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Research Tips

  • When searching newspaper sites and databases, check for an option to limit your search to the Opinion/Editorial section or to political cartoons.
  • If there is no limiting option, try adding the word “editorial” to your search terms. (ex: Iraq War and editorial) Similarly, try adding “political cartoon”.
  • Remember to evaluate the credibility of all web sites you use in your research.

Where to Search

Place to Search
 Newspaper Articles  Magazine/Journal Articles Blogs/Web Articles   Political Cartoons


   check       Searches local, state, national and international newspapers, including the New York Times.
Academic Search Complete  check  check     Good for scholarly and popular articles from across disciplines.
Alt-Press Watch   check  check     Focused on the independent and alternative press in America. 
Ethnic News Watch  check  check     Focused on the native, ethnic and minority press. 
Opposing Viewpoints in Context  check  check     Information about controversial social issues from differing points of view. 
ProQuest Newspapers  check      check These databases include a search limiter for editorial cartoons. 
Periodicals Archive Online    check     Good for older scholarly editorials, back to 1770. 
IssueLab      check   Reports about social issues from non-profit organizations. 
National Center for Policy Analysis      check   Editorials and opinions from both sides of numerous policy issues such crime, education and health. 
Organization web sites (.org)
show me
     check   Use advanced Google-ing techniques to search the web for organizations which take stands on controversial issues. 
The Association of American Editorial Cartoonists
       check Includes political cartoons on current topics from many national and local newspapers. 
Google Image Search        check Don’t forget to find the original source of your cartoon to cite it. 

Popular Magazines by Political Viewpoint

Click on the title and choose a database to search the full-text of that magazine for your topic.

Liberal Conservative

American Prospect


In These Times

Mother Jones


New Left Review

New Republic

New Statesman



Village Voice

Washington Monthly



American Conservative

American Enterprise

American Spectator

Christianity Today


First Things

Human Events

Modern Age

National Interest

National Review

New Criterion

Policy Review

Weekly Standard


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