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Research tips for finding local information

You can sometimes find coverage of local events in national newspapers, magazines or journals. Search using keywords relating to the specific area and the topic (e.g Top ten percent law AND Texas). Even if your specific topic is not covered in a non-local source, you can often find important information about larger controversies related to your topic (e.g. If you topic is the Texas top ten percent law, the larger theme is affirmative action in education).

Where to search

Places to Search Texas Austin University of Texas News Statistics Law & Crime
Google Custom Search: Austin Local Information check check check check check check
Handbook of Texas Online
Encyclopedia of Texas history, geography, and culture
check         check
Information on economics, law, state agencies, etc.
check check   check check check
Austin Code of Ordinances   check       check
Austin Crime Statistics   check     check check
Austin Chronicle   check   check    
Cities of the United States: A Compilation of Current Information on Economic, Cultural, Geographic, and Social Conditions
(e-book), c2006
Includes Austin, Dallas, El Paso, Fort Worth, Houston, and San Antonio
Austin City Development Information   check        
Public Information Office
Official city news release archive. From 1996 -present
  check   check    
MAIN (Metropolitan Austin Interactive Network)   check       check
County and City Data Book   check     check  
LexisNexis Academic
Find articles from the Austin American Statesman, Texas Monthly, the Houston Chronicle, the San Antonio Express-News and more
show me
  check   check    
University of Texas Institutional Reporting, Research and Information Systems     check   check  
University of Texas Profile     check   check  
Daily Texan     check check    
Feature Story Archive
Archive of stories featured on UT's main website
    check check    
University of Texas History and Traditions     check      
University of Texas Rankings and Kudos     check      
  Texas Austin University of Texas News Statistics Law & Crime

Also see Find Government Information for more information on state and local government.

'City', Thibault Geffroy, The Noun Project

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