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find articles and more on google scholar


Google Scholar searches the deep web (which includes content that is not usually included in regular Google searches) for scholarly works from a variety of sources. Like a database, it searches for peer-reviewed papers and other articles in a variety of academic journals and publications.  Additionally, it searches for theses, books, abstracts and other works.

Recommended Use

When you’re starting a research project, Google Scholar can help you to identify some of the main scholars who conduct research on your topic as well as the journals in which they publish their findings.

How to search

Go to Google Scholar through the front page of the UT Libraries website in the “articles” tab of the green search box.  By connecting through the Libraries website, you will receive search results that allow you to locate books or articles at the UT Libraries.  Select Google Scholar, then enter your search term/s in the Google Scholar search box.
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 'Conversation' symbol, Anna Weiss, The Noun Project

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