Iberian Studies Research Guide


The University of Texas has a solid collection on all the major literary figures of every period and genre of Spanish literature, including bibliographical and bio-bibliographical reference materials.

The emphasis of collection development for Spanish and Portuguese literature has reflected the scholarly pursuits of the university community: medieval drama and poetry; including a rich collection of the Cantigas and 16th century plays; Golden Age literature; the picaresque novel and contemporary fiction and poetry; and representative selections in Catalan, Basque and Gallegan literatures.

All literary periods and genres of Portuguese literature are represented in the collection, beginning with the Troubadour poets of the 12th century; but the major strength of the Portuguese collection is the 20th century.

The Perry-Castañeda Library also has a well-rounded collection dealing with Spanish history, from Medieval times to the present, including historical sources on the Spanish Civil war.

Materials on Spanish and Portuguese language and linguistics are also held by the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center (HRC) and the Benson Latin American Collection.

Online Resources

Course Guides

Spanish Language and Resources

Biblios-e (archivo)
Digital archive of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.

Biblioteca Nacional (Portugal)
Portugal's national online catalog. Currently digitizing many works of literature which are available online. It also includes dissertations.

Biblioteca Nacional de España
Web page of Spain's National library, established in 1712 by Philip V.

Catálogo colectivo del Patrimonio Bibliográfico Español
The Collective Catalog of Spanish libraries, public and private. Includes records to books from the XV-XX centuries, as well as information about 564,722 copies of those edition held in 500 libraries. It also includes a directory of those libraries.

Catálogo General (Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes)
The catalog of the Virtual Library Miguel de Cervantes offers a constantly expanding treasurehouse of digitized works of Spain's canonical authors.

Catálogo de Tesis Doctorales (Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes)
Searchable database of digitized dissertations online from 28 Spanish universities.


CULTURABase is the Spanish Government's sistem of collection, storage and dissemination of Spain's cultural statistics. Based on INEbase, ceded by the Instituto Nacional de Estadística to the Ministerio de Cultura.

Portal of research in Spain. Registered users can receive alerts and citations of newly published articles with selected journals of their choosing. Searchable database by author, title limiting by document type. Includes books, journal articles, dissertations.

IBIS, national database of the Real Biblioteca and the Patronatos Reales

Searchable database of the Royal Library and the National Patrimony. Noteworthy searchable sites:

  1. Sitio Real Biblioteca = Royal Library site
  2. Catálogo de Encuadernaciones Histórico-Artísticas = Catalog of historical bindings
  3. Colección Pedagógica

The Spanish ISBN agency is an equivalent of Books in print. Includes books in print, out of print, prices. Very current. Searchable by author, title, publisher, and descriptors. Requires the use of the tilde.

PORBASE (Base Nacional de Dados Bibliográficos) 

Collective online catalog of Portuguese libraries. Established since 1986, it is coordinated by the Biblioteca Nacional (BN) and has been publicly available since 1988.

Portal de Archivos Españoles = Spanish Archives Portal
Searchable portal designed to disseminate in Internet the Spanish cultural patrimony.

Real Biblioteca
Royal library of Spain which started with Philip V.

The main collections are:

  1. Biblioteca del conde de Gondomar
  2. Biblioteca del conde de Mansilla
  3. Biblioteca de Mayans y Siscar
  4. Biblioteca de Francisco de Bruna
  5. Manuscritos de Manuel José de Ayala
  6. Colección Lameyer 

Subject Specialist

Merry Burlingham
Chief Bibliographer and Collection Management, Librarian for French and Italian, MLS

Email: merry@austin.utexas.edu

Phone: (512) 495-4329

Suggested Journals

Anales Cervantinos
Annual volumes collecting research and book reviews, articles on Miguel de Cervantes (1547-1616). Primarily Spanish.

Anales de la literatura española contemporánea
Annual volumes with scholarly articles on all aspects of Spanish peninsular literature, drama, cinema. Primarily in Spanish.

Anales galdosianos
Published approximately every two years. Disseminates research, book reviews, and articles on Benito Pérez Galdós (1843-1920). Full text available in Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes to 2001

Anuario de Estudios Americanos 
Bi-annual journal covering literary criticism on Spanish and Spanish American literary and historical topics. Spanish.  

Anuario de Estudios Medievales 
Research on Spanish medieval history. Spanish, Catalan, French, Italian. 

Archivum (Oviedo) 
Research on Spanish philology. Spanish.

Bulletin Hispanique 
Articles on Spanish culture, linguistics and language, including Spanish America. Full text, French or Spanish.

Bulletin of Spanish Studies  
Published 5 times a year, offers “research into the languages, literatures, histories and civilizations of Spain, Portugal and Latin America.” Online subscription. English

Bulletin of the Comediantes 
Semiannual. Research on sisteenth- and seventeenth-century peninsular and  colonial drama. Full text available through Project Muse (Vol. 1, 1949 through current issue). Spanish and English.

Cahiers de Linguistique Hispanique Médiévale 
Annual publication offering historical, linguistic and literary research on Medieval Spanish civilization. Spanish or French 

Bi-annual. Official journal of the Cervantes Society of America. 

La Corónica 
Bi-annual publication on topics in medieval Spanish cultural studies, literature and historical linguistics. English or Spanish. 

Cuadernos Hispanoamericanos 
Quarterly multidisciplincary publication on Spanish American civilization and culture. Spanish.

Biannual journal dedicated to the study of the Enlightenment in 18th century Spain and Latin America. Spanish, English or Portuguese.

Bi-annual journal on Latin American, Spanish and U.S. Latino theater. Spanish or English.

Hispania, American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese 
Quartely publication dedicated to the teaching of Spanish and Portuguese. English.

Hispania: revista española de historia 
Quarterly publication of research in Spanish history. Spanish

Hispanic Review 
Quarterly publication of research in Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian literatures and cultures, from the medieval period to the present.  Full text available through Project Muse. Chiefly English.

Tri-annual publication dealing with literary, linguistic or cultural topics of the Spanish and Portuguese-speaking worlds. Full text current articles available through Project Muse. English, Spanish or Portuguese. 

Iberoamericana (Madrid, Spain)  
Quarterly journal dedicated to the study of Spanish and Portuguese civilizations. Spanish or English. 

Melanges de la Casa de Velázquez 
Annual publication dedicated to Spanish language and culture and civilization, including transatlantic. In French or Spanish.

Quarterly international journal devoted to the study of medieval and modern language and literature. English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. 

Revista canadiense de estudios hispánicos 
Tri-annual publication dedicated to Spanish and Spanish American literatura and civilization.  Spanish.

Annual scholarly publication publishing research on medieval Spanish literature. Catalan, English, Spanish.