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Veterans of Austin and Travis County Collection

An Inventory of the Collection

Overview of the Collection

Creator: Austin History Center
Title: Veterans of Austin and Travis County Collection
Inclusive Dates: 1939-2007
Abstract: Materials were collected through the auspices of the Austin History Center, area veterans groups including Catholic War Veterans, Tejanos in Action, Jewish War Veterans, Travis County Veterans Office and other local veteran organizations in correspondence with an exhibit at the Austin History Center in 2007 of the same name.
Identification: AR.2007.007
Quantity: 4 linear feet (4 document boxes, 1 qAR box, 1 artifacts box)
Location: Archives Stacks, Oversize Volumes, qAR, Artifacts, Oral History
Language: The records are in English.
Repository: Austin History Center, Austin Public Library, 810 Guadalupe, PO BOX 2287, Austin, TX 78768

Creator Note

In 2006, after the donation of archival materials related to the military service of Lance Corporal Nicholas Perez, Sue Soy of the Austin History Center was approached by the leadership of Tejanos in Action to create an exhibit about the contributions of Mexican American veterans. The idea was expanded to include all military veterans in the Austin/Travis County area. A steering committee was formed from the leadership of various veterans' groups to begin the process of collecting documentary materials for an archival collection and exhibit. Included on this committee were Dan Arellano as chairperson and David Jaso, both of Tejanos in Action, Mike London of Jewish War Veterans, Joe Ramos of Catholic War Veterans, Dawn Mata of Texas Women Veterans, and Olie Pope of Travis Co. Veterans Services, along with AHC staff Sue Soy and Steve Schwolert. A biographical information form was created and distributed to veterans through the members of the committee soliciting archival materials and information regarding military service. These forms, along with photographs and other documentary materials were then donated to the Austin History Center and were compiled into this collection. Materials were gathered from veterans as far back as World War II and as recently as the Iraq War (Gulf War II). These materials were combined with other materials already in Austin History Collection collections to create the exhibit "Veterans of Austin and Travis County: Service and Sacrifice" which ran between July 16, 2007 and January 11, 2008.

Scope and Contents

The bulk of the collection consists of materials pertaining to individuals that served in the United States Armed Services and veteran's organizations. There are approximately 35 biographical forms on individual veterans which include their dates of service, branch, deployment information, rank and family status, and information regarding their civilian careers. In addition to these forms are photographs, correspondence, digital and VHS video, digitized oral histories, publications and periodicals related to military service, photographs of some of the individual veterans and the veterans groups to which they belong, including photos of various special events related to these groups. The materials include information on veterans' experiences as far back as World War II and as recent as the Iraq War (Gulf War II), with experiences in the wars in Korea, Vietnam and Desert Storm (Persian Gulf War 1991) and peace time also included.

The City and County Materials series include the City of Austin Mayor's Proclamation for the Austin and Travis County Veterans "Service and Sacrifice" exhibit at the Austin History Center. In addition there are proclamations and event promotions from the Travis County Veterans Service Office.

The remaining materials in the collection are the audio and visual oral history recordings created in conjunction with the documentary KLRU Presents: The World, The War and Texas and the Library of Congress Veterans Oral History Project. Transcripts from Library of Congress Veterans History Project recordings are housed with the materials of the individual veterans with the exception of the two civilian experience oral history transcripts of Emma Browning and Margaret Doggett Crow. There are no transcripts for the KLRU Presents: The World, The War and Texas oral history DVDs.

Photographs and textual materials digitized for display in the exhibit are available on the Image server (I:\Archives\Archival Collections\AR.2007.007) and additional information about the individual images is available on the Visual Resources Database (VRDB). While this collection was originally created to collect documentary materials for the "Veterans of Austin and Travis County: Service and Sacrifice" exhibit donations within the scope of this collection continue to be added to the collection.


Collection is arranged into 5 series:
I. Veterans Groups
II. Individual Veterans
III. Opposing Views
IV. City and County Materials
V. Oral Histories


Restrictions on Access

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Index Terms

This record series is indexed under the following controlled access subject terms.
Adame, Frank.
Arnic, Laverne.
van Auken, William
Ballard, Vern.
Baum, Mike.
Bargsley, James S.
Barry, Susan.
Berger, Joe.
Bilich, Mel.
Bostic, Garvid Leon.
Botello, Pete.
Browning, Emma.
Butler, Debra.
Castilleja, Geranimo.
Christiansen, Morley.
Cook, Joseph.
Cotton, Mollie Renae.
Crow, Margaret Doggett.
Denius, Franklin W.
Dumont, Joshua.
Edwards-Johnson, Kathleen.
Epstein, Sanford J.
Fields, Otha.
Filreis, Manuel.
Fox, Jack.
Fraga, Thomas.
Gainer, Beverly.
Galindo, Ramon.
Garcia, Gustavo.
Garcia, Jose.
Gardner, Bruce.
Golden, Allen.
Gray, William.
Guera, Samuel Perez.
Garza, Gonzalo.
Gelnett, Georgine.
Goldman, Alice Denise.
Goldman, Neilson.
Goldschlager, Carl
Hatgil, Paul.
Hight, Robert E.
Jaso, David R.
Jimenez, Margarita.
Kadish, Herbert.
Kissman, Richard A.
Lebowitz, Leon.
London, Michael T.
Lopez, Lydia.
Mann, Barry.
Mayes, Wendell Jr.
Mata-Crane, Dawn.
McCann, Edgar.
Midlo, Maury A.
Montoya, Jose.
Moreland, Whitt L.
Moreno, Arturo.
Moten, Herman Sr.
Noches, Ramon.
Palmer, William MacKenzie.
Perez, Nicholas.
Powers, Myra Lynnette.
Pusin, Bernard.
Quindlin, Paula.
Ramos, Frank Jr.
Ramos, Isidro.
Ramos, Joe A.
Reiter, George.
Rosson, Barry.
Salas, Manuel Sr.
Samuelson, Hyman.
Sanders, Carroll Clifton.
Seriff, Jack.
Servetnick, Harold.
Sherrod, Earle.
Sikes, Melvin, P.
Stern, Phil
Tomayo, Gabriel.
Tu, Larry.
Ulloa, George Jr.
Urias, Domingo.
Villareal, Jesse.
Walker, Earl.
Webb, Carl.
Wied, Nettie Maxey.
Wilkins, Michelle Denise.
Williams-Ellison, Mary Louise
Wisser, Jon.
Ybarra, Henry III.
Zamora, Emilio.
Austin High School.
Catholic War Veterans.
First English Lutheran Church
Jewish War Veterans, Post 757.
Tejanos In Action.
Texas Women Veterans.
Travis County Veterans Services Office.
University of Texas Veterans.
Austin (Tex.)
Travis County (Tex.)
Afghan War, 2001-
Armed Forces.
Iraq War, 2003-
Korean War, 1950-1953.
Persian Gulf War, 1991.
Veterans--Services for--Texas.
Vietnam War, 1961-1975.
War on Terrorism, 2001-.
Women veterans--Texas--Biography.
World War, 1939-1945--Veterans.
Document Types:
Oral histories.
G.I. Jose: Mexican-American Soldier in World War II (VHS recording filed with Garza, Gonzalo)
The World, the War & Texas (DVD filed with Oral Histories)
Battle Record and History of the U.S.S. Columbia: 1942-1945 (filed with Garvid Leon Bostic)

Related Material

Archives and Manuscripts

  • AR.2006.011 Lance Corporal Nicholas Samuel Valdez Perez Papers
  • AR.2000.021 Otting Family Papers
  • AR.A.032 American Legion - Travis Post #76 Papers
  • AR.1991.036 Harper - Hamby - Pettway Family Papers
  • AR.1991.046 George C. Hawley Papers
  • AR.2006.033 Sylvester Pany Papers
  • AR.2004.001 Tejanos in Action Records
  • AR.2000.021 Otting Family Papers

Separated Material

General Collection

  • Garza, Gonzalo. Gonzalo Garza, A Texas Legend: Paso por Aqui. Georgetown, Texas: Word, 2005.


  • Floppy discs with oral history transcripts for the Library of Congress Veterans History Project were discarded. Digital versions of the transcripts are available S:\SHARED\Operational Records\Reference and Access\Oral History\Transcripts and printed copies are filed under the individuals name.

Administrative Information

Custodial History

Materials donated by a variety of veterans and veteran organizations.

Preferred Citation

Veteran's of Austin and Travis County Collection (AR.2007.007). Austin History Center, Austin Public Library, Texas.

Acquisition Information

Donor #: DO/2008/001; DO/2007/080; DO/2007/065; DO/2007/059; DO/2007/052; DO/2007/051; DO/2007/050; DO/2007/049; DO/2007/047; DO/2007/042; DO/2007/039; DO/2007/036; DO/2007/033; DO/2007/032; DO/2007/031; DO/2007/026; DO/2007/022; DO/2007/018; DO/2007/016; DO/2006/044; DO/2005/068; DO/2004/018; DO/2004/005; DO/1997/095; DO/2009/063.

Donation Date: 2007, 2008, 2009

Processing Information

Finding aid created and encoded by: Steve Schwolert and Molly Hults/2009.

Detailed Description of the Collection

I. Veterans Groups, 1957-2007

Box Folder
4 16 Austin High School World War II service list, 1964
Catholic War Veterans, 1957-1958, 1972, 2006, undated
Box Folder
1 1 Textual and photographic materials, 1957-1958, 1972, 2006, undated
Location BoxItem
qAR 046/010 Catholic War Veterans certificate, 1957
046/011 First English Lutheran Church veterans photographs, circa 1942
Box Folder
1 2 Jewish War Veterans, 2005-2007
Location BoxItem
qAR 046/004 Pearl Harbor Survivors, unknown
Box Folder
1 3 Tejanos in Action, 1994-2007
4 Texas Women Veterans, 2005-2007. undated
5 University of Texas Veterans Association, 2007

II. Individual Veterans, 1918-2008, undated

Box Folder
1 6 Laverne Arnic, 1944, 2004-2007, undated
7 Frank Adame, undated
8 William van Auken, 2007
9 Vern Ballard, 2007
10-11 James S. Bargsley, 1943-1945, 2007
12 Susan I. Barry, undated
13 Mike Baum, 1976-1994, undated
14 Joe Berger, circa 2007
15 Mel Bilich, circa 2007
Garvid Leon Bostic, 1943-1946, 2007-2008
Box Folder
1 16 Textual materials, 1943-1946, 2007-2008
Location BoxItem
Artifacts 102/002 Deck planking from USS Columbia, 2005
Box Folder
1 18 Pete Botello, circa 1952, 2007
19 Debra Butler, circa 2007
20 Geranimo Castilleja, 1954, undated
Box Folder
2 1 Morley Christiansen, 1943-1694, 2007
2 Joseph Cook, 2007
Mollie Renae Cotton, 2005-2007
Box Folder
2 3 Textual materials and photographs, 2005-2007
Location BoxItem
qAR 046/005 Certificate of Retirement, 2005
Box Folder
2 4 Franklin W. Denius, 2007
5 Joshua Dumont, 2005
6 Kathleen Edwards Johnson, 2007
7 Sanford J. Epstein, circa 2007
8 Otha Fields, 2004
9 Manuel "Manny" Filreis, circa 2007
10 Jack Fox, 2007
11 Thomas Fraga, 2007, undated
12 Beverly Gainer, 2007, undated
13 Jose Garcia, 2007
14 Ramon Galindo, circa 1943, 1956
15 Gustavo Garcia, 2007
16 Bruce Gardner, 2007
17-18 Gonzalo Garza, 1918, 1946-1952, 1992-2007
19 Georgine "Gina" Gelnett, 2007, undated
20 Allen Golden, 2007
21 Alice Denise Goldman, 2007, undated
22 Neilson Goldman, 1994-1996, 2007, undated
32 Carl Goldschlager, 2007
24 William Gray, 2007
25 Samuel Perez Guerra, 2007
26 Paul Hatgil, 2007
27 Robert E. Hight, 2007
David R. Jaso, 1953, 1993-1996, undated
Box Folder
3 1 Textual materials, 1953, 1993-1996, undated
Location BoxItem
Artifacts 102/001 United States flag, unknown
Box Folder
3 2 Margarita Jimenez, 2007, undated
3 Herbert Kadish, 2007
4 Richard A. Kissman, 2005
5 Leon Lebowitz, 2007
6 Michael T. London, 2007
7 Lydia Lopez, 2007, undated
8 Barry Mann, circa 2007
9 Dawn Mata, 1985-1986, 1997, 2007
10 Wendell Mayes Jr., 2007
11 Edgar McCann, 2007
12 Maury A. Midlo, circa 2007
13 Jose Montoya, 2007
Oversize Volumes Whitt L. Moreland Scrapbook, 1952
Box Folder
3 14 Arturo Moreno, 2007
15 Herman "Tex" Moten Sr., 2007-2008
16 Ramon F. Noches and Rose A. Noches, 2007, undated
Box Folder
4 17 William MacKenzie Palmer, 2007
Box Folder
3 17 Myra Lynette Powers, undated
18 Bernard Pusin, circa 2007
19 Paula Quindlen, 1970
Frank Ramos Jr., 1940, 1946, 1998
Box Folder
3 20 Textual materials, 1940, 1946, 1998
Location BoxItem
qAR 046/001-002 Poster of newspaper article, 1998
Box Folder
3 21 Isidro Ramos, 2007, undated
22 Joe A. Ramos, circa 2007
23 George Reiter, circa 2007
24 Barry Rossen, 1995, 2004-2005
25 Manuel Salas Sr., 1999, undated
26 Hyman "Hymie" Samuelson, circa 2007
37 Carroll Clifton Sanders, 2007
28 Jack Seriff, circa 2007
29 Harold Servtnick, circa 2007, undated
30 Earle Sherrod, circa 2007
31 Melvin P. Sikes, 2007
32 Phil Stern, 1943-1946, circa 2007
33 Gabriel Tomayo, 2007
34 Larry Tu, 2007
35 George Ulloa, 2007
Domino Urias, 1939, 1945, 1999-2007, unknown
Box Folder
4 1 Textual materials and photographs, 1939, 1945, 1999-2007
Location BoxItem
qAR 046/003 Section of "V Corps: Operation in the ETO", 1945
Box Folder
4 2 Jesse Villareal, 2007
3 Earl Walker, 1944, 1995, 2007
4 Nettie (Maxey) Wied, 2007
5 Michelle Denise Wilkins Small, circa 2007
6 Mary Williams Ellison, 2007
7 Jon N. Wisser, 1969-1970, 2007
7 Henry Ybarra III, 2006-2007
8 Emilio Zamora, 2007

III. Opposing Views, 2005-2007, undated

Box Folder
4 9 Carl Web, 2005-2007, undated

IV. City and County Materials, 2002-2007

Box Folder
4 10 Mayor's Office proclamation, 2007
Travis County Veterans Service Office, 2002-2007, undated
Box Folder
4 11 Textual materials, 2002-2007
Location BoxItem
qAR 046/006-009 Posters and calendar, 2007, undated
Location BoxItem
Artifacts 102/003 "I love U.S.A" magnet, undated
Box Folder
4 12 Public officials, 2006-2007

V. Oral Histories, 2007

Box Folder
4 13 Margaret Doggett Crown, 2007
14 Emma Browning, 2007
15 KLRU, 2007
Audiotapes and video recordings, 2007

Series Abstract See the Oral History and Misc. Audio Database for specific tape numbers for each individual interview. There are transcripts for the Library of Congress Veterans History Project but not for the KLRU: "The World, The War, and Texas" interviews.
Location TapeNo.
Oral History 3090-3102 KLRU: "The World, The War, and Texas" interview DVDs, 2007
3012-3063 Library of Congress Veterans History Project interview audiocassettes, 2007