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Hugo ChapaGuzmán

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                  Sefarim Click for definitions of Sefarim and Sefarad

Sefardi authors Sefarim (Bibliography) Sefardi links

The Sefarim Project at the Perry-Castañeda Library.

The Perry-Castañeda Library has many materials related to the Sephardi Jews in Spain and Portugal.

Through the Sefarim Project, we are trying to highlight primarily the Perry-Castañeda Library's book holdings, and to provide links to digital works and internet sites which further the understanding of Sephardi culture and civilization.

It is an ongoing project, "under permanent construction", continuously updated.

I am much obliged to Nathan Snyder, Judaica Bibliographer, University of Texas at Austin, for collaboration with the purchase of many current imprints dealing with the Sefardi, thus enhancing the scope of our collection.

The current selection of these materials is the responsibility of Hugo Chapa-Guzman.

Comments, suggestions for purchase, and/or links are quite welcome.

Thanks for visiting!