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Dal-Tech High School Collection

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Overview of the Collection

Creator: Dal-Tech Alumni Association
Title: Dal-Tech High School Collection
Accession No.: MA84-8
Quantity: 42 Boxes
Language: The records are in English.
Repository: Texas/Dallas History & Archives, Dallas Public Library 1515 Young St  Dallas, TX 75201

Background and Historical Signifigance

In June 1984, the Dal-Tech Alumni Association celebrated the 100th anniversary of the first public high school in Dallas. Private schools have been established in the area in the 1840s and 1850s, but it was not until 1884 that Public Education became a concern. In that year, the city purchased the Dallas Female Academy on Bryan Street between Peal and Kawkins and renamed the school Central High School. While the building was being renovated classes were held in rented space on Elm at Akard Street. The building was ready in 1886 and the first graduates received diplomas in 1887. In 1908 a new building on the same site was completed and the name changed to Dallas High School. Although the name changed several times since 1908, and various improvements and enlargements have been made, the site has been continuously used as a public school.

The school, under the name Dal-Tech High School, in 1928 became the first school to offer a wide range of vocational courses along with regular basic academics. The school was open to Dallas students regardless of the usual district boundaries which generally designate schools. After the school was integrated in 1965, under the name N.R. Crozier Technical High School, it was open to all Dallas students. At present the future of the school, as the Business Magnet School, depends on the plans for a Super Magnet School. It is not known what will be done with the building if the Business Magnet School's students are transferred to a Super Magnet.

Chronology of Name Changes

1884 Central High School

1908 Dallas High School

1916 Main High School

1917 Bryan Street High School

1928 Dal-Tech High School

1942 N.R. Crozier Technical High School

1972 Business Magnet School

Scope and Contents

The Dal-Tech High School Collection contains annuals (yearbooks), senior class publications, high school newspapers, photographs, scrapbooks and trophies tracing the school's history from 1900 to 1970. These various items reveal the course work and student activities along with a young adults' view of city, state and national news.

The annuals, senior class publications and scrapbooks cover almost the entire 100 years of operation. They are filled with pictures, descriptions and the dreams of high school students. The newspapers give insight into what forces affected Dallas' future leaders, such as: WWI, the Depression, WWII and the Korean War.

The collection is a good source for the history of education in Dallas, biographical information concerning the students who attended, and social standards and events from 1900 to 1970.

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Dal-Tech High School
Dallas Independent School District
Dallas, (Tex.)
Dal-Tech High School Collection

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MA84-8 Dal-Tech High School Collection, Texas/Dallas History & Archives Division, Dallas Public Library

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Compiled by Cindy C. Smolovik, Archivist

Detailed Description of the Collection

Box Folder
A Register and Researchers' Guide



Box Folder
1 Title - The Annual - Dallas High School 1901, 1903-1904, 1907-1912
Box Folder
2 Titles - The Annual and The Dalhi Annual - Dallas High School, Main High School and Bryan Street High School 1913-1917
Box Folder
3 Title - Dalhi Annual - Bryan Street High School 1918-1921
Box Folder
4 Title - Dalhi Annual - Bryan Street High School 1922-1924
Box Folder
5 Title - Dalhi Annual - Bryan Street High School 1925-1926
Box Folder
6 Title - Dalhi Annual - Bryan Street High School 1927-1928
Box Folder
7 Titles - Torch and Hammer and The Wolfpack - Dal-Tech High School 1929; 1939-1945


Senior Class Publications

Box Folder
8 The High School Journal, occasionally entitled: The Journal. Issued monthly. Title changed to Dalhi Journal in 1919. Dec. 1900, Jan. 1902, Feb. 1902, Dec. 1902, Feb. 1903, Oct. 1903, Dec. 1903, Mar. 1904, Oct. 1904, Dec. 1904, Jan. 1906, Feb. 1906, Nov. 1906, Dec. 1906, Nov. 1907, Feb. 1908, Oct. 1908, Nov. 1908., Feb. 1910, Mar. 1910, Jan. 1913, Mar. 1913, Apr. 1913, Apr. 1915, Oct. 1915, Nov. 1915, Dec. 1915, Mar. 1916, Jan. 1919, Dec. 1919, Feb. 1920, Apr. 1920, Nov. 1920, Dec. 1920, Apr. 1921, May 1921, Nov. 1921, Feb. 1922, Mar. 1922, May 1922, May 1923, Nov. 1923, Mar. 1924, Nov. 1924 and bound complete set - Nov. 1922-May 1923.
Box Folder
9 Dalhi Journal, Senior Tattler, De-Ploma, The Torch Hammer, Tech Talk, and Techniscram. Jan. 1925, Feb. 1925, Jan. 1926, June 1927, Jan. 1929, June 1929, Jan. 1930, June 1930, June 1935, Jan. 1936, Jan. 1937, June 1937, Jan. 1938, June 1938 and Jan. 1939


Scrapbooks, Memory Books, National Honor Society and Other Memorabilia

Box Folder
10 1 C.H. Dillon - Correspondence 1938, concerning a second reunion of the 1908 Football Team
2 C.H. Dillon - second reunion 1938. 1908 Football Team.
3 C.H. Dillon - Clippings 1938 - second reunion 1908 Football Team.
4 "Freshman Notes" 1913 Memory Book, Lillian Lowry
5 Memory Book - Lillian Lowry 1913-1914
6 Charlie Belle Marino Scrapbook 1933-1934
7 Reunion Memorybook 1992
Box Folder
10a 1 "School Girl Days" - memorybook, Nellie 1922
Box Folder
11 1 Scrapbook - Nellie Rema Stone 1921-1922
Box Folder
12 Parent/Teacher Association (PTA) - SCRAPBOOK 1922-1928
2 Brochures PTA. 1922-23; 1930-31; 1939-40
3 Dallas Counciil of Parents and Teachers News Nov. 1934, March and April 1935
Box Folder
13 Scrapbook 1928-1930
Box Folder
14 Scrapbook - Walter J.E. Schiebel (Principal) 1932-1964
Box Folder
15 1 Correspondence, Margaret Kessler Walraven 1935-1941
2 Photographs, Mararet Kessler Walraven 1944
3 Brochures, Teacher's Association 1940s
4 Newspaper Clippings 1940s
5 Programs
Box Folder
Glee Club Program 1912
Legends of Bregens - Sung by First Year Pupils of Dallas High School April 1912
Citizens' New Years Banquet Jan 2, 1905
Music Department Second Concert January 14, 1932
Agenda Mother-Daughter Banquet May 6, 1932
Silver Anniversary Celebration, graduating class of 1914, June 1939
Dedication of the Arts and Science Building Feb. 8, 1942
Our Favorite School Yells and Songs c. 1933
Box Folder
15 6 Program - Music Department - Spring Concert Program March 9, 1933
7 "Power of Advertising" written by Doris Ann Holman for Journalism 2z c. 1957
8 Outline, possible English assignment on Biography of an author
9 Commencement exercises - programs
Box Folder
May 1908
June 1910
June 1911, and class roll 1911
June 1930
May 1935
C.H.Dillon Photographs
Box Folder
16 1 1938 Second Reunion 1908 Football Team
2 Allen Basselt
3 Tyree Bell
4 Frank Chatfield
5 Lyman Chatfield
6 Coach Craig
7 Landon Cullum
8 C. Howard Dillon
9 C. Howard Dillon
10 Zeb French
11 Eugene Gross
12 Prior Hielt
13 Russell Hill
14 Foster Jacoby
15 Robert Jameson
16 S.M. Leftwich
17 Lawson Long
18 Ralph Malone
19 Eugene Taylor
20 Roger Tennant
21 Percy Vautress
22 Francis W. Wozencraft
National Honor Society
Box Folder
17 1 Correspondence
Box Folder
Constitution National Honor Society Feb. 1926
Letter, Mrs. C.A. Bryant Oct 1947
Scholarship Notices Nov. 1947
Scholarship Notices Nov. 1947
CARE Sponsor card 1954
Annual Report 1954
Annual Report
Letter, Herbert Gambrell Feb. 1955
Letter, Ruth Christopher 1950
Card, Imogene Bramball Oct. 1947
Card, Bettye Erickson Jan. 1955
Letter, Choi Kyung Hi, Chong Hyun Bab's Home, Korea Sept. 1954
Box Folder
17 2 National Honor Society Minutes 1947-1956
3 National Honor Society Initiation Program April 25, 1940
4 National Honor Society Photographs
5 R.O.T.C. Photographs c. 1920-25
6 Group Photographs s.n. n.d.
7 Photograph - Memorial to Students, Faculty, Alumni killed and or In Service June 2, 1951
8 Student Portraits s.n. n.d.
9 Graduating Classes Photographs 1938, 1957
10 Faculty n.d.
11 Photograph R.O.T.C. n.d.
12 Col. Bill Marshall, Sr. and Capt. Billy Marshall, Jr. Photograph
13 Bob Lawler
14 Parade Main Street 1947
15 Dallas Public Evening School Exhibit, photograph May 1940
Box Folder
18 Scrapbook - Margaret Roper, Public Speaking Class 1947
Box Folder
19 Scrapbook - Senior Class 1969-1970
Box Folder
20 PTA History scrapbook 1929-1930
Centennial of Texas scrapbook 1936
Scrapbook 1936-39
Box Folder
21 Scrapbook 1936-39
PTA History Scrapbook
Box Folder
22 Scrapbook 1933-34
Scrapbook 1935-37
Box Folder
Scrapbook 1945-46
Box Folder
23 Scrapbook - Evening School in Dallas 1940s
"Art" Guest Book 1960-62; 1964



Box Folder
24 Tech Talk. Bi-Weekly, Complete Sets. 1931-32; 1934-38.
Box Folder
25 Tech Talk. Bi-Weekly. Complete Sets. 1938-1941 and Dallas Technical High School Handbook 1941.
Box Folder
26 Tech Talk - Single Issues. Mar 28, 1941, Oct. 24, 1941, Nov. 21, 1941, Dec. 5, 1941, Dec. 22, 1941, Jan. 16, 1942, Feb. 13, 1942, Apr. 10, 1942, May 22, 1942, Apr 7, 1943, Apr. 23, 1943.
Teck Talk - Complete Sets 1942-43; 1945-49
Box Folder
27 Tech Talk - Complete Set. 1950-52; 1955-60
Box Folder
28 Tech Talk - Complete Set. 1960-1963; 1966-67
Tech Talk - Single Issues May 16, 1961, Dec. 22, 1964, Mar. 15, 1968
Box Folder
29 High School Weekly. Vol. 1 1920-21
Box Folder
30 High School Weekly. Vol II 1921-22
Box Folder
31 High School Weekly. Vol. III 1922-23
Box Folder
32 Evening School News
Box Folder
1 Oct 1939
2 Feb 1940
3 May 1940
4 Nov. 1930
5 Night School News. Vol II April 1923
6 Night School News. Vol III April 1924
7 Dallas Public Schools Certificate of Attainment. Elementary School - Lilian Lowry 1912
8 Newspaper Clippings, miscellaneous years.
9 Photograph, faculty. Newspaper Clip
10 Samuell Sentinel. Obituary for W.S. Lanham, former principal Crozier Tech and WW. Samuell. Feb. 1968
11 Tech Senior - Ribbon Jan 1945
12 Newspaper article listing all teachers for Dallas schools. 1916-17
13 Drury Academe - North Adams Massachusetts Dec. 1922
Box Folder
33 BryanHi Weekly Vol. I 1919-20



Box Folder
34 a Dallas County Debate Cup 1915
b The Mary Lovell Trophy. Girls Basketball 1918
c. Spalding Trophy. SMU Inter-Scholastic Track Meet 1920
d. Arthur A. Everts Trophy for Loyalty 1920
e. The Zetha Nee Society. Presented to the Bryan High School Football Team. 1920
f. Titche Gottinger Trophy. City Championship in Declamation. 1922
g. Bailey Sanders Co. Trophy. City Championship in Declamation 1922
h. Texas High School Basketball Championship. Runner-up. Feb. 17-18, 1922
i. Linz Trophy. Won by Crack ROTC Company. 1922
j. Baylor Chamber of Commerce. Baylor University Interscholastic Meet - Winning Relay Team April 7-8, 1922
Box Folder
35 a. Cullum & Boren Trophy. Rifle Team ROTC. Dallas High Schools 1923
b. Baylor Chamber of Commerce. Baylor University Interscholastic Meet. Winning Relay Team April 6-7 1923
c. Texas AAU High School Basketball Championship. Runners Up. 1923
d. Huey & Philip Basketball Trophy. 1923
e. Inter-Class Basketball Championship Cup - Seniors. 1923
f. City High School Track & Field Meet. 1924
g. Huey & Philip Trophy. Baseball Champions 1924
Box Folder
36 a. City Championship in Girls Debate of Interscholastic 1925
b. Kiwanis Club, New Orleans Interstate Debate for Girls at Newcomb College April 18, 1925
c. UIL District 8 Senior Girls Declamation 1925
d. Dallas Morning News Trophy for Essay on Transportation presented to Clay Blackman. Nov. 1925
e. C.A. Bryant Co. Trophy. Denton District No. 8. 1 Mile Relay
f. Texas AAU High School Basketball Tournament 1925
g. Times Herald Golf Trophy
h. Rice Relays 1926
i. HI-Y Efficiency Contest Fall Term
j. Fat Stock Show Track Mett Sponsored by Public Recreation Board, Fort Worth, Texas. 1927
k. Denton District Track Meet Winner 1927
l. Huey & Philip Burleson College Relay Games. Greenville, Texas. March 1927
m. Denton District Basketball Runner-Up 1927
n. HIY Honor Club 1927
Box Folder
37 a. UIL state Championship Track & Field Meet 1928
b. N.T.S.T.C. Track & Field Meet Winner 1928
c. Linz Cup. Athletic Champions, Camp Dallas. 1928
d. Linz Cup. Basketball, Camp Dallas. 1928
e. Linz Cup. Football, Camp Dallas. 1928
f. Linz Cup. Soccer, Camp Dallas.
g. Interscholastic Orchestra Contest High School. College of Industrial Arts, Denton. 1929
h. Junior A& M Mothers Club N.T.A.C. Donor Inter-City High School Music Contest. 1930
i. UIL Denton District. Extemp. Speaking - Second 1930
j. Linz Trophy. Latin Tournament. Dallas 1930
k. Everts Jewelers, Palace Theatre ROTC Band Contest. 1931
l. Latin Tournament Gainsville District, 1931
m. Dallas Technical High School District Champions 1934
n. Best R.O.T.C. Band 1935
o. Champions [Basketball] Dallas District 1936
Box Folder
38 a. Linz Bros. Award. Special Class Efficiency Cup 1937
b. Dallas Tech High School Band Second Division Rating. Texas State Contest. 1938
c. R.O.T.C. Intramural Cup Efficiency 1940
d. Huey & Philp Trophy. Dallas ROTC - Shoulder to Shoulder Rifle Match. 1940
e. Arthur A. Everts Co. Trophy. Mexico Day Football Classis. October 17, 1942.
f. Best Inspection Trophy. Camp Dallas. 1944
g. Senior Washer Pitching Champions, Camp Dallas. 1945
h. Dallas High School Tournament, Sponsored by Dr. Pepper Co. 1945
i. Ring & Brewer Best Inspection Trophy. Camp Dallas. 1945
j. Best Appearance on Parade. Camp Dallas. 1945
k. Times Herald Trophy City Champions 1946
l. Ring & Brewer Best Inspection Trophy. 1946
Box Folder
39 a. The University Interscholastic League. Boys Basketball Conference AAAA Runners Up 1954
b. Dr. Pepper Tournament - 16th annual. 2nd Place.
c. Times Herald Trophy. City Champion
d. Coca-Cola. AAAA-AAA Champs, Waco. 1955
e. The Times Herald Trophy. District 6-AAAA Champion. 1958
Box Folder
40 a. SWAAU Senior High, Runner Up. 1947
b. Times Herald Trophy City Champions 1947
c. Times Herald Trophy 1948
d. H.C.J.C. Invitation Tournament. 2nd. 1949
e. The University Interscholastic League. City Conference Basketball, runner up. 1950
f. Dr. Pepper Tournament Winner 1950
g. American Legion Jr. Baseball 1950
Box Folder
41 a. Students Crafts Fair, Outstanding Area Exhibit Art. 1960
b. Dallas I.S.D. Festival, Superior in Class Concert Band. May 1964
c. Best Company 1971
d. Best Drill Squad 1971
e. Reserve Officers Associations. Outstanding Cadet Award. 1971
f. Distributive Education. Distinguished Student Award. Presented by Dallas Sale & Marketing Executives 1971
Box Folder
42 a. [No Name on Trophy] [ Basketball on a square wood base]
b. Oklahoma Relays High School. Mile Relay
c. North Texas Inter-Scholastic Dallas Park Board
d. Track and Field Meet Denton District No. 8.
e. U.I.L. Denton District Basketball Championship presented by J.W. Grey Co.
f. Highlander Music Festival
g. Figure of a Baseball Player
h. Two Figures of Basketball Players broken off the Bases
i. N.R. Crozier Tech Rifle Wolves
j. G. Espinoza. J. Dominguez. L. Krichner. B. Montalbo. E. Moreno. R. Ferrer.
Box Folder
Limited Access Cabinet Dr. Pepper Basketball Invitation Tournament 1948
William Randolph Hearst National R.O.T.C. Rifle Match. 1948
Dr. Pepper Cotton Bowl Tournament Champions 1949
HCJC Athens, Texas. Basketball Tournament Fifth Invitational. 2nd Place. 1951
Main High School, Dallas, Texas. Debate Championship
R.O.T.C. Intramural Cup. 1926-1940