Special Education


Academic Search Complete - A large interdisciplinary database useful for finding full text articles from a wide range of periodicals and journals. 

CINAHL - Covers over 3,000 journals related to healthcare and nursing. Includes standards, conference proceedings, and educational software. 

CMMC (Communication & Mass Media Complete) - Contains conprehensive coverage of core communication and mass media journals, including many articles discussing technology in education. 

Cochrane Library - This database consists of a collection of evidence-based medicince databases, and provides information related to health care decisions.

DSM Library - Online access to the DSM-V, the DSM-IV-TR, Handbook of Differential Diagnosis and Cases from the DSM-IV-TRnline access to the DSM-V, the DSM-IV-TR, Handbook of Differential Diagnosis and Cases from the DSM-IV-TR

Education Source - Formerly Education Full Text; Includes full text articles from a wide range of journals related to education. 

Education in Video - Contains videos intended for training and developing teachers, including primary-source footage of students and teachers in actual classrooms. This collection can be searched by grade level, subject, topic, educational theory, and more. 

ERIC - Education Resources Information Center; this database is a good place to start your research. It covers a broad range of journal articles, technical reports, curricular materials, research documents, etc. 

Google Scholar - Google powered search tool that searches for scholarly materials like books, peer-reviewed papers, abstracts, articles, theses, and technical reports. Some full text articles require a paid subscription, so be sure to access this database through the UT Libraries so that you can access the subscriptions already paid for by the library. 

LLBA (Linguistics & Langauge Behavior Abstracts) - Includes citations and abstracts related to the teaching of language. 

Medline - This database provides bibliographic indexing provided by the National Library of Medicine.

PsycINFO - Covers professional and academic literature in psychology.

Social Services Abstracts - This database covers current research focused on social work, human services, and related topics. 

Handbooks & Encyclopedias

Why use them?  To get a overview of a concept or theory that's new to you, to learn important terms/lingo that may be useful search terms, and to discover important names and publications associated with your topic.


Gale Virtual Reference Library An online collection of encyclopedias that is searchable by keyword

Advances in Special Education | Print Series

Autism Spectum Disorders: A Reference Handbook | eBook

Encyclopedia of Special Education: A Reference for the Education of Children, Adolescents and Adults with Disabilities and other Exceptional Individuals | eBook | Print

Essential Concepts and School-Based Cases in Special Education Law | Print

Handbook of Developmental Disabilities | eBook | Print

Handbook of Neuroscience for the Behavioral Science Print

Handbook of Special Education | eBook | Print

Research in Special Education | Print

Sage Handbook of Special Education | Print | eBook

Special Education Almanac Print


Recent Arrivals - Special education books in our stacks from 2010 and later

Library Catalog - search UT's book collection

Related PCL Call # Ranges:

  • HD 7255 to HD 725: Vocational Rehabilitation
  • HV 888 to HV 907: Children with Disabilities
  • HV 1551 to HV 3024: Persons with Disabilities
  • LC 1099-1099.5: Multicultural Education (General)
  • LC 1200 to LC 1203: Inclusive Education
  • LC 3950 to LC 4806.5: Special Education
  • RC 553 A88: Autism 
  • RC 569.7 to RC 571: Developmental Disabilities
  • RJ 506 A9: Autism

Related Subject Headings:

  • Children with disabilities -- Education
  • Developmentally disabled children
  • Inclusive education
  • Learning disabled children -- Education 
  • Special Education


Reports, Documents, Laws & Data

Building the Legacy: IDEA 2004 (U.S. Department of Education)

Disability & Education Laws (National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities)

Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP): Legislation & Policy | National Studies | Publications

National Center for Special Education Research: Publications & Data Products

Special Education in America: The State of Student's with Disabilities in the Nation's High Schools [PDF]  

Special Education Reports (Texas Education Agency)

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