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find books in google books


Google Books allows you to conduct full text searches of over 10 million books and magazines in Google’s index – something you can’t do in the Library Catalog, which only searches titles and other basic information. Use it to learn more about books you find in the catalog or to discover new books of interest.

How to search

Google Books works just like Google Web Search, but instead of searching the web you’re searching inside of books.  Enter search terms and click the Search Books button to return books in which your terms are mentioned. 

Using your results

Click on any title in your results list to learn more about the book. Bibliographic information (title, author, publisher, date, etc.) is always available, but availability of the actual book is set by authors and publishers and includes the following options:

Full ViewGoogle provides information about the book and you are able to view any and all pages from that particular book.  This applies to all books that are out of copyright as well as some others.

Limited PreviewGoogle provides information about the book and a limited number of pages to view. 

Snippet View:  Google provides information about the book and a “snippet” of a few lines of text, to show where your search terms appear in the book.

No Preview Available:  Google provides information about the book, but is unable to show any part of the book.

Use the Search in this book box to identify where in a book specific terms or topics appear.  Highlighted results show you the context of where your search term appears.
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Find the book in UT Libraries

Use the “Find in a library” link (under “Get this book in print”) to look in WorldCat to see if UT Libraries has the book or search by title in the Library Catalog. If we don’t own it, use InterLibrary Services to request a copy from another library.

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'Scroll', Eduardo Souza,The Noun Project

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