Native American and Indigenous Studies Research Guide


Access World News
A comprehensive news collection for exploring issues and events at the local, regional, national and international level.

Alt-Press Watch
Full-text coverage of newspapers, magazines, and journals of the alternative and independent press in America. Dating back to the 1970's this database covers issues such as ecology, labor, indigenous peoples, organizing, and policy.

American History In Video
A collection of documentaries, commercial and governmental newsreels and archival and public affairs footage regarding American history.

Anthropology Plus
A collection of Anthropological Literature from Harvard University and the Anthropological Index from Royal Anthropological Institute in the UK.

Bibliography of Native North Americans
a bilbiographic database covering Native North American culture, history, and life.

D'Arcy McNickle Center for American Indian and Indigenous Studies
The D’Arcy McNickle Center for American Indian and Indigenous Studies digital collections.

Latin American Newsstand
Updated Daily, provides full text to 41 newspapers from 11 Latin American countries.

UT map collection
The PCL map collection may be a valuable resource.

Suggested Journals

AlterNative: An International Journal of Indigenous Peoples
A peer reviewed interdisciplinary journal covering Indigenous worldviews from a Native perspective. 

Ancient Mesoamerica
A journal primarily concerned with the Pre-Columbian archaeology of the Mesoamerican region, but also features articles from other disciplines.

An academic Journal dedicated to Archaeology.

American Indian Culture and Research Journal
Articles, commentary, and book reviews about American Indians

American Indian Quarterly
Specializing in American Indian Studies, features peer-reviewed articles, as well as film and book reviews.

Collaborative Anthropologies
Focusing on collaborations and interactions between and among researchers and participants.

Estudios de Cultura Nahuatl
Covers Anthropology, Latin American History, and Social Sciences

Latin American Antiquity
Dedicated to Archaeology, Prehistory, and Ethnohistory in Mesoamerica, Central America, South America, and related areas.

Latin American Indian literatures journal
A review of Latin American Indian Texts and Studies

The journal of Multi-Ethnic Literature of the United States

Native Studies Review
Features original scholarly research on issues from Aboriginal perspectives in contemporary & historical contexts. It is a multidisciplinary, social science based periodical featuring research from Canada & abroad.

Studies in American Indian Literatures
A journal dedicated to American Indian literatures broadly defined to include all written, spoken, and visual texts created by Native peoples.

Wicazo Sa
An interdisciplinary journal devoted to assisting Indigenous peoples of the Americas in taking possession of their intellectual and creative pursuits.

External Links

Indian Country Today
A resource for Native news across the nation.

American Indians in Children's Literature
A resource for criticism and analysis of American Indians in children's literature.

A Native organization dedicated to seeing fair portrayals of Natives in Literature and the Arts.

Yellow Medicine Review
Indigenous Literature, thought and art.

Wordcraft circle
An organization working to promote Native Writers and their craft.

Internet Public Library Native American Authors Project
A site with information on Native North American authors,bibliographies, and biographical information.

Tribal Writers Digital Library
Hosted by the University of Arkansas at Little Rock this digital library features out of print works by American Indians, Alaska Natives, and First Nations people of Canada. The project seeks to broaden what the term "Native writing" means.

National Archives Archival Research Catalog: Native Americans
The National Archives digital collection of Native American materials.

Native American Records in the National Archives
Native American Records in the National Archives

Native Web: Resources for Indigenous Cultures around the World
Resources for Indigenous cultures.


The Native American and Indigenous Studies program at the University of Texas at Austin has a global, comparative focus with a particular strength in the Americas. The main goal of the program is to encourage an active intellectual and community engagement with Indigenous people and cultures.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar uses the popular Google search engine to enable searches for scholarly materials such as peer-reviewed papers, theses, books, preprints, abstracts and technical reports from broad areas of research.

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Search Tips

Key Words: Native, Native American, American Indian, Indian, First Nations People, Alaskan Native, Indigenous.

In addition to using keywords, Boolean operators such as AND, OR, and NOT, can aid your search.

AND will return results with that contain both words entered in the search: such as Indigenous AND Canada

OR will return results with either search term used : Native OR Indian
This can be helpful when searching for synonyms or related terms.

Quotation marks will search for an exact term: "Indigenous Rights"

Parenthesis can help improve a search by allowing for multiple search filters: (Native American OR First Nations) AND Religion

Truncation can serve to widen a search with a wildcard symbol "*", any variation of the root will be gathered: Photo* will return Photograph, Photographer, Photography, Photosynthesis

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