Finding Aid Conversion Cover Sheet Form

Official name of Institution (include sub-unit, if applicable)
Publisher of the finding aid (if different from above)
Contact Information (to appear on title page of finding aid):
Unit and/or position title:
Repository code
(NUC/USMARC Code List for Organizations or other appropriate code)
Formal name of the Finding Aid
(include title, date range, and subtitle, if appropriate)
Formal name of the collection:
Unique identifier for the collection
(call number, accession number, or any unique name within the repository code above)
Predominant language of the collection
Filename you want Apex to give to the XML encoded finding aid
(Use an 8-character name derived from your identifier and the .xml extension)
If desired, provide:
Author of finding aid
Date of the finding aid
Total Number of Pages
Vendor Identification Number
Additional Notes (to be printed and included on cover sheet to APEX)
Additional Notes (to be sent via email to Kris and Diane)