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Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary logo linkThe Austin Seminary Archives serves as the institutional repository for the Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary and also collects material documenting Presbyterianism in Texas and the Southwest.
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Red, William Stuart
William Stuart Red collection, 1847-1936

Reddick, Dewitt Carter
Dewitt Carter Reddick papers, 1925-1986, undated

Robinson, John McE
John McE Robinson notebooks, circa 1860-1899

Rose, Henry Bates
Henry Bates Rose notebook, 1852-1853

Rumbel, Oliver Keith and Margaret H
Oliver Keith and Margaret H. Rumbel church token collection, circa 400-1977

Sampson, Thornton Rogers
Thornton Rogers Sampson New Testament, 1867

Scott, Walter S
Walter S. Scott typescript and minutes, 1905, 1920

Scruggs, G. Christopher
G. Christopher Scruggs papers, 1979-1991

Sedgwick, James Mason
James Mason Sedgwick papers, 1900-1925

Shive, Walter Evander
Walter Evander Shive autobiographical statement, circa 1924

Siler, Jesse Weimar
Jesse Weimar Siler papers, 1901-1909

Skinner, Joseph Henry
Joseph Henry Skinner letters and biographical sketches, 1891

Smith, James Allen
James Allen Smith sermons, 1978-1990

Southwest Area Theological Library Association
Southwest Area Theological Library Association records, 1987-present

Stitt, David L. and Williams, Prescott H. Jr
David L. Stitt and Prescott H. Williams Jr. correspondence collection, 1960-1976

Stitt, David Leander
David Leander Stitt scrapbook, 1934-1955 and undated

Stotts, Jack L
Jack Leven Stotts papers, 1956-2005

Street, T. Watson
T. Watson Street papers, 1952-1960

Stuart Female Seminary (Austin, Tex.)
Stuart Seminary collection, 1875-1890s, 1970-1976, 1989

Swearingen, Alfred Frederick
Alfred Frederick Swearingen minutes and reports, 1967-1969

Swoope, Grace E
Grace E. Swoope papers, 1920-1931

Synod of Louisiana Board of Trustees for Presbyterian Publications
Synod of Louisiana Board of Trustees for Presbyterian Publications records, 1902-1972

Synod of Texas (PCUS)
Synod of Texas (PCUS) collection, 1851-1972, 1995-1998

Synod of Texas of the Presbyterian Church in the U.S. (PCUS)
Texas Presbyterian Educational Movement records, 1907-1908, 1922-1926

Taylor, Frank Mathes
Frank Mathes Taylor papers, 1942-1972

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