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1. Select All News under Content Type

how to find editorials in lexisnexis


2. Select Editorials under Advanded Options and enter your search terms. 

advanced options for finding opinions and editorials in lexis nexis

Finding Newspaper Articles in LexisNexis Academic

Option 1:  For a basic news search, click Search by Content Type and then “All News” from the drop down menu. Then enter your search terms and click Search.

finding newspaper articles in lexisnexis


Option 2:  Next, for a more complex search, click Advanced Options to narrow by date, source, or article type.

 more advanced options in lexis nexis for searching by source type, article type 


Finding News Transcripts in LexisNexis Academic

  • LexisNexis Academic indexes television transcripts from numerous news and media sources, from MSNBC to NPR, to the Congressional court hearings (usually broadcast on CSPAN).
  • Tips to keep in mind when you are searching:

o    Usually the transcript is for the entire show, not just the individual segment of the television show.  The keywords will be highlighted in red and should lead you to that segment you're looking for.

o    The transcript titles themselves can be very generic, such as the name of the show and the date.  Click into them and scan the article to see if it's relevant.

o    If the search results are overwhelming, narrow them down by selecting the type of News Transcript from the left hand side. (See Step 3). This will help to filter the responses.

Step 1: Select Search by Content Type on the right side of the screen in LexisNexis, then choose “broadcast transcripts” from the dropdown menu.

 how to find new transcripts in lexisnexis

Step 2: To search for a specific news company, click Advanced Options


how to find news transcripts in lexisnexis

Step 3: Use the categories on the left hand side to narrow down your results.


how to find news transcripts in lexisnexis

Finding Texas News Sources in LexisNexis Academic > Research Tools > Find Articles using Databases > Shortcuts to Selected Sources

There is no easy way to search only newspapers from Texas.  The search below will search sources from and about Texas.

1. Select your content type

how to find Texas news in Lexis Nexis


2. Select “US State” under Article Location and “Texas” under By Location, click apply, and enter your Search Terms

 select us state and then texas to limit to texas publications

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