Online Encyclopedias, Dictionaries and other overviews

Gale Virtual Reference  search for person or concept (includes the Encyclopedia of Philosophy 2nd edition)

Philosopher's Index  search for person or concept

Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy  search for person or concept

Hard copy Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, and other overviews

Oxford Classical Dictionary DE 5 O9 Ref (PCL, CLA), or online through the Library catalog

The Cambridge companion to Greek and Roman philosophy B 111 C36 2003 (PCL)

A companion to ancient philosophy B 111 C66 2006 (PCL), or online through the Library catalog

Encyclopedia of classical philosophy B 163 E53 1997 Ref & Normal Loan (PCL)

Encyclopedia of philosophy B 51 E53 2006 Ref (PCL), or online through the Library catalog

Encyclopedia of philosophy B 41 E5 1972 Library Use Only (PCL)

Additional encyclopedias, dictionaries and handbooks may be found through the Library catalog using keyword searches, for example:

Philosophy Classical Dictionaries              
Philosophy Greek Dictionaries
Philosophy Classical Encyclopedias         
Philosophy Roman Biography
Ancient Philosophical Theory                        
Philosophy Ancient

Finding Philosophy Sources

Some of the dictionaries noted above will cite the source of the philosophers or philosophical concepts. In some cases you may need to look up authors’ names or titles from a list of abbreviations found in the first few pages of the dictionary. English translations of the cited works may be found online and in print.

Two (free) Internet sites, which have full-text English translations of selected works, are:

Tufts University’s Perseus Project

MIT’s The Tech Classics Archive 

Printed translations of both Greek and Roman works are available in a set of volumes called the Loeb Classical Library. You will find these volumes in PCL and CLA using a keyword search. Enter keywords: [name of author] Loeb.  (For example: Plato Loeb or Cicero Loeb)

Finding Articles On Philosophy

Academic OneFile  search for person, concept or philosophical term

Academic Search Complete  search for person, concept or philosophical term

L’Annee Philologique  search keyword for title, author, subject in “full text”; limit to English language articles under “Other Criteria

JSTOR  search for person, concept or philosophical term in advanced search: abstracts

MLA International Bibliography  search by subject, keyword etc

Religion & Philosophy Collection  search by subject, keyword etc

Encyclopedia of Ancient History  search by advanced search, subject, keyword etc 

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