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find an article from a citation


A citation is a brief reference to an article that includes information such as the title, author, publication title, volume, issue, date and page numbers. This information allows you to locate the full text of the cited article through the following methods.
Ex: Huston, James L. "Property Rights in Slavery and the Coming of the Civil War." Journal of Southern History 65.3 (May 1999): 249-86.

Use scoUT to look up a citation

 scoUT can be a good first stop for finding an article from a citation. Just type in part or all of the article title:

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Look for online access through a library article database

  1. Choose the Journal Title search in the Library Catalog and type in the title of your journal in the second box labeled “Search by Title for an Electronic Journal, Magazine or Newspaper”.
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  2. If you see the correct journal in the results, click on the title. A list of databases containing your journal will pop up, listing the years included in each database. Choose a database that contains the year you need, then navigate to the correct issue or search for the article title.
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Search for a print copy in the Library Catalog

  1. Choose the Journal Title search in the Library Catalog and type in the title of your journal in the first box labeled “Search by Title for a Journal, Magazine or Newspaper".
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  2. Click on the title of the journal to open the full record. Scroll down to see a list of all the volumes and issues we have. You can jump directly to the volume you want by typing the number into the search box. In our example, we are looking for volume 65.
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  3. If the location is PCL Stacks (or another library’s stacks) use the call number to locate the volume on the shelf. To find out where a call number is located in the library, check the library floorplans.
    If the volume you need is in Library Storage, use the request button to have it retrieved. This will take a few days.
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Request the article through InterLibrary Services

If you’re unable to find the article online or in print through the Library Catalog, request it for free through InterLibrary Services by filling out an online request form. The library will get the article from another university and give it to you electronically or in print.