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Above trials end at 8/31/2016

udndata 全文報紙(聯合知識網)



漢珍知識網:報紙篇 (台日新+漢日新)


Above trials end at 7/31/2016

Japan Times Archives 1897-2015
Trial period: 5/23/2016-7/22/2016

AM Explorer: China Studies
Trial ends August 11, 2016

AM Explorer: China Studies is a cross-searchable platform providing a single interface for users to search an array of English-language primary source material for the study of Chinese history and culture. Spanning three centuries from the 1800's to the twentieth century AM Explorer: China Studies offers:

  • Hundreds of thousands of pages of primary source documents within a single user interface
  • Cross-searchable functionality across Adam Matthew content with no need for multiple sign-ins
  • Theme-based content to aid material navigation and increase research opportunities

Subject Specialist

Meng-fen Su
East Asian Library Program - Head Librarian, MLS, University of Texas Libraries
Call: (512) 495 4323