East Asian Studies Research Guide

Database Trials

《瀚堂典藏》古籍数据库 www.hytung.cn

【瀚堂近代报刊】数据库 www.neohytung.com

Above trials end at 8/31/2016

udndata 全文報紙(聯合知識網) http://udndata.com/library/

全台詩資料庫 http://elib.infolinker.com.tw/login_poemtw.htm

臺灣百年寫真/GIS資料庫 http://twoldim.infolinker.com.tw/

漢珍知識網:報紙篇 (台日新+漢日新) http://elib.infolinker.com.tw/login_rrxin.htm

台灣新聞智慧網-中央日報 http://news.infolinker.com.tw/login_newspaper.htm

Above trials end at 6/30/2016

Japan Times Archives 1897-2015 http://ipm-archives.japantimes.co.jp/
Trial period: 5/23/2016-6/22/2016

AM Explorer: China Studies www.chinastudies.amdigital.co.uk
Trial ends June 23 2016

AM Explorer: China Studiesis a cross-searchable platform providing a single interface for users to search an array of English-language primary source material for the study of Chinese history and culture. Spanning three centuries from the 1800's to the twentieth century AM Explorer: China Studies offers:

  • Hundreds of thousands of pages of primary source documents within a single user interface
  • Cross-searchable functionality across Adam Matthew content with no need for multiple sign-ins
  • Theme-based content to aid material navigation and increase research opportunities

Subject Specialist

Meng-fen Su
East Asian Library Program - Head Librarian, MLS, University of Texas Libraries
Call: (512) 495 4323