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About Tests and Measures

Tests and other measures fall into two categories:

1) Proprietary tests are tests and measures that have been copyrighted and are rarely freely available.  They are often described and reviewed in the Mental Measurements Yearbook.  If you are looking for a specific measure by name, check Mental Measurements Yearbook first to determine whether it is proprietary, who publishes it, and contact information.  You usually will not be able to access these tests for free, and for liability reasons, UT Libraries does not purchase proprietary tests.  To access and use proprietary tests, you will have to formally go through the requirements determined by the publishing organization/company.

2) Uncopyrighted tests, scales, questionnaires, measures, etc. usually do not need to be purchased, though it is still good practice to contact the author/creator for permission when using them.  These types of tests and measures can be found:

  • In books such as test compendia and compilation volumes (see the "books" section and the "subject headings" boxes in the right sidebar for help locating these).
  • In journal articles in databases, like PsycINFOCINAHL, and ERIC.  See the "finding tests and measures in databases" section for search tips.
  • Online.  Some creators post tests and measures on the web, so it is always worth a search. 

Databases for Tests and Measures

Mental Measurement Yearbook (MMY) - Use the MMY to find information and reviews about proprietary measures.

Produced by Buros Institute of Mental Measurements, the MMY describes more than 2,000 commercially available educational, personality, aptitude, neuropsychological, achievement, and intelligence standardized tests.  Each entry includes test name and classification; author(s); Publication information; price; time requirements; score descriptions; levels; and inteneded populations.  It does NOT contain tests!

If the test you need is listed in the MMY, expect to meet criteria for qualification prior to purchasing and administering a test (contact information is included for each test in the MMY). 

PsycINFO - Use PsycINFO to find articles about specific tests and measures, and to determine which articles contain tests and measures (non-proprietary). 

CINAHL (Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health) - Use CINAHL to find journal articles or book chapters that use or describe specific tests and measures related to Nursing and Health. 

ERIC - Use ERIC to find journal articles or book chapters that use or describe specific tests and measures related to Education and Educational Psychology. 

Finding Tests and Measures in Databases

To find tests and measures in PsycINFOERIC, or CINAHL, use this search strategy:

tests and measures search strategy

Be sure to use all three lines...this will increase your chances of finding what you want!

For help on brainstorming keywords for line 2 of the search, look at step 3 on this page about finding articles using databases


*Exception:  If you want to find articles that mention a certain measure, search for its name as a keyword:

searching for a certain measure 


ETS Tests - Microfiche

Tests in Microfiche is an annual series of full text research instruments that have been cited in the educational and psychological literature.  Last received December 2004.

What is microfiche? 

The tests are located in PCL Level 1 microfiche, arranged by call number like this: MCFICHE 2285 [test number] (for example, "MCFICHE 2285 TCO20387").  All of the tests are in one drawer labeled "Tests in Microfiche". 

Finding test numbers:

  • An online database from ETS is available.  When you find an instrument that looks good to you, write down the call number that ETS gives.  This is the test number you need to find the item in the microfiche cabinet.
  • Paper indexes to the test collection are located on the first floor near the microform cabinets.  Look for the wall of books and then this call number: MCFICHE 2285 INDEX Microforms PCL Level 1 Vols 1-6. 

This collection contains research instruments on a variety of topics and subjects that would be relevant in any behavioral science.  Instruments are also appropriate for diverse populations.

Tests can be reproduced for educational or research purposes. For any other purpose or if you wish to modify the instrument, the author must grant permission.

Other Resources for Finding Tests and Measures

The SDSU Test Finder (From Mark Stover at San Diego State University) is an index of tests that can be found in various books.  He has also created a similar index (SDSU Test Finder for Journal Articles) of tests and measures available in journal literature. 

Tests and Measures in the Social Sciences: Tests Available in Compilation Volumes is an index of t

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Title: ests and measures from the ETS test collection and from other volumes (Created by  Helen Hough at UT Arlington).  Pay attention to her search tips!

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Books about Tests and Measures

Recent Arrivals - New books related to tests and measurements

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