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February 2005-December 2005 statistics are available via the University's Urchin software ( An ID and password—available to library staff—are required to access the reports.

The library's Urchin server has 2005 through the current year's statistics, and back data will continue to be added.

Analog Reports

UT Libraries
Basic report on UT Libraries website. Popularity of Maps Collection obscures reporting on most other components of site in this report.
UT Libraries minus Research Tools
The same report as above only with the "Research Tools" dropdown menu of the UT Libraries homepage filtered out. This allows reporting on other aspects of the site. Separate reports on the Research Tools pieces are also available.
Research Tools Pages
Those pieces of the site found under the Research Tools menu of the homepage.
Aggregate Served
A grand total of all traffic processed by UT Libraries production servers

What the results mean: background documentation from Analog, the software used to produce the reports.


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