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Woodson Research Center, Fondren Library logo link Woodson Research Center is home to the Rice University Archives and many archives and manuscript collections, mainly focusing on Houston and Texas entrepreneurs, Rice University personalities; history of science and humanities; United States Southern history and Civil War; British history and drama; Texas business, performing arts, religion and political activities.
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Francis Loewenheim papers, 1934-1997. MS 461
Guide to Admiral Sir John Thomas Duckworth Correspondence with Vice-Admiral Charles Stirling, 1803-1810 MS 305
Guide to Anonymous Girl's Diary, Saarland, Germany, 1939-1941 MS 274
Guide to Centennial Commission records UA 341
Guide to Dillingham Family papers, 1858-1958 MS 257
Guide to Elizabeth Baldwin Literary Society records, 1924-1984 UA 289
Guide to Houston area land records for the Little, Dickson and Pastoriza additions, 1877-1935 MS 432
Guide to Thaddeus K. Oglesby's The Case of the South Against Britannica manuscript, circa 1903
Guide to the "On the Flogging of Women" commentary, ca. 1827 MS 100
Guide to the "Sussex Owl" manuscript newspaper, 1866 MS 231
Guide to the Alan Chapman academic papers, 1918-2007 UA 186
Guide to the Albert Thomas Papers, 1937-1965 MS 262
Guide to the Alexander Hobbs Diary and Bible, 1861-1863
Guide to the Alexander N. Shipley Military Commissions, 1858-1866 MS 328
Guide to the Allen and Morris Business Ledger, 1862-1864 MS 221
Guide to the American Institute of Architects Houston (AIA Houston) oral history interview collection, 1980-1985 MS 603
Guide to the Americas collection, 1811-1920 MS 518
Guide to the Arthur E. Hall papers, 1950-1990, bulk 1950-1979 MS 454
Guide to the Benham, William and Daniel, and Allied Family Papers, ca. 1848 MS 296
Guide to the Brilliant Magazine collection, 2003-2010 MS 560
Guide to the Britton Collection of Early Texas and U.S. Civil War documents, 1597-1903 MS 009
Guide to the Broadacres and Milroy Place Subdivision development documents, 1923-1926 MS 371
Guide to the Builders: Herman & George R. Brown Book Research Files, 1898-1989 MS 464
Guide to the C. A. Dwyer collection, 1854-1882
Guide to the Certificate of Partnership between Richard J. French, William Marsh Rice and Ebenezer B. Nichols, 1852 MS 004
Guide to the Chaille Rice Literary Society Records, 1952-1968 UA 202
Guide to the Charles A. Somerset Letter, July 30, 1828 MS 122
Guide to the Charles Baldwin Letters, 1846-1858 MS 166
Guide to the Charles Wishaw Clubbe Papers, 1840-1878 MS 307
Guide to the Chuan-Hua Gershom Lowe, National Party, Chinese diplomat papers, 1923-1996; bulk 1940-1996 MS 588
Guide to the Civil War-era letter from S.M. McAshan to T. W. House, July 18, 1864 MS 034
Guide to the Clinton S. Quin, Jr. World War II Letters, 1944-1946 MS 559
Guide to the Committee on Affirmative Action Records, 1970-1985 UA 158
Guide to the Confederate Imprints collection, 1855-1879
Guide to the David F. Chapman construction records, 1945-2010 MS 563
Guide to the Deutsches Notgeld currency album, 1914-1928 MS 084
Guide to the Douglas Harlan Texas & National Politics collection, 1970-1999 MS 538
Guide to the Dr. William H. Masterson Controversy records, 1969 UA 068
Guide to the Dreier Family Papers MS 363
Guide to the Earle C. Douglas, Jr. autograph collection MS 458
Guide to the Early Rice Institute records, 1844-1941 UA 101
Guide to the Edgar Odell Lovett and Mary Ellen Hale Lovett Family papers, 1849-1979
Guide to the Edward Knoblock papers, 1904-1936 MS 324MS 324
Guide to the Engraved prints of Caprarola and Odense, 1598 and 1700 MS 555
Guide to the Frank Harrison Hill London Daily News papers, 1870-1876 MS 313
Guide to the Fred C. Alter papers UA 335
Guide to the Friends of Fondren Library Records, 1950-2013 UA 178
Guide to the Gale Stokes Academic Papers 1968-2007 UA 304
Guide to the Gene & Hedy Lee Chinese language newspapers & photographs, 1962-2010 (bulk 1976-1985) MS 556
Guide to the Greek Committee Letters, 1879-1897 MS 133
Guide to the Grounding of the S.S. Schroon papers, 1922-1937
Guide to the Grover Smith collection of Aldous Huxley correspondence, 1908-1965
Guide to the Harris Masterson, Jr. Papers, 1894-1920, bulk 1898-1902 MS 469
Guide to the Historical Society at Rice University records UA 305
Guide to the History of Student Life at Rice Oral Histories project, 1989-1990 UA 282
Guide to the HMS Melville Order Book, signed by William D. Puget, commander, 1837-1838 MS 228
Guide to the Hobby Family Foundation Records, 1945-1983 MS 527
Guide to the Houston Canoe Club records, 1985-2009 (MS 598) MS 598
Guide to the Hugh Harleston paper "Did Teotihuacan's Designers have a knowledge of spherical geometry?", 1980
Guide to the Hutcheson and allied families papers, 1836-1997; bulk 1920-1949 MS 496
Guide to the Instruction dans l’Arithmetique arithmetic instruction book, ca. 1650 MS 227
Guide to the J. H. Bastide Letter, May 13, 1743 MS 120
Guide to the James R. Sims Papers MS 596
Guide to the John Campbell personal papers, 1820-1906 MS 329
Guide to the John Duff Markland Diary, 1803-1805 MS 220
Guide to the John F. Kennedy Space Effort Speech at Rice University records, 1961-1962 UA 109
Guide to the John H. Wright U.S. Civil War and related ephemera collection, 1838-1936 MS 061
Guide to the John Reinerman Family Land Documents, 1857-1888 MS 021
Guide to the Julian and Juliette Huxley papers, 1899-1988 MS 512
Guide to the Kathleen S. Matthews academic papers, 1973-2009 UA 149
Guide to the Kuntz Louisiana Civil War Collection, 1811-1959, bulk 1861-1865 MS 256
Guide to the Letters concerning the slave trade and the USS John Adams, 1842-1849 MS 083
Guide to the Letters to James Korges, 1926-1975
Guide to the Logbook of the Brig Dona Maria Thereza, 1814-1816 (MS 571) MS 571
Guide to the Logbook of the Schooner Don Nicholas, 1846-1847 MS 572
Guide to the Logs of the Ships HMS Topaze, HMS Achilles, HMS Duke of Wellington and HMS Agincourt, 1874-1878 MS 230
Guide to the Lt. Thomas E. Bartmess World War II Air Medal, 1943 MS 086
Guide to the Maclin-Fox-Dege Battery Texas Light Artillery records, 1861-1865 MS 295
Guide to the Margarett Root Brown College Masters' records, 1965-2004 UA 345
Guide to the Mary Fosselman Papers, 1931-1941 UA 318
Guide to the Max Nicholson and Julian Huxley Papers, c. 1927-1980s MS 054
Guide to the Memoranda to British Ship Captains from the Admiralty, 1807-1809
Guide to the Morrison Gunn family letters, 1844-1869
Guide to the Mrs. E. H. Wright. Letters from Union Generals, 1864 MS 111
Guide to the Partial Logbook of the Ship Leonidas MS 570
Guide to the Peninsular War letters, 1808-1814 MS 155
Guide to the Philip Koelsch papers, 1812 -2012 MS 568
Guide to the Reinermann, Sandman, Bethje and Quensell families of Harris County papers, 1841-1917 MS 339
Guide to the Rice Institute/Rice University Charter Trial Records UA 275
Guide to the Rice Program Council records, 1962-2014 UA 028
Guide to The Rice Thresher records, 1962-2012 UA 354
Guide to the Rice University 1990 G-7 Economic Summit Site Director’s Records (Sally McKeag), 1990 UA 143
Guide to the Rice University Administrative Policies Records, 1963-2003 UA 203
Guide to the Rice University Anne and Charles Duncan College records, 2009-2014 UA 313
Guide to the Rice University Athletic Director Records (Bobby May), 1987-2005 UA 185
Guide to the Rice University Bands (MOB) records, 1914-2012 UA 239
Guide to the Rice University Burt and Deedee McMurtry College records, 2007-2012 UA 309
Guide to the Rice University Centennial Celebration records UA 315
Guide to the Rice University Center for Biological and Environmental Nanotechnology department records UA 329
Guide to the Rice University College Bowl records, 1966-2008 UA 227
Guide to the Rice University Committee on Public Lectures Records, 1946-1994 UA 168
Guide to the Rice University Committee on Undergraduate Teaching, 1967-1984 UA 176
Guide to the Rice University Edgar Odell Lovett College Records, 1967-2013 UA 071
Guide to the Rice University Faculty offprints, 1897-2005 UA 006
Guide to the Rice University HACER records, 1994-2014 UA 350
Guide to the Rice University James Addison Baker College Records, 1956-2013 UA 082
Guide to the Rice University Julian Huxley Symposium records, 1985-1988
Guide to the Rice University Nobel Prize records, 1978-2006, bulk 1996
Guide to the Rice University Office of Institutional Research records, 1990-2006 UA 190
Guide to the Rice University Players records, 1950-2012 UA 056
Guide to the Rice University President's Office Records: David Leebron UA 312
Guide to the Rice University Professional and Business Women records, 1985-1995 UA 242
Guide to the Rice University Provost Office Records, David Auston, 1990-2000 UA 180
Guide to the Rice University Queers and Allies records, 1981-2013 UA 326
Guide to the Rice University Rally Club records UA 245
Guide to the Rice University ROTC Committee records, 1941-1983 UA 171
Guide to the Rice University Sewall Art Gallery records, 1971/1972-2005
Guide to the Rice University Sid Richardson College Records, 1969-2014 UA 065
Guide to the Riki Kobayashi Academic Papers, 1949-1997 UA 323
Guide to the Sarah Lane Literary Society records, 1947-2000s UA 287
Guide to the Sheelah Green-Wilkinson World War I scrapbook album, 1916-1918 MS 202
Guide to the Space Shuttle Atlantis memorabilia, 2007 MS 080
Guide to the Sugar Land and Fort Bend historical papers of Jane McMeans, 1827-2003 MS 032
Guide to the Susan L. Clark papers MS 460
Guide to the Texas Governors Letters collection 1889, 1935-36
Guide to the Texas Mexico Border Campaign at Camp Stewart photographs MS 085
Guide to the U.S. Army and Navy Letters, 1828-1910. MS 149
Guide to the U.S. Civil War Photographs Collection, 1861-1865
Guide to the Waggaman Family collection, 1841-1977, bulk 1932-1963 MS 394
Guide to the Walter W. and Ella F. Fondren Papers, 1838-1973 MS 390
Guide to the Weber-Staub-Briscoe architectural ironwork collection, 1909-2010 MS 586
Guide to the William S. Glass financial papers, 1852-1867
Guyide to the Tanglewood/William G. Farrington Papers, 1937-2000 MS 539
Kentucky Infantry, 6th Regiment, Company Records, 1861-1865 MS 294
Rice University Campanile yearbook records 1982, 1985 UA 316
U.S. Civil War National Cemetery letters, 1867-1891 MS 264
UA 095

Akers, William W
Guide to the William W. Akers Chemical Engineering papers and Rice University Vice President for Administration records, 1960-1994 UA 154

Allen, Herbert, 1907-1990
Guide to the Herbert Allen Business and Personal Papers, 1907-1990 MS 519

American Association of University Professors: Rice University Chapter
Guide to the American Association of University Professors: Rice University Chapter records, 1944-2004 (bulk dates 1960-2004)

American Defense Group
Guide to the American Defense Group records, 1941-1944 MS 353

Anderson, Benjamin M
Guide to the Benjamin M. Anderson Aeronautical History collection, 1784-1988 MS 069

Anderson, John Robert
John Robert Anderson manuscript "The Old Adam" MS 375

Anderson, John
Guide to the Lt. John Anderson notebook, 1794 MS 158

Anderson, Ralph, Jr., 1923-1990
MS 413

Archivists of the Houston Area (AHA!)
Guide to the Archivists of the Houston Area (AHA!) records, 1998-2012 MS 499

Arnold, Edwin, Sir, 1832-1904
Guide to the Sir Edwin Arnold correspondence

Arnold, Matthew, 1822-1888 Carlyle, Thomas, 1795-1881 Leibniz, Gottfried Wilhelm, Freiherr von, 1646-1716 San Martín, José de, 1778-1850 Shaw, Bernard, 1856-1950 Thoreau, Henry David, 1817-1862 Wordsworth, William, 1770-1850
Guide to the Early Fondren Library manuscripts, ca. 1700-1948 MS 018

Arnold, Oren, 1954
Guide to the Oren Arnold Manuscript and Galleys of "The Golden Chair", 1954 MS 023

Atwood, W.L
Guide to the W. L. Atwood archaeological letters and map, 1966 MS 178

Austin, Sarah, 1793-1867
Guide to the Sarah Austin letters, ca.1800-1850

Auston, David Gordon, William E., 1918- Kinsey, James Lane, Neal F. Levy, Eugene H. (Eugene Howard), 1944- Rice University
Guide to the Rice University Provost's Office records (Gordon, Lane, Kinsey, Auston, Minter, Levy), 1980-2004 UA 220

Auston, David
Rice University Provost Office Records: James Kinsey (interim) and David Auston, 1993-1995

Autrey, Lynette Schneider, 1891-1978
Guide to the Lynette S. Autrey Papers, 1913-1998 MS 051

Autry, James Lockhart, II, 1859-1920
Guide to the James Lockhart Autry Family Papers, 1832-1998 MS 003

Axson, Stockton, 1867-1935
Guide to the Stockton Axson papers, 1912-1935 MS 338

Baker College (Rice University)
Guide to the Rice University James A. Baker College Masters' Records, 1955-2008 UA 069

Baker, James Addison, 1930-
Guide to the Baker Family papers, 1853-1971 MS 040
Guide to the Capt. James A. Baker correspondence, clippings, and photographs MS 487

Banks, Joseph, Sir, 1743-1820
Sir Joseph Banks letter MS 169

Bar-Sela, Ariel, 1930-
Guide to the Ariel Bar-Sela Collection, 1935-1967 MS 485

Barentine, Andy A., 1905-1979
Guide to the Andy A. Barentine oil exploration photographs, 1930-1977

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