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Locating Curriculum Materials and Lesson Plans

To search the libraries print collection, choose the "Library Catalog, K-12" option in the box above. 

Choosing "Online Lesson Plans" in the box above will run a custom google search we've populated with hundreds of online lesson plan sites. 

The Curriculum Guides collection also includes numerous eBooks. You can browse or search these electronic copies here

Subject Specialist

 Janelle Hedstrom
Education Librarian


Meet: Request a consultation (available in person or via Adobe Connect)

About the Collection

UT Libraries offer a large selection of books containing lesson plans, activities and exercises. These are usually focused on a single subject and/or grade level and are designed to give teachers concrete tools they can use in the classroom. All books in this collection can be found on the 6th floor, section S.

Finding Content by Reading Level

To find content or texts for specific reading levels, you can use the following databases. Just add your keywords and then look for the box that allows you set a reading level limit. Note: most of these databases use the Lexile Reading Level schema to determine reading levels.

Finding Primary Source Content

If you are designing your own lessons and are in need of images, videos, historical documents, etc., the following websites and UT Libraries databases are good places to start your search. Keep in mind that it is important to investigate any copyright restrictions related to the content you choose to work with. For more about copyright and fair use of primary sources in your lessons, check out The Copyright Site.