank account which was never closed.]
Lease agreement - Anderson/Mayfair. [Thank you letter from RLC to John Dunn who provided money to enable RLC and Bertha D-C to remain in their penthouse, especially since Bertha was diagnosed with Alzheimer's and moving her would have been difficult.]
Controlled Substances registration 1985-1987.
Land RLC.
R. Lee Clark, MD: medical records for Dr. Hall. [Medical letter requesting 24 hour care for Bertha Davis Clark.] RESTRICTED.
Clark newspaper articles.
3 Various photographs - some labeled.
30 year celebration of the Texas Medical Center, 12/14/73.
Clark name file 1965.
Unlabelled - slip with Hospital label inside folder.
Photographs of Clark and various. 2 folders. [Professional photographic portraits of RLC]
Clark - personal and MDAH - various photographs.
Senate resolution - McDivitt, Weiner, Clark 3/1971.
Photographs - unknown.
American Association of Medical Social Workers [conference? 1960?] 2 folders.
Dinnerware brochure - possible purchase.
Personal - awards.
Personal - various news clips.
Photographs and various news clips.
Various photographs and information. [photograph of Drs. Clark marked]
Various news clips and publications.
Religious pantomime held in the Coliseum [Benefit for Negro Annex]
4 Photographs of professors [Mayo?] [ca 1938-1939].
Genealogical information on Clark family.
Clark certificates.
Panama Canal construction photographs.
Add/Ran; TCU (Texas Christian University).
East Texas Historical Journal; Texana vol. 4, no. 1; Institute of Texan Cultures pamphlet.
A special study of operation "Vittles" 1949 [Berlin Airlift].
Clark papers at TCU (Texas Christian University); various.
Merrill Lynch - prospectus.
5 Diaries 1972-1973.
Diaries 1974-two.
Diaries 1975.
6 Diaries 1976-1979.
7 Diaries 1980-1982.
8 Diaries 1983- 1985.
The honorable Dr. R. Lee Clark honored as Mr. South Texas 1976, Washington's Birthday Celebration, Laredo, Texas.
9 Invitations; various papers.
Southwestern Art - article by Lynn Clark.
RLC - Surgeons Travel Club 1956; Mixed personal papers.
10 Namefile Clark - Thank God We Made It (book); A Hope of Wisdom; Rosanky property.
Namefile Clark - ranch.
Barcrop [Clark namefile].
Namefile Clark - McCray Village property group.
Namefile Clark - Clark story (Samuel Bronston).
Namefile D - H; J; L - N; S.
11 Academy of Texas.
Various - family photographs; photograph of Medical Arts Publications [meeting?]; letter from Dr. Cole, Asheville, NC; dictaphone tape of Impact of the Nat'l Cancer Program 9/13-18/1980; land plot and deed for RLC; notebook of Zuma Krum, secretary to RLC 1946-48 - has UT Board of Regents information from 1942; RLC passport issued 1933.
Correspondence regarding possible appointment of RLC to MDA, 1946; RLC planning stages of appointment and hospital.
Family - group pictures, genealogy, list of family.
RLC family.
Leoti Deaton (Dr. RLC) [Leoti Clark Deaton, sister to RLC].
T.C.U. (Texas Christian University) (Dr. RLC).
Special Occasions (Dr. RLC's family).
12 RLC - personal.
Armfield proposal - Dr. Clark [almond orchard].
General information - Rancho Minidoka and Rancho Blackfoot.
Irrigation; Feed; Lower Cretaceous - Jurassic trend [Rosanky Ranch - RLC].
Financial Statement 1962 - RLC and BD-C; Property inquiries.
RLC - property information.
13 TCU Centennial - 1973 - Clark, awards.
R.L. Clark Sr. - presentation of portrait at Midwestern.
R.L. Clark Sr. 2 folders.
Lovejoy, Mary Sypert and J.B.
Distinguished Alumni Award - RLC; Humanitarian Award of ACS; awards and honors.
Land - Dr. RLC 1980; 1979. 2 folders.
RLC personal - Liberty Bell.
14 Horses - (Dr. RLC).
Correspondence - Oral History Assoc. - Dr. RLC; transcript (Dr. RLC interview).
Dr. RLC - automobiles.
Schedules - Dr. RLC [daily calendars of meetings 2/80-11/81]. 2 folders.
CV and bibliography (Dr. RLC) and personal.
Management slides - Dr. RLC 1976, 1977.
U.T. Institute of Texan Cultures.
Dr. RLC - wills and estate planning.
15 R. Lee Clark Cancer Fund - McGovern.
Various correspondence.
Various correspondence.
Clark and Tandy history; Family correspondence.
Sympathy - death of RLC.
Stiles, Edwin Lee; Rene [Mrs. John S. Stiles, Irene] [mother to Edwin?]; John S. missing.
Mr. and Mrs. Chester Wilcox.
University of Texas
Correspondence from MDs.
Sichuan Cancer Hospital, Harry L. Stille.
Julia A. Welborn.
Texas Christian University.
Ben J. Rogers family.
Joe A. Fallin.
Ginger Burnham.
Bruce Evans; Mr. and Mrs. Keith Lowry.
Alice Robinson.
16 Mayo
Medical - Dr. RLC. RESTRICTED.
RLC personal 1981.
RLC personal 1980.
RLC personal 1983.
RLC / Advisory Board. U. of H. 1984.
Photography - Dr. RLC.
Portrait (by A. J. Wills) (Dr. RLC).
RLC to Russia; Russian Scientist Visitors 1978; RLC paper at conf.; Russian Scientist visitors 1979.
17 [Various communications] Clark 2nd drawer.
[Personal] R. Lee Clark documents.
Agrigenetics. 3 folders.
Houston National Bank.
18 Aetna papers.
Financial statements R.L. and B.D. Clark 1965-1975, 1983. Incomplete.
Income tax returns 1978-1983. Incomplete.
Income tax returns 1971-1976.
Income tax returns 1965-1971.
Income tax returns 1960-1964.
19 Davis, Dr. Bert [Bertha Davis-Clark] Healthcare bills; Life insurance.
Bertha Davis Clark insurance documents.
Great National Life Insurance; New York Life Insurance; Southwestern Life Insurance.
Metropolitan Life Insurance; Veterans Administration Army Insurance; Mutual of Omaha.
Lincoln National Life Insurance; Reliance Insurance Company.
20 Status of account: Whittington Fund; Jones Fund; State; Fly Fund.
Ranch house.
RLC - personal - family.
Retirement file - teachers and Physicians; Financial statements 1952 -- .
Farm payroll; Social Security information.
21 The status of peregrine falcons … 1982.
Agrigenetics 1981.
Book on wrestling, c. 1925.
Class of 1932, Medical College of Virginia - Medicine.
Joseph Lynn Clark 1881-1969.
The Budget [yearbook] 1924 - Newsome Dougherty Memorial High School, Gainesville, Texas. 2 folders.
Personal - Income tax 1981; Assets 1983.
Memorial Sloan Kettering correspondence 1983.
Correspondence 1983.
Correspondence 1983; 1986.
Newsletters 1984, 1983.
MDA 1988, 1987 - Div. of Surgery presentations.
Marquis Who's Who 1985.
22 Agrigenetics Corp.
American Investors Fund.
Bertha D. Clark lawsuit.
Channel 20 Enterprises [Waterbury, Conn.]
First National Bank of Bellaire 1973; 1972.
Mercantile Bank of Houston; other share certificate copies.
Cullen Frost Bankers Inc.
Income Tax 1973.
23 Home - 1909 Sharp Place.
Home - 5031 Braes Valley
Seminole Street house transaction.
Charter Ins.
Wm. Latham 100.36 acres.
100 Shares common stock - Ford Motor Co.
1st Natl. Bank of LaMarque; First Bank of Deer Park.
1959 day book.
24 Texas State Board of Medical Examiners; Narcotics certificates.
American Automobile Association - Motor League of South Texas - 1946 forward.
Lloyd Curry - right of way; Garrett, John - 92 acres.
Rose Acres farm.
Rosanky Ranch.
25 Farm Book, 1970.
Farm Book, 1969 [blank].
Farm Book, 1966.
Farm Book, 1965.
Farm Book, 1961.
RLC notebook ca. 1946-47; Address book of Laboratoires MIDY [American Hospital, Paris, France?].
RLC notebook with list of physicians in Mississippi.
26 RLC - personal - newsclippings and membership cards 1950s.
RLC - correspondence 1950s.
RLC - personal 1970s correspondence.
RLC - correspondence 1950s - 1960s.
RLC - correspondence 1960s - 1970s.
RLC - personal 1950s - 1960s, 1980s - also Bertha Davis-Clark.
RLC - correspondence 1954, 1955 and various.
27 Personal bills and correspondence 1950s - 1960s.
Household bills 1949 and various.
Clark-Lovejoy Ranch 1962; 1125.6 acres, May 1966 - R. Lee Clark, M.D.
RLC - Award from the Sons of the American Revolution 2/22/1972.
Various Hunts 1972.
Medical College of Virginia - 40th Reunion RLC and Bertha Davis-Clark; TCU - formation of the Addison and Randolph Clark Society 3/29/1978 - RLC remarks.
28 Personal - Check register 1947-48.
Personal - Toll credit card 1947; Repairs to house 1947.
Personal - River Oaks maintenance fund; Home 1909 Sharp St. 1947; Storage - furniture 1947.
Midwestern State University, Wichita Falls, TX 5/13/1981 - RLC Sr. luncheon.
Stringer Trust hearing, Wichita Falls, TX 7/27/1981.
Mississippi Baptist Hospital staff meetings 1942-44 various.
Various medical information.
Expenses 1940.
Expenses 1941-42.
Expenses 1943-44.
Expenses 1945-46.
Taxes 1940-46.
Insurance Policies.
War Department.
29 RLC correspondence 1941.
RLC correspondence A; B; C [ca.1939-42].
RLC correspondence D; E [ca.1939-42].
RLC correspondence F; G; H [ca.1939-42]
RLC correspondence J [ca.1939-41].
RLC correspondence L [ca.1941-42].
RLC correspondence M [ca.1939-42] Letter to Robert D. Moreton.
RLC correspondence N [ca.1939-42].
RLC correspondence O [ca.1940-43].
RLC correspondence P; R; S [ca.1939-42].
RLC correspondence T; U; V; W.
RLC insurance 1942-44.
RLC insurance 1949-51.
RLC banking statements 1946.
RLC bank accounts, correspondence Bertha Davis Clark, RLC 1940-46.
RLC photographs, also Bertha Davis Clark [ca. 1923-1934].
RLC - various pamphlets Mississippi, Alabama.
30 Clark family photograph [ca.1915] with all people named on back.
Chandlers (cousins of RLC).
Dr. Gordon Clark - Dr. RLC relative.
Clark, Joseph A. (relative of RLC).
Joseph Addison Clark 1815-1901 - manuscript on education [ca.1880?].
Joseph Addison Clark - manuscript on education [correspondence].
Clark, Dr. J. Frank (relative).
Clark, Mr. J.L. (relative of RLC).
J.L. Clark collection - RLC file drawer.
Uncle Joe book [Joseph Lynn Clark]. 2 folders.
311964 name file - Clark, Dr. Joe.
Namefile Clark - Clark, Uncle Joseph L. 1969 - May 1972 forward. 2 folders.
Mrs. R.L. Clark, Sr. (Dr. RLC relative) [mother].
Mscl. relatives - Dr. RLC.
Capt. Randolph L. Clark III [son of RLC].
Colwick, Mrs. Carl (Grace) [relative?].
Leoti Deaton, sister of R. Lee Clark.
Esther Sue Durham (re: Esther Chandler) - relative of RLC.
Henthorne, Dr. John C. (relative).
Holloway (relatives).
La Bauve (relatives).
Lovejoy, Mr. J.B. (relative).
32 Pond (relatives).
Pond (relatives).
Stagg, Wm. (Relative - Bertha's nephew).
Mrs. John Stiles (Irene). Dr. RLC sister.
Unger (relatives).
Texas Christian University - various publications.
Sam Houston Alumnus v.27, no.19 Aug. 1951 re: Dr. Joseph L. Clark retirement.
Correspondence - various 1960s.
Correspondence - various 1978.
33 Clark, Dr. R. Lee, Jr. - Military 1949-1951.
Clark, Dr. R. Lee, Jr. - Military (A.F. Medical Research Survey, Washington, D.C. Oct 9-21, 1950).
Clark, R.L. - Military Inspections [1952-1953].
Clark, Dr. R. L. - Military 1951-55.
Clark, R. Lee, Jr. - Military - Inspection trips 1951.
Clark, Dr. R. Lee, Jr. - Personal 1949-1951.
Clark, Dr. R.L. - Personal 1952-1953.
Clark, R. Lee - Alpha Omega Alpha [1947-1955].
Clark, Dr. R.L. - Personal 1954-1955.
Clark, R. Lee, Jr. - Personal 1956.
Clark, R. Lee, Jr. - Personal 1957, 1958 [letter from Price Daniel, Governor of Texas].
34 Clark, R. Lee - Personal 1960, 1961.
Clark, R. Lee - Personal [membership cards 1940s].
Clark, R. Lee - Personal [Canada and Alaska, maps and brochures].
Clark, R. Lee - travel itineraries 1948-1951.
Clark, Dr. R. Lee, Jr. - travel 1948, 1949, 1950, 1951.
Clark, Dr. R. L. - travel 1952-1955.
Clark, R. Lee - travel 1960-1961.
Clark, R. Lee - travel 1970.
Clark, Dr. R. Lee, Jr. - vacations 1947-1949.
R. Lee Clark, Jr. M.D. - vacation European trip August, 1953.
Clark, R. Lee, Jr. - expenses for 1959-1960.
Inactive expense vouchers. 2 folders.
35 Tuck, Doyle and Tuck, Grady [1959].
Trigg, Kleber M., Jr. [1961].
Otto, Mr. H.A. [1963].
Lovejoy, J.B. [1961].
International Truck 1959.
Oil Operations - Cities Service Co. - Chandler/Clark.
Clark, R. Lee, Jr. - Trace Elements 1959.
Income Tax 1955.
Income Tax 1956.
Income Tax 1957. 2 folders.
Expense vouchers 1958.
Income Tax 1958.
36 Income Tax 1958 - canceled checks and worksheets. 4 folders.
RLC - Travel 1959 - Fannin State Bank [canceled checks].
Income Tax 1959 - Bank of the Southwest; Fannin State Bank; River Oaks State Bank.
37 Income Tax 1959 - ranch - Fannin State Bank.
Income Tax return 1959 - journal sheets for Dr. R. Lee Clark and Dr. Bertha Davis Clark.
Income Tax 1960 - River Oaks State and Bank of the Southwest.
Income Tax 1960 - ranch - Fannin State Bank. 2 folders.
Income Tax 1960 - professional - Fannin State Bank.
Taxes 1961.
38 Income Tax 1955. 2 folders.
Income Tax 1956. 3 folders.
Farm and ranch 1959 [expenses].
39 Income Tax 1960 - bills paid, ranch. 2 folders.
Travel vouchers 1960. 3 folders.
40 Travel 1960. 2 folders.
Personal 1961-62.
Personal 1960.
RLC - Trace Elements 1961-62.
RLC - Transwestern Pipeline Company 1961-62.
Personal 1963.
RLC - Awards 1964.
41R. Lee Clark - personal 1961-1966.
Personal 1961, 1962.
Personal correspondence 1964.
Pan Pacific Surgical Assn. - organizations 1965.
Namefile 1966.
Namefile 1967. 2 folders.
42RLC - Surgery 1977. 7 folders.
43Namefile Clark 1976. 2 folders.
Namefile Clark 1977.
Namefile Clark 1977 - outside appointments.
Namefile 1978 - invitations.
44Personal 1977-1978. 2 folders.
Personal - Jan. - June 1979.
Personal - June - Dec. 1979.
45RLC - Christmas cards 1984. 5 folders.
46RLC - Wichita Falls; Ricker College with Bertha Davis-Clark; [RLC ranch?].
RLC - various photographs; negatives from Army Air Corps; Portraits.
RLC - personal photographs 5/1979.
RLC - personal photographs 4/28/1981; 4/1977.
RLC - memberships, personal and professional [membership cards].
RLC - various slides.
RLC - personal photographs.
RLC - personal - Leoti [Clark] Deaton 4/1976.
RLC - personal.
RLC - personal - photographs of Lynn's [Clark - RLC daughter] land.
RLC - personal, various.
RLC - personal: diary, notes, business cards.
RLC - passports RLC, Bertha Davis-Clark.
47Diaries 1953 - 1960. Some years missing.
Diaries 1962 - 1965. Some years missing.
48RLC - personal, Ricker College, 1976 hon. degree for RLC and BD-C.
RLC - boyhood photo [letter dated 1952].
RLC - boyhood photo [letter dated 1970].
RLC - Bertha Davis-Clark portrait.
RLC - early family photos.
RLC - various photos, 2 portraits.
RLC - photo inventory, photos returned.
RLC - family [correspondence].
RLC - TCU: Addison and Randolph Clark Society dinner, Fort Worth, Texas - negatives - taken by Lynn Clark.
RLC - [4/1978 photos processed] Vienna, Austria; Christmas; A & M Great Issues; missing: TCU Addison & Randolph Clark Society, Forth Worth, Texas.
RLC - speeding ticket 8/12/1942.
RLC - family: Mrs. C.E. Deaton (Leoti Clark).
RLC - TCU: Doctor of Science (Hon.) degree 5/17/1970.
49Hunting trip 9/1970.
Texas Christian University - new Century Campaign kickoff banquet 1/1970.
Hunting trip 9/1971.
Personal - various [1970s].
RLC Oral History, East Tx. St. Univ. with Corinne Crow 12/14/1976.
RLC - notes on physical reactions 1977.
RLC - talk to Add-Ran Society [Texas Christian University] 3/29/1978.
Personal and newsclippings.
Namefile Clark - Brangus; IAOS; Advisory cmte for 1,000,000th item for TCU Library.
RLC - 50th class reunion M.C. Virginia; 50th wedding anniversary.
RLC personal [1982].
Mayfair lease Sept. 1, 1989.
50Personal 1982-1984. 2 folders.
[Proposed] Movie - meeting folder 1/21/1980.
Aytchie McCray file 1985.
Mark Allen Clark, Robert Wayne Clark.
Melina G. Pamulo [daughter of Lynn Clark].
51Dedication service for Clark Hall and others at Texas Christian University, March 5, 1959; Prologue March 7, 1944.
407.60 acres of land near Rosanky - R.L. Clark and J.B. Lovejoy. 2 folders.
Personal [facts on early schools].
50th High School reunion 1973.
Personal [includes closure of Shamrock Hotel, autographed editorial on 20th anniversary of mammograms].
Ex-city resident recalls life here half century ago - Midland Reporter Telegram July 26, 1968.
East Texas State oral history program - R. Lee Clark 12/14/1976.


Series II - Pre-war and Military, 14 boxes, 9 linear feet

Dr. Clark's university studies, military publications and exhibits, and some early M.D. Anderson information
19 copperplate engraving blocks - in separate flat grey box, Series II, box 15, ill. R.N. Paul. [These possibly illustrate surgery of varicose veins or carcinoma of colon.]
Scrapbook on Varicose Veins: exhibit presented by the Surgical Advisory Board to the Air Surgeon; also photograph of display - in separate flat grey box, Series II, box 16.
Fact finding - surgical commission and organizing surgical information. (green stenographic notebook)
German language studies and notes, 1939.
Contents of address book: formulas for compounded medicines, records of defense and savings bonds purchase 1942-1945
Alphabetical book of medical conditions and formulas for compounded medicines.
History of Surgery: AAF Medical Department: World War II, volume I.
History of Surgery: AAF Medical Department: World War II, volume II. 2 folders.
Dr. RLC's Surgical History of AAF - compilation 1947.
Unused photographs: History of Surgery, AAF med. dept., World War II.
Operations on dogs - experiments in wound healing, 1944.
2Notes on Anesthesia, various medical conditions.
Scientific Exhibit: as presented at the N.E. Surgical Conference - AAF, Patterson Field, Ohio, Sept. 22-23, 1944. [Photographs]
Pathology lab, 1930; Histology, 1929.
Record of detailed histories of surgical work, 1939 - 1942. 2 folders.
Record of abstracted histories of surgical work, 1939 - 1942.
3Negatives of illustrations 'carcinoma of colon', ill. R.N. Paul.
Carcinoma of colon, plate 1.
Carcinoma of colon, plate 2.
Carcinoma of colon, plate 3.
Carcinoma of colon, plate 4.
Carcinoma of colon, plate 5.
Carcinoma of colon, plate 6.
Carcinoma of colon, plate 7.
Carcinoma of colon, plate 8.
Carcinoma of colon, 8 plates - complete
Materials Received - Bills for M.D. Anderson Hospital, 2310 Baldwin Street, Houston 6 - 2/9/1945-1/4/1946. 2 folders
Landing force manual, United States Navy, 1938, chapters 1 - 19.
4Operative Record: Mississippi Baptist Hospital, Jackson, Mississippi, 1940-1944. 4 folders. RESTRICTED
Army communications, 1944.
Army communications, 1946.
Abstract of report to the committee on medical research, January 31, 1944. Sulfonamide Synergists and Potentiators.
Operations 1937.RESTRICTED
Notes on surgery of intestines, colon, rectum, anus. 2 reprints [translated from French?].
5Notes on medical studies 1932, 1934.
Staff and assistants of the Mayo Clinic and fellows of the Mayo Foundation, July 3, 1939, October 7, 1935.
Dr. C.F. Dixon's service [Mayo Clinic] Reprints of Dr. Dixon's work (gastrointestinal/neoplasm) were in such poor condition they were disposed of.
Programs - Regional Surgical Conferences AAF, Sept. 1-30,1944, reports, correspondence, photos of renal cases.
Duplicates of papers from Patterson Field, [Sept. 1-30, 1944]
Teaching program, Class 45-A, 15 Jan. 1945 to 31 Mar. 1945.
Medical AAF - post graduate plans.
A.A.F. medical department planning notes.
Seymour Johnson Field, N.C. 1942-1944 - personal correspondence, shipping tickets, medical information. 2 folders.
Official correspondence, Seymour Johnson Field, N.C. 1942-1944.
Pilots' information file May 1, 1945, August 1, 1945.
Secret - Wound Analysis November 1942-December 1944.
Thesis: blood serum iron concentration and anemia occurring with cancer of the proximal colon, November, 1938.
Tracer Studies with Radioactive Sodium, list of reprints from Josiah Macy Foundation; Berman metal locator.
AAF publications, directory 27th AAF Base Unit: School of Aviation Medicine: Randolph Field, Texas, 15 May 1945.
6Drug text - no cover, no date [1930? Medical College of Virginia?] 2 folders.
Symposium: Regional Enteritis - at Mayo Clinic [1939?]
Paper: Regional Enteritis by R. Lee Clark, Claude F. Dixon. Reprints of Dr. Dixon's work (gastrointestinal/neoplasm) were in such poor condition they were disposed of.
Medical studies - 1930: prescription writing, D & S, surgery, other notes.
Various medical notes, Minnesota State Board of Medical Examiners questions 1932-1935.
Case histories - Mayo. 2 folders. RESTRICTED
Medical notes - Mayo.
Patient history, AAF hospital, San Antonio, Texas, 24 Sept. 45. RESTRICTED
M.D. Anderson - materials received Oct. 4, 1944-Feb.8, 1945. Contains list of rare books ordered.
Colon surgery.
Anesthesia journal club - B.M. Davis (Dr. Bertha Davis-Clark) - anesthesia reprints.
7Correspondence - mixed 1944.
Correspondence - mixed 1945.
Correspondence - mixed 1946. 2 folders. Correspondence regarding possible appointment at M.D. Anderson.
Correspondence - mixed 1946-1949.
Operation [surgical] reports - 1941, 1942, 1945, 1946. RESTRICTED
8Resuscitation apparatus.
Publication: remarks on a few surgical problems in aviation medicine by Clark/Shands. 2 folders.
New ideas (miscellaneous).
Pilonidal cyst - treatment of (correspondence).
Post graduate education (civilian). 2 folders.
9Surgery in the Army Air Force (paper for publication) 3 folders.
Photostat of organization chart : Medical Establishments : AAF : Medical Officers.
Surgery in the Army Air Force : an analysis of the more important surgical information presented at the six AAF district and regional Surgical Conferences sponsored by the Air Surgeon from 1 September - 30 September 1944. 2 folders.
Post-war medical education (national boards).
Property file - Major R.L. Clark.
Recommendation for promotion.
Report of the department of surgery from 1 Jan. 1945 through 31 May 1945; roster.
Shock, treatment of; arterial transfusions - research; slides - catalog.
Correspondence - surgical consultants.
Correspondence - Lt. Colonel A.R. Shands, Jr.
Chemotherapy in medical practice; chlorophyll.
Correspondence - Dr. John C. Henthorne.
Fibrinogen & Thrombin - skin grafting (correspondence).
Field Hospital surgical unit.
Flying time [American Airlines schedule 1944].
Medical meetings [1944-1945]. [Texas Surgical Society annual meeting]
Regional conferences (surgical) - programs & correspondence.
10Monthly report of surgical service [1945-1946]; plan to effect rapid release of former civilian doctors from the Armed Forces.
Recent Advances in the Management of Intestinal Obstruction - paper for publication.
Proctoscopic table - photographs.
Photography [articles and information].
Plasma Cell Mastitis (article for publication).
Pilonidal cyst & treatment (article for publication).
Neurovascular lesions - refresher course.
Suggested program for M.D. Anderson Hospital for Cancer Research: outline of cancer foundation organization.
Arterial anastomosis - experimental surgery.
Carbon backs; anal surgery.
Anatomy - research. Also Bond required by the Anatomical Board of the State of Texas.
The management of shock - article to be published.
Iron deficiency and anemia associated with carcinoma of the proximal portion of the colon (article for publication).
Instruments - experimental surgery [patient litter deodorizer].
Catastrophes [and catastrophe cart list].
Study of the use of plasma fractions for the generation of tissue [research report].
Head injuries - refresher course.
Epithelial cysts [duplicate?].
Frostbite - experimental surgery (article for publication) [with reprints].
Differential diagnosis of right lower quadrant pain.
Photographs: army, surgical service at Seymour Johnson Regional Hospital, Dr. Bertha D-C [?].
11Specialists - standard army grading of; surgical advisory board (meetings, correspondence).
Surgical books; surgical instruments - correspondence; surgical consultants meeting.
Surgical history of the AAF Medical Department - correspondence.
Surgical problems in aviation medicine (correspondence); surgical research (correspondence).
Surgical service - organization of.
Telegrams; travel vouchers and reports.
Technique for the recording of surgical operations.
Varicose veins - article for publication [and originals of same].
Wound Healing - article for publication [bibliographies on thrombin/fibrinogen].
Research projects.
Survey surgical service AAF regional hospitals N.E. M.D. Anderson information
12The following in separate flat grey box, Series II, box 17:
Fibrin Foam and Thrombin.
Fraction I and Thrombin - 2 boxes unopened.
Fibrin Film.
Vitallium plates - Sherman type and Vitallium screws.
The Central Bureau for the study of Tumors: 100 microscopic preparations of 100 selected tumors [accompanying notebook not included in box].
Phonograph record: Conversations on the future of architecture, 1956. In flat box with varicose veins exhibit Series II, flat box 16.
The following in folders, box 12:
Photos of Specimens removed in operations [Dr. Dixon's?]; Illustrations - H.E. Alexander, ill.
Mixed correspondence1944. 2 folders.
Documentation on The Direction and Mass of Flak Fragments Causing Fatal Injury to Bomber Crews, 1945, declassified. Includes cover letter, 1962, from John B. Hickam re: 8 mm film on projectiles and canister of film. [canister of film in separate flat grey box, Series II, box 15].
Documentation on The Wounding Mechanism of High-Energy Projectiles, 1944, declassified.
Documentation on The Wounding Effect of 90 mm. HE Shell Fragments, 1944, declassified.
Documentation on the Wounding Effect of the German 20 mm. HE Shell, 1944, declassified.
Documentation on Experimental Study of Wounds Made by Standard U.S. Ammunition, 1944, declassified.
The Wounding Mechanism of High-energy Projectiles / John B. Hickam, 28 October 1944; The Wounding Effect of High-energy Missiles/ Milton Halpern, John B. Hickam, 1946.
13Gross anatomy - The University of Texas - outline and general instructions - first semester 1944-1945 - Raymond F. Blount. [see notes on back page].
List of various publications. [all not included in box].
Chloresium - therapeutic chlorophyll preparation data - Rystan Co.
Quinine formulary, revised ed. 1940.
The effect of bombing on health and medical care in Germany, War Dept., 10/1945.
Transactions of the Fourth Service Command Conference - Chiefs of Medical and Surgical services, November 19, 20, 21, 1942.
Telephone directory - Randolph Field, Texas - May, 1945.
Observations on combat flying personnel, 10/1945.
American Board of Surgery booklet of information, 6/1943. [2 copies, 1 undated].
Your body in flight, 7/1943, 9/1944.
Flight Surgeon's handbook 4/1943.
Flight Surgeon's reference file 1/1945.
Journals that match list of various publications.
14Patient records ca. 1945 Armed Forces. RESTRICTED
Patient records ca. 1945 Armed Forces and various. RESTRICTED
Patient records ca. 1945 Armed Forces. RESTRICTED
Patient records ca. 1945 Armed Forces. RESTRICTED
Clark, Dr. R. Lee, Jr. - Legion of Merit [1947].
Clark, R. Lee Jr. - military [incl. discharge papers 21 Oct 1946].
Clark, R. Lee - Army file [1942-45].
15flat grey box
9 copperplate engraving blocks, ill. R.N. Paul. [These possibly illustrate surgery of varicose veins or carcinoma of colon. Negatives and prints in Series II, box 3.]
Documentation on The Direction and Mass of Flak Fragments Causing Fatal Injury to Bomber Crews, 1945, declassified. Includes cover letter, 1962, from John B. Hickam re: 8 mm film on projectiles and canister of film. [canister of film in separate flat grey box, Series II, box 15]
16flat grey box
Scrapbook on Varicose Veins: exhibit presented by the Surgical Advisory Board to the Air Surgeon; also photograph of display.
Phonograph record: Conversations on the future of architecture, 1956.
17flat grey box
Fibrin Foam and Thrombin.
Fraction I and Thrombin - 2 boxes unopened.
Fibrin Film.
Vitallium plates - Sherman type and Vitallium screws.
The Central Bureau for the study of Tumors: 100 microscopic preparations of 100 selected tumors [accompanying notebook not included in box].


Series III - Professional, 114 boxes, 62 linear feet

This series follows R. Lee Clark from his assumption of duties at M.D. Anderson hospital through his retirement. He was selected for the President's Commission on Cancer, The National Cancer Institute, and also testified on cancer treatment before the United States Senate. He served on the boards of the Damon Runyon/Walter Winchell and Mike Hogg Foundations.
1Cancer Research Center (Columbia, Missouri. Ellis Fischel Hospital) organizations 1970.
Chamber of Commerce Houston organizations 1970.
Congress - U.S. organizations 1970. House and Senate bills on cancer; Senator Ralph Yarborough newsletters; letters from RLC to John Connally, George Bush - see marked; Senator Bob Casey newsletters; Senator Mike McKoolnewsletters; Folder 2 letter and reply Seybold to Bush - see marked; letter and reply Hickey to Bush - see marked; MDA tour photos of Dr. Hickey, Secretary Finch, Bush - see marked. 2 folders.
National Science Foundation organizations 1970; Philosophical Society organizations 1970.
Public Health Services (including HEW, NIH, and NCI) organizations 1970. Briefing materials on Health Services and Mental Health Administration, HEW, 1969; Public Health Service grants and awards 1969.
Rice University organizations 1970; Southern Surgical Association organizations 1970.
Sloan Kettering Cancer Institute [publications] organizations 1970; Roswell Park Memorial Institute organizations 1970.
2Western Surgical Association organizations 1970.
World Health Organization organizations 1970.
Foreign Cancer Institutes organizations 1970.
General organizations 1970. Letter from Dr. McGovern regarding a possible University of Texas Sigma Xi chapter; copy of correspondence from Dotterweich King Ranch to Dr. Moreton.
Harris County Medical Society organizations 1970. Includes HCMS Bulletin Supplements.
Houston Surgical Society organizations 1970; F James Ewing Society organizations 1970.
Texas Legislature organizations 1970.
Leukemia Society organizations 1970.
American Journal of Surgery publications 1971; F Cancer Chemotherapy publications 1971.
3General publications 1971. Original newspaper article on cancer treatment at MDA; letters from senators and congressmen in reply to copies of article RLC sent to them.
General Report publications 1971.
News Letter [of M.D. Anderson] publications 1971.
Chamber of Commerce Houston organizations 1971; F Harris County Medical Society organizations 1971.
United States Congress organizations 1971. Telegram inviting M/M Clark to the swearing-in ceremony for John Connally, Secretary of State; copies of various House and Senate bills.
Coordinating Board, University and College System organizations 1971.
Foreign Cancer Institutes organizations 1971; James Ewing Society organizations 1971.
Texas Legislature organizations 1971. Newsletter Comprehensive Health Planning in Texas; Mike's Memos [senator McKool]; copies of various House and Senate bills.
Leukemia Society organizations 1971; NASA organizations 1971; National Science Foundation organizations 1971; Oak Ridge Institute of Nuclear Medicine organizations 1971.
4Philosophical Society organizations 1971; Roswell Park Memorial Institute organizations 1971.
Rice University organizations 1971. Newspaper article on Dr. Hackerman, appointed president of Rice University.
Scott and White Clinic organizations 1971; Texas Department of Corrections organizations 1971.
Public Health Service (HEW, NIH, and NCI) organizations 1971. 2 folders.
"CA" and Cancer - American Cancer Society organizations 1971. [Many manuscripts which were submitted for review for possible publication.]
Science Park UT 1971. [Copies of House and Senate (Texas) bills on State Environmental Center act; news clipping on Brangus cattle convention for RLC - cattle herd at Science Park was supposedly Herefords; correspondence with Mrs. Lyndon Johnson on Science Park; deeds of purchase and water usage; lists and descriptions of foundations for funding of Science Park.] 3 folders.
5Association of American Medical Colleges organizations 1971.
American Cancer Society organizations 1971.
American College of Surgeons organizations 1971.
Cancer Clin. Research grants 1971; Medical Library Resource grants 1971; Radiological Physics Center grants 1971.
Research Clinical Pathology grants 1971; Ultrastructural and electron cytochemical studies of mammalian spermiogenesis grants 1969-1971.
VRA - general grants 1971; Welch Foundation grants 1971.
American Association for Cancer Education organizations 1971; American Association for Cancer Research organizations 1971.
Postgraduate Medicine publications 1971.
Newspaper articles, announcements, etc. Article by Drs. DeBakey on medical research; article on Armand Hammer and Occidental Petroleum.
6Academy of General Surgery 1959 [communications from 1953 forward on forming the AGS].
American College of Surgeons (member) 1959 [communications from 1947 forward -contains programs from 1947-1949, 1956].
American College of Surgeons - Cancer Committee (member) 1951 [includes communications 1947 - 1951].
American College of Surgeons - Cancer Committee 1952-1954 [includes Minimum Requirements for Approval of a Cancer Program by the American College of Surgeons 1953] [also Joint Commission Accreditation standards for Cancer Facilities 1952].
7ACS Liaison Comm. and Bd. Of Regents Liaison Comm. 1961; ACS Regionalization Program Committee 1961.
ACS Regionalization program 1961; ACS College Program Committee 1961; ACS Sectional meetings 1959; ACS Joint Committee Cancer Staging and End Results 1959 [Eleanor McDonald].
ACS End Results Reporting 1960; ACJ Joint Committee Cancer Staging and End Results 1961; ACS State Advisory Committee 1961 [Eleanor McDonald].
President's Commission on Heart Disease, Cancer and Stroke - Cancer Subcommittee 1964.
President's Commission - Communications Subcommittee 1964 [Folder 1 includes information about the National Library of Medicine and health communications; Folder 2 includes a presentation to the President's Commission by R.W. Cumley, Executive Editor of The Medical Arts Publishing Foundation]. 3 folders.
President's Commission - full commission correspondence [includes list of members, Michael DeBakey, chairman]; President's Commission - Facilities Subcommittee correspondence.
President's Commission - Heart Subcommittee correspondence; Recommendations by MDAH Staff to Commission; Originals of notes taken by Dr. Clark at various meetings of commission.
American College of Surgeons - Joint Committee Cancer Staging and End Results (task force) 1962; ACS Handbook for Cancer Registry Secretaries 1962 [Eleanor McDonald epidemiologist statistician had input to this].
ACS Postgraduate Course in Cancer 1961.
8ACS Postgraduate Course in Cancer 1962.
ACS Survey Report Form 1962; ACS Task Force on End Results Reporting; ACS Audiovisual Evaluating Committee 1961; Cancer Workshop 1959 [at MDA].
ACS - general; ACS Cancer Committee minutes 1959; ACS Manual for Cancer Programs 1960.
ACS - Cancer Programs and Cancer Registries 1962 [includes Handbook for Cancer Registry Secretaries 1962 and Manual for Cancer Programs.
National Advisory Cancer Council 1961; 1962; 1964; NACC Health Research Facilities; NACC Oral Contraceptives [Folder 1 has letters from Lyndon B. Johnson, V.P., Texas Senator, Texas Governor re: appointment of RLC to NACC]. 2 folders.
National Cancer Institute Cancer Control Committee - Special Consultant 1953-1955, NCI Cancer Control Committee 1956. 2 folders.
NCI Cancer Control Committee - supplementary file 1954-1955.
NCI Cancer Control Committee - Ad Hoc Committee.
9National Cancer Institute Cancer Control Committee 1957-1959.
NCI Cancer Control Committee - Navajo Cancer Research Project 1955-1959; 1961.
NCI Correspondence, Minutes, etc. - Clinical Studies Panel 1960. 2 folders.
NCI Clinical Studies Panel 1960, 1961; NCI Diagnostic Research Panel 1961-1962.
NCI End Results Committee - Cancer Chemotherapy 1955-1956, 1960; NCI Field Studies Board 1962 - inactive.
NCI General 1960, 1961-1962, 1963 [reprints Eleanor J. MacDonald, RLC and EJM].
NCI Outline for Cancer Teaching Grants; Oak Ridge Institute of Nuclear Medicine - Consultant to Medical Division 1950-1951; Oak Ridge - Medical Advisory Panel 1952.
1949 Public Health Blue Print Committee - Health Education Committee; Roswell Park Memorial Institution - Science Advisory Board 1961, 1963, 1964.
Texas Committee on Atomic Energy 1956, 1957-1958, 1960-1961. 2 folders.
10Harris County Medical Society Blood Bank committee (Chairman) 1951, 1950. 2 folders.
Unlabeled [charter and press releases on Texas Children's Foundation in support of Texas Children's Hospital 1947].
Documents relating to sale of Montgomery Ranch in Florida by University of Texas 1970-1972.
RESTRICTED: Operating Room Record 1946-1952 [note in front of book says "copied and transferred to other book entitled: "Register of Operations"; also includes pink record copy of operations by RLC on E.W. Bertner 1948, J. Kennedy1948]; Register of Operations 1946-1960 - in separate flat grey box labeled Series III, box 115. RESTRICTED
The Use of Parchmentized Cotton as Suture Material - submitted on the first day of June, 1944 to the Faculty of the Graduate School of Tulane University in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science (Surgery).
RESTRICTED: Operative Record: Mississippi Baptist Hospital, Jackson, Mississippi 1939-1944. 4 folders.
11Radiumhemmet, Stockholm, Sweden 1960.
Roswell Park Memorial Institute - organizations 1959-1969. [It appears from these documents that MDA gave a lot of advice to Roswell Park (RLC on advisory board) during formation and that Roswell Park used MDA documents to organize their reports.]
Memorial Hospital/Sloan-Kettering - organizations 1960-1969. 2 folders.
San Antonio Cancer Sub. Station - organizations 1959; Scott and White Clinic - organizations 1968.
Society of Head and Neck Surgeons - organizations 1959; 1963.
Southern Surgical Association - organizations 1959-1969.
Southwest Association for Cancer Research - organizations 1959; Southwest Foundation for Research and Education - organizations 1961; Southwestern Medical Foundation Education and Service Institute - organizations 1949.
Tacoma General Hospital [Washington] - organizations 1964-1965. [RLC assisted with survey.]
Texas Assn. State Sr. Colleges and University Business Officers - organizations 1967; Texas Clin. - Hosp. For Alcoholism - orgs. 1953; Texas Research League - orgs. 1954; Texarkana College - orgs. 1963.
Texas Dept. of Corrections - organizations 1964-1969.
Texas State Dept. of Health - organizations 1966-1969.
Texas Institute for Rehabilitation and Research - TMC organizations 1965-1967.
TGNA - nurses practice act - organizations 1962.
12Publications - American Cancer Society "CA" and Cancer 1973.
Publications: American Journal of Surgery 1973; Cancer Medicine - textbook (Frei); Journal of the American Association for Cancer Research (including MDA issue); Breast Cancer book.
Publications: Cytotechnology text book (Dr. Lukeman); Endocrine and Non-endocrine Hormone Producing Tumors 1971 Clinical Conference monograph; General 1973; Houston Tribune 1968-1969.
Publications: Information Services (Dallas Johnson); Indian Journal of Cancer; Modern Medicine 1973 [RLC on the cover]; Neoplasia articles 1973.
Publications: Neoplasia of Head and Neck 1972 - Clinical Conference monograph; Newsletter 1973; Newspaper articles 1973; Postgraduate Medicine 1973.
Publications: Site Visit brochure 1967-1969; Testicular Tumors book 1969; Thyroid Cancer book (don't know exact title)[evidently not pub. per note at beginning]; University of Texas Press 1973; Viruses and Tumor Growth 1973.
Year Book of Cancer 1973 - publications; grants - Cancer clinical research grant 1973; Cancer clinical training grant 1973; general grants 1973 [site visit also].
13The Mayo Alumnus April 1969. [Article on Clark and other Mayo Alumni in Texas]
Bertner, E.W. [paper and correspondence re: Bertner and Texas Medical Center]
Letters to E.W. Bertner from Susan Barnett with annotations by EWB re: Texas Medical Center 1946-1950. Transferred to Bertner papers.
Reprint translated from German - retinoblastoma, 1968.
Miscellaneous memos and clipping.
To Do - RLC collection; M.D. Anderson publications.
Slides and negatives; photographs RLC and various.
Description of sculpture "Cancer" [by Mayo Dr. alumni]; certificate of RLC; description of illustration.
Some of the major medical center developments in Texas during the past three decades / L. Rowsey.
14RLC - Robert Douglass Associates consulting 1984.
RLC - Bile Acids and Large Bowel Carcinogenesis 1980.
Operational report; filing indexes; AMA membership certificates 1984, 1985.
Cancer Chemotherapy course including RLC presentation on Ethics and Clinical Experimentation 5/1966.
James Ewing Society 4/1965 RLC welcoming remarks.
HSC TV - UT Health Science Center at Houston - list of videos.
Training Grants P. 17.6 1973; Phone message re: Shell Oil and Biotechnology Center 1983.
Core Grants P. 17.6 - National Cancer Institute.
General (American Blood Commission) P. 20.1 - 1976-1980.
Correspondence p. 1977 - 20.2 - American Blood Commission and Association of American Cancer Institutes.
RLC personal correspondence.
Montgomery Ranch - sale to Punta Gorda Isles and follow-up.
[Sale of Montgomery Ranch, South Florida] - Friendswood Corp; Coca Cola; Gulf Coast Prop.; Mr. Fly; S. Chadwick; D. Pitcock; Turner Realty, Valcho Corp; inquiries 1968-1972; M. Weir; Cavanagh Leasing; E. Farr; Punta Gorda Isles ultimate purchaser.
Characteristics for Recognition of a Cancer Center as Comprehensive and RLC proposed changes.
MDA publications.
Mike Hogg Fund - RLC trustee - 1955-1959. [name file]
Mike Hogg Fund 1960-1962.
Mike Hogg Fund 1963-1964.
15Mike Hogg meeting 1965; Mike Hogg Fund 1965.
Mike Hogg meetings 1966; Mike Hogg Fund 1966.
Mike Hogg meeting 1967; Mike Hogg Fund 1967.
Mike Hogg meeting 1968; Mike Hogg Fund 1968.
Mike Hogg meetings 1969; Mike Hogg Fund 1969.
Mike Hogg meeting 1970; Mike Hogg Fund 1970 - 1971.
Mike Hogg meeting 1972; Mike Hogg Fund 1972.
16Mike Hogg meeting 1973; Mike Hogg Fund 1973.
Mike Hogg Fund 1974.
Mike Hogg Fund 1975.
Mike Hogg meeting 1976; Mike Hogg Fund 1976.
Mike Hogg Fund 1977.
Mike Hogg meeting 1978; Mike Hogg Fund 1978.
Mike Hogg meeting 1979; Mike Hogg Fund 1979.
Mike Hogg meeting 1980; Mike Hogg Fund 1980.
17Mike Hogg Fund 1981.
Mike Hogg Fund 1982. [includes details of Hogg Medallion]
Mike Hogg Fund 1983.
RLC speech- Tumor Markers - presented at 1st Latin American Conference on Clinical Oncology Sept. 22, 1983.
RLC Reading files November-December 1978.
January - April 1979. [Jan. - letter to George Bush, letter on personal health; Feb - letter about ambulatory patient areas at Mayo Clinic for use at MDA; April - Dr. McGovern's aunt was Helen Hayes marked]
May - August 1979. [August - 2 letters on personal health marked]
September - December 1979. [November - letter on rights to movie about Clark and MDA; December - 2 letters on personal issues marked]
January - April 1980.
May - August 1980. [June - letter about personal plans; July - letters to George Bush and Ronald Reagan marked].
September - December 1980. [September - letter on personal plans; November - letter on sale of horses from RLC ranch, letter to Imelda Marcos (Philippines) on the death of her brother, letter to George Bush; December - letter on personal plans, letter to Fidel Castro following visit to Cuba, letter to George Bush marked]
January - June 1981. [January - letter on TCU and family, letter on transition team of Reagan government; February - letter on personal property, March - letter on TCU Library; April - letter to George Bush to address Cancer conference, 2 letters on personal property, letter on Miss Hilkemeyer; May - letter on Diabetic Cookbook; June - letter on Bertha Clark early Alzheimer's marked]
18RLC Reading Files July - December 1981. [July - letter on RLC's Dad's portrait at Midwestern University, letter on personal plans; August - letter on personal plans; September - letter to George Bush, letter on Mary Sypert Lovejoy (sister of RLC), letter on Hilkemeyer Child Care Center; October - letter to Fidel Castro, letter on Ellis Fischel State Cancer Hospital Missouri, letter to Lady Bird Johnson; December- letter on personal plans marked]
Reading Files January - July 1982 (August - December files empty). [January - letter to Walter Cronkite; February - letter to Dr. John McGovern; March - letter to TCU, letter on personal plans; May - letter on personal property; July - letter on 50 year reunion of Medical College of Virginia, letter on personal issues marked]
Buescher Science Park 1968
Buescher Science Park 1970
MDA Retirement Plan 1983; Hermann Hospital Bylaws and Rules and Regulations 1983.
RLC photographs and medical clippings 1982-1983.
News clippings on cancer and TMC; UT Permanent University Fund Investments 1982; miscellaneous papers.
Mixed papers relevant to MDA incl. Biomedical Resource Building exhibit (1979?) 1982-1983; Personal papers; American College of Surgeons Bylaws.
TMC Institutions.
Mixed MDA papers.
Mixed Medical Arts Publishing Foundation / RLC papers. [letters to and from George Bush marked]
MAPF - Board meeting 9/8/1981.
19A national program for the conquest of cancer [RLC on committee].
Revised draft of Report to the Panel of Consultants on Cancer 9/11/1970.
Letters, notes and vol. 1 - Report to the Panel of Consultants, revised 9/18/1970
Vol. 2 - Report to the Panel of Consultants, revised 9/18/1970.
20General (P) 2.1. 2 folders.
General - copies of act (P) 3.1; General (P) 3.1.
Correspondence (P) 3.2.
National Cancer Act, 1971 (P) 3.3.
National Cancer Act revisions.
National Cancer Act amendments of 1974 3.4 [testimony of Lee Clark, Feb. 5, 1974].
National Cancer plan 1980; 1979; 1978. [testimony RLC Jan. 14, 1977, June 17, 1976]. 2 folders.
21Budget (1978) (P) [preparation in 1976 for 1978 budget].
General (National organ sites, 1980) 4.11.1; Statement on organ site programs 8/6/1976, Dr. R. Lee Clark.
Special virus cancer program (P) 4.11.2.
Ad hoc adv. Comm. (P)
General (P) 5.1
AMA council on legislation, Apr. 18-30, 1980; Supplemental agenda [same date].
22[American Cancer Society] meeting agenda, notes, minutes 1981: Oct. 6, June 17, Apr. 27, Feb. 4.
[ACS] meeting agenda, notes, minutes 1980: Nov. 6, Oct. 1, June 8, May 14, Feb. 6.
ACS Meeting agenda, notes, minutes 1979: Nov. 8, June 15, May 16, Jan. 31.
ACS Meeting agenda, notes, minutes 1978: Nov. 8, Feb. 2.
American Medical Association (AMA) 1.4.
American Cancer Society (ACS) - general 1.2.
ACS Public issues comm. 1.2.1.
Laws prior to 1975 affecting UTSCC and UT Houston units. 2.0.
23Texas House of Representatives - general 4.3; House membership lists 4.3; House committee lists 4.3.2.
Texas Senate - general 4.4; Senate membership lists 4.4.1; Senate committee lists 4.4.2.
Visitation program - Harris County delegation (state); Harris County delegation 4.5.
White House 5.1; 1980 National election Reagan administration 5.1.1 [letters from Reagan marked].
RLC recommendations for nominees for Reagan appts. 5.1.2; George Bush.
Presentation by R. Lee Clark - Prepared for the Honorable George Bush, Vice President Elect, Jan 2, 1981.
HEW - general 5.4; Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 5.4.1.
24National Cancer Institute (NCI) general 5.4.2.
NCI Div. Of resources, centers, and community activities; NCI/DRCCA bd. Of scientific counselors.
National Cancer Program - draft of 1979 director's report and annual plan.
President's Cancer Panel; Texas law 7.10A.
Gun control 7.5.
Health planning and resources development act (PL 93-641) 7.6.1; Amendments to PL 93-641 7.6.2.
Garb protocol [Dr. Garb and marijuana for cancer nausea] 7.10A.
Marijuana - general 7.10A
25Exemptions from HAS review [note on folder: see also 7.6.5A].
Impact of health planning on national cancer program 7.6.3.
National guidelines for health planning: proposed rules 7.6.4.
HAS review and approval regulations 7.6.5.
CON [certificate of need] regulations 7.6.5A.
Comprehensive cancer center site visit 7.7.7.
Subcommittee on carcinogenesis and prevention (1980) 7.9; Laetrile correspondence - misc. 7.10.
26Texas Laetrile law 1977 7.10.2.
Legislation in other states 7.10.3; Newsclips re: laetrile legislation; Laetrile court action 7.10.4.
Kennedy hearing: NCI retrospective study: clinical trial 7.10.5.
FDA hearing and administrative record on Laetrile 7.10.6; Laetrile studies 7.10.7.
Laetrile statement - general 7.10.8; RLC/ACS statement on laetrile, March 1977; RLC personal statement, March 1977
Background information/fact sheet 7.10.9; Laetrile articles 7.10.10.
Laetrile newsclips - misc. 7.10.11; MDA committee on unproven remedies 7.10.12.
27List of cancer centers (P) 5.4; List of cancer centers 5.4, 1981.
Cancer centers - information 5.4.
Saudi Arabia (P) 5.5.2. 2 folders.
Saudi Arabia (P) 5.5.2. 2 folders.
Dallas - community cancer center (P) 5.6.1.
28Laboratory design (cancer centers) (P) 5.7
Membership (1979) 6.2; Membership (P) 6.2.
Subcommittee on cancer centers (1980) 7.7.
Site visit N.Y.U. 7.7.1.
Proposal to design cancer center and research institute, Los Angeles County/U.S.C. Medical Center; National Cancer Advisory Board site visit to UC/LA, July 13-14, 1975.
Site visit UCLA 7.7.2.
29Site visit - Ohio State University 7.7.3.
Site visit - University of New Mexico. 2 folders.
Site visit - Mayo Comprehensive Cancer Center.
Site visit - Columbia University [New York].
Site visit - Colorado Regional Cancer Center, Oct. 6-7, 1977. 2 folders.
30U.S. Senate 5.7.3; Senate appropriations committee; Senate finance committee; Senate human resources committee
RLC's testimony 1976 7.3.1.
NCI oversight hearing 11/81; NCI oversight hearing 10/81; NCI oversight hearing 6/81
Gov't operations cmte. - cancer hearings 6/77 (Fountain cmte.) 2 folders.
U.S. House of Representatives - general 5.7.2; House appropriations committee; House energy and commerce cmte.; House ways and means committee
Aging cmte. - cancer hearings 6/79 (Pepper cmte.)
31Washington Post articles 10/81; 20/20 script (ABC/TV) 10/81
U.S. Congress 5.7.
Texas Congressional delegation 5.7.1.
Visitation program - Texas congressional delegation; 1980 election
National Cancer Advisory Board (NCAB)
Nomination of Dr. Hickey [to National Cancer Advisory Board].
Windfall profit tax of 1980 7.4.1.
R. Lee Clark, M.D. 6.1.
Solomon Garb, M.D. 6.2 [note on folders: see file 7.10A .2 for Dr. Garb's marijuana protocol]. 1 of 2 folders.
32Solomon Garb, M.D. 6.2 [note on folders: se file 7.10A.2 for Dr. Garb's marijuana protocol]. 2nd of 2 folders.
Tanny Polster 6.4.
Blood donation 7.1.
Cancer insurance 7.2A.
Animal welfare 7.1A.
Energy 7.4.
Medicare-Medicaid and cancer patients 7.13.1; Waiver of disability waiting period; Payment for outpatient drugs
National Cancer act 7.14; 1974 amendments 7.14.2.
1977 amendments 7.14.3.
1978 amendments 7.14.4. 1st of 2 folders.
331978 amendments 7.14.4. 2nd of 2 folders.
1980 renewal 7.14.5.
Health science promotion act 2 folders.
AACI proposed revision; AACI recommendations - handout
[Reauthorization of National Cancer Program 1980].
Waxman bill HR 6522
341982 renewal 7.14.6.
R. Lee Clark - correspondence, etc. [1984].
Appropriations - FY 83; Appropriations - FY 82.
FY 1981 7.15.1. 2 folders.
AACI proposed FY 81 budget; Line item for core grants (proposal) 7.15. 1.2.
FY 1980 7.15.2. 2 folders.
Core grant guidelines 7.3A. 1 of 2 folders.
35Core grant guidelines 7.3A. 2nd of 2 folders.
Core grants
FY 1979 7.15.3. 2 folders.
FY 1978 7.15.4.
FY 1976 Labor/HEW appropriations bill 7.4.41 Notation in red pen "old file" overlays typewritten label.
Radiation safety - general 7.23.
Three mile island 7.23.1 [nuclear accident in Philadelphia, Penna. 1978].
Regulation 7.24A.
36Saccharin ban 7.26.
Canadian studies 7.26.1.
Extension 1979.
Smoking and health/tobacco - general 7.27. 2 folders.
Smoking on airplanes 7.27.1 [also Osler anecdote].
Cigarette tax 7.27.2.
37Califano anti-smoking campaign 7.27.3.
Kennedy comprehen. disease prevention health promotion bill (1978) 7.27.4.
Tobacco price supports/subsidies 7.27.5.
Smoking - health literature 7.27.6
Nitrite ban 7.18.
Prevention and cancer control 7.21A. 2 folders.
38American Health Found. (P) 17.9.
American Red Cross 1981-82 17.10a; American Medical Assoc. 1981-82 17.10.
Association of community radiation trtmt. centers (P) 17.12a.
Cancer organizations misc. (P) 17.12c.
Bloodonor [sic] Programs, Inc. - organizations (P) 17.12d.
17.13 [Douglass?]; Ellis Fischell; Chamber of Commerce - Houston 1981-82 17.14 do not M F newsletters
Coordinating board of univ and college system 1981-82 17.16. do not M F
Health and Education Resources, Inc. - orgs - (Dallas Johnson) (P) 17.17.
39Damon Runyon/Walter Winchell 1982 17.17a.
Damon Runyon/Walter Winchell 1981 17.17a. 2 folders.
Damon Runyon/Walter Winchell 1980 17.17a. 2 folders.
Damon Runyon/Walter Winchell 17.17a. 1 of 2 folders.
40Damon Runyon/Walter Winchell 17.17a. 2nd of 2 folders.
Little Miss Marker 17.17a.
Damon Runyon/Walter Winchell - general.
Foreign Cancer Institutes 1981-82 17.18 Do not microfilm brochures.
Cuba [1980] 17.18a.
Harris County Medical Society 1981-82 17.19; Houston Surgical Society 1981-82 17.20; Society of Surgical Oncology 1981-82 17.21.
41Leukemia Research Inc. - organizations (P) 17.23; Los Alamos (P) 17.24.
Mayo Alumni Assoc. 1980-84 17.25.
Mayo Alumni directory 1981, 1982.
Mayo Alumnus; Mayo Alumni fund 1980.
MacKie and Kamrath (P) 17.26.
NIOSH (P) 17.28.
Samuel Roberts Noble Fdn. 1981-82 17.28b; Philosophical Society (P) 17.29.
42Nomination of John P. McGovern 17.29.
Roswell Park Memorial Institute. 2 folders
Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center 1981-82 17.33; South Main center 1981-82 17.33a.
RDA [Robert Douglass Associates].
Surgeons' Travel Club (P) 17.34.
Surgeons' Travel Club photographs.
Texas Anatomic [sic.] Board (P) 17.35; Texas Medical Association 1981-82 17.36.
43Texas Surgical Society 1981-82 17.37; Western Surgical Association 1981-82 17.39.
Publications - general 1982 18.1. 5 folders.
General 1981 18.1. Clean out before M F.
44Robert Douglass Assoc. - University of South Florida College of Medicine - H. Lee Moffitt Hospital and Cancer Research Inst., Tampa, Florida. 5 folders.
R. Douglass Assoc. - University of South Florida/H. Lee Moffitt Hospital 1984- 1985 - Bylaws; Correspondence; Brochures. 2 folders.
USF Vol. 26, no. 6, 1984.
45Robert Douglass Assoc. - University of South Florida/H. Lee Moffitt - overheads.
[Douglass] U. of South Florida College of Medicine - an application for a certificate of need … . 2 folders.
R. Douglass Assoc. - AMC Cancer Research Center, Denver, Colorado 12/85.
R. Douglass Assoc. - West Virginia University Hospital assessment; Various.
Douglass - Centre Hospitalier de St. Mary 1984.
Mayo Alumni Assoc. - Exec. Comm. minutes 5/1986.
46RLC correspondence 1986.
National Cancer Institute 1985; 1984 - Devito's program for 2000.
American Cancer Society 1986. 4 folders.
Information to American Cancer Society members from UICC.
American Cancer Society 1985. 2 folders.
47[Mortality statistics]; medical reprints, equipment info., MDAH info.
HARC - July 17, 1985; McDonald Observatory July 10-14, 1985 [Bd. of Visitors].
HARC 1985. 2 folders.
Marquis Who's Who - 1985.
48Administrative council of UTH - committees - UTH [minutes 1972].
Personnel - Clark - Governor's advisory committee on physical fitness (P); Organizations - American Medical Assoc. 1972; Orgs - Argonne Universities.
Organizations - Atomic Energy Commission 1972; Orgs - Cancer Research Center (Ellis Fischel - Columbia, Mo.) 1972.
Organizations - Careers in the Medical Lab. 1972.
Organizations - American Association for Cancer Education 1972; Orgs - American Association for Cancer Research 1972; Orgs - American Association for Medical Colleges (AAMC) 1972; Orgs - American Cancer Society 1972; Orgs - American Cancer Society Texas Div. 1972.
Organizations - American College of Surgeons 1972; Orgs - Chamber of Commerce Houston 1972.
Organizations - Congress - U.S. 1972; Orgs - Coordinating Board (university and college system 1972.
49Organizations - Harris County Medical Society 1972; Orgs - Foreign Cancer Institutes 1972; Orgs - general 1972.
Organizations - Texas Legislature 1972; Orgs - Lurleen Wallace Courage Crusade 1972; Orgs - Mayo Alumni Assoc. 1972; Orgs - Oak Ridge Inst. Of Nuclear Studies 1972.
Organizations - Philosophical Society 1972; Orgs - Public Health Service 1972; Orgs- Roswell Park Memorial Inst. 1972; Orgs - Sloan Kettering Cancer Inst. 1972; Orgs - Texas Dept of Corrections 1972.
Organizations - Texas State Dept. of Health 1972; Orgs - Texas Medical Assoc. 1972; Orgs - Texas Medical Center Institutions general 1972; Orgs - Texas Surgical Society 1972; Orgs - Texas Tech school of medicine 1972.
Organizations - West Texas State University 1972; Orgs - Western Surgical Assoc. 1972.
General 12.1 1981.
IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer) (1980) 12.3; WHO (World Health Organization) 1981 12.4.
50United Nations development programme.
General - UT Sept - #2 1971.
RLC - professional.
Operational report - support of the cancer center - Veterinary Medicine and Surgery 1984; 1983; 1982. 3 folders.
51Robert Douglass Assoc. - St. Joseph Hospital, Atlanta, Georgia 1984.
RDA - New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation 1985.
RDA - West Virginia University Hospital, Morgantown, West Virginia 1983.
Douglass - Hallmark Life Care Center 1983.
Community Radiation Treatment Center reports.
RDA - UTSCC at Dallas and Southwestern Medical School, Texas 1984.
RDA - Ellis Fischel State Cancer Center, Columbia, Missouri 1982.
RDA - New York University, New York City, New York 1985.
52Robert Douglass Assoc. - St. Joseph Hospital, Creighton University, Omaha, Nebraska 1983.
RDA - Alberta 1984; Montreal 1984.
RDA - China 1984.
RDA - presentation folder (photos flooded); American College of Radiology information.
University Cancer Foundation Trust Instrument 1970; Institutional Plan 1970; Satellite TV article 1985.
UT System Cancer Center Briefing Book 1983, 4th revision.
UT System Cancer Center Briefing Book 1984, 5th revision.
Texas Cancer Plan, Legislative Task Force on Cancer 10/4/1984.
American Cancer Society presidential profile - R. Lee Clark.
Summary report of China trip, 7/25-8/2/1985; Project Health Star.
Murphy, Gerald P.
Nygaard at Dallas, Feb. 20.
RLC - Dedication Address, Radiotherapy Center, Lufkin, Texas 12/18/1959.
53Robert Douglass Assoc. - St. Joseph Hospital/Creighton University, Omaha, Nebraska 9/1983 - 11/1983.
RDA - St. Joseph Hospital/Creighton University, Omaha, Nebraska, 1983.
RDA- Orlando Regional Medical Center.
Cancer programs approved 1980, 1982 - American College of Surgeons; Bibliographies on neoplasia 1983 and research 1982.
RDA - Proposed Sichuan Cancer Inst. and hospital, 1984.
China [Douglass].
RDA - general; Douglass/Clark correspondence 1983; RDA Consult Services.
RDA - University of South Florida newsclippings 1981.
RDA - University of South Florida - Alternate Sites study 1981.
RDA - USF Cancer Ctr. - alternate sites study 1981.
RDA - USF Cancer Ctr. - rosters, bibliographical info., etc.
54Robert Douglass Assoc. - Life Care development; Causes of cancer.
RDA - Life Care.
RDA - Baptist Life Center.
RDA - Life Care - Brazos Presbyterian homes 1983.
RDA - St. Joseph Medical Center, Burbank, California 1984.
[RDA?] Cross Cancer Institute, Alberta, Canada 4/1984.
RDA - Sanhedrin Group [marketing].
RDA - St. Joseph's Hospital, Atlanta, Georgia 3/1984.
RDA - University Hospitals, The University of Alabama, Birmingham, Alabama proposal 1981.
RDA - Retreat summary Oct. 26-28, 1981, University of Alabama hospitals, Birmingham.
RDA - University Hospitals, Birmingham, Alabama - facility development options 21 Dec 1981.
RDA - University Hospitals, Birmingham - facility development options Feb. 1982.
55Robert Douglass Assoc. - University Hospitals, Birmingham - Final Report April 29, 1982.
Ellis Fischel State Cancer Hospital, August 25, 1981.
Ellis Fischel committee panel.
Ellis Fischel - Oncology Nursing overview 10/2/1981.
Ellis Fischel - meeting of panel Oct. 7-9, 1981.
56Cancer Research Center (Ellis Fischel) 17.13 (P) 1981-1982. 2 folders.
Letter: RLC/Bond - Oct. 22, 1981 - [Missouri] Senate Bill no. 717 - signed 4-7-82.
Ellis Fischel Hospital, Missouri - State Cancer Registry 1981; 1982.
Ellis Fischel State Cancer Hospital 1981 statistical information.
Financial overview of Ellis Fischel State Hospital 4/1982.
Ellis Fischel - proposal for assistance in development, Douglass - June 20, 1982.
Ellis Fischel Center July 28, 1982; draft minutes 2/28/1982.
RDA - Ellis Fischell interim report August 31, 1982; October 22, 1982.
57Report of Governor's review panel, Ellis Fischel Oct. 22, 1982; Ellis Fischel correspondence 1982 [includes RDA].
Robert Douglass Assoc. - Ellis Fischel State Cancer Center - final report [?].
Affiliation agreement 12/1982.
University of Missouri 1982 annual report. 2 folders.
Ellis Fischel - part of UT Ca. Ctr. Fundamental document; Missouri Cancer Registry testimony.
Ellis Fischel correspondence 1983.
RDA - Ohio State University - consultants' review November 1982.
AACI semi annual meeting, Columbus, Ohio 6/27-29/1982.
RDA - Ohio State University hospitals; Radiation therapy.
58University of South Florida College of Medicine - institutional self study 1977.
Robert Douglass Assoc. - USF Cancer Center briefing package.
RDA - USF Cancer Center master zoning and planning January 2, 1981.
RDA - USF Cancer Center needs assessment 1/2/1981.
USF Cancer Center general correspondence 1981.
RDA - USF Cancer Center briefing package; Rosters and biographical information. [NOTE - H. Lee Moffitt Hospital, Florida, is the outcome of the USF Cancer Center need for a free-standing center.]
RDA - Moffitt itineraries; Time sheets - Moffitt file.
Moffitt correspondence 1985-1987.
H. Lee Moffitt personal correspondence with RLC.
RDA - University of Michigan Cancer Center, Ann Arbor, Michigan 1985. 2 folders.
59Robert Douglass Assoc. - Northern Rockies Cancer Center November 1983.
RDA - presentation information.
RDA - Northern Rockies Regional Cancer Treatment Center - proposal January 21, 1985.
RDA - Northern Rocky Mountain Regional Cancer Treatment Clinic March 21, 1985.
RDA - Northern Rockies correspondence 1985.
RDA - Northern Rockies - planning worksession April, 1985.
RDA - Northern Rockies - needs assessment May, 1985.
[FOR RLC/RDA] Planning guide for community radiation oncology facilities - property of Robert D. Moreton - Please Return.
RDA - Cancer Therapy and Research Foundation of South Texas, San Antonio March, May 1985.
60Robert Douglass Assoc. - Tallahassee, Florida 1982; Miami, Florida 1985.
RDA - University of Arizona Teaching Hospital, Tucson - proposal June 8, 1982.
RDA prospects file.
RDA - Milwaukee County Medical Complex and Froedtert Memorial Lutheran Hospital, Wisconsin Dec. 21, 1984, Feb. 26, 1985.
M.D. Anderson information folder [folder cover damaged in flood].
MDA documents.
61Damon Runyon-Walter Winchell - Board of Directors meeting June 7-9, 1979; October 17-19, 1979.
Damon Runyon-Walter Winchell - list of guests for dinner 3/6/1979 [RLC incoming director].
Damon Runyon-Walter Winchell Cancer Fund 1983, 1984.
Damon Runyon-Walter Winchell Cancer Fund 1983.
Damon Runyon-Walter Winchell Cancer Fund 1983-1984.
Damon Runyon-Walter Winchell Cancer Fund 1983, 1984.
Publications misc. corresp. (MDAH); 11-22-77 Employee Recog. Lunch; 11-12-77 Wayne Rundles, ACS President; 11-11-77 ACS Presidential message - end of term.
11-4-77 RLC to Senators Kennedy & Swiker; 11-3-77 Cancer Directors mtg., Memphis, Tenn.; 10-31-77 Great Issues / A&M; 10-17-77 Ideas & Issues / Student Union, UT Austin.
9-30-77 RLC newspaper, TV, radio, Hawaii/ACS speech; 8-19-77 Retirement announcement to staff; 6-15-77 Pres. ACS/US House subcommittee.
1-14-77 Lurleen B. Wallace Memorial Hosp./ RLC, Birmingham [Alabama]; 6-14-76 ACS Bd. of Directors; 11-30-73 RLC history up to ´45 audio-video tapes.
62Dominique DeMenil [1983].
Spratt, John S., Univ. of Louisville.
Clinical application of tumor markers, 1983; Blood substitutes.
Rotary House International and M.D. Anderson, April 1983.
Patient Care Coordinators list.
Traveler´s dysentery.
American College of Surgeons 17.7, 1981.
National Tumor Registrars, 1984.
Dept. of Pharmacy, MDAH 1980 - 1984.
ACS - Cancer Program manual, 1981.
Community Cancer Programs (ACCC) January 1981.
63AACI Task Communication Representatives 1975 10.11.
Funding (AACI plan) (1975) 10.12.
Board of Directors 10.13 (1975).
Establishment of AACI National Office 10.14 (1975).
General (1975) 11.1.
Development Office of MDAH - Administration 1971. 2 folders.
General - Administration 1971; Department of Medicine - Administration 1971.
Memorandums [sic.] - Administration 1971.
64National Health Forum, Chicago March 20, 1973; Capital Area Radiation & Research Foundation Center March 1973.
American Cancer Society 1973; Symposium on the Legacies of Railroad Medicine to Health Care, Oct. 27-28, 1973.
Commission on Cancer, American College of Surgeons September 1973; Western Surgical Association.
Dedication of Lutheran Pavilion and Johnson Clinic, March 4, 1973. 2 folders.
Guest List March 4, 1973 - copy for Marion Lowrey.
XIX Peruvian Surgical Conference, Lima, Peru Oct. 14-18, 1973 [Peru background].
65XIX Peruvian Surgical Congress, Lima, Peru Oct. 14-18, 1973. 2 folders.
Texas Medical Association, Dallas, Texas, May 3-6, 1973.
Roswell Park Memorial Institute 1973, May 3 - 75th Anniversary.
Medical Oncology Course, UTMDA & UTHSC, September 24-28. 1973. 2 folders.
Rio Grande Dedication [Radiation Treatment Ctr.] Sept. 16, 1977; Rotary Club - Distinguished Citizens award to RLC - 1977.
66Surgeons Travel Club 1976, 1977; Article from Anchorage Times; ACS mtg. Anchorage, Alaska, Sept. 1977.
NCI Cancer Center Directors meeting, Nov. 2-4, 1977.
American Cancer Society meeting 11/1977 [RLC Presidential Address included]. 2 folders.
AACI meeting, Birmingham, Alabama June 28, 1977; 33rd Annual Symposium / Fundamental Cancer Research / Bertner Award 3/4/1980.
25th Annual Clinical Conference, Nov. 5-8, 1980.
67New England Cancer Society 1959; NCI visitors - re: grant and rad. Loan, Dec. 13, 1960.
Cancer Week - the role of viruses in cancer; Cancer Week - mammography: technique of Egan, …
Cancer Week - Instituto Portuguis do Oncologia, Lisbon, Portugal, June 6-10, 1965.
Mammography Technique - tape script - English and Portuguese; Clinicopathologic studies in … - Cancer Week 6/1965; Regional Perfusion technique … - Cancer Week.
14th National Symposium on Fundamental Cancer Research, Feb. 25-27, 1960. 2 folders.
Fourth Annual Cancer Conference, September 13-16, 1960; Blackford Memorial Lectureship Nov. 11, 1960; Role of viruses in cancer, pub. in Archivo de Patologia, Lisbon, Portugal.
Perfusion, pub. in Archivo de Patologia; Clinicopathological studies, pub. in Archivo de Patologia; 4 Lisbon papers.
Regional Perfusion; papers presented at 8th International Cancer Congress and pub. in Acta Unio; paper presented at Western Surgical [Leakage factor in regional perfusion], Nov. 1959.
68Manuscripts - presentation to the Bd. of Regents; 1960 Research Symposium RLC; Significance of early diagnosis of cancer of the uterus.
Local cancer chemotherapy by perfusion; Cancer of the genitourinary tract; Manuscripts - Regional perfusion with chemotherapeutic agents for cancer.
13th Annual Symposium on Fundamental Cancer Research.
5th International Thyroid conference, Rome, Italy May 1965.
Carcinoma in situ [1955?].
Cancer of the skin 1951.
Manuscripts - The value of staging and proper reporting 1959.
Manuscript for approval - The value of staging and proper reporting. MDA papers
Occupational Health Council 7.17.
Rotary Patient Hotel 7.15; Blood Drive 8.3.
General 8.1 1981-82; Office 8.2 1981-82; Employee Cancer screening clinic and cancer education program 8.3.(P).
69MDAH Oncology Nursing Symposium 9/27-29/1979, Shamrock Hilton, Houston; Joshua Lederberg luncheon Sept. 20, 1979; International Ca Conference 9/18/80, New York City - RLC to speak.
ACS Annual Director - Delegate Assembly, Georgia Div. - Atlanta, Ga. 10/4-5/1979.
Distinguished Alumnus Awards, Johnson Library, Austin 10/5/1979; AACI policy and programs comte., Houston, 11/20/1979.
IV Asian Cancer Conference, Bombay, 12/4-8/1979; Philosophical Society of Texas, Austin, Texas 12/7-8/1979.
Amarillo Ca Care Center - Texas [1978?]; Northeast Dallas Noon Business and Professional Women's Club 11/13/1979.
RLC manuscripts 1960-1963.
Curtis, John E. - official documents, correspondence.
Davis, William D. - official documents, correspondence.
70Yarborough Panel of Consultants June, 1970.
Yarborough Panel of Consultants 24.31
Yarborough Panel of Consultants July, 1970 1-24 #1.
Harris County Med. Soc. 17.19 1975; Health Resources, Texas Dept. of and Texas Board of 17.19a 1975.
Houston Surgical Society 17.20 1975; James Ewing Society 17.21 1975; Legislature, Texas 17.22.1 1975.
Public Health Service (HEW, NIH, NCI, general) - 17.30 1975; Roswell Park Mem. Inst. 17.32 1975; Sloan-Kettering Cancer Institute 17.33 1975.
Texas Medical Association 17.36 1975; Texas Surgical Society 17.37 1975; Western Surgical Assoc. 17.39 1975.
General 18.1 1975.
71Manuscript reviews [no label] 18.6. 2 folders.
Comprehensive Therapy (new file) 18.21A 1975; Newspaper articles 18.29 1975; Postgraduate Medicine 18.30 1975; Year Book of Cancer 18.36 1975.
General 19.1; Board of Regents 19.2 1975.
Austin, UT at 20.2 1975; Dallas, UT at 20.3 1975; El Paso, UT at 20.4 1975.
Dallas HSC 21.1 1973-1975; Galveston Med. Branch 21.2; Houston HSC (general) 21.3 1975 forward.
Management of Soft Tissue Sarcoma 1960; Pilonidal Cysts: outline of surgical treatment 1945; Disc. Of Dr. Ed Ray's paper "Cancer of Prostate" presented at So. Surgical Mtg. Dec. 1953.
15th Annual Symposium on Fundamental Cancer Research Feb. 23-25, 1961.
7215th Annual Symposium on Fundamental Cancer Research, Feb. 23-26, 1961.
American Cancer Soc. Mar 14, 1961; Proposed cancer eye meeting; 17th Annual Symposium planning Oct. 10, 1962.
6th Annual Clinical conference, Oct 20-21, 1961.
UT Development Board mtg. Feb. 14, 1962; Grant site visit Sept. 24, 1962.
Papers and reprints - Clinical aspects of soft-tissue tumors.
Hogg Foundation for Mental Health, 1962.
Reprints - Tumors of the soft parts.
Blood films 1977 - brochures, etc.
73Conf. on Breast Ca Nov. 21-23, 1976. 2 folders.
Environmental Carcinogenesis Conf. Jan 12-13, 1976.
Lurleen B. Wallace Ca Ctr. Dedication 1/14/1977.
Charles B. Sammons Cancer Ctr. Dedication Jan. 14, 1977; Victoria ACS chapter Feb. 16, 1977.
Meeting file 1976.
16th Ann. Conf. Detection and Treatment Mar. 13-18, 1977.
American Surgical Assoc. 1976.
74General (1975) 2.1.
President's Biomedical Research panel (1975) 2.2.
General (1975) 4.11.1.
National Prostatic Cancer project (1975) 4.11.5; Divison of Cancer Control and Rehabilitation (1975) 4.12.
Cancer Control adv. comm. (1975) 4.12.1; Office of Cancer Research Safety (1975) 4.13; Correspondence (1975) 5.2.
Planning for cancer centers (1975) 5.5; Community cancer centers (1975) 5.6; Assoc. of Comm. Ca. Ctrs. (1975) 5.6.3.
General (1975) 6.1.
General (1975) 7.1.
Membership (1975) 7.2.
75IARC 1975 12.3.
Pan American Health Org. 1975 12.4.1.
General [cancer survival rates] 1975 13.1.
Correspondence 1975 13.2; Rehabilitation of the cancer patient 1975 15.2.
Biomedical Communication document, June 1969, B.C.M. 2 folders.
RLC - trip to Cuba 11/12/1980.
RLC - First Annual Pharmacy Oncology seminar - Oct. 26, 1979 [includes audiotape of speech].
4-26-79 RLC interviewed by Jim Moody, The Messenger; 3-28-79 RLC Ardmore, Oklahoma, Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation; 3-26-79 RLC interviewed by Jim Moody.
2-26-79 RLC Acapulco, Mexico, Young Presidents org.; 1-17-79 RLC/ American Soc. of Contemp. Med. and Surgery; 8-14-78 RLC general staff mtg.
7-31-78 RLC/ American Association of Physicists in Medicine; 6-23-78 RLC/ National Parents conference; 6-12-78 RLC/ general staff.
76Speeches - National Public Information conference, Nov. 29, 1976; Adriamycin-DNA complex.
Doll, Sir (William) Richard, OBE, FRS, M.D., D.Sc., FRCP, British epidemiologist and medical researcher - Interview [not in folder-missing].
ACS Annual Meeting - recognition of Ben Byrd Oct. 16, 1976; New York State Am. Ca. Soc. division, dinner mtg., 9/17/1976.
National Cancer Program 1976, 1977 - brochures.
American Cancer Society 1978, 1976; Outline of RLC speech, Charlotte, N.C.
32nd Annual Symposium on Cancer Research 2/27-28, 3/1-2/1979.
31st Annual Symposium on Cancer Research 3/1-3/1978; 30th Annual Symposium on Cancer Research 4/2-4/1977; 29th Annual Symposium on Cancer Research 1976.
24th Annual Clinical Conference 11/10/1979.
NCAB site visit, Columbia University, N.Y. 3/28/1977; also notes on Missouri, New Mexico applications for approval as Comprehensive Cancer Centers.
77AACI - Rapporteur Reports and General Discussions 11/13-14/1972.
American Joint Committee for Cancer Staging and End Results Reporting - pamphlets 1962 - 1967.
Health Hazard Appraisal / National Enquirer meeting 8/28/1978.
Itinerary: Legislative Budget Board hearings 6/12/1978.
Candlelighters National Parents Conference 6/23-25/1978 - RLC speech.
Soc. Surgical Oncology 4/2-6/1978, speech RLC.
78Correspondence 1976.
American Cancer Soc. - National Conference on Gynecological Cancer 9/18-20/1975.
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Ctr. - Dedication 9/5/1975.
CV - Lysle H. Peterson; meeting Sept. 7, 1975 about King Faisal Hospital, Saudi Arabia.
ACS - House of Delegates 11/5/1981.
ACS - Public Issues Committee 11/5/1981; ACS - Board of Directors 11/7/1981.
Blood Donor Progam Background - ACS trip 1981.
Ohio State University - site visit [to MDA] 12/8/1981.
RLC/Glenn Knotts - Medical Arts Pub. Found. 12/1/1981.
Welch Foundation Dinner 11/9/1981.
79RLC - paper - How a comprehensive cancer center can best serve the needs of community physicians 11/13/1981.
RLC - moderator, CICA panel 11/12/1981.
RLC - paper - Control of cancer through the interaction of community physicians and regional comprehensive cancer centers 11/12/1981.
RLC - paper - Acceleration of basic science research application to clinical medicine 11/12/1981.
RLC/RCH present Commemorative Medals of Achievement 11/12/1981.
RLC - Mike Hogg presentation 11/13/1981.
RLC - Acapulco University 2/25 - 3/3/1979 - Young Presidents Organization. 2 folders.
Vince Lombardi Dinner Jan. 18, 1979; Arizona Surgical Symposium 1/16-20/1979.
Amer. Soc. of Contemporary Med. and Surg. 1/14-19/1979 [incl. RLC presentation: Systemic cancer: concept, philosophy, and treatment].
Amer. Assoc. for Advan. of Sci. 1/3-8/1979; Grace Monaco [Candlelighters] 1/1-3/1979.
New York University May 30, 1974.
Lasker Jury committee May 29, 1974
Surgeons Travel Club May 17-18, 1974.
Victory Dinner May 17, 1974.
Goodwill Award May 9, 1974.
Fund Raising dinner May 1, 1974; RLC buffet dinner - Board of Visitors May 1, 1974.
International Soc. for Exper. Hematology Mar. 31 - Apr. 3, 1974 - RLC speech - The National Cancer Program.
80RLC - Evaluation of Farah Pahlavi Medical Center, Tabriz, Iran 1978. 2 folders.
RLC - Dedication of Robertson Laboratories 5/19/1972.
RLC speech - Southwestern Medical School 5/30/1972 - The National Cancer Act of 1971.
RLC speech - Pan Pacific Surgical Assoc. 2/26-3/4/1972 - Brief Analysis of the National Cancer Act of 1971.
RLC speeches - VIIIth International Pigment Cell conf. 3/13-17/1972 - Research and Clinical Approach to Melanoma at UT M.D. Anderson Hospital and Tumor Institute; also Psychological Reactions of Patients and Health Professionals to Cancer [revised 1975] for NCI conf. Cancer Control and the Behavioral Sciences 1/20/1975.
VIIIth International Pigment Cell conf. 3/13-17/1972.
81Physicians Referral Service dinner 6/3/1972; Lasker Award comm. 6/14/1972.
RLC speech - Joint Meeting for Ca Research 6/29/1972 - The National Cancer Act of 1971 and Its Effect on Cancer Centers and Institutions.
RLC speech - Houston Surgical Society 3/23/1973 - The National Cancer Program Plan - Present Status.
National Conference on Cancer Prevention and Detection 3/28-29/1973.
10th Symposium on biomathematics and computer science in the life sciences 3/29-31/1973.
Samuel Roberts Noble Found. Review Board 3/28-30/1979. 2 folders.
Surgeons Travel Club 4/4-9/1979.
Meetings - March, April 1979.
Meetings - May - July 1979.
Meetings - September, October 1979.
Meetings - November, December 1979.
82American Society of Clinical Oncology May 26-27, 1982.
Texas Medical Assoc. Annual Meeting May 6-9, 1971; 9th Annual Symposium on Biomathematics and Computers in the Life Sciences Mar. 22-24, 1971.
16th Annual Clinical Conf. Nov. 11-12, 1971 - RLC brief intro. to Panel on Thyroid Carcinoma; Heath Award. 2 folders.
Victoria College, Victoria, Texas 2/16/1977 - RLC speech - What Recent Research is Telling Us about the Causes of Cancer.
7th Annual Lombardi Award Dinner 1/27/1977.
Newsclips on cancer 1977.
Correspondence 1982 [1.10]. 2 folders.
83General 1972-1974 5.1. 2 folders.
Minutes, agendas of NCAB [NIH, National Cancer Inst.] 7.3 1974; 1973.
Minutes, agenda of NCAB 7.3 1972. 2 folders.
Status reports NCAB (1972-1973) 7.5.
84Meetings - Maria Sklodowska - Curie Memorial Inst. of Oncology, Warsaw, Poland May 7-10, 1975 - visit by RLC. 2 folders.
Meetings - Conference of Comprehensive Cancer Centers, April 9-10, 1975. 2 folders.
Meetings - IXth International Pigment Cell Conference, Jan. 13-17. 1975 - RLC Welcoming Address, also Evolution of Therapy for Malignant Melanoma at the UT-MDA Hospital and Tumor Inst., 1950 - 1975. 2 folders.
Meetings - General 1975. 2 folders.
85Meetings - General 1976.
Meetings - State Convention of Business and Professional Women's Clubs June 7, 1975; Surgeons Travel Club 1975.
Meetings - Nat'l Cancer Control Program Planning Conf. Jan. 22-24, 1974 - RLC speech - Psychological Reaction of Patients and Health Professionals to Cancer.
Meetings - RLC speech - The Economic Aspects of Conquering Cancer - Harvard Business School Club of Houston 1/25/1972.
Meetings - Association of Operating Room Nurses (AORN) 1/31-2/4/1972.
Meetings - Smithville Chamber of Commerce Annual Banquet 1/20/1972 - RLC speech - UT System Environmental Science Park.
Meetings - MDA - 11th Annual Symposium on Fundamental Cancer Research, Mar. 7-9, 1957. 2 folders.
Meetings - MDA - 11th Annual Symposium on Fundamental Cancer Research, Mar. 7-9, 1957.
86National Cancer Congress - ACS - Sept. 27-29, 1972 - RLC opening remarks; introduction to plenary session. 2 folders.
Lasker Award Nov. 16, 1972; Capital Area Radiation and Research Found. Ctr. Nov. 26, 1972.
Surgeons Travel Club 5/11-13/1972 - RLC paper Nat'l Cancer Act of 1971; Texas Medical Assoc. 5/11-14/1972.
8th Cancer Congress 1973; Conjoint Mtg: American Radium Soc., James Ewing Soc., Soc. of Head and Neck Surgeons 5/14-19/1972.
American Assoc. for Cancer Research 5/4-6/1972; American College of Radiology Nov. 30, 1972 - RLC speech Nat'l Cancer Act.
Meetings - general 1973.
87UT Medical School at San Antonio 1972; Atlantic Coast Tumor Virology Group 1/16/1973 - RLC speech [Nat'l Cancer Act of 1971].
Sommer Memorial Lectures 4/26-28/1972 - RLC speeches - Nat'l Cancer Act of 1971; Research & Clinical Approach to Melanoma at UT-MDA; Management of Carcinoma of the Colon and Rectum. 2 folders
Board of Regents meeting 8/11/1972; Assoc. of General Contractors 8/16/1972.
National Cancer Plan 3/14-15/1972.
Robert A. Welch Foundation lecture 3/13/1972; Scientific Research Society of America (RESA) 4/12/1972.
Achievement Rewards for College Scientists 4/16/1972 - RLC speech: National Cancer Act of 1971; Governor-for-a-day Chet Brooks and proclamation re: RLC.
Carcinoembryonic Antigen Test Collaborative Study 4/21/1972.
TCU fund raising dinner honoring RLC - speech [MDAH tour] 1/24-25/1973; Luncheon honoring RLC 2/26/1973.
Symposium on the Normal and Abnormal Growth of the Prostate 3/1-3/1973 - RLC speech: National Cancer Act of 1971.
American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine 8/23-24/1972 - RLC speech: National Cancer Act of 1971 - its impact on cancer rehabilitation.
American Medical Center, Denver, CO site visit 8/24-25/1972.
Salute to Senator A.M. Aiken 5/26/1973 - RLC remarks: Here's to the Dean from his Friends at Large; Surgeons Travel Club 5/17-19/1973.
Houston Surgical Soc. 5/9/1980; Distinguished Service Award Banquet 6/7/1980.
88General 1976 2.1; 4.1.
National Cancer Institute - correspondence (1976) 4.2.
NCI - Office of the Director (1976) 4.3.
NCI - Division of Cancer Treatment (1976) 4.4; Clinical Cooperative Groups (1976) 4.4.1.
NCI - Division of Cancer Cause and Prevention (1976) 4.5; Diet, Nutrition, and Cancer (1976) 4.5.1.
NCI - Division of Cancer Research Resources and Centers (1976) 4.7.
NCI - National Cancer Plan (1976) 4.8; General 4.9.1.
RLC Testimony - Subcommittee on Public Health and Environment Feb. 5, 1974.
American Society of Clinical Oncology Mar. 27, 1974.
Cancer newsclippings Jan. - June 1975.
University of Texas newsclippings Oct., 1974 - June, 1975.
M.D. Anderson newsclippings June, 1974 - Sept., 1975.
89National Cancer Institute - National Cancer Advisory Board - General (1976) 7.1; Membership (1976) 7.2.
NCI - Minutes, Agendas of NCAG (1976) 7.3.
NCI - NCAB - Site Visit Guidelines and Characteristics 1975, 1976 7.5; Subcommittee on Diagnosis and Treatment (1976) 7.6.
NCI -NCAB - Subcommittee on Cancer Centers (!976) 7.7.
NCI -NCAB - Research on Smoking and Health (1976) 7.8; Subcommittee on Carcinogenesis and Prevention (1976) 7.9.
NCI - ICRDB - Program (1976) 8.3; CIDAC (1976) 8.4; Cancerline (1976) 8.5; EORTC Data Center (1976) 8.7.
NCI - [data systems] - General (1976) 9.1; Correspondence (1976) 9.2; Central Data Resources (1976) 9.3; International Tumor Registry (1976) 9.4.
NCI - AACI - General (1976) 10.1; Board of Directors (1976) 10.13; AACI National Office (1976) 10.14.
NCI - [grants] - General (1975) 17.1; Cancer Centers (1975) 17.2; Training (Permanent) (1975) 17.5.
NCI - Cancer Research Emphasis Grants (1975) 17.7.
Publications - General (1975) 18.1.
Publications - Postgraduate Medicine 1976 18.30; Texan Times 1976 18.34a.
90Com. - Committee of Consultants (Senator Yarborough) (P) Folder #3, Sept. 1970
Yarborough Panel of Consultants, Oct. 1970.
Yarborough Panel of Consultants, Nov. 1970.
Yarborough Panel of Consultants, Dec. 1970.
[Yarborough] Panel of Consultants, Jan. 1971.
[Yarborough] Panel of Consultants, Feb. 1971.
91[Yarborough] Panel of Consultants, Mar. 1971.
[Yarborough] Panel of Consultants, Apr. 1971.
[Yarborough] Panel of Consultants, May 1971.
[Yarborough] Panel of Consultants, June 1971.
92Administrative Council of UTHSC at Houston 15.1 1976.
Organizations - general 17.1 1976.
American Assoc. for Cancer Education 17.2 1976.
American Cancer Soc. national 17.5 1976.
American Cancer Soc. Texas 17.6 1976.
American College of Surgeons 17.7 1976.
American Medical Assoc. 17.10 1976.
Cancer Organizations, misc. 17.12c 1976.
Coordinating Board of Univ. and College System 17.16 1976.
Foreign Cancer Institutes 17.18 1976.
Harris County Medical Soc. 17.19 1976.
Houston Surgical Soc. 17.20 1976.
General 17.22.1 1976.
Mayo Alumni Assoc. 17.25 1976.
93George Bush meeting 1/2/1981.
National Large Bowel Cancer Prog. - Workshop 1/8-9/1981.
Richard T. Eastwood Building dedication 1/18/1981.
AACI - 1/25-27/1981.
ACS Medical & Scientific committee 2/5/1981; ACS - Ed. Advisory Bd. 2/3/1981.
Amer. Soc. of Contemp. Med. & Surg., 16th Annual 3/15-20/1981.
Mike Hogg Fund 4/16/1981 Board of Visitors.
VA site visit 4/23/1981 New York.
Anderson & Pressler dinner 4/28/1981.
Chamber of Commerce mtg. - V.P. George Bush 5/14/1981.
Board of Visitors 5/15/-16/1981.
Org. of European Can. Inst. 5/17-19/1981.
Surgeons Travel Club - Houston 5/21-23/1981 - membership lists; miscellaneous.
Surgeons Travel Club - Houston 5/21-23/1981 - Program & related corresp.; Background/club corresp.
94Radiation Treatment Center, Georgia Baptist Hosp. 1/9/1974.
PRS awards 6/1/1974.
AMA - Sheen Award to RLC 6/23/1974.
Lasker Foundation 6/27/1974.
Ground Breaking for chapel 8/1/1974 [MDAH Lutheran Chapel] RLC remarks.
Reception honoring Dr. Berry 9/18/1974.
NCI - Conf. on Ca Ctrs. 9/27/1974.
Breast Cancer Task Force 9/30/1974.
Adv. in Treatment and Rehab. 11/25-27/1974 - ACS/NCI.
Conference on Cancer Centers [1972?].
Meeting File - general 1972.
National Cancer Plan - Objective 6 reviews 1/3-6/1972.
National Cancer Plan - Objective 6 1/6-8/1972.
Passano Award 4/13/1972.
95RLC professional correspondence 1939-42.
RLC - War Department 6/1942.
RLC Medical Information B.
RLC Medical Information O [ca.1942].
RLC Medical Information V [ca.1940?].
RLC - Major and minor cases 1/1941 - 1/1942. RESTRICTED
RLC - Cholecystitis and Cholelithiasis: … 5/6/1941.
RLC paper - Recent advances in the management of intestinal obstruction [ca. 1940 ?].
RLC - case report: Colectomy for familial polyposis associated with cancer of the colon.
RLC Medical Information: diaphragmatic hernia.
RLC - Patient records 1939. RESTRICTED
RLC - American Board of Surgery and American College of Surgeons [ca.1940-42].
RLC various [1946?]; various [1939-42].
96Reading files 1-5/1978 28.0.
Reading files 6-10/1978 28.0.
Reading files 1-3/1977 28.0.
Reading files 4-6/1977 28.0
97Reading files 6-12/1977 28.0.
Reading files 1-3/1976 28.0.
Reading files 4-6/1976 28.0.
Reading files 7-9/1976 28.0.
Reading files 10-12/1976 28.0.
98Reading files 1-3/1975 28.0.
Reading files 4-6/1975 28.0.
Reading files 7-9/1975 28.0.
Reading files 10-12/1975 28.0.
99Am. Federation of State, County, and Municipal Empl. 1963.
American Goiter Assoc. 1959.
Amer. Medical Assn. to 1959; 1963.
Am. Medical Assoc. 1965; 1966; 1968; 1969.
Am. Med. Writers Assn. 1954-56.
Amer. Soc. Clinical Oncology 1967; 1968; 1969.
Am. Surgical Assoc. 1959; Am. Thyroid Assn. 1963.
Assn. for Grad. Ed. and Research of North Texas 1965; Assn. of Hosp. Directors of Medical Ed. 1963.
Atomic Energy Comm. 1963; 1964; 1965; 1969.
Baylor Univ. Coll. of Med. 1965; 1966; 1967.
Braniff Foundation 1959; Beard Foundation 1959; Busch Stadium 1963; Butt Foundation 1965.
Cancer Councils - other states [1956-58].
Cancer Research Center (Columbia, Missouri) 1965; 1966; 1968.
100Chamber of Commerce 1968; 1969.
Childrens Cancer Research Fnd. 1963.
Congress, U.S. 1966; 1967; 1968.
Congress, U.S. 1969. 2 folders.
Coord. Bd. for Texas Colleges and University System 1965-66.
Coord. Bd. for Texas College and University System 1967.
Coord. Bd. Univ. and College System 1968. 2 folders.
Coord. Bd. Univ. and College System 1969. 2 folders.
101RLC - National Cancer Attack Act of 1971, Part I.
RLC - National Cancer Attack Act of 1971, Part II; Changes in existing law 10/13/1971.
RLC - part III - Final Report submitted by Committee of Consultants: Historical Review of Cancer Control Activities in U.S. since 1937.
102RLC - Dedication at MDA 10/2/1976.
RLC - Rio Grande Radiation Treatment Center dedication 9/16/1977.
RLC - Dedication of Institute of Hemotherapy Blood Mobile 3/7/1978.
RLC - photo with President Gerald Ford.
RLC - photo with Prof. Hiraki 9/1972.
RLC - photos autographing book: Clark and the Anderson, ca. 1976.
RLC - photo of 30 Year Anniversary Celebration [ca.1977?].
RLC - photo with Flip Wilson, First Lady Betty Ford 11/1975.
RLC - Macon interviewing visitor.
RLC - photo - President's Commission 1964.
RLC - photo Surgeons Travel Club 5/17-19/1973.
RLC - 6 days before ground breaking for MDA, 1950.
RLC - Rotary Man of the Year Award 6/9/1977.
RLC - ACS President 1976-77.
RLC - notes.
RLC - Mayo brochure [1968?].
RLC - Buescher Science Park/Camp Swift study 1970.
RLC - 1957 Diaries.
RLC - CVs and items of note 1975-81.
RLC - various newsclippings; also MDA clippings.
RLC - photo with Bob Eckhardt, U.S. Congressman [ca. 1969?].
RLC - notes in reprint 3/5/1946.
103General 12.1 [Other international agencies and programs] 12.0].
CIOMS (Cou. for Intern'l. Orgs. of Med. Sci.) (1972-73) 12.2; IARC (1972-73) 12.3.
WHO (World Health Organization) 12.4 [1974]. 3 folders.
General (1972-73) 13.1 [Cancer Control 13.0]. 3 folders.
104Correspondence 1972-1974 13.2. 2 folders.
General (1972-1973) 15.1 [Rehabilitation 15.0]; Rehabilitation of the cancer patient (1972) 15.3.
General (1972-1973) 16.1 [Proposals 16.0]; Cancer centers 16.2; Cancer control (1972-1973) 16.3; Rehabilitation (1972-1974) 16.4.
General (1972-1974) [Grants 17.0].
Cancer Centers (1972-1974) 17.2; Cancer control (1972-1974) 17.3.
Training (1973-1974) 17.5. 2 folders.
Core grants (1972-1973) 17.6.
105Clark awards 1967.
Name file 1968. 2 folders.
Namefile 1969.
Namefile 1969 folder 2.
Namefile 1969 folder 3.
RLC - Air/water conservation committee 1970 (inactive 1/28/1971).
106Namefile 1970 Vol. I. 2 folders.
Namefile 1970 Vol. II. 2 folders.
Awards - Annual Brotherhood Award, National Conf. of Christians and Jews; RLC acceptance speech.
25th Anniversary honoring R. Lee Clark May 29, 1971.
107Namefile 1971. 2 folders.
Namefile 1971 Folder #2. 2 folders.
RLC - official entertainment Nov. 1, 1971 forward.
Namefile - National Cyclopedia of American Biog. 1967-1975.
108Appointment to Cancer Panel #2.
RLC - Certificate, IARC (WHO) Oct. 16, 1972.
RLC - Award: Sons of Amer. Rev. Good Citizenship Feb. 22, 1972.
RLC - TMC Award 1972.
RLC - Exchange Club Award 6/17/1972.
Namefile 1972. 2 folders.
Namefile 1972 Folder #2. 2 folders.
109Sydney Farber Award 1972.
Albert Lasker Medical Research Award [RLC received in 1965?].
Name File 1973. 2 folders.
Namefile 1973 - Folder #2.
Appointment to Cancer Panel #1 1973.
110Namefile through July 1974. 2 folders.
Namefile 1974, no. 2 August forward.
Awards - Goodwill Industries Award 5/9/1974.
RLC - Sheen Award 6-23-74 [with RLC acceptance speech]. 2 folders.
R.L.C. elected President - AACI (Association of American Cancer Institutes).
111Namefile 1975 Vol. I. 2 folders.
RLC - Predictions for 2025 [1975].
RLC - Appointments (outside) 1952-1975. [See Hermann Staff list 1973] 2 folders.
Texas Times 1975 [article on RLC 6/1975].
Travel Itinerary - from Oct. 1976 [to Feb. 1978]. [Includes daily appointments] 2 folders
Misc. invitations 1976. 2 folders.
112RLC - travel Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia [1979?].
RLC - travel France [1980?]
RLC - 29th Annual Young Presidents University 2/1979.
MDA photos [1980?]
RLC - Evaluation of faculty shortage and shortage of housing [audio tape].
RLC/MDA photos.
MDA luncheon - Clark/Cumley; RLC personal photos.
RLC - travel slides Aug. 1979; also ?.
RLC - travel slides [25th International Cancer Congress - UICC?].
RLC - various photos 1971; 1973.
RLC - travel Sweden.
RLC - box of slides, includes Grant Taylor GSBS.
113RLC - box of slides.
RLC - photographs.
D. Hill [control and exp. tissues].
Don Macon - May, Aug., Dec. 1968, Aug, Oct. 1969.
Box of slides [1979?].
Box of slides - [partial MDA]?
RLC - photographs 1968, 1969, 1970 - TMC Library, Baylor, various.
RLC - photographs 11/1978.
RLC - photographs 4/1981 with captions.
RLC - photographs, various.
RLC - various photographs 1979; 1980; ?.
MDA - article from Iceland Newspaper "Morgun Bladid", Aug. 2, 1961.
114Douglass - Ellis Fischel State Cancer Center 1982.
Roswell Park Memorial Institute / Gerald P. Murphy.
RLC and Nixon et al - Presentation of Cancer Plan 1973.
RLC - various correspondence - Cancer Act 1971; President's Cancer Commission - letters signed by President Nixon, VP Ford, E. Kennedy, Carter.
Biomedical Engineering Research conf. in Houston 1984 - RLC speech.
British Association of Surgical Oncology Members 1984-1986.
Notebook ca. 1946-47; Address book.
Notebook with list of physicians in Mississippi.
Board reports to the President [President's Commission on Ca] (1975) 7.4.
Subcommittee on cancer centers (1975) 7.7.
Research in smoking and health (1975) 7.8; Subcommittee on carcinogenesis & prev. (1975) 7.9; ICRDB - program (1975) 8.3.
Cancerline (1975) 8.5; EORTC [European Organization for Research on Treatment of cancer] (1975) 8.7; General (1975) 9.1.
115Operating Room Record 1946-1952 [note in front of book says "copied and transferred to other book entitled: "Register of Operations"; also includes pink record copy of operations by RLC on E.W. Bertner 1948, J. Kennedy1948]; Register of Operations 1946-1960. RESTRICTED

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