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DVDs and Streaming Video

The Fine Arts Library houses DVDs and sponsors video files for streaming from the Library Catalog.

To find a DVD or streaming file, you should:

  • Enter the name of a film or a director into the search field.
  • Use the Locations menu to limit the search to DVDS or Electronic Resources. 
  • To view a list of available streaming titles, look here: FAL Streaming Video Collections

About the A/V Collection

The Audio/Visual Collection includes compact discs, DVDs, audio and videocassettes, videodiscs, phonodiscs, and interactive media. Holdings of these materials are listed in the Library Catalog. CDs, DVDs, scores and other audiovisual formats can be found using the Music Search page of the library catalog.

The materials in this collection are acquired to meet the media needs of all faculty at the University of Texas at Austin.  The most active faculty users are from the College of Liberal Arts, the College of Communication, School of Architecture, the College of Fine Arts and the other colleges and school at the University. Purchasing and adding materials to meet faculty media needs is the chief role of the Media Coordinator. 

The Booking Service available to UT Austin faculty is a key and unique service provided by the Fine Arts Library.  This service allows faculty to schedule specific films into their syllabi each semester. The Media Coordinator works closely with faculty to make sure media titles are available and in good condition when they are needed for classroom screenings. 

Many titles are available online as part of the Streaming Video Collection.  The library is working to acquire more media titles as possible so they available to the University community 24/7.

Popular feature films and television series on DVD are also added to provide a group of films termed “What Students Desire”.  This group of films come from student and user suggestion and are aimed at providing some recreational viewing to the university community.  

Use the tabs on the right to find more information on using this collection and resources to help you with your research.

Faculty and Students: Requesting Materials

Requesting new materials:

Faculty can request AV materials or DVDs to support their teaching by submitting requests using this form.

Popular or "What Students Desire" requests can be submitted using this form.

Booking Materials:

UT Faculty may book media materials for classroom use by using this form.

Requesting Fine Arts Library Media Rooms:

For more information on booking rooms for library instruction classes, video viewing sessions, and meetings, click here

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Gary Lay, Media Coordinator


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All About A/V Copyright

Almost all the A/V material in the Fine Arts Library will have a copyright or licenses determining its use.

The UT Libraries' Copyright Crash Course is an excellent resource that lets users know what they can and cannot do when using materials such as DVDS and videotapes. Some sections to pay special attention to:

The American Library Association has a Fact Sheet that is useful for users with copyright and performance questions.

Coming Soon: FAQs relating to copyright.