Final Search Interface Requirements (amended June 15, 2000)

initial requirements



**KeyWord In Context (possible feature). Show a results list containing keywords as they appear in the document. The results would feature item excerpts with keywords highlighted. Excerpt the document in this fashion at each place where the keywords appear (University of Michigan example).**

**Link to first instance (possible feature). Construct search results in such a way that the user is linked to that section of the document in which the search terms first occur.**

**Numerical breakdown of search results (possible feature): list the frequency with which search terms appear in sections of an item (e.g. 3 in front matter, 2 in container list, etc.). Preferred but less possible is placing this numerical info in the Table of Contents frame when viewing an individual search result.**

Access Issues

**Multiple document instantiations (possible feature). Password protected "master" version of the document including confidential or donor information which would be absent from versions of the document served to the public. Would allow for easier document management and administration.**