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University of Texas at Arlington Libraries logo Special Collections has diverse research materials focusing on Texas; Mexico from 1810 to 1920; the U.S. War with Mexico of 1846-1848; and the cartography of Texas, the Gulf Coast, and the Greater Southwest. Its archives and manuscripts collections include historical manuscript collections, photograph collections, collections on Texas labor and politics, and university archives.
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Justice for Farah Strikers Committee
Justice for Farah Strikers Committee Records: A Guide

Kemp, Mary E
Mary E. Kemp Parker County, Texas, History Collection: A Guide

Kendall Family
Kendall Family Papers: A Guide

Kennard, Don, 1929-
Don Kennard Papers: A Guide

Kennedy, Oliver S., 1841-1909
Oliver S. Kennedy Papers: A Guide

Key, Lucy T
Lucy T. Key Collection: A Guide

Kimball Bend Pecans, Inc
Kimball Bend Pecans, Inc. Records: A Guide

Kimmel, Elizabeth
Elizabeth Kimmel Papers: A Guide

Kuykendall, Mabel M., 1906-1994
Mabel M. Kuykendall Papers: A Guide

Lakewood Garden Club (Arlington, Tex.)
Lakewood Garden Club Records: A Guide

Lale, Max S
Max S. Lale Papers: A Guide

Lamar, Moses P
Moses P. Lamar Family Papers: A Guide

Lambert, George, 1913-1974
George and Latane Lambert Papers: A Guide

Leahy, Anna C., 1888-1977
Anna C. Leahy Papers: A Guide

Lubbock Central Labor Council
Lubbock Central Labor Council Records: A Guide

Maas, Samuel
Samuel Maas Papers: A Guide

Madis, Franklin, 1934-
Franklin Madis Collection of Mexican Documents: A Guide

Maroney, James C
James C. Maroney Collection: A Guide

Maserang and Donze Families
Maserang and Donze Families Papers: A Guide

McAmis, James A
James A. McAmis Letters: A Guide

McGar, Georgette Dally
Gracious Ladies Research Collection: A Guide

McKinney Family
McKinney and Milam Family Papers: A Guide

McPeak, Carl A., 1905-1970
Carl A. McPeak Papers: A Guide

Medrano, Pancho (Francisco F.), 1920-2002
Pancho Medrano Papers: A Guide

Meginness, John Franklin, 1827-1899
John Franklin Meginness Papers: A Guide

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