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Jane Greene Collection

Overview of the Collection

Creator: Greene, Jane
Title: Jane Greene Collection
Dates: 1968-2009 (Bulk 1974-1988)
Accession No.: MA10-7
Quantity: 5 linear feet
Language: The records are in English.
Repository: Texas/Dallas History & Archives, Dallas Public Library 1515 Young St Dallas, TX 75201

Biographical Note

Jane Greene was born in Manchester, New Hampshire on September 28, 1927. She married Robert L. Greene in the late 1940's in Boston, and the couple then moved on to New Jersey where the couple started a family. The family moved to Dallas in 1953 where Jane would raise the couple's four children.

Jane would soon become very active within the community and from a period that ran from the late 1960's through the mid-1980's she worked tirelessly in the area of equal opportunity. One of her first major successes was with the group known as The Amigos. The group, co-founded with well-known area minister Charles Hunter, was an inter-racial group that offered activities that helped to bring together people of different races within the community. She also devoted much of her time to the area of fair housing. She worked with many organizations over the years to help fight housing discrimination, and advocated for new laws to be passed on the issue. She received recognition for her work from the Federal Housing and Urban Development Department of the U.S. Government, as well as many city organizations and leaders. One of the main organizations she worked for was the Greater Dallas Housing Opportunity Center. She also created her own business, JG and Associates, where she worked as a consultant on fair housing issues.

Scope and Contents

The collection contains materials that primarily deal with housing issues. There are materials associated with several different organizations, as well as various research materials on issues with housing. Some of the organizations included are The Greater Dallas Housing Opportunity Center, National Neighbors, Turtle Creek Manor, Hunger Clearing House, Women's Council of Dallas, the North Texas Alliance for Better Housing, and many others. There are several drafts and final copies of studies completed for local and national organizations. There is correspondence that contains both personal and professional documents. The collection also contains many newspaper articles pertaining to housing issues within Dallas and around the country.

Index Terms

This record series is indexed under the following controlled access subject terms.
Jane Greene
Greater Dallas Housing Opportunity Center
JG and Associates
Dallas, Tx.
Urban development
Neighborhood planning
Tenants' Rights Coalition
Discrimination in housing

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MA10-07 Texas/Dallas History & Archives Division, Dallas Public Library

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Detailed Description of the Collection


Correspondence and Personal Material

Box Folder
1 1 Correspondence - Personal
2 Correspondence - JG and Associates
3 Correspondence - Fair Housing Amendments Act 1979-1980
4 Correspondence - Joyce Gessel Case 1983-1984
5 Bishop College - Grades, Transcripts, etc.
6 Lost Ring Correspondence and Materials
7 Speaking Engagement Notes and Materials
8 Coalition Building Materials
9 Arbitration and Negotiation Materials and Notes
10 Conference Planning Materials
11 Certificates of Recognition
12 Memorial Service Material


Organizations, Committees, and Research

Box Folder
2 1 Amigos - "I am an Amigo" Stickers
2 Carolyn Gilbert and Associates 1988
3 Community Network for Public Education 1979-1981
4 Community Relations Services
5 Co-Op Bank 1980
6 Equal Credit Opportunity Act
7 Goals for Dallas: Housing Achievement Committee 1979-1981
8 Housing and Community Development Act of 1974 - Research Materials
9 Hunger Clearing House 1984
10 League of Women Voters
11 Mobile Home-Counseling Center - Materials and Proposals
12 National Committee Against Discrimination in Housing Newsletter - "Flash" 1975-1979
13 National Urban Coalition
14 North Central Texas Council of Governments 1975-1977
15 North Texas Alliance for Better Housing 1980
Box Folder
3 1 Regional Housing Mobility Committee 1980-1981
2 Tenant Landlord Coalition - Dallas Tenant's Newsletter 1978-1982
3 Tenant Landlord Coalition
4 Turtle Creek Manor 1982-1984
5 Turtle Creek Manor - Board Meetings 1982-1984
6 Turtle Creek Manor - By-Laws
7 Turtle Creek Manor - Financial Records
8 White House Conference on Families 1979-1980
9 White House Task Force on Civil Rights Reorganization 1978
10 Women's Council of Dallas
Box Folder
4 1 Greater Dallas Housing Opportunity Center
2 Greater Dallas Housing Opportunity Center
3 Greater Dallas Housing Opportunity Center - Board Meetings 1981-1982
4 Greater Dallas Housing Opportunity Center - Financial Records 1976-1977
5 Greater Dallas Housing Opportunity Center - Financial Records 1980-1983
6 Greater Dallas Housing Opportunity Center - Newsletters / Mailings
7 Greater Dallas Housing Opportunity Center - Office Reports 1981- 1982
8 Greater Dallas Housing Opportunity Center - Press Releases and Correspondence
9 Neighborhood Information and Research
10 Neighborhood Information and Research
11 Neighborhood Information and Research
12 Neighborhood Information and Research
13 Neighborhood Information and Research


Studies and Reports

Box Folder
5 1 Child Discrimination in Rental Housing 1979
2 Discrimination Against Chicanos in the Dallas Rental Housing Market 1979
3 An Evaluation of the Exclusion of Children from Apartments in Dallas, TX 1978
4 The Extent of Effects of Discrimination Against Children in Rental Housing 1979
5 No Room in the Apartment Complex 1982
6 A Study of Apartment Availability to Families with Children in Dallas, TX 1982
7 A Study of Housing Discrimination Against Mexican-Americans 1981
8 Study of Rental Policies Relating to Family Composition in Fort Worth Rental Market 1981
Box Folder
6 1 Housing our Families 1980
2 How Restrictive Rental Practices Affect Families with Children 1980
3 Measuring Racial Discrimination in American Housing Markets 1979
4 Measuring Restrictive Rental Practices Affecting Families with Children 1980


Newspaper Articles

Box Folder
7 1 Newspaper Articles



Box Folder
8 Certificate of Fair Housing Achievement
YMCA Century Club Member Plaque
Phone Number File
G.D.H.O.C. Plaque 1980
Photo Button
Framed Amigos Honor
G.D.H.O.C Contribution Award
Framed Dallas Skyline Photo Presented by Dallas Alliance Neighborhood Task Force 1978
Book Cover