Initial Interface Requirements

revised requirements
  1. Users should be able to limit searches by repository
  2. Users should be able to do fielded searching
  3. **The guidelines group will need to decide which fields should be indexed.

  4. There will be a "keywords" field. This field would contain keywords indicated by archivist and would enable more efficient searching from the system's point of view...rather than search the entire finding aid we could do a quick search on keywords.
  5. Search terms will be highlighted.
  6. The Table of Contents will always be visible from a frame on the left side of the window.
  7. We will display the finding aid in HTML
  8. There will be a link to the XML version of each finding aid
  9. There will be a "printer safe" version of the finding aid that will drop the frames when printing.
  10. The finding aids will be available to Web robots for indexing.
  11. **Possible feature: There could be a "keywords in context" feature that would show a results list contain key words as they appear in the document. The results would be a list of phrases/sentences with keywords highlighted.