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Goeth, Etnyre, and Tips Families Papers

An Inventory of the Collection

Overview of the Collection

Creator: Goeth, Etnyre, and Tips families
Title: Goeth, Etnyre, and Tips Families Papers
Dates: 1871-1974
Abstract: This collection documents the lives of three families related by marriage to Walter E. Tips, a prominent businessman and politician who settled in Austin, Texas in the late 1800s. The collection reveals an intimate picture of German American upper class family life, and the family's role in city politics, business, and culture.
Identification: AR.I.003
Quantity: 3.75 linear feet (7 document boxes, oversized photographs)
Location: Archives Stacks, qAR, Oversized Volumes, Outer Vault
Language: The records are in English and German.
Repository: Austin History Center, Austin Public Library, 810 Guadalupe, PO BOX 2287, Austin, TX 78768

Biographical Note

Four generations of the family of Walter E. and Mary Ann Tips settled in Austin, Texas and helped shape the business, politics, and culture in the city from the late 1800s through the mid 1900s. The Goeth, Etnyre, and Tips families were involved with local and state politics, founded several businesses focusing on machinery manufacturing and hardware merchandising, and were members of civic organizations including the Board of Commissioners of the State Penitentiaries, the Austin National Bank, the Texas Historical Commission, the Austin Saengerrunde, the Austin Public School Board, the Texas Fine Arts Association, and the Texas Library Association. These families also maintained close ties with their German heritage, thus lending a European influence to the local community and social circles in which they were involved.

Walter E. Tips (1841-1911) was the eighth of nine children born to Joseph Conrad Tips and Anna Caroline (Braun) Tips. Born in Elberfeld, Germany, he immigrated with his family to Texas in 1849. When his father died, nine-year-old Walter was cared for by his sister Hermine in New Braunfels, Texas. There the young boy worked in the store of Hermine’s husband, Johann Staehely. Walter enlisted in the Confederate Army in 1861 and served until the end of the war, ending his service as a commissioned officer. Following the war, he formed several business partnerships, including starting a merchandising firm in New Braunfels called Tips & Clemens (later Tips, Clemens & Faust). Walter became a naturalized citizen in 1867, and he married Mary Ann Pearce (1848-1921) that same year. Walter and Mary Ann had five children. Walter’s brother Edward Tips, an Austin business owner, died in 1872, leaving behind a successful hardware business, which Walter, along with three partners, purchased and renamed the Walter Tips Company. They sold iron, metal products, and other merchandise. In 1879, Walter, along with Mary Ann’s cousins and aunt, Julia Runge, purchased the Las Moras Ranch and founded the Las Moras Ranch Company. The ranching business failed, and the property was sold off in pieces from 1900 to 1911. In 1890, Walter was a founding member and served on the board of directors of Austin National Bank. In 1899, along with his brother Eugene Tips and his son-in-law Adolph C. Goeth, Walter formed the Tips Foundry & Machine Company, which fabricated machinery as well as sold hardware. Walter also pursued a career in politics. He served on the Board of Commissioners of the State Penitentiaries, the State Library and Historical Commission, and the Austin Public School Board of Trustees. He was elected Senator, and served in the Texas State Senate from 1893 to 1895. Walter was a skilled musician, an accomplished cellist, and a conductor for the Austin Saengerrunde. Walter took his family on trips to visit Europe (including Germany) many times over the course of his life. Walter died April 20, 1911 in Austin, Texas.

Johanna Mary Jane “Mary Ann” (Pearce) Tips (1848-1921)* was born in Jackson County, Texas. She married Walter E. Tips in 1867 and they had five children: Julia (1867-1950), Walter M. (1868-1885), Clara (1869-1869), Laura (1872-1950), Eugene (1874-1939), and Mary Elizabeth (1887-1981). Mary Ann died July 26, 1921 while traveling in France. Her body was returned to Texas, so she could be buried next to her husband in the Oakwood Cemetery in Austin.

Carl Eduard “Edward Charles” Tips (1832-1872)* was born in Elberfeld, Germany in 1832, Edward was the third child of Johann Conrad Tips and Anna Caroline (Braun) Tips. He immigrated to Texas with his family in 1849. Edward founded a hardware business on Congress Avenue in Austin, Texas in 1857. He married Olga Basse (1841-1914) and together they had three children. Edward died in 1872. His brother, Walter Tips purchased the hardware business, subsequently renaming it the Walter Tips Company.

Laura G. (Tips) Scherding (1872-1950) was the fourth of six children born to Walter E. Tips and Mary Ann Tips. She married Louis Scherding and had two children. According to Census documents, she was widowed by 1900. She died July 5, 1950.

Walter H. Tips (1897-1976) was the son of Eugene Tips and grandson of Walter E. Tips and Mary Ann Tips. According to his manuscript, which is included in this collection, Walter moved to Sioux Falls, South Dakota with his mother and grandmother after his parents divorced in 1899. From there, they moved to Greenwich Village in New York City, where he spent the rest of his childhood and much of his adult life. Following Mary Ann’s death in Pau, France, Walter assisted his father in returning his grandmother’s body to Texas for burial in the family plot at Oakwood Cemetery in Austin. Walter died in Los Angeles, California.

Julia (Tips) Goeth (1867-1950) was the eldest child of Walter E. Tips and Mary Ann Tips. She grew up in a musical family and was an accomplished piano player. She married Adolph Carl Goeth on February 16, 1887. The Goeths raised three children: Caroline “Carrie,” Anita, and Ralph Conrad. Julia served on the Austin Public School Board from 1917-1923 and was a member of the American History Club. She was a charter member of the Texas Fine Arts Association and included artist Elisabet Ney in her circle of friends. She was a member of the Episcopalian church and sang in St. David’s Choir. Julia died on July 24, 1950 and is buried at Oakwood Cemetery in Austin.

Adolph Carl Goeth (1862-1927)* was born in New Ulm, Texas on August 27, 1862. A first generation American, he was the oldest of 9 children born to Anton Karl Ludwig Goeth and Ottilie (Fuchs) Goeth. In 1884, he was hired to work as a clerk at the Walter Tips Company. In 1887, he married Walter E. Tips’ daughter, Julia, and worked his way up through management positions, ultimately serving as president of the company. Adolph and Julia had three children: Caroline “Carrie,” Anita, and Ralph Conrad. In 1899, Walter E. Tips and Adolph founded the Tips Foundry & Machine Company. This company built, serviced, and repaired gasoline engines for a wide range of industrial needs such as agriculture and power plants. The plant expanded its scope in the late 1920s, and from thereon it also produced structural steel for building bridges and buildings. Adolph served as Director of the Austin National Bank from 1911-1927. He died on May 22, 1927.

Caroline Athalie “Carrie” (Goeth) Etnyre (1887-1976) was the oldest daughter of Adolph Carl Goeth and Julia (Tips) Goeth. Carrie was born on January 8, 1887 in Austin Texas. She was a diminutive woman, standing under 5 feet tall. During college, she spent a year traveling in Europe with her grandmother, Mary Ann, sister, Anita, and aunt, Mary Elizabeth “Mamie” Tips. Carrie and Mamie were also close friends. Carrie attended the University of Texas at Austin for several years. In December 1916, she met Mentor Etnyre, an Army Air Corps Lieutenant, at a dance at the Capitol. They wed the following summer. Carrie and Mentor had one child, Yvonne, who was born in 1921. Carrie died on January 8, 1976 in El Paso, Texas, where she lived with Yvonne after suffering from ill health following a femur fracture.

Henry Mentor Etnyre (1881-1950) was born to Charles Frederick Etnyre and Leila (Bly) Etnyre in Ashton Illinois on September 28, 1881. Mentor was a geologist and mining engineer who worked in mines across the western United States. He became a commissioned officer in the Army Air Corps during WWI and served as a flight instructor. He met his future wife, Caroline Athalie “Carrie” Goeth while attending a dance in Austin, Texas in December 1916. They were married the following year. The Etnyres had one daughter, Yvonne. Since Mentor traveled extensively for his prospecting work, his wife and daughter stayed with her mother in Austin, Texas. Mentor published a number of scientific articles about mining and geology. His professional papers are housed at the California State Library as part of the Mentor Etnyre Collection, 1910-1934. Mentor died on December 13, 1950 at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Sheridan, Wyoming.

Yvonne (Etnyre) Greear (1921-1993) was the only child of Caroline Athalie “Carrie” (Goeth) Etnyre and Henry Mentor Etnyre. Since her father was frequently away mining and prospecting, she, along with her mother, grew up with her grandparents, Julia (Tips) Goeth and Adolph Goeth, in Austin, Texas. Yvonne earned her BFA in Radio from the University of Texas at Austin in 1948 and a Masters of Library Science from the University of Texas at El Paso in 1962. Yvonne married David Edmond Lewis IV (1916-1943) in 1937 and they had two daughters together. David died unexpectedly of appendicitis and pneumonia less than six years later. She subsequently married Jimmie Ralph Greear (1925-1985) in 1948. Yvonne and Jimmie had one daughter, Julie Greear (1948-1982). They divorced in 1958. Yvonne had a varied professional career, working for Dow Magnesium Corporation and as a writer and office manager for Gilbert Advertising. She also served as the Chief Librarian at El Paso Natural Gas Company, the Reference Librarian for Air Defense Special Services at Fort Bliss, Texas, the Director of Reference Services at the University of Texas at El Paso, the Assistant Director for Public Services at University of Texas at El Paso, and a visiting lecturer at both graduate and undergraduate level programs. She was a member of the Texas Library Association, the Special Libraries Association, the Border Regional Library Association, the Southern Modern Language Association, and the American Name Society. She was named the Border Regional Library Association Librarian of the Year in 1968, and she also published articles on Street Name Research. Yvonne died on April 11, 1993 in El Paso, Texas.

Other Figures in the Collection:

The collection contains a small amount of materials from other family members, friends, and associates.

  • Frank W Posey (1875-1950) was a business associate and personal friend of Walter E. Tips. He worked as a stenographer for the Walter Tips Company starting in June 1895, and he was appointed as a notary public in 1905. He was also the first stenographer of Austin National Bank. Ultimately, he became the President of the Walter Tips Company in 1949.
  • Ottilie Fuchs Goeth (1836-1926) was born in Mecklenburg, Germany in 1836. She immigrated to Texas with her family in 1846. She married Anton Karl Ludwig Goeth in 1859 and they had nine children together, including Adolph Carl Goeth. She wrote Was Grossmutter Erzaehlt 1805-1915 for her family, and it was later translated into English as Memoirs of a Texas Pioneer Grandmother by Irma Goeth Guenther. She died at the Goeth estate in Cypress Mill, Texas in 1926.
  • Mary Elizabeth “Mamie” (Tips) Von Kramer (1887-1981) was the youngest child of Walter E. and Mary Ann (Pearce) Tips. She had a close relationship with her niece, Carrie (Goeth) Etnyre, who was the same age. Mamie married Friedrich Carl Von Kramer in 1909 in Munich, and they divorced in 1938.

* Spellings of certain family members can vary slightly in the documentation due to the Anglicizing of German names.

Scope and Contents

This collection documents three families related by marriage to Walter E. Tips (1841-1911), a prominent Austin businessman and political figure. With materials spanning from 1871 to 1974 and spread out in ownership among many family members, this collection provides insight into the domestic life of this influential Austin family as it grew, traveled, and participated in the local community over the course of a century. The collection features a wide variety of materials, including memorabilia, personal correspondence, personal accounts of family history, pamphlets, newspaper and magazine clippings regarding various personal interests, educational documents, ephemera from family holidays and travel, military service memorabilia all being well represented formats.

Substantial portions of this collection concern the personal lives and interests of the women of the family, with particular emphasis on Julia (Tips) Goeth (1867-1950) and Caroline Athalie “Carrie” (Goeth) Etnyre (1887-1976), Walter E. Tips’ daughter and granddaughter respectively. Also of particular note is the collection of materials pertaining to Henry Mentor Etnyre’s (1881-1950) military service and training as a pilot during World War I. The collection also contains a significant photo series composed of portraits, candid and posed family photos, and travel-related images from each of the three families.

The first series of this collection focuses on the primogenitors of the family, Walter E. and Johanna Mary Jane “Mary Ann” (Pearce) Tips, 1871-1974 and their immediate and extended family. Pages of personal financial transaction logs and the notary book of Frank W. Posey (1875-1950) were kept by Walter E. Tips. These records document the outstanding accounts of the Edward Charles Tips’ Estate and indicate that Walter settled approximately two hundred accounts upon his brother’s passing. The logs detail the debts of companies and individuals alike, with sums ranging from one to several hundred dollars. Frank W. Posey registered transactions in his notary book spanning from 1903 to 1907 while he was employed at the Walter Tips Company. Numerous land deals, including details about the tracks of land, acreage, and parcel holders' names are noted among the transactions. Also included in this subseries is a painting of Walter E. Tips painted by S. Salomon in 1914 (posthumously).

The remainder of this first series is composed of several small subseries, each containing only a few documents. Johanna Mary Jane “Mary Ann” (Pearce) Tips’ (1848-1921) materials feature a fragment of a letter dated in 1881 and several printed cards. Carl Eduard “Edward Charles” Tips’ (1832-1872) subseries houses a personal financial transaction ledger containing names of both individuals and businesses with dates spanning from 1871 to 1883. The personal correspondence of Laura G. (Tips) Scherding (1872-1950) contains a letter from Lube Fromme, her cousin, imploring Laura and her sister Julia to come visit her in San Marcos, Texas. Also included are a personal letter and Christmas card from her daughter Catherine, her son-in-law, Carl Von Merz, and her grandson, C. D. Von Merz. Walter H. Tips’ (1897-1976) subseries contains copies of Volumes 1 and 4 of his manuscript, titled Those Good Days. These writings contain notable mentions of Austin and Tips family history. The topics covered in the manuscripts vary, but include information pertaining to his grandfather, Walter E. Tips, including his almost yearly trips to Germany, his impressions of Austin in 1910, and his death.

The second series is comprised of materials originally belonging to the family of Adolph Carl and Julia (Tips) Goeth, 1886-1938, undated. Julia (Tips) Goeth’s (1867-1950). Correspondence between Julia and the American Historical Society during 1932 is included in this series. The letters indicate a conflict during a transaction regarding the inclusion of both Walter E. Tips, her father, and A. C. Goeth, her husband, in their publications documenting the accomplishments of prominent individuals. Steel engraving prints of both Walter E. Tips (housed in qAR Box 14/53) and A.C. Goeth were created for the publications and are included in this collection. Personal correspondence from Julia’s family is also present, including two Christmas cards from her daughter Anita’s family, a postcard with a message in German, and a card addressed to “Mother Goeth” from Mentor Etnyre, one of her sons-in-law.

Julia (Tips) Goeth’s materials includes several booklets including Teaching Teaching Truth by Mary Wood Allen, MD, 1907, a booklet on how to talk to children about sex, and another called Steps To The Altar, which has an inscription noting that it was given to Julia by her pastor in 1886. Also included is a printed card certifying that Julia was confirmed on May 2, 1886 by the Bishop of Texas at St. David’s Church. Julia’s personal materials include undated composition and elementary school grammar books that likely pertain to her primary school education during the 1890s.

Documented in the Handwriting Character Analysis file is correspondence regarding the creation and purchase of character/personality analyses drawn from handwriting samples. Included is a one full-page analysis for Anita Goeth, Carrie (Goeth) Etnyre, Mentor Etnyre, A. C. Goeth, and Julia Tips, as requested by Mrs. Julia Goeth during 1922. Ms. Rita Long, who created these particular character assessments, is listed as residing in Los Angeles, California.

A glimpse into Julia’s social circles and acquaintances can be found in a small personal address book inscribed with “Mrs. A. C. Goeth” on the cover. A pocket-sized book noting various appointments, financial transactions, and budgetary notations from 1914 provide insight into Julia’s day-to-day domestic life.

The Goeth Family subseries is home to two groups of materials: ephemera and memorabilia of the Goeth family and research regarding their family tree. Mementos include an original, leather-bound copy of Was Grossmutter Erzaehlt 1805-1915, written by Adolph Carl’s mother, Ottilie Fuchs Goeth. This book was translated into English by A. C. Goeth’s niece, Irma Goeth Guenther (1909-1997), and published in 1969 as Memoirs of a Texas Pioneer Grandmother. Also among the items is a printed postcard of a painting titled Christnacht with a note indicating that it was originally painted by Mr. Karl Fuchs, a relative of Ottilie Fuchs Goeth. Several items concerning the wedding of Mamie Tips and Friedrich Carl Von Kramer that was held in Munich, Germany in 1909, which several family members attended, are included in this folder. The remaining items in this subseries include Goeth family genealogy research: an incomplete section of the Goeth family tree accompanied by several note cards about Walter E. Tips’ two sisters and their families, Max Goeth, and Walter M. “Buddy” Tips.

The third series contains the papers of Henry Mentor Etnyre and Caroline Athalie “Carrie” (Goeth) Etnyre, 1893-1956, undated and their daughter, Yvonne (Etnyre) Greear. Henry Mentor Etnyre’s (1881-1950) collection of World War I military service memorabilia is included in the collection. His service book contains limited entries regarding his service history and a number of newspaper clippings. Also included are World War I pilot training notebooks on flight training and gunnery, several aeronautical maps, including one titled “Primary Cross Country Flying,” and lecture notes from Mentor’s flight training. This grouping also includes a copy of Kelly Field in the Great World War, a book by Lieutenant H. D. Kroll that lists American pilots killed in action as well as the command structure of the Army Air Service.

Materials collected by Caroline Athalie “Carrie” (Goeth) Etnyre (1887-1976) include personal correspondence, financial documents, educational materials, and information related to health and family matters. Carrie’s personal correspondence includes family letters and postcards from family trips abroad. Also included are Carrie’s diploma from high school and grade lists from the University of Texas. Carrie also compiled materials related to Yvonne’s birth including Yvonne’s baby book, baby announcements, and congratulatory letters and cards from friends and associates. Carrie also saved numerous pamphlets and clippings relating to healthcare, including on the topic of medication for children and women’s contraception. Carrie also collected many international travel mementos from two of her trips to Germany: the first taking place after she graduated from high school in 1905 and the second occurring in 1909. The mementos include menus and postcards, most of which are in German.

Yvonne (Etnyre) Greear’s (1921-1993) papers consist of personal correspondence and educational materials, including her elementary school report cards. The correspondence dates from Yvonne’s youth, and include letters to Yvonne from Mentor, which demonstrate the need to keep in contact as her father was deployed and assigned away from his family during his military career. Also included is Yvonne’s autograph and birthday book, which contains messages from relatives, friends, and acquaintances. Of particular note in the book are the signature, birthday, and photograph of Cullie Hedspeth. Hedspeth, an African American man, worked for Adolph and Julia Goeth, Yvonne’s grandparents, in various service roles during Yvonne’s childhood including butler, yardman, and chauffeur.

The Etnyre Family subseries contains mementos collected by the family during their domestic travels throughout the United States, particularly their travel within Texas and in New York and California. The Etnyre family also collected memorabilia, including a booklet from Camp Waldemar, which Yvonne attended in the 1930s.

The fourth series includes Photographic Materials, 1882-1956, undated depicting the families, their relatives, their friends, and places they visited in their travels and everyday lives. The Tips Family, Relatives, and Friends subseries is organized by subject, and it includes portraits of Coquette and Eugene Tips and their children. These photos were taken in Pau, France, where they lived. Many of the other family members visited this family during their travels in Europe, and Mary Ann Tips died while visiting Eugene in 1921. Her body was transported back to Austin, and a photo of her grave at Oakwood Cemetery is included with the Etnyre photos. Also included in the Tips photos are portraits of Mamie Von Kramer’s family and photos of the wedding of Anita Von Kramer and Paul Von Heppeger on August 28, 1935.

The Goeth Family subseries is the smallest in the series, and it includes portraits of Julia as a young woman and photos of the Goeth ranch in Cypress Mill, Texas.

The Etnyre Family, Relatives, and Friends subseries were originally owned by Julia (Tips) Goeth and other family members but were inherited by Carrie (Goeth) Etnyre. As a result, this subseries includes photos of relatives of all three families, as well as some of the oldest photos in the collection. Of particular note are the photos of the Tips family’s relatives and friends in Germany, which the family visited frequently on their international trips. A photo of the Walter Tips Co. workers, circa 1910, in front of the company store is included, and has every worker’s name on the back. Two copies of a military portrait of Mentor Etnyre and a photo of the USS Wilmington, which he served on during World War I, are also featured in the collection. The photo album contains photos of Yvonne and friends, with special focus on events at Camp Waldemar in Hunt, Texas. It also includes another photo of Cullie Hedspeth.


This collection was previously processed in several accessions, and some items were separated and moved to other collections. An early inventory (contained in the donor file) makes note of these separations. The separate Goeth, Etnyre, and Tips Family collections were combined during the Fall of 2016. Original order was maintained when possible.
The collection is arranged into four series:
I. Walter E. and Johanna Mary Jane “Mary Ann” (Pearce) Tips, 1871-1974
II. Adolph Carl and Julia (Tips) Goeth, 1886-1938, undated
III. Henry Mentor and Caroline Athalie “Carrie” (Goeth) Etnyre, 1893-1956, undated
IV. Photographic Materials, 1882-1956, undated


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Index Terms

This record series is indexed under the following controlled access subject terms.
Etnyre, Henry Mentor.
Etnyre, Caroline (Goeth).
Goeth, Ottilie Fuchs.
Goeth, Adolph C.
Goeth, Julia (Tips).
Greear, Yvonne (Etnyre).
Hedspeth, Cullie.
Posey, Frank W.
Scherding, Laura G. (Tips).
Schutze, Frances (Tips).
Sweeney, Dennis.
Sweeney, Kathryn.
Tips, Edward Charles.
Tips, Eugene.
Tips, Frances Marie (Tisseau des Ecotois).
Tips, Mary Jane (Pearce).
Tips, Walter E.
Tips, Walter H.
Von Heppeger, Anita (Von Kramer)
Von Kramer, Mona
Von Kramer, Frederick Carl.
Von Kramer, Mary Elizabeth (Tips).
American Historical Society.
Army Air Corps.
Camp Waldemar.
St. David's Church.
University of Texas, Austin.
Walter Tips Company.
African Americans--Texas--Austin.
Austin (Tex.) Biography.
Education, Higher--Texas.
U.S. Army--Aeronautics.
U.S. Army--Pilot training.
U.S. Navy--USS Wilmington.
U.S. Army--World War One.
Travel--New York.
Travel--Windsor Castle.
Austin (Tex.).
Travis County (Tex.).
Document Types:
Address books.
Calling cards.
Cigar bands.
Educational documents.
Financial logs.
Greeting cards.
Handwritten material.
Marketing material.
Military documents.
Newspaper clippings.
Paper clippings.
Photo albums.
Printed material.
Report cards.
Kelly Field in the Great World War.
Was Grossmutter Erzaehlt 1805-1915.
Kelly Field Eagle.
Army Navy Journal.
US Tail Spins.

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Items from the original donations were separated into the following AF locations:

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A 976.4 DA Texas, The Country And Its Men. Daniell, Lewis E. Austin, Tex.: The Author, 1924

Administrative Information

Custodial History

This collection is an amalgamation of several accessions. The first donation arrived at the Austin History Center (then called the Austin-Travis County Collection) in July of 1970 on behalf of Carrie (Goeth) Etnyre through her daughter, Yvonne Etnyre Greear. In October of 1974, Walter H. Tips, the grandson of Walter E. Tips, loaned his manuscript of Those Good Days to be copied and included in this collection. In November of 1975, Binnie McCreary, who completed the Historic Marker Application for the Walter Tips House, donated several items that were found in the attic of the building. The final donation was made by Joe A. Goeth in October of 1989.

Preferred Citation

Goeth, Etnyre, and Tips Families Papers (AR.I.003). Austin History Center, Austin Public Library, Texas.

Acquisition Information

Donor #s: DO/1970/053; DO/1974/002; DO/1989/067

Donation Dates: July 1970, October 1974, November 1975, October of 1989

Processing Information

Final Processing and Finding Aid by Amanda McCabe and Kelsey L. Belcher, November 2016. Revisions by Susan Rittereiser, 2016, 2017.

Detailed Description of the Collection

The following section contains a detailed listing of the materials in the collection.

I. Walter E. and Johanna Mary Jane “Mary Ann” (Pearce) Tips, 1871-1974

Walter E. Tips, 1872-1914
Box Folder
1 1 Financial Documents – Business, 1903-1907
2 Financial Documents – Personal, 1872, 1908
Location Item
Art Room ART – 00030 Painting of Walter E. Tips by S. Salomon, 1914
Location Box
qAR 14/53 Portrait of Walter E. Tips, undated
Mary Jane “Mary Ann” (Pearce) Tips, 1881
Box Folder
1 3 Correspondence – Personal, 1881
Carl Eduard “Edward Charles” Tips, 1871-1872
Box Folder
1 4 Financial Ledger, 1871-1872
Laura G. (Tips) Scherding, 1902-1927
Box Folder
1 5 Correspondence – Personal, 1902-1927
Walter H. Tips, 1974
Box Folder
2 1-5 Those Good Days, 1974

II. Adolph Carl and Julia (Tips) Goeth, 1886-1938, undated

Julia (Tips) Goeth, 1886-1938
Box Folder
3 1 Correspondence – The American Historical Society, 1932
2 Correspondence – Personal, 1927, 1930, 1938
3 Teaching Truth, 1886, 1893
4 Educational Materials, 1890s
5 Handwriting Character Analyses, 1922
6 Personal Notes and Address Book, 1914
Goeth Family, 1887-1929, undated
Box Folder
3 7 Ephemera and Memorabilia, 1887, 1909, 1912, 1926, 1929
8 Genealogy Research, undated
Oversized Volumes Ledger, undated
Box Folder
3 9 Was Grossmutter Erzaehlt 1805-1915, undated

III. Henry Mentor and Caroline Athalie “Carrie” (Goeth) Etnyre, 1893-1956, undated

Henry Mentor Etnyre, 1917-1933, undated
Box Folder
4 1 Personal Interests, 1933, undated
2-3 World War I Military Service Memorabilia, 1917-1918
4-5 World War I Pilot Training Materials, 1917-1918
Caroline Athalie “Carrie” (Goeth) Etnyre, 1893-1956, undated
Box Folder
4 6 Correspondence – Personal, 1903-1951, undated
Box Folder
5 1 Educational Materials, 1905-1907, 1911, 1914
Location FlatFile
qAR 04/07/001 Caroline Athalie Goeth's Austin High School Diploma, 1905
Box Folder
5 2 Financial Documents – Personal, 1916, 1931, 1936
3 International Travel Mementos, 1905, 1909
4 Materials Relating to Yvonne’s Birth, 1921
5 Personal Interests, 1893, 1904, 1924, 1926, 1950, 1956, undated
Yvonne (Etnyre) Greear, 1922-1938, undated
Box Folder
5 6 Autograph Book, undated
7 Correspondence – Personal, 1922-1931
8 Educational Materials, 1931-1938
9 Notebook, undated
Etnyre Family, 1903-1936, undated
Box Folder
5 10 Domestic Travel Mementos, 1915-1916, 1926
Location FlatFile
qAR 04/07/002 Rand McNally Map of California, 1915
Box Folder
5 11 Family Memorabilia, 1903, 1932, 1936, undated

IV. Photographic Materials, 1882-1956, undated

Tips Family, Relatives, and Friends, 1909-1935, undated
Box Folder
6 1 Eugene Tips, Frances Marie “Coquette” Tisseau des Ecotois, and their Children (#251-271), 1912, 1920-1921, undated
2 Mary Elizabeth “Mamie” (Tips) Von Kramer and her Family (#273-274, 276, 288, 302-304), 1909, 1920, undated
3 Laura G. (Tips) Scherding and her Family (#279-287), 1927, 1931, 1933, 1935, undated
4 Von Heppeger Wedding (#289-301), August 28, 1935
Goeth Family, 1883-1904, undated
Box Folder
7 1 Julia (Tips) Goeth (#309-312), circa 1883, undated
2 Goeth Family Ranch (#313-314), 1904, undated
Etnyre Family, Relatives, and Friends, 1882-1956, undated
Box Folder
7 3 Black-and-white photographs (#001-038), 1922, 1942, 1948-1950, 1953, 1955-1956, undated
4 Black-and-white photographs (#039-070), 1885, 1888, 1900, 1905-1906, circa 1910, 1918, undated
5 Black-and-white photographs(#071-100), 1893, 1895, 1903, 1910, 1918, undated
6 Black-and-white photographs(#101-119), 1882, 1887, 1890, 1899, 1905, 1910, undated
7 Black-and-white photographs(#120-138), 1896, 1918, 1940, 1946, undated
Location ArchivesCollection
Outer Vault qAR box Black-and-white photographs (#139-148), undated
Location PhotoAlbum
OuterVault #116 Black-and-white photographs (#149-210), 1929, 1934, 1936, undated
Location ArchivesCollection
Outer Vault Color Neg drawer 120mm negatives (6 items), undated
Box Folder
7 8 Family Travel postcards(#211-213, 249), Black-and-white photographs (#216-225, 248, 250), 1885, undated