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Style Manuals
    Germanic studies uses one of the following:

  • MLA Style Manual
  • Style Sheet of the Linguistic Society of America
  • University of Chicago Style Manual




Bibliographies of Scholarly Articles and Books
  • Linguistics and language behavior abstracts: LLBA.
    Also available at : PCL Reference Index Tables P 1 L1522 V.29 1995 NO.1-3 through V.33 1999 NO.5
    PCL Stacks P 1 L1522 V.19 1985 NO.1-2 through V.28 1994 NO.4-5
  • MLA international bibliography of books and articles on the modern languages and literatures. c1970-
    Also available at : PCL Reference Index Tables P 30 M624 1994 AUTHOR through 1999 SUBJECT
    PCL Reference Dept P 30 M624 1969 through 1993 SUBJECT USE
    PCL Stacks P 30 M624 1969 through 1988 PT.2
  • H. V. Eppelsheimer and C. Kottelwesch, eds. Bibliographie der deutschen Literaturwissenschaft.
    Frankfurt am Main: Vittorio Klostermann, 1957-
    PCL Reference Dept Z 2231 B5 1945-53 through 1988 V.28
    Continued by: Bibliographie der deutschen Sprach- und Literaturwissenschaft. Frankfurt am Main: V. Klostermann, 1970-
    PCL Reference Dept Z 2231 B5 1969 through 1999 V.39
  • Germanistik: Internationales Referatenorgan mit bibliographischen Hinweisen. Tübingen: M. Niemeyer. 1.- Jahrg.; Jan. 1960-
    PCL Reference Dept Z 2235 A2 G4
    PCL Stacks Z 2235 A2 G4
  • The Year's work in modern language studies. London: Modern Humanities Research Association (etc.). v. 1- 1929/30-
    PCL Stacks PB 1 Y45 V.52 1990 -
    PCL Stacks 806 M72Y V.1 1929/30 through V.51 1989
  • Other Bibliographic Databases


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