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University of Texas at San Antonio Library logo The Archives acquires, preserves and provides access to primary source materials that document the history of San Antonio and South Texas. It is our intent that the collections represent the diverse populations in San Antonio.
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Fisher, Lewis F
A Guide to the San Antonio Black History Collection, 1873-1996 (bulk 1950-1963)

Fletcher, John D., 1936-1963
Inventory of the John Fletcher Collection,1959-1989

Flood of 2002 Collection
A Guide to the Flood of 2002 Collection, 2002-2004

Foundation for a Compassionate Society
Inventory of the Foundation for a Compassionate Society collection, 1976-1997

Garcia, Arcenio A
A Guide to the Arcenio A. Garcia Papers, 1967-1992

Garnett, Edward H
A Guide to the Edward H. Garnett Correspondence, 1942-1943

Garza, Xavier
A Guide to the Xavier Garza Papers, 1999-2006

Gaul, Malinda
Inventory of the Malinda Gaul Papers, 1988-2001

Gebhardt Mexican Foods Company
A Guide to the Gebhardt Mexican Foods Company Records, 1896-1988

Gelo, Daniel J., 1957-
Inventory of the Daniel J. Gelo Papers, 1977-2009

George, Mary Carolyn Hollers
A Guide to the Mary Carolyn Hollers George Papers, 1970-2006

Giles, Alfred, 1853-1920
Alfred Giles Family Papers, 1861-1955, 1972-1989

Ginn, William O
Inventory of the William O. Ginn Papers, 1950s-1990s

Glasberg, Bella
A Guide to the Bella Glasberg Papers regarding San Antonio Jewish women's organizations, 1936-1972

Glossbrenner, Ernestine 1932-
A Guide to the Ernestine Glossbrenner Papers, 1948-1996

Goethel, Bessie G., 1906-2001
A Guide to the Bessie Goethel papers, 1940-1946

Gonzalez, Charles (Charles A.)
Inventory of the Charles (Charlie) A. Gonzalez Papers, 1995-2012

González, Bárbara Renaud, 1953-
Inventory of the Bárbara Renaud González Papers, 1981-2009

Gresham and Negley Families
A Guide to the Gresham and Negley Families Papers, 1845-2003 (bulk 1885-1917)

Griffith, Ilse, 1900-1999
Inventory of the Ilse Griffith Papers, 1944-1995

Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center
Preliminary Inventory of the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center Records, 1981-2005

Gutiérrez, José Angel
A Guide to the Jose Angel Gutierrez Papers, 1959-1991

H. P. Drought and Company
A Guide to the H. P. Drought and Company Records, 1883-1966

Halff, Mayer H., 1905-1996
A Guide to the Mayer H. Halff Papers, 1901-2004

Heizer, Robert Fleming, 1915-
A Guide to the Robert F. Heizer Papers, 1957-1991

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