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Historic Resource Survey Materials of Dallas. Phase II

A Continuation of the Emrich Survey: Dallas Historic Resource Survey, 1985 (MA85-21)

Overview of the Collection

Creator: Hardy, Daniel
Title: Historic Resource Survey Materials of Dallas. Phase II
Accession No.: MA88-22
Quantity: 6 Boxes and 1 map Drawer
Language: The records are in English.
Repository: Texas/Dallas History & Archives, Dallas Public Library 1515 Young St  Dallas, TX 75201


For background and methodology, see the survey summary in Box A.

Note - Phase I is the Dallas Historic Resource Survey, 1985 - also known as the Emrich Survey - see MA85-21

Scope and Contents

Includes worksheets, computer printouts, contact prints, slides, and maps used in the project.



The worksheets are arranged alphabetically by street name within the three surveys: Victorian Architectural Survey, Oak Cliff Survey, and Central Business District. The three volumes of data analysis and a second copy of the final report summary are included in box 5, photographic contact prints and slides are in Volume III. The maps are in map drawers with Emrich Survey maps.

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Dallas (Tex.)
Historic buildings -- Texas -- Dallas -- Archives
Historic buildings -- Texas -- Dallas -- Maps
Historic Resource Survey of Dallas, Phase II

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MA88-22 Historic Resource Survey of Dallas, Phase II, Texas/Dallas History & Archives Division, Dallas Public Library

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Detailed Description of the Collection

Box Folder
A Register and Researchers Guide - Includes Final Report


Victorian Architecture Survey Sheets

Box Folder
1 1 Synthesis Methodology
2 Cultural Resource Inventory of the Central Business District - Alphabetically by Street Name
3 Dallas Historical Landmark Survey alphabetically by street name
4 Historical and architectural survey of Oak Cliff alphabetically by street name
5 Victorian architecture and neighborhood conservation study survey - High Priority List - alphabetically by street name
6 Victorian Architecture and Neighborhood study survey - alphabetically by street name
7 Victorian architecture and neighborhood conservation study survey (working draft)
8 Victorian Survey Cards - Akard-Bryan Sts. (photocopies)
9 Victorian Survey Cards - Cabell-Colby Sts. (photocopies)
10 Victorian Survey Cards - Cole (photocopies)
11 Victorian Survey Cards - Colonial-Ewing Sts. (photocopies)
12 Victorian Survey Cards - Fairmount-Harwood Sts. (photocopies)
13 Victorian Survey Cards - Haskell-Hibernia
14 Victorian Survey Cards - Holly-Hunt
15 Victorian Survey Cards - Josephine-Lemmon
16 Victorian Survey Cards - Leonard-Marsalis
17 Victorian Survey Cards - McKee-McKinney
18 Victorian Survey Cards - McKinnon-Melba
19 Victorian Survey Cards - Munger-Ninth
Box Folder
2 1 Victorian Survey Cards - Pearl St.
2 Victorian Survey Cards - Race-Richardson Sts.
3 Victorian Survey Cards - Page-Peak Sts.
4 Victorian Survey Cards - Roseland-Ross Sts.
5 Victorian Survey Cards - Routh-E. Seventh Sts.
6 Victorian Survey Cards - Simpson-State Sts.
7 Victorian Survey Cards - Sullivan-Sunset-Swiss Sts.
8 Victorian Survey Cards - Tenth St.
9 Victorian Survey Cards - Texas-Third-Thirteen Sts.
10 Victorian Survey Cards - Thomas St.
11 Victorian Survey Cards - Twelfth St.
12 Victorian Survey Cards - Upton-Worthington Sts.


Oak Cliff Survey Sheets

Box Folder
2 13 Oak Cliff Survey Sheets - Adams - Colorado Sts.
14 Oak Cliff Survey Sheets - Commerce-Eleventh Sts.
15 Oak Cliff Survey Sheets - Elsbeth-Haines Sts.
16 Oak Cliff Survey Sheets - Jefferson-Kings Hwy. Sts.
17 Oak Cliff Survey Sheets - Lancaster-Lausanne Sts.
18 Oak Cliff Survey Sheets - Ledbetter-Lewellyn-Madison Sts.
19 Oak Cliff Survey Sheets - Marsalis St.
20 Oak Cliff Survey Sheets - Melba St.
21 Oak Cliff Survey Sheets - Montclair-Neal Sts.
22 Oak Cliff Survey Sheets - 9th St. and Oak Cliff Blvd
23 Oak Cliff Survey Sheets - Page-Patton-Pembroke Sts.
24 Oak Cliff Survey Sheets - Rosemont-Sabine-Seventh-Storey Shelter Place-6th st-Stafford-Starr-Sunset
25 Oak Cliff Survey Sheets - 10th st.-R.L. Thornton
26 Oak Cliff Survey Sheets - 12th St.
27 Oak Cliff Survey Sheets - Tyler St.
28 Oak Cliff Survey Sheets - Upton-Van Buren-Vernon-Wentworth-Willomet-Windomere Sts.
29 Oak Cliff Survey Sheets - Zang St.


Central Business District Survey Sheets

Box Folder
3 1 C.B.D. Survey Cards - Akard Street (photocopies)
2 C.B.D. Survey Cards - Austin St. (photocopies)
3 C.B.D. Survey Cards - Boll-Browder Sts. (photocopies)
4 C.B.D. Survey Cards - Bryan St. (photocopies)
5 C.B.D. Survey Cards - Cadiz St. (photocopies)
6 C.B.D. Survey Cards - Canton St. (photocopies)
7 C.B.D. Survey Cards - Central/Central Expressway (photocopies)
8 C.B.D. Survey Cards - Commerce St.
9 C.B.D. Survey Cards - Corbin-Corsicana-Crokett (photocopies)
10 C.B.D. Survey Cards - Elm St - 907-2001 (photocopies)
11 C.B.D. Survey Cards - Elm St. - 1504-2226 (photocopies)
12 C.B.D. Survey Cards - Ervay (includes 501 Evergreen) (photocopies)
13 C.B.D. Survey Cards - Fairmount-Federal Sts. (photocopies)
14 C.B.D. Survey Cards - Field-Flora Sts.
15 C.B.D. Survey Cards - Good Latimer (photocopies)
16 C.B.D. Survey Cards - Griffin St. (photocopies)
17 C.B.D. Survey Cards - Harwood St. (photocopies)
18 C.B.D. Survey Cards - Hawkins-Horton-Houston Sts. (photocopies)
19 C.B.D. Survey Cards - Jackson St. (photocopies)
Box Folder
4 1 C.B.D. Survey Cards - Lamar St. (photocopies)
2 C.B.D. Survey Cards - Laws-Leonard-Live Oak Sts. (photocopies)
3 C.B.D. Survey Cards - Pearl St. Pearl Exway. (photocopies)
4 C.B.D. Survey Cards - Poydras-Prather-Record-Reunion Blvd. (photocopies)
5 C.B.D. Survey Cards - Ross St. (photocopies)
6 C.B.D. Survey Cards - Routh St. (photocopies)
7 C.B.D. Survey Cards - Main St. 1200-1412 (photocopies)
8 C.B.D. Survey Cards - Main St. 1500-1707 (photocopies)
9 C.B.D. Survey Cards - Main St. 1801-2030 (photocopies)
10 C.B.D. Survey Cards - Main St. 2106-2220 (photocopies)
11 C.B.D. Survey Cards - Marilla-McKinney-Munger Sts. (photocopies)
12 C.B.D. Survey Cards - Olive St. (photocopies)
13 C.B.D. Survey Cards - Pacific Ave. (photocopies)
14 C.B.D. Survey Cards - Park-Patterson Sts.(photocopies)
15 C.B.D. Survey Cards - Pearl St. (photocopies)
16 C.B.D. Survey Cards - St. Louis St. (photocopies)
17 C.B.D. Survey Cards - St. Paul St. (photocopies)
18 C.B.D. Survey Cards - San Jacinto St. (photocopies)
19 C.B.D. Survey Cards - Taylor-Wade-Wood Sts. (photocopies)
20 C.B.D. Survey Cards - Woodall Rodgers (photocopies)
21 C.B.D. Survey Cards - Young St. (photocopies)


Notebooks: Final Report

Box Folder
5 Volume I - Inventory Master List
Volume II - Survey Forms
Volume III - Photographs - contact prints and color slides of High Priority sites
Final Report Summary Description and Recommendations
Box Folder
Maps - Located in Map Drawers