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  • The ProQuest Newspapers databases contain comprehensive historical coverage of three of the most important U.S. newspapers:
    1) Historical New York Times 1851-2004
    2) Historical Washington Post 1877-1990
    3) Historical Los Angeles Times 1881-1985
    4) Los Angeles Times (current) 1986-present

  • While you must enter each of these databases separately, you may choose, once in one of them, to search across the first three 'historical' newspapers at the same time by clicking the 'Select multiple databases' link underneath the search button.
    Each of these databases contains full PDF views of the original newspapers, including all articles, pictures, ads, etc., for all dates shown. Remember that many articles do not have photos, so a general search may yield some articles with photos and others without.

Here are some tips to help narrow your search to articles that will be more likely to have photos:

1) To narrow your results, change the default search from 'Citation and document text' to 'Document title.'


2) To find 'Stand Alone' photos (photos published but not connected with an article), choose the 'More Options' under Search Options, and for 'Document Type' choose 'Photo standalone'.


3) To find pictures/articles from when a particular event happened, narrow your search to the relevant date range.



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