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Research tips for finding legal issues

Reading court cases:
Cases usually begin with a summary of the case. If you are unfamiliar with reading court cases, try reading this first and supplementing
your understanding with articles and reviews.
Look up terms you are unfamiliar with in the FindLaw Legal Dictionary.
See the Tarlton Law Library Research Guides for help on legal research, including how to read law citations.

Where to search

  Articles, Reviews & Commentary Bills Cases & Court Opinions Law & Code
Place to Search   Federal Texas / States Federal Texas / States Federal Texas / States Austin
Austin City Charter and Code of Ordinances                check
FindLaw for Legal Professionals check      check  check      
LexisNexis Academic
show me
check      check  check  check check  
Oyez check      check        
ProQuest Congressional    check        check    
Supreme Court of the United States
Court opinions 1991-present
under Opinions>Bound Volumes



Thomas    check            
Texas Legislature Online      check    check   check  
UT Student Judicial Services                check

 See Find Government Information for more information on state and local government.

'Gavel', Connie Shu, The Noun Project  

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