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Research Tips for Finding Public Opinion

Polls, surveys and other forms of public opinion document group thinking about a topic at a particular point in time and can be used as a primary source to provide context for historical movements. When you want to use public opinion in your research, think about the following:
  • Do you need opinion that is current or historical (such as when the event occurred)?
  • Whose opinion was documented? Who was left out? Does this have an effect on the outcome?
  • What was the purpose of collecting this information? Was it to inform or persuade?

Where To Look

Place to Search Dates Covered Regions Various Topics Current Issues Election Polls Historical Election Polls  
Academic Search Complete
Some articles from Public Opinion Quarterly from 1965-present

United States

        Type in your topic keywords and add "and public opinion" to your search. Ex. "Iraq war and public opinion"
Pew Research Center 1987-present United States
Public Agenda Online Recent public opinion United States          
Polling the Nations 1986-present United States
 Recent public opinion United States          
American National Election Studies Guide 1948-most recent election United States          
'Document', Matt Saling, The Noun Project

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