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The Benson Latin American Collection logo link The Nettie Lee Benson Latin American Collection is a specialized research library focusing on materials from and about Latin America, and on materials relating to Spanish-speaking peoples in the United States.
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Garza, Catarino, 1859-1895
Catarino Garza Manuscipt "La Lógica de los Hechos," c.1890

Garza, Gonzalo
Gonzalo Garza Papers, 1944-

Garza, Lázaro de la
Guide to the Lázaro de la Garza Archive Part I: Villa Correspondence, 1913-1919

Garza, Roberto G
Roberto G. Garza LULAC Papers, 1970s-1990s

General Claims Commission (Mexico and United States)
General Claims Commission (Mexico and United States): An Inventory of its Decisions Held by the Benson Latin American Collection

George, Eugene
Walter Eugene George Papers Preliminary Inventory

Glenn, P.S
P.S. Glenn Photograph Album, 1913

Gondra, Manuel, 1871-1927
Manuel E. Gondra Manuscript Collection: Part I: Introduction and Sixteenth Century Documents

Gonzalez S., Silvia
Silvia Gonzalez S. Papers, 1982-1994

González Amezcua, Consuelo, 1903-1996
Chelo González Amezcua Papers, 1934-1976

González Ortega, Jesús, 1822-1881
Jesús González Ortega: An Inventory of His Collection at the Benson Latin American Collection

Great Britain. Foreign Office
Great Britain Foreign Office Records Related to Brazil, 1862-1913

Album of Guatemalan Views, 1883-1904

Guerrero, Vicente, 1782-1831
Vicente Guerrero: An Inventory of His Collection at the Benson Latin American Collection

Gutiérrez, José Angel
José Angel Gutiérrez Papers, 1954-1990 Preliminary Inventory

Gómez Farías Family
Gómez Farías Family Papers, 1807-1990

Gómez Sicre, José
José Gómez Sicre Papers, 1916-1991

Hacienda del Torreon (Durango, Mexico)
Hacienda del Torreon (Durango, Mexico) Records, 1573-1837

Hacienda San Andrés Buenavista (Tlaxcala, Mexico)
Hacienda San Andrés Buenavista (Tlaxcala, Mexico) Records, 1896-1935

Hackett, Charles Wilson, 1888-1951
Charles W. Hackett Papers, 1911-1985

Hairs, Joya
Joya Hairs Papers and Photographs

Hale, Tom
Tom Hale Photograph Collection

Harbury, Jennifer
Jennifer Harbury Papers Preliminary Inventory

Harris, Patricia
Patricia Harris Postcard Collection

Heilskov Rasmussen, Christian
Christian Heilskov Rasmussen Photographs, 1983-1987

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