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  • On the search screen, the default search is keyword. Keyword will search most of the full text of the entry. Use this option if you want more results containing entries that are both mainly about your topic and that also just mention your topic.

  • You can use the arrow to change to a Document Title search. Document Title will only bring back results that have the search terms in the title of the entry. Use this option if you want a smaller, focused set of results containing entries that are mainly about your topic.

advanced search in gale

  • Click on Related Subjects to the side of most entries, which will help you find info related to your topic without having to do a separate search.

related subjects in gale

  • There are a number of ways that you can keep your articles for later. Using the menu at the top of each entry, print it, email it to yourself, or download it to your computer or flash drive.

save an article in gale

Finding Images in Gale Virtual Reference Library

  • > Research Tools > Find Articles Using Databases > G
  • Gale Virtual Reference Library contains several reference works that collect primary sources (including photographs) around a particular time period or area of study. It allows you to search the image captions of visual content found throughout the database.

  • Finding Images in Entries
    Do an Image Caption search for your keywords. Keep in mind that the results will include captions for non-photographic materials, like charts, tables, and diagrams. The search results will include any captioned image content found in entries.

image search in gale 


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