Online Encyclopedias, Dictionaries and Other Overviews

Britannica Online   search by keyword, subject etc, basic and advanced

DASE (Digital Archive SErvices) Collection  search for images of artifacts

Companion encyclopedia of archaeology

Gale Virtual Reference  search by keyword, subject, etc, basic and advanced

Oxford Reference Online  search by keyword, subject etc, basic and advanced

Here are two free authoritative websites. Don't rely on any sites you just happen to have found on a search engine. When researching your subject always use reliable scholarly sources and don't dismiss books for anything you find on the web.

FastOnline is a searchable database of archaeological excavations since the year 2000It also includes FOLD&R (Fasti On Line Documents & Research) which is an on-line peer-reviewed journal containing reports, both preliminary and final, on excavations from 2000 onwards (Italy and Bulgaria only).

Perseus Art and Archaeology
The library's catalogs document 523 coins, 1548 vases, over 1400 sculptures, 179 sites and 381 buildings. Each catalog entry has a description of the object and its context; most have images. This web site currently publishes over 33,000 pictures!

Hard copy Encyclopedias, Dictionaries and other overviews

Collins dictionary of archaeology CC 70 C55 1992 (PCL)

An encyclopedia of the history of classical archaeology DE 5 E5 1996 V.1 & 2 Ref (CLA)

The Oxford companion to archaeology CC 70 O96 1996 Ref (PCL, CLA, APL), or online through the Library catalog

The Penguin archaeology guide CC 70 P46 2001 (PCL)

The Princeton encyclopedia of classical sites DE 59 P7 (PCL, CLA)

Finding Articles On Archaeology

Anthropology Plus  search by keyword, subject etc   

Academic OneFile  search for title, author, subject

Academic Search Complete  search for title, author, subject

L’Annee Philologique  search keyword for title, author, subject in “full text”; limit to English language articles under “Other Criteria

FastOnline FOLD&R  browse, basic or advanced search (Italy and Bulgaria only)

TOCS-IN  search by keyword, subject etc, basic only   

Encyclopedia of Ancient History  search by advanced search, subject, keyword etc 

Additional encyclopedias, dictionaries and handbooks may be found through the Library catalog using subject or keyword searches, for example:

Roman Archaeology Dictionary
Archaeology Greek Encyclopedia 
Athenian Archeology Handbook
Classical Archeology Encyclopedia
Ancient Archaeology Dictionary
Hellenistic Archaeology Handbook

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