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Information Literacy Standards for Anthropology and Sociology Students
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2008 ALA Annual Conference Meeting Information

Information Literacy Standards

What do anthropology and sociology students need to do in order to be effective researchers? What key behaviors define information literacy in these disciplines? An ANSS IIL Task Group wrote and vetted with sociologists and anthropologists specific performance indicators and key behaviors for success, entitled: Information Literacy Standards for Anthropology and Sociology Students. For more information on how this project developed, read the background.

Plans to Develop the Standards Project

Repository of Teaching and Assessment Materials: In order to facilitate faculty and librarian use of the Standards in departments and courses, the ANSS Instruction and Information Literacy Committee is developing a Repository of teaching and assessment materials that will bring together assignments, curricula, IL projects, syllabi, active learning techniques, etc. See Draft Instructions for submitting teaching materials to the Repository.
Workshops: The ANSS IIL Standards task force, along with Professor Edward L. Kain, presented a workshop at the American Sociological Association Annual Meeting on August 13, 2007 on integrating information literacy into the Sociology curriculum. The well attended workshop included a discussion of IL in anthropology and sociology, strategies for collaboration between faculty and librarians who specialize in sociology or social science, and hands-on exercises to help participants develop assessable, information-rich coursework that is embedded strategically in the major curriculum.

After an introduction to information literacy and the ANSS IL Standards, attendees engaged in an activity to incorporate one of the IL assignment enhancement suggestions (based on specific ANSS IL standards) into an existing assignment. Participants also used a grid to map information literacy goals to specific courses in their home institutions’ sociology curricula. The workshop included an overview of the assessment of IL and tips for establishing fruitful relationships between sociology faculty and social science librarians, and concluded with a brief introduction to the assessment of sociology collections and an announcement about the new ANSS ad hoc Committee on the Assessment of Library Collections and Services in Sociology. A brief bibliography of Collection Assessment resources was also distributed.

Another workshop using the same format, materials and exercises was offered at the Pacific Sociological Association 2008 Annual Meeting in Portland, Oregon on April 11, 2008. See session #114 for more information.

The committee plans to identify and collaborate with AAA partners to present a similar workshop or presentation at AAA annual meetings and seeks AAA formal endorsement of the Standards, in order to facilitate integrating information literacy into Anthropology department curricula.

Resources for the Project

Bibliography: The ANSS IIL standards task force  read many articles and used various sources to enable their work. The selected bibliography included in the standards provides the key resources used in their development, including links where possible. The ANSS IIL Committee plans to enlarge and continuously update a bibliography on Information Literacy in Anthropology, Sociology and Affiliate Disciplines for inclusion with the repository and other associated materials. A brief updated bibliography was prepared for the PSA Workshop.
ACRL Action Plan Funding for the ANSS Information Literacy Standards Project: The Anthropology and Sociology Section was awarded ACRL Action Plan funding for 2006-2007. This supported faculty collaborators' travel to and participation in the ANSS IIL meeting at the ALA 2006 Annual conference. The funding also supported ANSS-IIL standards task force members to attend the 2006 annual meetings of the American Sociological Association (ASA) and the American Anthropological Association (AAA), enabling them too communicate, distribute, and elicit comments about the ANSS IL draft standards document. One result of this, was gaining ASA endorsement of the draft document in August 2006. The ANSS-IIL Standards task force is using 2007-2008 Action Plan funding awarded to build, strengthen, and promote the standards, supporting two task force members' travel to present the ASA workshop in 2007. In addition, the funds will be used to bring Edward L. Kain, Professor of Sociology and University Scholar at Southwestern University, and recipient of the 2007 ASA Distinguished Contributions to Teaching Award, to the ALA 2008 Annual meeting. Dr. Kain will be lead discussant at the Sociology Discussion Group, on practical ways of using the Information Literacy Standards for Anthropology and Sociology Students in collaboration with faculty in our joint effort to further integrate information literacy into curricula. Dr. Kain will draw from materials developed for the ASA and PSA workshops, including sample assignment enhancements. Attendees, regardless of their subject specialties, can expect to increase their fluency with the standards and share with colleagues their experience and ideas. Dr. Kain also plans to meet with the ANSS IIL Committee and Ad Hoc Committee on the Assessment of Library Collections and Services.

ANSS IL Standards Project in the News:

ANSS Instruction and Information Literacy Task Force on Information Literacy Standards

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Patti Schifter Caravello (2006 - 2008)
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