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Baylor University Libraries logo link This library is located in the Carroll Library and collects, preserves, and provides access to materials documenting the history, heritage, and culture of Texas. Among its many unique holdings is an extensive map collection, some dating to the 1600s. The Texas Collection is also the location of the University Archives.
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BU Records: Historical Research Office, Inclusive: 1863-1974, undated, Bulk: 1944-1960, undated
T. Coleman Papers, 1863

Anderson, HarrietAnderson, Matthew Dawson
Matthew Dawson Anderson Papers, Inclusive: 1848-1936, undated, Bulk: 1848-1860

Baylor Historical Society
BU Records: Baylor Historical Society, Inclusive: 1883-1982, Bulk: 1883-1981

Black, JamesBlack, Patience CrainBlack, William
James and Patience Crain Black papers, Inclusive: 1862-1892, Bulk: 1862-1863

Bledsoe, Florence L. DavisVanderhurst, Michael MosesGoree, Thomas JewettCovington, NinaThe Texas Collection, 1923 -
BU Records: Baylor at Independence, Inclusive 1846-2012, undated, Bulk 1883-2010

Bledsoe, Jules
Jules Bledsoe papers, Inclusive: 1918-1943, Bulk: 1940-1943

Branch Davidians
[Waco] Branch Davidians: Mark Swett Collection, Inclusive: 1921-2001, undated, Bulk: 1978-1993
[Waco] Branch Davidians: William Smith Collection, Inclusive: 1984-1998, undated, Bulk: 1993-1995

Branch DavidiansRobert, Joe
[Waco] Branch Davidians: Joe Robert Collection, Inclusive: 1932-1997, undated, Bulk: 1979-1995

Burleson, Rufus Columbus, 1823 - 1901
Rufus Columbus Burleson Papers, 1836-1966, undated

Cobb, Irene E.Smith, Ruby CobbCobb, Naomi
Smith-Cobb Family Collection, Inclusive: 1861-1968, Bulk: 1948-1965

Darst, William MauryHodges, Jr., Robert
William Maury Darst papers, 1894-1973, undated

Dunn, Aaron Washington
A.W. Dunn papers, Inclusive: 1907-1966; Bulk: 1907-1966

Henderson, John Nathaniel
John Nathaniel Henderson papers, Inclusive: 1908-1961, undated, Bulk: undated

Holder, Nathan B
Nathan B. Holder Papers, Inclusive: 1863-1864, Bulk: 1863

Mary West Chapter #2381, United Daughters of the Confederacy
[Waco] United Daughters of the Confederacy: Mary West Chapter Records, 1866-1996

Smith, Robert Lloyd, 1861 - 1942Ruby Cobb Smith
Farmers Improvement Society Records, Inclusive 1892-1943, Bulk 1930-1942

United Confederate Veterans Pat Cleburne Camp No. 222, 1888 -
[Waco] United Confederate Veterans: Pat Cleburne Camp records, Inclusive: 1865-1937, Bulk: 1900-1918

Waco Boating and Fishing Club
Waco Boating and Fishing Club records, 1890-2002, undated

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