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G.W. Barrington Collection

Overview of the Collection

Creator: Barrington, G.W.
Title: G.W. Barrington Collection
Dates: 1924-1955
Accession No.: MA09-12
Quantity: 33 boxes
Language: The records are in English.
Repository: Texas/Dallas History & Archives, Dallas Public Library 1515 Young St Dallas, TX 75201

Biographical Note

George W. Barrington was born in Otoe County, Nebraska in 1875. From very early on he lived an adventurous life. He traveled to Alaska during the height of the gold rush to prospect for gold in the Klondike and from there went on to Seattle, Washington where he joined the merchant marines. He sailed around the world three times and at the beginning of the Spanish-American War he volunteered for military service which took him to the Philippines. He also traveled to Peking, China during the Boxer Rebellion as a member of the International Expedition. He would return to the states and the west coast where he worked odd jobs until he landed a job as a newspaper reporter in Omaha, Nebraska. He also traveled with Theodore Roosevelt in 1904 when he worked as a member of the GOP publicity staff.

Shortly thereafter Barrington moved down to Texas when he took job with the Houston Chronicle. In 1914 he moved to Oak Cliff, just south of Dallas, but only for a short time before he moved out to East Texas. It was not until 1920 that he moved back and permanently settled in the Dallas area. For the remainder of his years he devoted himself to writing, as he produced closed to 500 published short stories and several novels. His wife worked closely with him as his secretary, typing up all his manuscripts. He also began teaching a writing course at the Dallas Night School, and had a literary club in Houston named after him, The Barrington Fiction Club.

In September 1924 his first published story titled "Law," which is included in the collection, appeared in "Adventure" magazine. His final story, also in the collection, was published in November 1954 in "Double Action Western" magazine, and he had plans to write another novel and an unfinished story in his typewriter at the time of his death. His most popular novel was the historical work "Back from Goliad" which took place during the war for Texas independence, and he wrote it during the Texas Centennial celebration.

G.W. Barrington led a life as exciting as the stories he wrote, and helped to bring attention to many local and regional authors. Along with being a prolific writer and master storyteller some of the numerous jobs he held were as a plumber, house painter, dog trainer, fisherman, reporter, jockey, saloon

Scope and Contents

The majority of the collection consists of the original published magazine short stories and articles dating from 1924-1954. The collection also contains several typed manuscripts of both short and long works. Also included is correspondence, much of which is between Barrington and several different publishers, research materials, photogaphs, Barrington Fiction Club materials, Finacial records, photographs, and the memorial service record books for both Mr. and Mrs. Barrington.

The following items were removed from the collection, but can be found in the Texas/Dallas History Archives Division Perodical Collection:

Holland's Magazine - June, July, November, December 1924

Farm and Ranch - January 26, February 23, September 20, 1924

The Barrington Collection does contain two issues of Holland's Magazine from 1925 that are not included in the Perodical Collection.

Also removed from the collection was an issue of Life magazine: December 20, 1968, and 1 copy of The Texas Farmer Stockman: December 1983.

Index Terms

This record series is indexed under the following controlled access subject terms.
G.W. Barrington
George W. Barrington
George Whitfield Barrington
Adventure magazine
Greater Western
Red Seal Western
Five Star Western Novelets
Western Fiction
Action Packed Western
Western Action
Wild West Stories and Complete Novel Magazine
Rangeland Love Stories
Complete Cowboy
Western Yarns
New Western Magazine
Star Sports Magazine
Ten Story Sports
Super Sports
All-American Western
Big Book Western
Double Action Western
Famous Western
Smashing Western
Complete Western Book
Complete Story Magazine
Complete Stories
Short Stories
Dallas, TX
Oak Cliff, TX
Houston, TX
Otoe County, NE
Short stories

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MA09-12 G.W. Barrington Collection,Texas/Dallas History & Archives Division, Dallas Public Library

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Detailed Description of the Collection


Magazine and Newspaper Stories

Box Folder
1 "Danny Simmons First Case" (story only, N.D.)
Box Folder
Adventure Sept. 20, 1924
Adventure Feb. 10, 1925 (3 copies)
Greater Western October 1939
Greater Western March 1940
Greater Western January 1941
Box Folder
2 Red Seal Western September 1936
Box Folder
Five Star Western Novelets September 1937 (3 copies)
Western Fiction February 1938 (2)
Action Packed Western March 1938
Western Action February 1939
Box Folder
3 Romance May 1929
Box Folder
Wild West Stories and Complete Novel Magazine April 1930
Rangeland Love Stories October 1936
Western Love Stories May 1938
Complete Cowboy February 1941 (2)
Western Yarns June 1941 (2)
Box Folder
4 New Western Magazine March 1935
Box Folder
Star Sports Magazine April 1938
Ten Story Sports September 1938
Super Sports March 1939
All-American Western February 1941 (2)
Box Folder
5 Big Book Western November 1934
Box Folder
Big Book Western May 1935
Big Book Western July 1935
Big Book Western January 1936
Double Action Western January 1939
Double Action Western November 1940
Double Action Western November 1954 (3)
Box Folder
6 Famous Western Magazine December 1937 (4)
Box Folder
Famous Western Magazine March 1938 (2)
Famous Western Magazine February 1939 (2)
Famous Western Magazine May 1939 (2)
Box Folder
7 Smashing Western November 1936 (2)
Box Folder
Smashing Western September 1937 (2)
Smashing Western January 1938 (3)
Box Folder
8 Complete Western Book March 1937
Box Folder
Complete Western Book June 1937 (3)
Complete Western Book July 1937 (2)
Box Folder
9 West August 25, 1928 (2)
Box Folder
West March 6, 1929
West November 27, 1929
West December 9, 1931
West February 1936
West September 1936
Box Folder
10 Complete Story Magazine April 10, 1925
Box Folder
Complete Story Magazine April 25, 1925
Complete Story Magazine October 10, 1925
Box Folder
11 Complete Story Magazine November 25, 1925 (3)
Box Folder
Complete Story Magazine December 10, 1925
Complete Story Magazine May 10, 1926 (2)
Box Folder
12 Triple-X September 1926 (3)
Box Folder
Triple-X April 1927 (2)
Triple-X August 1927
Box Folder
13 Triple-X September 1927 (3)
Box Folder
Triple-X October 1927
Triple-X November 1927 (2)
Box Folder
14 Triple-X December 1927
Box Folder
Triple-X April 1928 (3)
Box Folder
15 Triple-X May 1928 (3)
Box Folder
Triple-X June 1928 (2)
Triple-X July 1928
Box Folder
16 Triple-X August 1928
Box Folder
Triple-X September 1928
Triple-X November 1928 (2)
Triple-X December 1928
Triple-X January 1929
Box Folder
17 Triple-X February 1930
Box Folder
Triple-X August 1930
Triple-X October 1930 (2)
Triple-X November 1930
Triple-X 1935 - Vol. XVIII, No. 102
Triple-X "Gallopin' To Glory" (n.d. - story only)
Box Folder
18 Complete Stories February 1927
Box Folder
Complete Stories March 1927 (3)
Complete Stories April 1927 (2)
Box Folder
19 Complete Stories May 1927 (2)
Box Folder
Complete Stories June 1927 (2)
Complete Stories July 1927 (2)
Box Folder
20 Complete Stories July 1927
Box Folder
Complete Stories August 1927 (2)
Complete Stories September 1927 (2)
Box Folder
21 Complete Stories October 1927 (3)
Box Folder
Complete Stories December 1927 (2)
Box Folder
22 Complete Stories January 1928 (3)
Box Folder
Complete Stories February 1928 (2)
Complete Stories March 1928
Box Folder
23 Short Stories November 25, 1925 (2)
Box Folder
Short Stories May 10, 1931
Short Stories July 25, 1935 (2)
Box Folder
24 Short Stories November 10, 1935 (2)
Box Folder
Short Stories August 25, 1936
Short Stories October 10, 1936 (2)
Box Folder
25 Short Stories March 25, 1937 (2)
Box Folder
Short Stories June 10, 1937 (3)
Short Stories October 10, 1937
Box Folder
26 Short Stories December 25, 1937 (2)
Box Folder
Short Stories May 10, 1939 (3)
Box Folder
27 Short Stories July 25, 1939 (2)
Box Folder
Short Stories March 25, 1941 (2)
Box Folder
28 Short Stories April 25, 1941 (3)
Box Folder
Short Stories July 10, 1941 (2)
Box Folder
29 1 Map of the Republic of Texas
2 Holland's Magazine January 1925 (2)
Box Folder
Holland's Magazine May 1925
Box Folder
29 3 Dallas Morning News May 27, 1928 (2)
Box Folder
Evening School News December 1930 (2)
Dallas Journal - Oak Cliff Edition January 1, 1931 (3)
Dallas Journal - Oak Cliff Edition September 5, 1931
Dallas Morning News January 24, 1932
Dallas Journal - Oak Cliff Edition February 19, 1933
Dallas Morning News May 22, 1947



Box Folder
30 1 Into the West (231 pg. w/ letter to publisher)
2 Into the West (231 pg.)
3 Into the West (251 pg.)
4 Into the West (250 pg.)
5 Manuscripts - Incomplete
Box Folder
31 1 Cupid Wears a Ranger's Star
2 The Heart of Ysobel
3 Ranger Medicine Smoke
4 The Colorful Texan
5 Destiny
6 Pete's Good Deed
7 Ride 'Im Cowboy
8 The Soldiers' Soldier
9 The Secret of the Badlands
10 Etiquette
11 Espadas (Swords)
12 Swords
13 Musical Manuscript
14 A Pull With the Chairman - By W.R. Hunt


Correspondence and Other Personal Items

Box Folder
32 1 Correspondence 1924-1934
2 Correspondence 1935-1939
3 Correspondence 1940-1955
4 Poetry
5 Frank Dalton Material
6 Short Biography
7 Story Notes
8 Story Acceptance Notification
9 Photographs
10 Personal Items
11 List of Stories
12 Financial Statements
13 "The Writer's Guide" April 1942 - March 1943 (missing Sept., Oct., Dec., Jan.)
14 Barrington Fiction Club
15 Illustrations
16 Minstrel Performance Promo
17 Birthday Party Invitation
18 Loose Magazine Covers and Pages
19 Newspaper Clippings
Box Folder
33 1 Memorial Service Record Book - G.W. Barrington July 21, 1955
2 Memorial Service Record Book - Mrs. G.W. Barrington December 3, 1953
3 "Popular Hymns" Book