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The Benson Latin American Collection logo link The Nettie Lee Benson Latin American Collection is a specialized research library focusing on materials from and about Latin America, and on materials relating to Spanish-speaking peoples in the United States.
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Mexican American Student Leadership Council (Austin, Tex.)
Mexican American Student Leadership Council Records, 1983-1991

Mexican Railway Company Limited
Mexican Railway Company Limited Records, 1903-1934

Mexico Northwestern Railway Company
Ferrocarril Noroeste de México: An Inventory of the Records at the Benson Latin American Collection

Mexico-U.S. Business Committee
Guy F. Erb Records of the Mexico-U.S. Business Committee and Related Materials, 1964-1993
Robert E. Herzstein Records of the Mexico-U.S. Business Committee, 1991-1996
Rodman C. Rockefeller Records of the Mexico-U.S. Business Committee, 1977-1999

Mexico. Dirección Federal de Seguridad
Dirección Federal de Seguridad (Mexico) Security Reports, 1970-1977

"México Típico" Photographs, c.1950s-1960s
Black Photograph Album No. 1363B, c.1901-1904
Colección de Avisos de Vestíbulo del Cine Mexicano Preliminary Inventory
Collection of 2006 Mexican Presidential Election Materials
Documentos Relativos a la Reforma y a la Intervención Francesa en México: An Inventory of Documents at the Benson Latin American Collection
Mexican Views, 1885
Mrs. R.E. Charles Photograph Album

Mier Noriega y Guerra, José Servando Teresa de, 1763-1827
José Servando Teresa de Mier Noriega y Guerra An Inventory of His Papers at the Benson Latin American Collection

Migrant Border Ballads Project
Migrant Border Ballads Project Records, 1979

Mireles, E. E. (Edmundo Eduardo), 1905-1987
Edmundo Mireles Papers, 1940-1971

Mireles, Jovita González, 1904-1983
Jovita González Mireles Manuscripts and Works, ca.1925-1980

Mistral, Gabriela, 1889-1957
Gabriela Mistral Papers, 1911-1949

Molina, Diana
Diana Molina Photograph Collection, 1989-

Montemayor, Alice Dickerson
Alice Dickerson Montemayor Papers, 1920-1989

Montes, Gustavo E. Montes, Marcia S
Dr. Gustavo E. and Marcia S. Montes Papers Preliminary Inventory

Moore, Joseph Graessle, 1904-
Joseph Graessle Moore Papers, 1948-1979

Moore, Ledlie Dominick
Ledlie Dominick Moore Photographs, c.1907-1973 (bulk c.1907-1913)

Mora, José María Luis, 1794-1850
José María Luis Mora: An Inventory of His Papers at the Benson Latin American Collection

Moreno, Lucy R
Lucy R. Moreno Collection, 1971-1997

Morton, Carlos
Carlos Morton Papers, 1975-

Mullen, Robert James
Robert J. Mullen Papers, 1967-1995

Munguía, Rómulo, 1885-1975
Rómulo Munguía Papers, 1911-1980

Muse, Benjamin Jr
Benjamin Muse, Jr. Collection Relating to Mexico, Texas, and California

Muñiz, Ramsey, 1942-
Ramsey and Albina Pina Muñiz Papers, 1971-1977

Nafus, Charles Frederick, 1942-
Charles Nafus Collection, 1975-1981, 1984

National Association for Chicano Studies
National Association for Chicana and Chicano Studies (NACCS) Records, 1974-

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