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Woodson Research Center, Fondren Library logo link Woodson Research Center is home to the Rice University Archives and many archives and manuscript collections, mainly focusing on Houston and Texas entrepreneurs, Rice University personalities; history of science and humanities; United States Southern history and Civil War; British history and drama; Texas business, performing arts, religion and political activities.
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Endicott, Nathan H
Guide to the Logs of the Ships Janus, Dawn, and Glide, 1809-1815

Fleming, Mrs. Lamar -- Administration Houston, Mrs. William -- Administration The Discussion Group (Houston, Tex.)
Guide to the The Discussion Group, Houston, TX scrapbook and records MS 507

Flint, Hallie Rienzi Johnston Russell Thomas, 1882-1965
Guide to the Hallie Rienzi Johnston Russell Thomas Flint papers, 1912-1965

Fondren, Ella F., 1880-1982
Guide to Ella Fondren Family Papers 1880s-1976, bulk 1925-1960s

Fontaine, Edward
Guide to the Edward Fontaine Biographical Sketch of Mirabeau Bonaparte Lamar, 1857 MS 194

Forrest, Moreau
Guide to the Moreau Forrest Letter to Mary Forrest, 1837

Freeman, John W
Guide to the John W. Freeman papers, 1965-1979 MS 344

Frejes, Francisco, 1784-1845
Guide to Francisco Frejes’ Ensayo Sobre La Reduccion Y Colonizacion De Las Tribas Barbaras Del Continente, 1820-1840

Freund, Max
Guide to the Max Freund and related editorial papers, 1904-1975 MS 325

Frost, George W
Guide to George W. Frost Military and Personal papers, 1861-1885

Fuller, John
Guide to the One Nation Under God? film project interviews and research materials MS 604

Garside, Charles
Guide to the Charles Garside Jr. papers, 1953-1987 MS 421

Gibbons, John H
Guide to the U.S.S. Adams logbook, 1879-1881
Guide to the U.S.S. Jamestown logbook, 1882

Gilcrease Oil Company
Guide to the Gilcrease Oil Company, East Texas "Early Days" video, n.d

Gordon, William E., 1918-
Guide to the William E. Gordon Papers, 1947-1994

Gordon, William E
Guide to the Rice University Provost's Office Records: William E. Gordon, 1980-85

Goyen, William
Guide to the William Goyen Papers, 1937-1978

Graduate Student Association
Guide to the Rice University Graduate Student Association records, 1925-2011 UA 280

Gray, Peter W., 1819-1874
Guide to the Judge Peter W. Gray papers, 1841-1870

Greanias, George
Guide to the George Greanias’s Play ‘Wilson’ papers, 1971-1974

Green, William Wilkinson
Guide to the William Wilkinson Green Diary, 1862-1865

Gregory, Annie
Guide to the Annie Gregory letter, ca. 1900 MS 275

Grimes, James F
Guide to the James F. Grimes Letters, 1863-1864

Groce, Leonard Waller (1806-1873)
Guide to the Groce Family correspondence, 1823-1922, bulk dates 1826-1859

Gruber, Ira D., Dr., 1934-
Guide to the Ira Gruber academic papers, 1953-2013 UA 204

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