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Hugo Chapa-Guzmán

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Peninsular links of general interest

Spain Portugal U.S.A. Universities


About Barcelona
Itineraries, tourist guides, maps, restaurants for the second largest city in Spain.

Index of Spanish archives on the web.

Catalan Language Resources on the Net

Diccionario de Escritores en México

Directorio de fotografía española
Granada en la Red
Maps of the Empire

Madrid, la Capital de España

A Hundred Highlights from the Koninklijke Bibliotheek

Biblioteca universalis

Muslim Spain and European Culture


Casa de Macau, Vancouver
Dutch-Portuguese Colonial History
Filatelia em Portugal
Fonoteca Municipal de Lisboa
Galería Virtual
Portugal Hotel Guide
Portugal Today
Welcome to Portugal

American Universities with Peninsular pages

Iberian Studies Web / Edited by Marianne Siegmund and Richard Hacken (Brigham Young University)
Iberia (Berkeley)
Labyrinth Library (Georgetown University)
Online Medieval and Classical Library (Berkeley)
The Sor Juan Inés de la Cruz Project (Dartmouth)
Spanish and Portuguese Spanish Resources Bobst Library at NYU
Spanish Language Bookmarks (U. of Toledo)