Asian-American Studies Research Guide


UT Austin Student Organizations

Asian Business Students Association
To serve as a center for educational and occupational opportunities within the business community.

Asian Health Professions Organization
To support and to help Asian students who are seeking health professions, organizes guest speakers, field trips, scholarship fund, tutoring, test bank, textbook exchange program, banquet, and other activities for members.

Asian Law Students Association
Promotes awareness of Asian culture throughout the law school and promotes professional ties to increase job opportunities after graduation, including one or two major events highlighting Asian holidays and speakers and or alumni to visit the law school.

External Asian American Organizations

Asian-American Journalists Association
A non-profit organization with approximately 1,400 members and 21 chapters nationwide and in Asia.

Asian American Organizations (Asian American Net)

Asian American Organizations (AWIB)

Local and National Asian American Organizations (UT Center for Asian American Studies)

Internet Resources

Asian Pacific American Political Database (APAICS)
Database of Asian American elected officials

Asians in America
The Asians in America Project is a national clearinghouse for news and information on Asian Pacific America

The Center for Educational Telecommunications (CET)
(a non-profit organization) offers this site with links to resources "selected as some of the best starting points to help you further explore Asian American history and culture online, in books, and through other media programs. Many of the resources listed here themselves have extensive links or listings of other resources."

Korean-American Digital Archive

Links to Asian Studies Organizations and Resources
This site is sponsored by the Association for Asian Studies based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. They are a not-for-profit, non-political, scholarly organization responsible for publishing the Journal of Asian Studies.

Media Resources
From Moffett Library, UC Berkeley, this site provides information on movies and documentaries featuring Asian, Pacific, and South Asian Americans. If you want to know whether UT has a particular film, simply copy and paste the title into Library Catalog.

UCLA Asian-American Studies Center
Includes resources for Asian American Studies

South Asian American Digital Archive
Independent non-profit organization working to document, preserve and provide access to South Asian American history through a digital-only archive

South Asian Diaspora
From UC Berkeley, resources include bibliographical guides, photographs and documents, and a useful selection of links

WWW Hmong Homepage

Resources are vast and varied covering Hmong history, culture, language, and current events.

Encyclopedias & Handbooks

Encyclopedias, handbooks, and short biographies are good places to both find a topic and narrow a broad idea. Not only can you quickly find lots of general information on many subjects, but you also have several other immediate sources to look at if you read the bibliographies of entries that interest you.

Below are some resources that specifically address Asian American topics.

The Asian American Encyclopedia

Columbia Guide to Asian American History

A Companion to Asian American Studies

Dictionary of Asian American History

The Encyclopedia of Southern Culture
*Includes a section on Asian people in the American South.

Handbook of Asian American Psychology

Notable Asian Americans

Reference Library of Asian America

Strangers From A Different Shore: A History of Asian Americans