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The Benson Latin American Collection logo link The Nettie Lee Benson Latin American Collection is a specialized research library focusing on materials from and about Latin America, and on materials relating to Spanish-speaking peoples in the United States.
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García Icazbalceta, Joaquín, 1825-1894
Joaquín García Icazbalceta Manuscript Collection
Relaciones Geográficas of Mexico and Guatemala, 1577-1585

García y Arriaga, Carlos José María, 1786-1838
Carlos García y Arriaga: An Inventory of His Papers at the Benson Latin American Collection

García, Genaro, 1867-1920
Genaro García Collection Part 1: Genaro García Papers, 1896-1925
Genaro García Collection Part 2: Manuscript Collections, 1500s-1920
Genaro García Collection Part 3: Photographs
Genaro García Collection Part 4: Imprints and Images
Genaro García Collection Part 5: Broadsides and Circulars, 1772-1926
Genaro García Collection Part 6: Genaro García Card Catalog

Garza, Catarino, 1859-1895
Catarino Garza Manuscipt "La Lógica de los Hechos," c.1890

Garza, Gonzalo
Gonzalo Garza Papers, 1944-

Garza, Lázaro de la
Guide to the Lázaro de la Garza Archive Part I: Villa Correspondence, 1913-1919

Garza, Roberto G
Roberto G. Garza LULAC Papers, 1970s-1990s

General Claims Commission (Mexico and United States)
General Claims Commission (Mexico and United States): An Inventory of its Decisions Held by the Benson Latin American Collection

George, Eugene
Walter Eugene George Papers Preliminary Inventory

Glenn, P.S
P.S. Glenn Photograph Album, 1913

Gondra, Manuel, 1871-1927
Manuel E. Gondra Manuscript Collection: Part I: Introduction and Sixteenth Century Documents

Gonzalez S., Silvia
Silvia Gonzalez S. Papers, 1982-1994

González Amezcua, Consuelo, 1903-1996
Chelo González Amezcua Papers, 1934-1976

González Ortega, Jesús, 1822-1881
Jesús González Ortega: An Inventory of His Collection at the Benson Latin American Collection

Great Britain. Foreign Office
Great Britain Foreign Office Records Related to Brazil, 1862-1913

Album of Guatemalan Views, 1883-1904

Guerrero, Vicente, 1782-1831
Vicente Guerrero: An Inventory of His Collection at the Benson Latin American Collection

Gutiérrez, José Angel
José Angel Gutiérrez Papers, 1954-1990 Preliminary Inventory

Gómez Farías Family
Gómez Farías Family Papers, 1807-1990

Gómez Sicre, José
José Gómez Sicre Papers, 1916-1991

Hacienda del Torreon (Durango, Mexico)
Hacienda del Torreon (Durango, Mexico) Records, 1573-1837

Hacienda San Andrés Buenavista (Tlaxcala, Mexico)
Hacienda San Andrés Buenavista (Tlaxcala, Mexico) Records, 1896-1935

Hackett, Charles Wilson, 1888-1951
Charles W. Hackett Papers, 1911-1985

Hairs, Joya
Joya Hairs Papers and Photographs

Hale, Tom
Tom Hale Photograph Collection

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