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William E. Bard Collection

Finding Guide to Resource Materials on Mirabeau B. Lamar and Other Texas Topics

Overview of the Collection

Creator: Bard, William E.
Title: William E. Bard Collection
Accession No.: MA85-10
Quantity: 18 boxes
Language: The records are in English.
Repository: Texas/Dallas History & Archives, Dallas Public Library 1515 Young St Dallas, TX 75201

Biographical Note

Taken from Bard, W.E. Time in Your Hand c.1977

William E. Bard, one of Texas most distinguished poets, came to Texas as a child in 1895. He grew up in Galveston County and started married life as a Methodist minister. A few moves and six children later, he retired from the ministry and was employed by the Veterans Administration in Dallas

Mr. Bard's first book published in 1933 was A Little Flame Blown. In more recent years he authored Feather in the Sun, This Land This People, Burning Embers, and As a Wild Bird Returning. His poems have appeared in scores of yearbooks, anthologies, and other publications; many winning poetry awards including the Texas Centennial Award and a Presidential Citation from Avalon. He is a charter member of the Texas Institute as wll as past president and life member of the Poetry Society of Texas.

Mr. Bard was Poet Laureate of Texas in 1966, is cited in the International Who's Who in Poetry, and is a recipient of an honorary Doctor of Human Letters from the President of the Philippines. In 1968, Mr. Bard was a delegate to the First World Congress of Poets convening in Manila, Philippine Islands. Mr. Bard died July 23, 1978.

Scope and Contents

In addition to poetry, W.E. Bard was an avid researcher of Texas History with a special interest in Mirabeau B. Lamar. This collection contains spiral notebooks of research notes taken from various resources concerning the life and career of Lamar, his ancestors and descendants and correspondence from Lamar family members. Other topics of Texas interest are also represented. This collection arrangement was created from the original order kept by Mr. Bard, no chronological order exists for correspondence; the folders were topically arranged by Mr. Bard. The notebooks and folder headings were kept as close to the original labels as possible. Staples and other metal attachments were removed where possible and retained when necessary. It is apparent that Mr. Bard intended to write either a biography of Lamar or a book on Texas History; however, no manuscript or published materials other than poetry titles exist in this collection.

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William E. Bard
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Dallas (Tex)
Mirabeau B. Lamar
William E. Bard Collection

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Detailed Description of the Collection


Mirabeau B. Lamar Notes

Box Folder
1 1-12 Notebooks - Lamar Notes Unnumbered and I-XI
Box Folder
2 1-12 Notebooks - Lamar Notes Books XII-XXI
Box Folder
3 1-14 Notebooks - Lamar Notes Notebooks XXII-XXXIII
Box Folder
4 1-13 Notebooks - Lamar Notes Notebooks XXXIV-XLVI
Box Folder
5 1-15 Notebooks - Lamar Notes Notebooks XLVII-LXI
Box Folder
6 1-3 Notebooks LXIII-LXV
4 Notebooks Indexes Books I-XXVI
5 Lamar Notes - Dates in Lamar Books
6 Lamar Notes
7 M.B. Lamar Criticism in Texas Press
8 Buckley's resolution on the Death of Lamar - House Journal 1859-1860
9 M.B. Lamar - Laredo Papers Report of Lamar's Service at Laredo
10 M.B. Lamar - Material from the Houston Public Library
11 M.B. Lamar - Material from Texas University Archives - Thomas J. Rusk Papers and Ashbel Smith Papers.
12 Lamar Papers - Texas State Archives
13 Letters in the National Archives concerning M.B. Lamar to President James Buchanan
14 Letters in the National Archives seeking appointment for M.R. Lamar to President Franklin Pierce (see also box 18)
15 Materials relating to the possible impeachment of M.B. Lamar - Courtesy of Miss Harriet Smither
16 Juan Letters - Lamar Papers and Dientz Papers
17 Dr. Willis Roberts Family - Includes Olivia Mather Papers - see also Juan Letters
18 M.B. Lamar - Marriage - New Orleans - Miss Henrietta M. Maffitt January 29, 1851
Box Folder
7 1 Thaddeau B. Rice
2 Nathan Sargent Papers
3 Rebecca Dollie Scrapbook
4 Papers of Mrs. T.J. Christian
5 Material from Grace Gilliam Davidson
6 Howell C. Erwin Papers
7 Letters to Mrs. Ernest Lamar from C.R. Lamar
8 The Lamar Family from A History of Texas and Texans, Volume V pages 2647-2651 by Frank W. Johnson
9 Mrs. E.H.J. Andrews material
10 Material from Loretta D. Brown
11 Miscellaneous Notes and Sketches, including newspaper clippings
12 Lamar Genealogies
13 Lamar Family, Materials from Harold D. LeMar
14 Lamar Family Obituary Notices
15 M.B. Lamar - Georgia and National Archives, Dept. of State, Appointments, Digest of Lamar's Political Service in Georgia
16 Lamar and Jordan Family Data from S.A. Gordon
17 William Jefferson Jones Papers
18 Materials from Henry W. Adams Lamar in Alabama 1835-1836
Box Folder
8 1 Kate Word Jones Papers
2 General Land Office - Lamar Land
3 Lamar Homes in Georgia - from George A. Lamar
4 Lamar Homestead - Georgia
5 Wills: Thomas Lamar, Jeremiah Lamar & Harmona Lamar
6 George A. Lamar - Typed transcription of Newspaper Articles on the Lamar and Davis Families.
7 Lamar Addresses


Correspondence - Lamar Notes

Box Folder
8 8 Correspondence I
9 Correspondence II
Box Folder
9 1 Correspondence III
2 Correspondence IV
3 Correspondence V
4 Correspondence VI & VII
5 Correspondence VIII
6 Correspondence IX
Box Folder
10 1 Correspondence X - Lamar & Dryden
2 Correspondence XI #1
3 Correspondence XI #2
4 Correspondence XII
5 Correspondence XIII - Lamar Descendants
Box Folder
11 1 Correspondence XIV
2 Correspondence XV
3 Correspondence XVI
4 Correspondence XVII
5 Correspondence XVIII
Box Folder
12 Correspondence XIX-XXI
Box Folder
13 1 Correspondence XXII
2 Correspondence XXIII
3 Correspondence XXIII (2)


Hereford Family

Box Folder
13 4 Hereford Family Genealogy
5 Hereford Family of Virginia
6 Hereford Family - Descendants of Robert Ammon Hereford and Virginia Lewis
7 Robert Lewis Hereford & Francis Hereford, Congressmen
8 F.H. Hereford Letters
9 Dr. Thomas A. Hereford and Solomon P. Sublette - trading in Mexico and Trip to California
10 John Hereford Family
11 Hereford Family


William G. Dryden

Box Folder
14 1 Early Life in Kentucky
2 Madison Co. Kentucky Records
3 New Mexico, Personnel of the Rowland-Workman Party, American Trades in New Mexico
4 The Gran Quivera Episode - (Saga of Pegleg Smith)
5 Mexican War - The Anglo American Pres. in Mexico - James L. Freanor in California - John H. Peoples
6 Sketches and notes
7 Notes from Harris Newark: Sixty Years in Southern California
8 Santa Fe Expedition - Federalist War
9 Trial in Mexico
10 Dryden Claim National Archives Records of the Department of State, Claims against Mexico Commission of 1848 - Undocked Claim No. 8
11 Dryden Claim - 2nd Copy
12 Documents in Spanish Estas Con las copia de los documentos que extisten en Guerra y Marina
Box Folder
15 1 Dryden Family Genealogical Data
2 Wake - Dryden Family Genealogy
3 Wake - Dryden Family Genealogy
4 Dryden Family - Kentucky
5 Lewis Family of Kentucky - Collateral Dryden Line
6 Dryden Family
7 Additional Notes on the Dryden and other Families of Early Kentucky
8 Dryden name - Dallas Morning News March 23, 1972
9 Photograph Judge Dryden
10 Outline of Kit Carson's Career (Dryden Interest)


Thomas Blackwell File

Box Folder
15 11 John Gnatt - Blackwell Trapping File Sterling. Blackwell - Chrisley Stringfellow
12 John Gnatt - Blackwell Trapping Party


Additional Research Files

Box Folder
16 1 Richard Gatt Williams and his trip to Sante Fe in 1826
2 William Donoho and Family
3 Alexander G. Follett 1822-1906
4 Issac N. Fleeson
5 Gold Hunting in Texas
6 James Hamilton
7 Materials furnished by Susan Buell Hale Simmons and Maffitt Family
8 Commodore John Newland Maffitt and Maffitt Family
9 Solomon Houck and Descendants and Augustus Storrs
10 Augustus Storrs, Jr. and Sr.
11 Gideon K. Lewis
12 H.L. Kinney
13 R.D. Johnson, Galveston, Texas (Maffitt and Lamar Families)
14 Lucius Falkland Thurston
15 Jose Agustin Quintero
16 Frank Tolbert - Few Clips
17 Republic of the Rio Grande City of Matamoras, Microfilm Copy Tuesday, June 30, 1846
18 John H. Peoples
19 Albert Pike (Aaron Lewis)
20 Clark R. Owen
21 Maps of the environs of Matamoras Showing the Battlefields of Palo Alto and Resaca de la Palma
22 Mussina Papers
23 "Private Lives" - Cartoon George S. Patton
24 Morman Disturbances in Missouri 1831-1838
25 John Joel Glanton
26 Notes for the Economic History of the Lower Rio Grande Valley 1820-1875 by Leroy P. Graf, Ph.D. Thesis Harvard.
27 Sam Houston
28 General Hugh McLeod
29 Notes on James Kirker - Original prepared by W.W. Hutchinson
30 William Knight
31 Dr. George East of Samford Kentucky and the East Family
Box Folder
17 1 John A. Yeoteh and the Mesquite gum project "My Texas" by J. Frank Dobie
2 Samuel Swartout
3 James Love
4 Wolfskills, Letters from John Hawkins
5 Lysander Wells Papers
6 Edward A. Weyman, U.S.N.
7 Map File
8 Hugh McLeod Papers
9 Solomon Smith
10 Sidney Sherman
11 William D. Redd File
12 New Orleans - Fire Jan. 18, 1851 & Map of Vieux Carre
13 Sketch of Commodore Edwin Ward Moore
14 Congressional Record 75th Congress Third Session - Remarks of Maury Maverick - Texas Independence Day March 2, 1938
15 Texas Sketches by W.E. Bard
16 Short Story "The Big Storm" by W.E. Bard
17 Miscellaneous Sketches
18 A. Bledsoe, the Man Texas Forgot by Vivian Richardson
19 List of Graves in Galveston Cemeteries
20 Rev. Edward Fontaine
21 Harbert Davenport
22 Mrs. S.J. Cartledge Papers
23 Webb and Allied Families
24 The Life of Mrs. Horn with extracts from Indian Wars and Pioneers of Texas by John Henry Brown
25 Book of Chronicles
26 James D. Cooke
27 Centennial Columbus Enquirer. L.S. Patterson April 22, 1928
28 Broaddus Family
29 Bugg Family
30 Articles about Theodosia Burr Alston, daughter of Aaron Burr
31 "The City of Galveston"
Box Folder
18 Note cards related to a variety of research projects. Microfilm copies of National Archives Records relating mainly to Mirabeau B. Lamar. Time in Your Hands by W.E. Bard